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  1. I've been watching and researching various other TV shows and films and such, and I've become interested in how certain crossovers would be like. In the past, I've mentioned Guyver and Twilight. However, how would characters from Guyver get on at Hollywood Arts? Or deal with computer hackers like in Eye Candy? Granted, Victorious and Eye Candy both star the chick who's in my avatar. And yes, I know that Victorious is a kid friendly teen/family sitcom and Eye Candy doesn't exactly deal with monstrous creatures. But how would such a crossover work in you guys' minds and what's your opinions on such things?
  2. I've been listening recently to just about anything Victoria Justice (the woman in my avatar) that I can find on You Tube, including a song she wrote called Girl Up for the UN Foundation's Girl Up project that she wrote and recorded a few years ago.
  3. Hi Everyone. I've decided to make a few changes to my character. Not a ton will change about her personality-wise, but I've decided to re-name her Naomi and have her have no direct connection to any Twilight characters. In other words, she's not a totally original character in her own right. She's still heavily influenced by Victoria Justice and some of her TV and film characters. Namely Tori from Victorious, Lola from Zoey 101, Lindy from Eye Candy and Naomi from Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List (all are good if you like teen sitcoms for Victorious and Zoey 101, teen/YA thrillers for Eye Candy, and rom-coms for No Kiss List). She's also a bit influenced by Victoria's character Harmony from the new rom-com Summer Night. Being said that she's an original character and such is no longer connected to (or rather based on) a Twilight character, she is related to the character Joham as his biological daughter, and to Nauhel and his sisters as their youngest sister. However, as she was actually raised by vampire or vampire hybrids that respect human life, she appreciates and loves people, much to her father's chagrin. She also fosters a deep dislike of him for that reason. Naomi will still be Aptom's love interest. She'll also be a vampire hybrid that's 3/4 vampire and 1/4 human, which oddly does make her more seemingly "human" than other hybrids, mostly because of her lower body temperature (comparable to a human's) and she doesn't sparkle like a Twilight vampire or glow like a hybrid in direct sunlight. That being said, Naomi does produce vampire venom and is as strong or maybe stronger and just as resilient as a vampire. She's also hyper intelligent. As to the story I'm working on, it'll be a comedy/fantasy/thriller inspired by Twilight and Guyver. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
  4. For those who are interested, I should be able to complete chapter 1 of this fan fic later today.
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry for not writing for so long. I've spent the last year fighting depression and some other personal demons such as loneliness and stuff like that. I haven't done drugs or alcohol, but some stuff was really wearing on me. I've been in counseling, which over the past few months has really helped. I'm hoping to start writing fan fic again soon. I found kinda a muse in that and perhaps a bit of a role model in crush I've had for a while, Victoria Justice (don't know who she is, she's an actress, singer/songwriter and philanthropist, and is also in my profile pic/avatar). She started out as a crush, but I looked more into her and she's a pretty good singer and actress, the fact that she's hot helps, but she's also got a great, positive attitude and personality. On my end, my mood and stuff actually started to improve in the fall, when I normally expected it to worsen, especially my depression. But that didn't happen, and my mood actually got better, especially during the holidays when one of my friends visited from California. Now for a funny bit. I know that it's gotta be odd hearing that I have a crush on a former teen/young adult starlet, but one, I started crushing on her in her early 20s, two, she'll be 26 in a few days, three, I'm 32, and the guy she's dating in real life is older than I am by about 3 years. IMO, just be glad that she's younger than Cher, who's old enough to be my, let along Victoria's, grandmother. BTW, I still have a crush on Cher LOL.
  6. How would Aptom get along with a girl who usually is a bit of a peppy, quirky hippie? Maybe he'll appreciate her fierce/stand up for herself and others side. I also see a bit of this in Natsuki, and I know that there's people who ship Aptom with Natsuki, except for the hippy part (VJ strikes me as a bit of a modern hippie, but in a good way). I'd also like to create a character who's aura can be a morale booster in and of itself. And I think that Agito needs a female foil, at least someone who's more of a foil than Shizu.
  7. Hi everyone. I sort of got a muse and a hair up my butt to write some new fan fic. I was working on a Twilight Saga/Guyver cross over fan fic a long time ago that I never finished. I'm considering writing a new story and going back to rework the stuff I've already written. Now, to the meat of this topic. I was wondering, since he's more heroic now since he absorbed a dying Hayami, why not give Aptom a love interest? I was thinking of doing this by giving Jennifer, a vampire hybrid from Twilight that only exists in text, an identity. She was born between the union of an amoral vampire hybrid and an unsuspecting human woman who died as a result of her birth. Though her father tried to raise her as a demigod and to look down on humans as a food source, she's got far more compassion and empathy for humans than her father would desire (though she hides this from him for a long time). She's actually by nature kinda like Shizu, as in extremely loving, kind and gentle, though she can be extremely dangerous when she needs to be to anyone who threatens her, and especially her loved ones and the innocent. As far as any special talents or powers she has, she's an extremely gifted computer hacker, a skilled marksman (though she prefers not to use firearms), and very skilled in melee/hand to hand combat. She can also manipulate gravity to levitate or use energy attacks, similar to the Guyver units. As to what she sort of looks like and what has inspired her creation in this way, look no further than my new profile pic. Yep, I'm celebrating the fact that I've become a Victoria Justice fan girl. And besides, I'd think that after what he's been though and what he's learned, I'd think that Aptom would have a thing for brainy brunettes who have both a sweet and fierce side. Let me know what you think
  8. Just a little bit about me. Even though my avatar image is a girl (Lydia from Beetlejuice), I'm a dude. I grew up in a male dominated household, and I've been interested in Guyver for quite a while, about 20 years in fact. But I've also been interested in what women think and what they do and what they see in some things. So I guess that I'm a little bit of the opposite of what you've posted. That all being said, I've wondered why Guyver it seems has plenty of female fans. I'm not the biggest into manga/anime, so I'm only going off of what I know, which isn't very much. Also, I do have to admit that I like the art style in Guyver as well. As well as the story and the science stuff.
  9. I have to admit that until the holidays that I haven't been on this forum for a while, but it seems that there's been a bit of an influx of female members here. I wonder what it is that draws the female fans to Guyver. After all, Guyver is a science fiction/action-adventure manga and anime series. So there's plenty for male fans to go around as far as a PG-13 rated story (let alone the violent as all hell for its time OVA series), but what is drawing the girls in? Just curious about this.
  10. Well, we are dealing with alien technology/science fiction here. Barcas and Shin were the first two that we know of that were found. And the fact they were the first may explain the visible zoacrystal in their human forms. And speaking of Genzo, I've wondered how vulnerable he'd be to stuff like firearms. Not just as Enzyme, but in his human form. I don't know if he'd be more resilient in his human form after processing. And we know that his zoanoid form was fairly weakly armored (at least partly on purpose), though he took a ton of damage (especially in the OVA) before he went down for good. But I suppose that it's like what said in Predator--it if bleeds, we can kill it.
  11. Any idea as to when the Japanese Branch of Chronos became successful? After all, Chronos, in some form, predates World War II by at least a couple hundred years.
  12. I was mostly speaking of man portable weapons. I guess that we might want to see taking on Zoanoids as like taking on tanks back then. Granted, we're dealing with flesh and blood, but a lot of Zoanoids were heavily armored or had skin that was difficult to penetrate by normal weapons. I have little doubt, though that stuff like the M1/M9 Bazooka, the PIAT, and the Panzerfaust and Panzershreck would be effective against them. Also, unlike tanks, large caliber anti-tank rifles would be effective on them, as well as (though unpleasant to use) rifle grenades.
  13. This will probably be familiar to those of you who've played the Hitman franchise games. We know that the engineering in Guyver involves massively genetically enhancing humans with alien technology to massively increase their strength, agility, resilience and other factors. For those of you familiar with Hitman, you'll know the story, but in that franchise, the main character is Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin employed by the covert International Contracts Agency (ICA or simply "Agency"). 47 was created from the enhanced DNA of 5 of the most prolific (fictional) crime syndicate bosses who allied with each other for 47's creation. It should be noted that unlike the Guyver units or Zoanoids, 47 isn't truly super human, but his strength, agility, senses, intelligence and resilience are at the height of human ability. So I guess we can discuss how Agent 47 would do in the Guyver Universe, as well as compare and contrast parallels between the two universes as far as this topic goes.
  14. Nukes existed in 1945, but they'd probably be ineffective against Hypers (which don't seem to have existed back then) and some of the more powerful basic Zoanoids. One thing to consider is that though normally not capable of fully automatic fire like modern infantry assault rifles or battle rifles, WWII era battle rifles (semi auto or bolt action) did usually fire much more powerful ammunition than modern service rifles do. For instance, rounds like the .30-06 Springfield and 7.62x54mmR are 2-3 times more powerful and have twice the range that say a 5.56x45mm NATO or 7.62x39mm Russian rounds do. Of course, modern service rifle ammo is designed to deal with human sized targets, including man sized game like deer, rather than genetically enhanced mutated human/alien hybrid monsters.
  15. Based on the fact that most modern weapons don't do diddly to most Zoanoids aside from be a minor irritant, I'd think not. Some background: I'm big into World War II era history, and if I'm correct (which I might not be), Chronos, in some form, existed back then. Just wondering what thoughts or opinions readers might have for if something like X-Day or some Zoanoid uprising happened during World War II.
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