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  1. HAHA! That was actually pretty good. Nice find, Arkadius.
  2. Raius

    book 32

    Just got my copy today! Good stuff.
  3. Sweet, I'm really hoping that she doesn't turn out to be another Lisker clone. I mean... not a literal clone, but character wise.
  4. My only question is, if it is Imakarum, how did he get the armor? If it's the same material as the Guyver Control Medels, how did he get so much of it? Are the Creators still a factor or does Chronos have stashes of this metal hidden somewhere that Balcus doesn't know about?
  5. Apollon is the king of trolling! I love this guy.
  6. SO AWESOME!!! Glad they're bringing back G1. I wonder what brought that on?
  7. I'd have to agree. Judging by this fight alone it seemed like Goku actually won, up until he knocked Superman into the sun. In the end, it came down to who could use the sun's power more efficiently. But at the same time, looking at Goku's maximum Ki output, that blast that knocked Superman to the sun probably wasn't enough to kill him; in which case, he would have been back in a few minutes since he was already in space and thus able to absorb solor rays. It's still tough to call, but I do like this outcome. These guys did a great job at spelling out their data for us. On another note though, this makes me wonder if Gigantic Exceed still has a chance at beating Goku as well. Though, I'm not going to try and calculate Exceed's data, LOL!
  8. Wow, this topic is spreading like wildfire! Anyway, I'm totally ok with this outcome. Most epic fight ever, AND we weren't subjected to 15 mins of Power-Up Screaming either. Bonus points.
  9. Yeah seriously, I was like 9 years old when I first saw that fight. Sho's death and revival remained fresh in my memory to this day. That kind of desperation and brutality just wasn't something you saw in cartoons back then. It was those 2 episodes that got me really invested into not only Guyver, but anime and Japanese culture in general.
  10. So they called off the fight, good. That conversation between Shizu and the Libertus was also very cool. Lots of great character moments this month. Thanks for the post and translation Lukesh and durendal
  11. I've been working, off and on, on a wallpaper featuring Sho and Priss from Bubble Gum Crisis. I'm still far from finishing it, but here's the sketch. I was also going to do something with this other sketch I drew of Sho and Gigantic Exceed, but I never got around to it. Meh
  12. Love all the pictures here Did another sketch for the heck of it.
  13. Man, from the Ark, to the mansion to Archanfel's temple. Apollon is just straight trollin' everybody, isn't he? Still, I wonder if he's trying to speed up a confrontation between Sho and Archanfel with this latest kidnapping. Perhaps this was ordered by the Creators for another experiment; to see how their original Zoalord measures up to the current evolution of Guyver. Whatever the case, I can't wait to see who appears next.
  14. No no.. you got it all wrong.. The Guyver Unit will absorb key eliminates from the Iron Man suit and making a unique Guyver with all the abilities of the Iron Man. Imagine the speed, agility, and almost limitless power source. Like this! Meh, wasn't in a creative mood. Great picture though.
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