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  1. Sad news about your GIIF Movie Ver. Mines still MISB. I felt no need to open it as I have the manga ver. on display. I'm also crossing my figures for more Figmas. There's 44 Days until Summer WonFes, so really hoping we see more alongside GIII's release. I've been clear on my personal Fav's before, and whilst Griselda and Libertus would be great, i'd really like a Aptom Omega Blast!!! Like the Prime 1 statue, only articulated!
  2. I was in the same boat as you until a year ago when I decided it was worth buying the manga for. But seriously, if you want to complain about the hiatus, atleast catch up on the 3 volumes you haven't read yet. You're over 20 chapters behind! The scanlations of vol 30, 31 and 32 have not been publicly distributed and the only ones to have them are those who have bought the official volumes. $5 per book isn't going to break the bank and I know it's a little unorthodox compared to other "free" sclanlation groups, but it's for the good of the franchise. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/searches?term.media=BOOK&page=&agg_use=media_submedia&term.media_format=&q=guyver Maybe if more people buy the manga, it will return sooner!
  3. hmmmm
  4. I think at this point people are expecting Kurmeggnic and Jabir to fall against Agito. Although they could always turn it around. There's also speculation that Imakarum is Apollyon, which leaves Barcas, Shin and Galenos. Barcas and Galenos are the only 2 who's Zoaforms we are yet to see.
  5. Personally i'm still pumped for the Guyver III Figma in July!! Gonna be the biggest figure release this year!! I'll be eagerly anticipating Wonder Festival in July as well for new announcements. New content will always come, but sometimes it's good to take break for a while. On the bright side, Berserk is back and has a S2 anime airing!
  6. Re-posting my quote from last June:
  7. This doesn't look good now does it.............Has Takaya-san ever gone on an unannounced hiatus for 12 months before? I'm starting to get worried..............
  8. Awesome! I'm pleased for you! You got link to your pics? There are so many guyver Facebook pages I can't find them.
  9. Nope....it's still a mystery i'm afraid......I really hope we get a new chapter soon!
  10. Did they ever show a prototype of the enzyme 2? I don't think I saw it. Do you have a picture?
  11. Shame, when you first said their site was down I thought you meant collectiblegroup, but then I realised they are only the reseller and not the manufacturers. I honestly did wonder how long it would take before legal got involved as they were being advertised pretty mainstream for bootlegs. Although that's a bit of a harsh term as the scale and electronics really did set them apart. I wonder whether that's why collectiblegroup are having to sell off their stock fast. They don't want to be complicit.
  12. Really? What makes you say that? They showed thier last prototypes at the Singapore Model Expo last year, I was really hoping we'd see more from them. You can really appreciate the work that has gone into these. They must have been huge Guyver fans!!
  13. Thanks guys! They are indeed very cool! The photo's really don't do them justice as the flash spoils the effect the LED's give and the low light photo's always come out somewhat grainy. I really should learn how to use my camera better The red exceed is definitely on my want list, along with the Guyver I. The Murakami also looks pretty cool, hopefully they will be more affordable as they won't be as big. If they are going to stick to upscaling BFC's then they really need to do Imakarum and Guyver III.
  14. Well I finally got around to opening Sanken Studio Gigantic Dark and doing a photo shoot with them together. Enjoy!
  15. Well looks like I got burnt by nin-nin-game. Originally pre-ordered the movie version from them for £46.67, but they just cancelled my order and sent me a refund saying they couldn't get it from their supplier. Luckily I was able to buy one today from Nippon Yasan for £54.14, so less than £8 more. I was relieved the price hadn't skyrocketed like most webshop exclusives!