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  1. I've been watching My Hero Academia lately along with reading the manga. Damn good story and amazing animation thus far!
  2. river_chaos

    Can Zoalords store energy in crystals?

    Just something that came to mind while marathoning My Hero Academia: Since Zoacrystals store a Zoalord's power, can they store some of that power into other crystals like quartz? Like a back up battery so they don't drain their main crystal first and be left with a "oh crap" moment. I honestly don't know why this popped into my head while watching a super hero anime, but I'd figured it'd be worth asking the community and see if it's possible.
  3. river_chaos

    The Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Rewatch Thread

    After having not watched it over a year and all of the anime I've seen in that time....I can say this: this version of Guyver did not age well. I get that they had a lower budget than the rest of the anime scene, even if there were similar projects on the same level, but there are just some story aspects in just the first episode that do not belong there at all. Malmot being the main point as stated by everyone else, and then there's the opening scene that painted a false set of expectations for the audience (seriously, Cronos didn't thrust the world into a post-apocalyptic setting as we see at the end of the anime series). In any case, later issues that popped up are not as apparent in the first episode, but still it's still mediocre animation at best.
  4. river_chaos

    Why did Viz stop localizing Guyver?

    A combination of all you just pointed out, and I think they were having copyright issues as well for Guyver (?). It's always been sort of a tiny niche manga.
  5. river_chaos

    What game are you currently playing?

    Just got the new Kirby game; gonna play that later tonight after getting some sleep.
  6. river_chaos

    Sega Genesis

    I found an old Sega Genesis at a local game shop that specializes in repairing/selling old retro games and consoles. With it I got Aladdin and the Lion King, and OH MY GOD I'm reliving my childhood through these two games! They're both platform games geared to kids in elementary school, but are still fun to play to this day if you can get your hands on a working Genesis. Not only that, but I've also made a Twitch account (RiverChaos, if anyone's wondering) and was thinking about streaming either of these games or both on there.
  7. river_chaos

    Riv's random self

    I've got my recording setup moved to my boyfriend's apartment! I can start recording games again, but it's gonna be limited to my Switch and PC libraries due to being in a small living space. I did a test recording using YuGiOh Duel Links and found that VR games do not record well, so there goes 1/3 of my library. Do yal have any suggestions? I've got Super Mario Odyssey (Switch), Sonic Forces (Switch), Stardew Valley (PC), World's Dawn (PC), Night in the Woods (Switch), and Sonic Mania (Switch).
  8. river_chaos

    Riv's random self

    Who would've thought roller skating could be so rejuvenating for the soul? A few days ago, I went skating with my brother and sis-in-law at the local roller rink. We had a blast, especially me since I loved roller skating as a kid and still do now. SIL and I are making plans for a girls night at the rink this coming weekend too; we both just wished they were open at more times than just Friday and Saturday evenings (though I can't blame the owners for doing this with how bad the economy went these past few years). I'm out hunting for a job again, outside of the factory environment. Management at my current work place has gone full blown retarded that would even have an average idiot wonder "what the hell are they smoking?". All common sense has gone out the window and us temps are now being treated like dirt. It doesn't help that they plan to expand the place beyond the corporation's standards instead of updating the machinery to produce less waste ergo get our product numbers up. There's rhyme or reason to their 'logic', so much that I've just had enough and started looking elsewhere to get out of my dead-end-job.
  9. river_chaos

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Not my favorite, but not on my hate list (that's reserved for the prequel trilogy). It was good except for when it was dumb. The most redeeming part of it would have to be Luke trolling Kilo Ren close to the end of the film.
  10. river_chaos

    Riv's random self

    Another year is coming to a close. A lot has happened, but it was an exciting year. Hopefully the new year will be just as exciting if not better. I've recently gotten back into collecting trading cards, namely Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Who knows, I might try my hand at competitive dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh sometime; I find it to be more strategic than the Pokemon card game. I've also been playing the new Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links on my computer as well and having a ball on it.
  11. river_chaos

    Riv's random self

    Yesterday, I closed my Etsy shop. I've completely lost the drive and energy to keep it up and not make a profit off of it. My passions lay elsewhere, so that's what I'm going to pursue now. I'll still keep crafting for others, just not to make money anymore.
  12. river_chaos

    Riv's random self

    I recently found out that Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a live action movie...by Sony...the same company that gave us the Emoji movie..... I feel soooooo much dread about this, it ain't funny. HOLLYWOOD, STOP DOING THIS TO MY CHILDHOOD HEROES!! YOU'VE DONE ENOUGH WITH THE X-MEN! At least don't make it on par to the Super Mario Bros movie; I don't think anyone could handle another disaster like that.
  13. river_chaos

    How would you want a live action Guyver TV series to be?

    As much as I love the source material, a LA TV series would need to follow it's own story in a sense. It could take a lot of influence from the manga while also having its unique story. Tech-wise we've come a long way from the 90's set up in terms of CGI and costuming, so portraying Zoanoids/lords accurately is a small hurdle in comparison to the rest of production and execution.
  14. river_chaos

    Rules to Surviving Cronos

    22) Grace, roller skates are not to be worn or used in the hallways/command post/labs/etc. There are roller rinks for that along with skate parks. (Grace: Then stop making your bases so damned big!) (Imakarum: Whimp.) (Grace: Can it, zombie.)
  15. river_chaos

    Riv's random self

    Lately I've been trying to get on full time at the company I'm currently working at....for the past three months......and they keep giving bull**** excuses to not hire me. "Oh we'll consider you later for something you are qualified for..." they say while hiring an imbecile off the streets that doesn't know what the hell they're doing! I know my dad wants me to get on there, but this is getting ridiculous to where I might need to send an email to the CEO about this crap as the managers are breaking corporate policy by not hiring a temp that has been working for them for over 5 years! It doesn't help that Dad thinks I'm not trying enough to get noticed even when it's blatantly in his face that management doesn't want me as a full time employee. I'm just done with this! I'd rather follow my boyfriend back to our hometown and find work there over staying up here and never get taken seriously as a potential full timer. On the flip side, I'm taking up an old hobby to help relieve stress and get out of the apartment for a bit: roller skating. I use to skate around the kitchen as a little kid before I outgrew my skates and Dad married she-who-shall-not-be-named (biggest mistake in his life) who tried to get me into 'girly' things and 'outgrow' comic books. Everyone here knows neither of those things she tried to make me do happened, and I'm a happy otaku with an amazing boyfriend that loves me for being me.