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  1. Destiny 2

    Ok amusing, since this is going to be on PC this time I might actually take a proper look at it.
  2. Rogue One: Star Wars

    The Death Star is the centre piece of the "Tarkin Doctrine" aka rule through fear, and a symbol of The Empires power (and inefficiency).
  3. An experiment with a Guyver Unit

    Probably no different from anyone else, at the end of the day Leatherface is just a psychopathic human with limited intelligence and the CM/unit If I remember Correctly makes few if any changes to the host mind so he wouldn't gain anything from that. With a unit he would "just" be a super-powered serial killer most likely with little ability to make full use of the units capabilities.
  4. Guyver Zoanoids - new intro to that story

    I thought Alkanphel while injured and a shadow of his real power was still more than capable of crushing the other Zoalords or was that mostly due to his telepathic power and/or conditioning of the Twelve?
  5. Guyver Zoanoids - new intro to that story

    Interesting, I'd forgot how much of a dick GWOTG Imakarum was. I'm guessing he is now immune to Alks telepathy and powered up a bit too, though even weakened Alk should be able to smack Mr Rebel down, that said I'll bet a certain dark blue psycho will have some "fun" when he finds out.
  6. I an't dead....

    Nice to hear Sully, looking forward to it.
  7. Can the story continue without Allen?

    I'm conflicted with this, on one hand I'd like to see Great Wars conclusion and the older stories maybe updated to reflect what we know now. But on the other if Alan's not interested anymore is it worth it? that's a fair amount of work to take up and trying to finish someone else's work, even if you know what they were planning can be a pain in the arse. Hmm If enough of us want it go for it but if its only a few I'd say keep it in "stasis".
  8. Warriorguyver is BACK!!!!

    Don't you just love this time of year.
  9. Warriorguyver is BACK!!!!

    I really suspect theres chains and a cattle prod involved here at the rate he's going.
  10. Warriorguyver is BACK!!!!

    Really looking forward to it Brian, thanks for all the work you guys keep putting into the site. Also the Great War rebuild made me nostalgic, I haven't seen some of those datafiles for years
  11. Warrior Aceaer Speculation

    Didn't Brian mention that it was done a good while ago?
  12. Warrior Aceaer Speculation

    Equal to a Warrior Unit so 400X range I think.
  13. Warrior Aceaer Speculation

    The host isn't enhanced, that part refers to another Guyver using the Warrior Aceaer as a power up.
  14. Artwork Section - Online September 1st, 2015!

    Nope, IMO the pics are a perfect size and makes it easier to notice details.
  15. Artwork Section - Online September 1st, 2015!

    Have you managed to chain Matt to his desk by any chance Sully?