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  1. This months cover. I don't see any mention of Guyver, next months cover preview is again the same big boobed blond character.
  2. Depends on the content. in the comics it was in the 90s. In the 2005 Anime it can be worked out to be in 2003.
  3. One very good thing in favor of Aptom is that he is Max's fave character. So hopefully he and we will get what we want.
  4. What a shame But in the end time catches us all. The man will be remembered!
  5. I've finished reworking the Calendar for the Fan-Fiction so that it now matches up with the 2005 Anime. The Great War of the Guyver's fan-fiction has also being updated so it now reflects the same dates that we worked out when the Anime takes place. Going forward this will be worked into my fan-fiction and the others on the website so that Fan's get a better experience from fic. I'm still working on other things for the website and TheGuyver.Net.... hopefully some more cool stuff will be going up soon (and possibly more stuff today).
  6. the important thing is at least they are working on something. My worry is that Takaya is a little burned out (hence the slow pace) of Guyver and is simply taking a break. Hopefully this meeting is doing something interesting for us fans (but yep like Matt though I really want to see more comic than anything else!).
  7. if there is one the index page that lists Guyver thank you!!!
  8. If you can get good scans (300 dpi) please post them up on this thread?
  9. Very tempted to buy it, then cut it up to get good scans for theGuyver.Net....
  10. Over 90% of Guyver comic content is available "free" and not hard to find. It makes no difference to anything in terms of what is happening with Japan and Takaya. If people want to to talk about the topic of scanlations do so here:
  11. There is a translated copy of the Data Files that is in the "Vault". When the TheGuyver.Net goes back on line all data from it / the Wiki will be available on that site.
  12. Cool, at least with that and me asking in English it might prod them. Lets see. P.S. anyone else in the board who wants to ask is more than welcome, but please keep it civil like Brendan
  13. He has eye sockets, as such his brain wouldn't be protected. That's just bullshit Marvel half thought out comic science. Begin realistic if his brain was cut off behind "indestructible" mettle he'd have being dead long ago due to his blood supply being cut off. Bone isn't like that, it has got pores in it to allow blood flow etc. If its got pores the mega-smasher will find it and where your eyes are is one hell of a large sized pore! Salkafar it has to be have some logic behind it. Adamantium has to have some means of melting otherwise it would have never bonded with Wolverine in the first place. It has also failed him in the past being removed by Magneto. IF he can do it so can the vibrational sword.
  14. I'd disagree there with the whole "The Guyver armor does not possess sufficient energy output to affect it". One direct hit by a mega-smasher and Wolverine is nothing but a skeleton. Adamantium or not it's a killing blow. There is no way his healing factor outweighs a Guyvers Mega-smasher. The same goes for Sonics. And "Caps shield" would be useless as it doesn't cover his whole body leaving him without legs etc as it doesn't cover his whole body. As the for assumption of Hulks strength and Thors hammer = how the Vibration blade works it's not raw power that makes the blade lethal it is because the molecular level it is cutting you apart before the blade even touches you (which is why skilled Guyvers like Guyver 2F can cut parts off an Enzyme 3 and still have her swords in tact but would be in trouble if she gets covered in their blood).
  15. Even if Guyver were to outright stop now the forum would still continue on as would and my plans would not change for TheGuyver.Net. Pretty much like you, I like hanging around on the forum, I still have a lot of stuff to publish to theGuyver.Net and I still write and draw and work on the fan-fic. That won't change. But I personally don't think Guyver will stop with this current hiatus and will continue. There's something going on we don't yet see, there is too much new merch coming out for the series just to suddenly stop and never continue for no reason which this much new and VERY expensive items coming out.