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  1. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    Hi everyone. I just wanted everyone to know that I'm back on here and I plan on doing some more posting soon. I've been doing OK and been busy with the cold and stuff. But I hope to post more on here as far as what I'm up to.
  2. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    Hi everyone. Here's basically what has occupied the past few days for me outside of work: https://www.facebook.com/AudiSport/videos/vb.114682131949771/1062780043806637/?type=2&theater And if you don't have FB or prefer Twitter: https://twitter.com/audisport/status/758346285749456896
  3. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    My new blog post here: http://chernaudiblog.blogspot.com/ Or the videos if you want to just see them: Audi R18: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utg-6_k7O5I Ford GT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CB8IQbqqKg Porsche 919: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQJkariX_44 Toyota TS050: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Lm4UqwD6k
  4. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    My latest blog posting: http://chernaudiblog.blogspot.ca/2016/06/trying-times-and-some-good-stuff.html
  5. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    OK, it's that time of year again. I haven't been posting about it a ton because of being busy and run down this week, but this weekend is the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Here's info about most of the cars in this year's race: http://www.racecar-engineering.com/lemans/ And the starting grid: http://fiawec.alkamelsystems.com/Results/06_2016/03_LE MANS/126_FIA WEC/201606181500_Race/01_Grid_Race.PDF
  6. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    What I'll be up to for the next couple of weeks and a kitten update: http://chernaudiblog.blogspot.ca/2016/05/plans-for-next-couple-of-weeks-and.html
  7. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    A newer HP. I've had it for a while, but I've been using it for about a month. Have you checked out my blog stuff on FB?
  8. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    My newest blog post: http://chernaudiblog.blogspot.ca/2016/05/mt-vernon-and-future-stuff.html
  9. Guyver as a first person shooter game?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a cross between Guyver and Postal 2. The Postal Dude is the right kind of anti-hero for the lead in such a game. It'd be sorta like Guyver and Deadpool. Or maybe a cross between Deadpool and Guyver.
  10. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    Hi everyone. I'm gonna be trying something different. I'll be trying to post links to posts in a blog that I'm reviving. I'll try and write in detail and length there, and post the link to posts here, so there won't be huge posts that I copy and paste from other places to save typing. Instead, it'll be a copy and paste of a link, with some additional stuff in each post as a lead in. I hope you like it: http://chernaudiblog.blogspot.ca/
  11. Riv's random self

    You're right from what I've seen. Everyone seems to be creepy or high on drugs in this game. Kinda like Postal 2 without the violence, blood, swearing, crude humor and insane psychopaths. Nice commentary, though
  12. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    Hi everyone. Happy Mothers Day. I've been going back and forth between feeling decent and kinda sick lately and stuff. But at least Audi won at Spa yesterday in the WEC race, and I've been using my new laptop the past couple of days. I'm just hoping to be able to get into feeling decent for work this week and getting some stuff straightened out. I'll be back later
  13. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    Hopefully by tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll be on a brand new laptop.
  14. Guyver VHS Box Comic

    I think those comics were only available in the UK/EU VHS tapes.
  15. Chernaudi's blog and random stuff...

    Hi everyone. I wasn't too active this weekend, but I did get out to the Bird Sanctuary and took quite a few photos of owls, namely a Barn Owl that I haven't seen in a while. Outside of that, it was cold most of Saturday and I've been tired most of the time since Friday. Right now, I'm mostly trying to get ready for work, errands and a work function for tomorrow. I'll be back later