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  1. Resident Evil 2 remake!
  2. Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia.
  3. Just checked it out the public group. There's a lot of cool stuff! It seems a lot of us started with the old tapes. Rented the first tape from Blockbuster. I watched that thing for days! I can't pick just one thing that got me hooked. I fell in love with the series as a whole. I started reading and collecting the manga soon afterwards. It was dark times when when I found out the English language manga was canceled. My love for Guyver never dwindled though. If anything it's only gotten stronger over the years. Powered suits are the best! Oh man! Now I'm excited! Are the old chapters archived here? I'd like to take a look if so! I didn't care for OOOs either. The last series I enjoyed was Kamen Rider W. It's one of my favorites. The others are Faiz, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, Black, and RX. Kamen Rider Black is definitely my top Rider. King Stone Flash! Rider Punch! Rider Kick! Season one of Garo was phenomenal. The rest don't do it for me.
  4. I'm familiar with a few of those sites. Unfortunately I was unable to be a part of them back then. I was too young, and didn't have a computer. I did eventually get one, and was able to visit some of them. I did frequent theguyver.net as well. I wasn't a member though. Japan-Legend is the first Guyver fan site I joined. As a Guyver fan I call it home, and the Advocacy family. It's extremely hard to find anyone who's familiar with Guyver nowadays. It's refreshing to be able to talk to a fellow fan every now and then. Like you it's hard for me to stop talking about Guyver once I get going. It was bad enough that someone wrote in my yearbook to stop bugging them about it. Good times! Guyver is still strong in Russia? Is it even being published there? I should really keep tabs on where Guyver is still being released. May I ask how you became a Guyver fan? In regards to "Warrior Guyver" and "Great War of the Guyvers" were the stories ever finished? Do you like any Toku series? If so what are your favorites?
  5. I just found your Deviantart page. Absolutely fantastic Guyver art! I'm going to add your page to my watch list! Is all the art from WarriorGuyver.com? It's been a long time since I've last visited the site. The first time was somewhere in the 00's. Would it be alright if I asked you about your history with WarriorGuyver? Were you an original member? Did you frequent other early Guyver sites? Even though Lucithea relies on a translator do you think we should invite her to join the Advocacy?
  6. I'm currently watching her page. Is her art part of a story she's created? Do you know anything about her original character named Alfa? Is she a member of the Advocacy?
  7. Hey everyone! Got a question for the Advocacy. Does anyone know anything about the artist Lucithea? They have a Deviantart page with a good amount of Guyver art. I really enjoy their work, and would like to know more about them.
  8. Getting very worried now.
  9. I'm curious to see how far the creator's technology has advanced. By this time they could have something even more terrifying than a guyver zoalord. This would probably force everyone to pool their resources to combat this new threat once Guyot has been dealt with. There's one idea I've been toying with. Sho would give Valkyria access to gigantic, and both are destroyed in a major battle. This would force Sho to find a more clever way to deal the new threat.
  10. Is there still a link to the jacket? I'd really like to see what it looks like.
  11. I've been playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Metal Gear Solid V, Resident Evil Origins Collection, Halo 5, and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.
  12. I just thought of something funny today. What if someone pulled a Ginyu on Black? The look on Zamasu's face would've been priceless! Also, this scenario can be acted out in Xenoverse 2! I think I'll try that out.
  13. The super dragon balls in Trunk's time were destroyed, but could they be still intact in Goku's? If they are I wonder if they could be used to strip Zamasu of his immortality. Could their powers cross timelines? So many questions...
  14. I'm digging all the new outfits in this trailer! I really hope some of them appear in Xenoverse 2!
  15. It's happening! A Justice League/Power Rangers crossover is coming! http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/10/14/justice-league-mighty-morphin-power-rangers-comic-book-crossover-coming