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  1. This months cover above. The upcoming one isn't Guyver related. Guyver is still a listed Title.
  2. Yup, the links from warriorguyver.com point to were the new links will be (and are not there yet). At the moment, TheGuyver.Net and Japan-Legend.com are not certified sites. First I'm fixing up WarriorGuyver.com (which became a secure / certified site for the first time today) and then the other 2 sites, once done everything will work nicely, until then there will be some broken linkage like the above.
  3. Hello all, The warriorguvyer.com website will be getting a major change done which will break links. This will be happening soon and the new url will be https://www.warriorguyver.com (we're going secure!). This will be the first of the 3 domains I run to get it and will trigger a massive project of having to update all links contained within the website to no longer use http:// . This though is the perfect time to do this as we're mid updating templates and would have had to update all html pages within that to match up... Lots of work ahead but when this is all done it will be the start of a great new decade for these websites and what we do.
  4. The current Ace cover.... yes that's some idiot in one of the pictures trying to do some strangely stupid wrestling move to show some girls nickers..... Next month looks like the big boobed cat lady again.
  5. On other news, after working on the new Template for http://theguyver.net I discovered it worked much better on mobile than the old WarriorGuyver.com Template. This has now being changes on http://www.WarriorGuyver.com and I'll be updating its pages to work better on the new template.
  6. Mod time.... Hello Guys / Gals / Guyvers / Zoanoids and others, Please remember we're not all from the same place in the world and what you might find is acceptable or the way to do things doesn't quite work that way in another part of the world. It's made all the more complex here were while it's a technically small Guyver community but its global. Yep it's bloody annoying that Takaya is taking his sweet time but in the end if you're a Guyver fan (especially one since the 90s) you know there are periods of timeout with zero explanation. Simply put we're all Guyver fans and we've all tried to push for info as to the why we're in our current lack of new content (as the why, it doesn't really matter other than the general word back is at some point Guyver will be continuing and Takaya isn't dead). The main rule of this forum is to be respectable to each other, there is no need for upset here and no need to be telling other fans what to do. Keep this in mind as this thread continues.
  7. http://theguyver.net/guyver-out-of-control/ Test of linking one of the pages.
  8. All the old content from the old TheGuyver.Net will be added along with that of what was recovered from the Japan Legend Wiki. While it's an old site anything relevant from Stars Guyver Page will also be added. That will the starting core of the website and I'll go from there and we'll use this section of the messageboard for updating info if other people want to add stuff.
  9. TheGuyver.Net had some very important steps in getting back to being an active website this week While the content at the moment is lacking, that will quickly follow once I get the basic structure of the website up and running.
  10. I've decided on a template to use and it's now up and running. At the moment www.TheGuyver.net is getting defectively it's skeleton and I'm building basic blank pages and deciding what the structure of the website will be. This is an important first step as all future links will point at these pages.
  11. Fixed the chatbox, turned out it was 3 versions out of date so was no longer getting any updates. Found a way to manually fix it.
  12. Have a merry Christmas all that visit here!
  13. I wouln't give a shite if their profession is knitting and it is a knitting guide. It's Star Wars, if you can't make a judgement call on something that is guessable and need others to do so just to decide what time you're going to use in your life you needs harder choices. Simply put, if a new Guyver movie was in the cinema most people who visit this board would see it even if it had a minus rating on Rotten what's it called....
  14. Yeah, I mean all those people who depend on critics to guide them will not find their way to the movie..... Meh to that type of shite, watch something because you want to, not because some other gobshite (or groups of them) put it on a pedestal.
  15. What a great way to spend 9 hours Loved epp 9.
  16. Reminder to those who spoil the movie for me without hidden text.... I'll not spoil it by telling you the result.
  17. Already got my triple bill ticket to see it @ 12:01 am after seeing the other 2 movies in the Cinema! Going to be a great night for me. Fuck those that say otherwise
  18. It's resin. Key thing about it is you can't easily remove paint from it (it warps or is eaten by most solvents) but as you said, heat it up and you can easily use the heat to fix things like parts being in the wrong place. When putting it together if you've not already cut it off, what looks like excess resin on the joints is meant to go into the holes of the opposite part so things like arms can be moved. Problem with doing it that way is it chips paint, so you'll need to varnish the model when you've painted it.
  19. If you've some pictures of the parts I can give some advice. From the description though it sounds like the old 3rd party version, are the parts an off white?
  20. New month and still no Guyver news looking at the cover. Next months looks like an anime character with bunnie ears.
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