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  1. guyver 2f figma

    Thats a great effect for that combat scene, i honestly doubt its specifically meant to be made for a guyver scene, so you may just need to do a web search through all their effects to find it. They normally do really great effects for the super saiyan saint and db series, good place to start.
  2. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    have you found the surprise inside the dvd case?
  3. ECC Guyver Zoanoid 1:1 Bust

    i'm drooling, i'd love to have this. interesting to read that it was made by using original movie moulds, mmmmmm, wonder what else steve wang has kept from the movie, must have a warehouse full!
  4. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Liking it, any pics of the gigantic dark lit up?
  5. You have to kill the Guyver....

    Aahh!, here's a bit of imagination for you. We know that when the ship lands on the ground, that those huge and long legs, which look like roots of a tooth borrow deep into the ground. What if, once settled, it grows out roots deep into the earth to consume raw materials which it uses to grow metal and organics and to sustain its self.? Instead of spreading out roots, it may secrete some type of fluid which liquifies the raw materials in the ground and sucks them through its legs/roots. In a similar process as fraking. And with cell regeneration, i don't know, but i find it difficult to believe that the unit would allow its host to die of old age! Unless the host is supposed to tear out the control metal from his head everytime he gets to the age of 70. So that way as he's being consumed by the boost organism, the metal is growing a new clone.hehehe.
  6. You have to kill the Guyver....

    Thats true, but i think the unit to them was more like what a work/military uniform is to us. We put it on every morning and wear it allday, throughout the day. Which would explain the uranus's long life span, if we were to assume that they were the same individuals that landed on earth, experimented for millions of years to create all the creatures,humans,zoanoids and ahcenfel! But we don't exactly know how many uranus were on each ship, but we do know that the ships are organic, and are obviously grown, just as cronos had mimiced to grow the ark. And the pods where the g units were housed, in the ships, could also be thier growing pods too. When the ship is active and a g unit is removed, another unit may well be regrown. We only know of one ship that was still intact, which was at mount minakami. It layed dormant until sho reactivated it. I think that if it wasn't destroyed, that over sometime, it would have grown more g units.
  7. You have to kill the Guyver....

    I do believe that a unit can weild the remover as it can draw energy from the boost dimension through the center orb on his waist. We know they're able to transfer energy as we saw when sho transfered energy to aptom to fire his freeze blast some time ago. Oh,,,wait,,,,with what i said earlier, i can't use the remover on sho to kill him because i'm just human!.....dammmmmit! I'll just have to get kronos to process me as a zoalord so i can use the remover against him,,,,,,,,and then split him in half Hangon a second,hehehe, there was still brain activity in both of those situations. Neuron activity did not and does not stop in any of those situations. Only in complete death. So while there is still neuron brain activity, the unit won't materialize until summonded. Can you just imagine if the unit would boost its host everytime it sensed elevated heart rate or high anxiety or trauma, no more horror movies or sex with mizuki!. And we can't use dark hero as an example, because takaya is the creator, not steve wang, even though i did love the movie and thought he did an amazing job with it, peace steve,,,,just incase you're reading this. Also, im sure there was a situation in the manga that shows what i previously described. When sho was unconsiuos in the back of the fwd when they drove into the village whos male population was unknowingly zoanoids. Sho was unconsious in the back of the fwd when it blew up. But then after when everyone thought he was dead, he emerged out of the flames equiped with unit. I actually do believe that he died in the explosion, so as soon as his brain activity stopped( complete death where there is no neuron activity), the unit automatically boosted. And yes, the unit is the creators standard equipment,,,,,,"the creators standard equipment",,,,, not the foot soldiers! So why wouldn't they want their basic equipment that they equip themselves with to have that type of programming?
  8. IT (2017)

    Well, the first one scared the crap out of me in some parts, so going on how creative these film makers have become in horror movies and the effects available to them today, this version would probably give me a heart attack and nightmares. So i guess i'll be staying away from this one. But i know my brother loved it.
  9. You have to kill the Guyver....

    I don't think there is a way to totally kill a guyvers' host, wether or not they're boosted. Theres a mental link between the two, so even if you were to shoot them in the head to cause instant death. I think the guyver would be automatically called as the control metal would sense a loss in brain activity/link, even while awaiting in the boost dimension. So when the unit reboosts the dead host, it heals him and ressurrects the host, brings him back to life. The only way, for sure to kill the host, we all know is to seperate/erase the host data from the control metal and then kill them or to totally destroy/damage the control metal. So knowing this, i'll be looking for the remover, then after using it on sho, equip myself with the unit and split him in half with a frequency blade.
  10. More figures for sale

    A few more guyver stuff i have doubles of that i want to get rid of 1 set vamore&panadyne $120 (the clear covers were peeling off the cardboard which explains the stapels.) 1 set derserb&gaster $220 1 set zerbebuth&gergoile $220-sold 1 set ramotith&zencrebe $220 1 set enzyme2&testtype $220 1 set elegen&thancrus $220 Plus international postage if anyone lives outside of australia.
  11. guyver figure

    sigh, ok everyone, i don't really like selling any of my stuff because i'm a real hoarder, but i've just taken some annual leave from work and decided to just reorganise, repackage and restore everything and figured it might be time to sell some stuff.(but not everything) so far, i've come across some doubles of items i have which i might sell, so expressions of interest first, before i decide to sell and figured i might start here hoping they'll go to a good home, . anyway, figured i'll start off with a bang, dr barcus! -sold-
  12. New Guyver Figma's

    amiami pretty good, ive bought all my starwars figures through them, they've never let me down
  13. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Really liking the collection now, nice. Maybe start filling the wife's side of the bedroom with stuff, she'll really appreciate it. Hehehe.
  14. New Guyver Figma's

    Please,please, someone tell me we're not getting another g1 for fraks sake. On a good note though, i got my g3's in the post the other day, i now know how popular the crossed armed pose is going to be.
  15. New Chapter status?

    i can't stop to wonder if the delay could somehow be contract related? wether he's contracted on a 2,5,10 year contract which is at its end and one of the parties aren't too pleased with the ongoing terms? or possibly negotiations of new terms and possibly publishing. he possibly wants his work published in english and distributed overseas again but the publisher doesn't see a profit in it, so just won't do it.