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  1. Who still uses DVD?

    I've a decent DVD collection but now rarely add to it. Only tend to when it's something on the level of new Guyver stuff.
  2. what if...

    This is one of those "unknowns" of Guyver that basically is impossible to say without Takaya getting involved. There are 2 schools of thought on this and basically the both could be right. 1) The Unit doesn’t interfere with the host natural systems -> Hence aging isn’t stopped and there is the possibility of the host simply dying of old age while the Guyver armour is in the boost dimension. This is supported somewhat by the fight with Aptom in the comics / manga that the Unit wouldn’t come to help the Host automatically when there is a life threating injury. So the question would be what happens after the hosts death? Does the unit without it’s anchor to the world simply drift in the Boost Dimension or simply reset and return to the world to be there for a new host? Impossible to say as we don’t know. 2) The Unit does interfere with the host natural system -> So in this possibility the Unit does stop / slow down aging. It’s supported by the idea that the Creators / Uranus live a LONG time. So what if the key to that long life is the Unit-G? It is found that humanity might cure aging by changing one DNA key in rats so the possibility of long life without a Guyver Unit is a possibility maybe in our lifetime. So in this fiction to say a Guyver Unit might stop aging isn’t too farfetched given the powers the Unit has. We know when active the Guyver Unit turns organs off and beings in new ones while bio-boosted. The Host is changed by being a Guyver and has growths on their attached to their spine back to communicate with the Unit when it is in the boost dimension. So correcting a slight flaw in a host so it doesn’t age wouldn’t be that hard. But again, this isn’t something Takaya has confirmed in anyway.
  3. Website Update Thread

    FYI at the moment I've being adding new icons to the different sections of the board. E.g. Cartman saying "Whatever" for the Whatever / Entertainment section. As I find ones I like I'll add them to the board. Note if anyone had a picture they think suits a section let me know (though whatever it is needs to be the same size as the Guyver picture in the Guyver section).
  4. You have to kill the Guyver....

    It wouldn't work. Even on a normal Guyver as it has too many options of retreat and to attack. The Guyver is never really surprised when active, it has reactions capable of shooting a bullet out of the air and head sensors that go for miles. Look at all the fights Guyver II F got into on her way to Japan, the only zoanoids that gave her any pause was Enzyme III's and a Powered Zerabubuse. As per the OP's post, "you're a zoanoid tasked with assassinating a Guyver," your method involves too many people and too many resources. The simplest method requires a gun, a silencer and the Guyver not active. Sho when wounded by Aptom would have died from blood loss but Aptom wanted to kill a Guyver, so he kept at Sho until he got over the mental block and wanted the power of a Guyver. Same in Dark Hero, Sean was nocked out and was about to be drugged but Atkins saved him What that shows is the only way to truly get a Guyver is get them when they are weakest, a human. Chronos in both the 2005 Anime and Guyver Out of Control both used guns as means of killing people. Or just use a Laser guided bomb and get the Guyver in human form while she / him sleeps.
  5. You have to kill the Guyver....

    I'd like to point out that a Nuclear bomb did not take out Cabral Khan. So at Gigantic Level the Guyver could take it. Chances are though at Gigantic Level his head sensor range would be great enough (bare in mind it's 50 odd KM's as a standard Guyver) to destroy any missile or bomb before it got a chance to detonate. Nuclear Winter wouldn't be a concern to the Guyver given it's ability to filter air. Given the flight range and powers it has it would survive most of that and you'd most likely end up killing humanity long before you'd kill the Gigantic Guyver.
  6. Website Update Thread

    If someone types up the Japanese text, sure.
  7. New Guyver Figma's

    So far it seems to be roughly 1 or two per year. Now that Guyver 3 is released we'll probably see the next prototype soon.
  8. You have to kill the Guyver....

    Shoot him / her in the head before bio-boosting.
  9. Website Update Thread

    the Desert Theme is back!
  10. Riv's random self

    Like some of the members have said here, never work for free. In my experience It devalues you as you'll be seen to "work for anything". When you do chose a career it's very hard to get that first job but eventually you will. You're going down the right path by if you can't work for someone do work yourself and show off what you can do. I was an avid follower of what Blizzard have done for years, and a number of people who work for them did so by doing things like their own videos etc and effectively wowing the developers there to get work. I know from experience that interviews are like a odd game where you need to be positive about everything. Even if you hated your last job, don't ever admit it and find whatever you can to shine a positive light on it. e.g. worked in a coffee shop try and convince the owner to show off some of your art and develop there webpage. Hell for me, I'd a degree in IT Management and was living in England, the first job I got there was working in the local jobcentre (the place were you go when looking for work and to sign on for unemployment). They were more interested in my work experience in working in a Kebab House in Wales than my degree because I knew how to deal with drunks..... Next thing I knew it kicked off a sequence of jobs that ultimately led me back into IT Support work. Life is weird like that, but keep positive and you'll get here.
  11. Website Update Thread

    Hopefully it's being updated. Though I'm open to the option of more themes (as long as the people who designed it keep it up to date). Anyone with some graphic design skills (and more importantly a love of Guyver) want to join in on making a Japan Legend theme and make this more Guyver like is more than welcome. I am thinking something on the lines of a few themes, for the board to give the community a few choices. e.g. while the domain is Japan-Legend this board now is also the combined with that of the 2 message boards of warriorguyver.com so I'm thinking of a warriorguyver theme too to as an option. So there will be at least 3 for people to chose from. This the "default", Japan-Legend and then Warrior Guyver. If someone wants to add to that it's not a problem.
  12. Website Update Thread

    The option to change should be at the bottom of the front page of the site. Though it's turned off at the moment. If they update / fix it I'll put it back up as an option. At the moment it looks very bad and basically 5 massive buttons take over every post. Can't say when this will be though as I'm not the creator of the theme. I'll check again this weekend though and let ye know here if it is fixed or possibly replaced.
  13. New Chapter status?

    This isn't the first time this has happened though. Guyver has being around a long time, and it's still listed as a Shonen Ace product with yet even more Merc forcast to come out (last weeks Wonderfest had new Guyver stuff from Prime 1). So it's by no means dead. The issue is a lack of contact. If not for Steve Wag and Max updating us with the picture of the "Guyver team" we'd have being more worried that something is badly wrong. The issue is we've really know idea what's happening. Other than we're getting new stuff... just not manga that we really want.
  14. Website Update Thread

    Over the weekend the messageboard was updated to the latest version. This has given more LIKE options for posts. Note there has being an unexpected result from this. People who use the old "RED" look for their view have being given HUGE like icons. The theme hasn't being updated yet. The Default standard theme updated automatically and is working fine.
  15. New Chapter status?

    This month's cover, can't see anything about Guyver. Next month is the big boobed character again.....