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  1. Reminder to those who spoil the movie for me without hidden text.... I'll not spoil it by telling you the result.
  2. Already got my triple bill ticket to see it @ 12:01 am after seeing the other 2 movies in the Cinema! Going to be a great night for me. Fuck those that say otherwise
  3. It's resin. Key thing about it is you can't easily remove paint from it (it warps or is eaten by most solvents) but as you said, heat it up and you can easily use the heat to fix things like parts being in the wrong place. When putting it together if you've not already cut it off, what looks like excess resin on the joints is meant to go into the holes of the opposite part so things like arms can be moved. Problem with doing it that way is it chips paint, so you'll need to varnish the model when you've painted it.
  4. If you've some pictures of the parts I can give some advice. From the description though it sounds like the old 3rd party version, are the parts an off white?
  5. New month and still no Guyver news looking at the cover. Next months looks like an anime character with bunnie ears.
  6. Nope, over time that will be kind of the info page that shows news and links. Both are correct, but the Forums link is the only one that loads up the Chatbox.
  7. If you click "Guyver Forum" at the top of the page it's at the top
  8. Hello all members, Due to recent BOT activity I'm going to be doing a purge of all accounts created in the last 3 months that have a ZERO post count. This will be happening in 2 weeks time. If you are a new member of the board and are reading this, introduce yourself and then the account won't be purged. FYI Next Month I'll be extending this to all Accounts on the board over 2 months old that have never posted (this is to both tidy the database and free up names to people who might want them). Members though who have signed up for the translations will be excluded from any purging.
  9. The messageboard has being updated to the latest version, got a new anti spam setting so hopefully this will make a difference. On the bad side it looks to have disabled Chatbox posting..... Hopefully the next update will fix it.
  10. /wave I'm Brian Japan-Legend is it's own stand alone site. It used to be focused around a Wiki (which is since dead) and the message board we are chatting on. Jess gave up the site to me and I took it on to keep it going. I'd to make some tough calls on how to get the site to be manageable and that meant cutting the old Wiki which was not recoveable fromt he site and making it focus on what it manly is which is the Message-Board. WarriorGuyver.com in a similar way had a messageboard (2 in fact one old archive and an active one) and it effectively split the chat and trebled my work keeping them all up to date and working. So I merged them all into Japan-Legend. TheGuyver.Net will take over were the wiki and some old Guyver info pages I used to run left off. Recently replaced it with a word press site and will be Guvyer'iszing it later when I get time and putting a theme together for it that works.
  11. Sorry for any miss communication here, nothing like that was meant towards you Jess, I've being very busy the last few months with a new job, pretty much only thing I've really focused on since March. Matt was referencing that the Database was nuked (not that you nuked it). It wasn't done by you it was just how shit goes when managing a site (I killed many an old messageboard back in the day) and Wiki's are far more complex. Can't remember which file it was but one of the files of the old Wiki was not recoverable. The new version of the Guyver.Net will be built around WordPress like the currently reworked version WG.com and any one who done work on the old Wiki is welcome to get posts together here for later uploading to that Site when it gets under control. Note thanks to the Wayback time machine site I was able to recover some of the old Wiki Pages, they'll be going back up on the Guyver.Net later. If only I could invent a time machine and have more time in the day to work on it....
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