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  1. Sully

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Yeah, I'd love to get this sorted Durendal. Scans of from page 26?
  2. Sully

    Website Update Thread

    Yesterday I managed to finish all the data files. Working on the Calendar now and then the rest of the site. Hopefully should be finished with WG.com this side of the year Still got to fix up the Guyver Fan-Archive. It has a fair amount of of broken images and links.
  3. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    https://web-ace.jp/shonenace/contents/33/ It's still listed.
  4. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    This months cover. No mention of Guyver I can see No preview up of next months one.
  5. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    Tomorrow is when the next Ace is due out. Monthy ritual repeats then. Edit: This months Ace is out but no new cover yet. Looking at a translation of the description no mention of Guyver.
  6. This is a question for the web developers out there or people who are interested in getting this site up and running. Basically what do we want it to look like. If you've a favorite info page what site would you like me to take for inspiration on how we should present Guyver data. Things to note though 1) The site is not just for manga, it is for all Guyver official stuff anything that has being published for made for fans by an official source. 2) It's not a forum (Japan-Legend is our forum now) so chats / posts comments etc are here not there. Nor do I intend on closing Japan Legend down to use TheGuyver.Net. This is the home of our forum now (including the one that used to be hosted on WarriorGuyver.com). 3) People who create content will be created to their forum account here in Japan-Legend. 4) Due to hacks in the past to the Wiki on Japan Legend access to theguyver.net will be extremely limited. 5) Any new template needs to be compatible with Lightbox (the gallery software you see at http://www.warriorguyver.com/gwotg/fan-art/ ). I've had to change a template in the past so that images loaded when you clicked them). Eventually as we get closing to the current TheGuyver.Net site being deleted and the new wordpress version being put up we'll be closer to deciding what we want as Guyver fans.
  7. NOTE: TheGuyver.Net in it's current form will be changing once the transfer to Wordpress is complete for WarriorGuyver.com. This forum is for people who would like to add content to TheGuyver.Net. This site in future will be the info page that used to exist in Japan-Legends Wiki combined with the old http://www.warriorguyver.com/gfa/theguyvernet/index.htm and the old Stars Website (this is one for the oldies out there). The forum has being enabled so that we can get the ball rolling. In future any content going up on the site will come from this section of the forum.
  8. Sully

    Checkout this bad boy!

    Don't think so, it's also very large from what I remember so you'd need a very large display area for it.
  9. Sully

    Guyver bonded to none humanoids?

    But the question is how effective would be an Out of Control T-Rex. The Creators planned to use us in a war, Guyvers as we now know them were simply meant to be the controllers of their space ships to bring their armies to war. (take this example with a pinch of salt as it's got more chance of attacking the Creators than the foe) So if you dropped an Out of Control T-Rex into a battle zone it wouldn't take long for the enemy to figure out that if they stay 50 KM from the creature (the max range of the head sensors) that the T-Rex would simply stop attacking them.
  10. Sully

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Guyver 1 only struggled with a Gregole once, it was also only minutes after bonding for the first time. So it's questionable if it was even fully charged compared to how a Guyver is after being dormant in the boost dimension for awhile and then activated by a host (ref Sho's fight with the bats and Chaos Aptom).
  11. Sully

    Guyver bonded to none humanoids?

    Here's an interesting fact. All life on Earth had to be destroyed because the genetic flaw that allowed the Guyver effect was present in all forms of life. But you've to ration that with what Matt said, we know a lot more about how the Guyver Unit works now to 20 years ago (thank you translators!!!!). The question would be how the balance would work. it's a known fact that humans are one of the few species that are truly self aware. By that we mean the brain we have has gone beyond just survival mode which most creatures have. E.g. a road cuts through the rain forest. Some animals will never cross that road. They'll never figure it out. You could argue there are other animals on Earth that would over come something like this. But the question would be without true self awareness would a Guyver Trex ever be not "Out of Control"?
  12. Sully

    RIP Stan Lee

    RIP Stan Lee, a lot of the heroes of my childhood were invented or inspired by him. Excelsior!
  13. Sully

    Reign Of The Supermen - Animated Movie

    Looks good, I'll have to catch up on the these before I watch this.
  14. Sully

    Website Update Thread

    Busy last few days. Great War of the Guyvers has being fully restored as to what it was before the change over to Wordpress. This also has a fully working Gallery section which is a nice upgrade to the way pictures used to work on the site. Note if you want to save pictures move the mouse to near the top of the picture when the mouse icon changes from a hand to a pointer. Rightclick and then you can save the picture. Along with that the Links section has also being fully restored and updated. There's still a lot of left to do. The ACTF Data files along with the other data files are still on going.
  15. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    Welcome to the forum new guys . FYI those keeping keeping the following thread up to date with their collections When I get Guyver.Net up to date one of the things I want to do is to add a section for those that have great collections is to put these up on the site. I'll be working on that once the major update to WarriorGuyver.com is done. This thread is more for keeping track of the lack of Manga. But you're more than welcome to start a new thread if you fell it doesn't fit with the collections thread mentioned above if none of the current stuff matches what you want to chat about.