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  1. Sully

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    /wave I'm Brian Japan-Legend is it's own stand alone site. It used to be focused around a Wiki (which is since dead) and the message board we are chatting on. Jess gave up the site to me and I took it on to keep it going. I'd to make some tough calls on how to get the site to be manageable and that meant cutting the old Wiki which was not recoveable fromt he site and making it focus on what it manly is which is the Message-Board. WarriorGuyver.com in a similar way had a messageboard (2 in fact one old archive and an active one) and it effectively split the chat and trebled my work keeping them all up to date and working. So I merged them all into Japan-Legend. TheGuyver.Net will take over were the wiki and some old Guyver info pages I used to run left off. Recently replaced it with a word press site and will be Guvyer'iszing it later when I get time and putting a theme together for it that works.
  2. Sully

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    Sorry for any miss communication here, nothing like that was meant towards you Jess, I've being very busy the last few months with a new job, pretty much only thing I've really focused on since March. Matt was referencing that the Database was nuked (not that you nuked it). It wasn't done by you it was just how shit goes when managing a site (I killed many an old messageboard back in the day) and Wiki's are far more complex. Can't remember which file it was but one of the files of the old Wiki was not recoverable. The new version of the Guyver.Net will be built around WordPress like the currently reworked version WG.com and any one who done work on the old Wiki is welcome to get posts together here for later uploading to that Site when it gets under control. Note thanks to the Wayback time machine site I was able to recover some of the old Wiki Pages, they'll be going back up on the Guyver.Net later. If only I could invent a time machine and have more time in the day to work on it....
  3. Sully

    Guyver Back on the Big Screen

    Alita looks amazing on the big screen.
  4. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    The current cover. Next month is some other anime female character.
  5. FYI this is what a palette pad is. This is great for quick uses, but as the guy starts off with that is a palette for mixing paint. The technique in the though allows your paint and more importantly you newly mixed paint and colour to last a lot longer.
  6. Found a great video this morning while looking for details on Palettes and more importantly not wasting money: I also like the more reusable nature of this vs a disposable plastic palette. This is something I never used properly as a kid, I mixed paints usually in the paint bottle they came in when they got 1/4 the way to empty.... To making a palette is important to me as I want that smooth finish and this wet method is even more important as it cuts down wastage.
  7. Sully

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Happy Christmas!!!
  8. alkanfel009 this is more along what I was thinking: Looking at this I really want 1 to lead my 40K army!!!! It's made by: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MiniaturesPit?fbclid=IwAR1eYylD7Rn-IU6yPsiFKskSeNb53N72Ap9GHhs4VlEvwd9VRmOk0oAwNcE
  9. About 3 years ago I tried to restart the hobby I ended up buying a bunch of miniatures paints and other stuff but got nowhere with it. The stuff stayed in bags behind my lazy boy, between working 12 hour days in Dublin and the costs of trying to get things together I gave up on the idea even more so after losing the job I had for 9 years.... So there I was happy enough with my stuff the way it was. For me miniatures hand hand painting anything is something of the past. But one important thing happened 6 months ago. For the first time in 12 years of working in and around Dublin I found a job close to home!!! Then about 14 weeks ago I saw this: https://www.warhammer40000conquest.com/ It's a weekly magazine and it's like dipping your toes back into the hobby..... Well I broke down and subscribed! After weeks of reading these, looking at peoples YouTube videos on how to paint stuff I've being collecting the miniatures that come free with the magazine. I'm now obsessed with them as much as I was when I was kid in my family home and first opened and played Space Crusade. Last month I was cleaning the shed to find my old paints and in the storage box I found my old Guyver resin kits... the same ones waiting 20 odd years for me to paint!!! So here I am now. I've yet to paint any of my new miniatures because I don't want to destroy them being the first things I paint in 20+ years. So I've being buying old 40K armies from ebay... The thought being well if I ruin them I've no personal attachment to them being 25 year olds I've owned for AGES or brand new ones I got with the mag. This though now as made me learn a few things from lessons I've learned in the past myself and between the research I've being doing I've decided a few things. 1) I've effectively 2 armies building at the moment just as a result of buying Conguest on a Sub. As you see above my old army is Ultra Marines so the Primaris Marine army that comes with the mag will be them and the 2nd being Death Guards means they will be the Chaos army I collect. I've limited space so unlike Epic 40k which you could fit multiple armies on a single shelf this means I'm best off focusing on them. 2) I want to redo my old marines. I've realised as I looked at Youtube vids and read up on it that back in the day I did extremely well for a kid with no Internet (it wasn't a thing the normal kid had access too in 1990! nor was a decent Windows PC!). So I will be modrenising my old Space Marines, which is another reason I bought some old armies from ebay, they will be the test for removing old paint etc with mentholated spirits and the like. While I do look at them as something great for the past I don't want them looking stupidly out of place beside my new Primaris Marines. This includes some minor conversions etc. 3) I'm not collecting these 2 armies to play any game. I'm doing this to learn once again to paint miniatures, have some fun and not just relearn some lost skills but to improve on them and go on from there. This is kinda a great feeling as it means I don't have to restrict my collection in anyway to a points system etc so if I want 7 Dreadnoughts I'll get them on the display!!! Also I think it's finally time to get close finishing my old resin Guyver kits. Which isn't just a case of me wanting to paint them I want to convert them into somethings special in the future.....
  10. Years before I was interested in Guyver, way back in 1990 I fell for a board game called Space Crusade! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Crusade This game was my introduction to the Space Marines and and the lore around them. I would go on to buy the Expansions A friend of mine at the time explained that this game was part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and I'd go on to star collecting a magazine called White Dwarf which would give me the rules to expand the miniature range in the game. This is a picture of my bad guys from Space Crusade army at the bottom and my Epic 40K Army above from way back in 1993. All of the minitures were hand painted by me back in the day. It was just earlier in the year I'd in fact learned about Guyver at of all places a Star Trek convention 5 years later I was living in Wales. While there I met the person who would go on to make TheGuyver.Net and Japan-Legend.com at a local comic store were we would chat about Guyver. It was there I picked up some resin kits. The skills I learned from painting miniatures would lead on to me painting these two Guyvers: So to me there has always being a connection between my ability to paint minutes and Guyver. They though were the last things I ever painted. I moved back to Ireland in 1997. I found this picture of me from 2001. At the time I was living in a flat in Dublin where I worked and went back to College (at the time in this picture I was a year into my degree). The funny thing is it's of me working on a Guyver picture for Warrior Guyver and in the left side of the picture you can see unfinished Resin kits..... I would move house / flat 10+ times until 2011 when I eventually got the place I now call home a house that is mine (well 70% the banks! ) It was here I eventually finally unpacked all the boxes that traveled with me over the years. In one of them I found these wonderful things: It was the first time in 10 odd years they'd seen the light of day. So what does that mean now..... Continued on my next post as I think this one will reach it's upload limit
  11. Sully

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Yeah, I'd love to get this sorted Durendal. Scans of from page 26?
  12. Sully

    Website Update Thread

    Yesterday I managed to finish all the data files. Working on the Calendar now and then the rest of the site. Hopefully should be finished with WG.com this side of the year Still got to fix up the Guyver Fan-Archive. It has a fair amount of of broken images and links.
  13. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    https://web-ace.jp/shonenace/contents/33/ It's still listed.
  14. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    This months cover. No mention of Guyver I can see No preview up of next months one.
  15. Sully

    New Chapter status?

    Tomorrow is when the next Ace is due out. Monthy ritual repeats then. Edit: This months Ace is out but no new cover yet. Looking at a translation of the description no mention of Guyver.