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  1. Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    Enzyme's and acids are very different things. Enzymes provide a catalyst that break down certain substances that they are designed to attack either by accident of nature or by design of man. But Zerabubuth has shown his acid was capable of hurting a Guyver. The issue for a Zeamorph is that the chances of getting close to a Guyver so its blood will do any damage is pretty limited. What would be very dangerous though would be if a Xenomorph managed to gestate in a Enzyme 3. That then would be very devastating because the Guyver's easy to use quick weapons wouldn't do much against it's acquired healing abilities. Again though even that combo if hit full on by a Guyvers maga-smasher is dead. Be it single or double.
  2. I rarely do this as I like to give surprises myself, but I've being thinking about this Unit. At the moment as he's a decent bit off there story behind this character (called by the fan that came up with him Dark Star Guyver) hasn't really being given a huge amount of story. So I'm basically going to give you guys a chance to develop your own character that will use this unit and will be then brought into the fan-fiction. The moral compass that you give the character will basically decide how this character will go with future events. There is a few conditions that will bind your characters history. He'll come from one of 3 camps friends list. Basically (and this is giving away a little bit of the story) only a Warrior Guyver will be able to find this lost ship. That means that the character created has to be form the following groups or have friends with them or a decent connection. 1) ACTF. One of their new Warrior Guyvers or Warrior Guyver 2 / 3 can access the ship the retrieve the Unit. 2) Jason and his group of freinds. 3) Chronos. They have Warrior Guyvers too. So there you go. This will basically be decided by me. But I'll basically go with what the fandom decides. Have fun guys... though bare in mind this story won't happen until the re-write is finish and will be the next story after Story 9.
  3. New Chapter status?

    I was thinking the same, next month is again through some female character on the preview cover.
  4. New Chapter status?

    Doesn't look like it for this month either
  5. New Chapter status?

    It's a ritual for me still. Around the 25th of the month, check what is on the Cover and bring it to this thread.
  6. guyver 2f figma

    The idea comes from the second Anime I guess (the 12 part) when two sonic weapons clash. In that case it was Guyver 1's and Thancrus' swords.
  7. New Chapter status?

    From: http://unit-g.sakura.ne.jp/ 2017/11/28 19:29 休載が長期化している事について ガイバーの休載状態が1年半以上続いていることについて、KADOKAWAに問い合わせをして、回答を頂きました。Twitterにも投稿しましたが、「連載再開に向けて調整中で、再開時期は未定。」との事でした。なぜここまで休載が続いて、何を調整しているのかは不明ですが、私たちは朗報を願うのみです。 From Google Translate: 2017/11/28 19: 29 About the long holidays I got an inquiry to KADOKAWA about the continuation of Guyber's holiday status for more than a year and a half and got an answer. I also posted it on Twitter, "It is being adjusted for the series and the timing of restart is undecided." It is unknown why the holidays have continued so far and what is being adjusted, but we only hope for good news.
  8. New Chapter status?

    This months cover.
  9. TheGuyver.NET

    I've being putting a large amount of thought into TheGuyver.NET and what I want it to become etc. Thinking that the site will now be managed using a system similar to this message board and Wordpress making it a lot easier to redo things like menus etc. The hardship then becomes keeping it up to date software and database wise. Depending on it's success the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction page might go through a similar update some point in the future.
  10. TheGuyver.NET

    The Guyver Information Page is going to replace the Stars Guyver Page on the front page of the website. Here at the important points for the new site to live up too: 1) People new to Guyver/ the site and that aren't going to know about Stars Guyver Page. That site has being down since 2002 and hosted here since 2003. Calling the site Guyver Information Page is simple and removes confusion. 2) The old website and the current Stars Page run by me hasn't being updated in a long time and doesn't even have info about the 2005 anime. This needs to be fixed. 3) The Fan-Fiction in the re-write is going to re-align with the 2005 Anime and Guyver comics. Having the Guyver Information Page helps make it clearer where the lines between the Fan-FIction and the offical Guyver stories differ. 4) It will help populate the Character Profiles section of the WG-Fic site with the offical characters. Note: This section of the site is open to anyone who wants to help put up offical info about Guyver.
  11. Website Update Thread

    Yep, that would be something I would really like to add to the site.
  12. OP NOTE: For those that are not aware. Japan-Legend.com is now managed by the WarriorGuyver.com staff. Our goal isn't to see Japan Legend fade away which it could have easily done last year but to continue keeping it up and running, host it and to fix issues with the site and to see it grow. This thread is for Japan Legend members to basically see what it is we're currently working on. It's not always going to be Japan Legend, but you'll know from looking here what it is that is currently confusing the hell out of me or keeping others busy. http://warriorguyver.com/creditsfaq/update_full.htmIs the URL where all website updates will be mentioned. 12/01/2016 I've being really busy the last month getting two of the web pages in WarriorGuyver.com fixed up and updated. Great War of the Guyvers has for a long time needed repair work as you couldn't read the fan-fictions wrote on it. Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction had two menu systems for awhile and needed to be finally fixed up so it only had the one. Updating that amount of HTML files takes a VERY long time and has pretty much used up all the free time I've had lately. But it's done now and I'm happy with the end results. My goal now is to get Japan Legend's Wiki and the vault sections up and running properly and give it the focus it deserves. TheGuyver.NET will be updated as part of this. If anyone has any questions / suggestions or knows Wiki's inside and out and codes in SQL better than eating their breakfast and wants to help out this is the thread to do that in.
  13. Has part of the WG.com redsign and updates to both it and the WG-Fic letting you guys have a heads up on some more changes. Guyver 2's Playground will no longer be on the front page but part of the Guyver Fan Archive. The Archive section of the site will be changed to have archives of old Guyver sites so Leigh's site will naturally go there as top site in the list. Along with Guyver 2's Playground there will be 3 verions of the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction site there. The 2 versions located in the old site section and the current one that's on site now. The orginal version of Star's site will also be there. The main reason for this change is the have old versions of Guyver websites I've liked that would have fallen of the web a home and be in an easier place to find together. Has some of you know Geocites is now finish and a fair few of the old small Guyver sites dispeared along with it. Has such if you've an old Tripod / Fortune City site etc and they follow the way of Geocites there's a good chance if you want I can put a backup of your site into the Archive. If you've a good old Guyver site on one of these advert infested free hosting sites and want a adfree exsistance for your small Guyver page let me know. Note off hand I can only think of 2 sites which fit the bill. The Guyver Fan-Fiction Archive (not being updated since 1997 but has one of my fave fan fics on it and it's shutting down WAY back then lead to WG-Fic site being made) Guyver 4's (though this is unlikely until Fortune City goes tits up has Anitia still works on it whenever she gets time).
  14. New Chapter status?

    This months cover.
  15. I've no idea what you're saying...?
  16. Guyver (pre gigantic and Exceed) vs Doomsday (1992)

    You're all missing out on one thing. Yep Doomsday might be able to kill a Guyver by destroying it's control medal. But in the end the Guyver amour itself in an uncontrolled state would try and merge with him. Ultimately given Doomsday regenerative powers and ability to form powers to take on new enemies Doomsday could effectively become his own control medal to control the Guyver organism.
  17. New Chapter status?

    I doubt it, Guyver is still listed as a Shonen Ace product. So while we're not seeing anything new, they are at least expecting him to return.
  18. RAMPAGE?!

    I loved that game, looking forward to the movie.
  19. New Chapter status?

    Can't see a mention on this months cover Next months primary character is (some sort of big boobed cat lady thing) : 異世界迷宮でハーレムを
  20. New Chapter status?

    Confirmed from Steve Wang that when they met, they didn't talk about the comic. So if we want to find out, we need to find someone who knows him that speaks Japanese.
  21. New Chapter status?

    Well it's not over. The fact is that Guyver is still listed as an Ace product. Just we've no clue what is going on outside that Guyver is selling stuff, just not the thing we really want (the comics!). Either way, this site will still be going (as will my other sites). TricoBren any chance in messaging Max from MaxFactory on Twitter to see if he knows why Takaya is taking such a long break?
  22. New Chapter status?

    Another month and no Guyver Next months preview cover is of the cat lady things again...
  23. Guyver vs IT

    The problem for IT is the same problem faced by the Creators with the tool they created. It's that it can't affect the control medal when active and attached to a weaponised host (humans), it is simply that it doesn't matter if IT can send images to the C-Medal, the C-Medal will simply ignore it as it doesn't understand it and never will. The Unit G control medal is effectively programmed for it's existence. It has many aspects of it's programming which centres around control of the organism, host protection, energy management, regeneration, storage of the host mind and so on. We know this can be updated too. Guyver 3's control medal held information from interfacing with the Gigantic Armour Sho built. It still retained this information so when it linked with the Control Medals from Arizona Agito was able to trigger the Gigantic Process and grow a new Cocoon and armour from them using his body as a core and his control as the provider of the information required to the control medals of the relic. But this updating process was with systems under the control of the Uranus. But never once has a Control medal being inferred with by an outside source other than other Creator controlled technology. Now doing this vs topics you've to be fair to what is there information wise. As much as you respect that IT can inspire fear you've to respect that the Creators would not have designed a system that allowed enemy forces to take over. They'd billons of years to perfect this tech and brought it with them from another world while they sat on Earth waiting from us to grow pre a time long before the dinosaurs (when life on earth was at it's beginning stages per the lore of the story. Both IT and the Unit G are both incredibly ancient. They'd not leave that technology open for something like it to take control. Even more so when the Creators themselves AND the Central Federation (the beings they reported too and were part of that also used Unit G technology) were not capable of coming up with an idea to save the Earth project. To suggest otherwise just basically completely rewrites what Guyver is about. Hell even the name Guyver. Out of Control.
  24. Guyver vs IT

    The Control Medal isn't life as IT knows it. It's closer to a machine an is referred to as uncaring an unemotional numerous times (like when it butchers Fumio Fukamachi). You're grasping at straws if you think it will be effected by anything it is capable of.
  25. Guyver vs IT

    Even if IT can trick a Guyver the issue is the Guyver isn't killable to IT easily. Outside the panic that is set in a Guyver is pretty hard to kill and a lot of it's defences happen automatically and are pushed to the host by the control medal to fit the situation. So for example, IT tries to fool the Guyver and it can transmit images fooling the human host. IT's problem is then the Guyver Unit itself. The Control medal will not be fooled and it will not fear. So while the human eyes are seeing something crazy in front of it, the head sensors will be telling the host something different. If IT goes in to try and eat the Guyver I do not see the host sitting back and not striking back. IT taking the host's SOUL will not stop a Guyver. It didn't stop the losers getting the red headed girl back either who awoke with a kiss in the movie.