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  1. You know what sucks about this day and age? Every company wants 3+ years of experience from college grads. Guess who doesn't have that: me. I've been looking for jobs since graduation, and I've been rejected ever single time. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET EXPERIENCE WHEN NO ONE WILL GIVE ME A CHANCE?!! Effing corporate butt monkeys! Even internships want some experience in a resume. I'm to the point of starting my own graphic design business online and do free-lance projects while also building up my YouTube channel. *sigh*....Well, at least my playlist for Breath of the Wild is complete until I get around to the DLC, and I'm picking up Animal Parade again until I find another game to do a "let's play" video of.
  2. 21) Staff, processed and non, are to leave their Nintendo Switches in their quarters while on duty. Grace has also rigged the NSPC app to shut off all NS consoles in the building if needed. (Purgstall: You have no idea how annoying it is to break up a fight over a game.) (Grace: It's a sad, sad day when a teenager has to use Parental Controls on a group of adults.)
  3. Okay, I've graduated from university again. Now I'm job hunting while also trying to get a hold of my supervisor so I can get on a set shift at work. I'm really starting to think he has a phobia for answering phone calls since it's always a pain in the *** to get him via phone or even text. Still doing Breath of the Wild videos.
  4. No, I'm saying he might never be lenient at all with Guyver. He's had a lot of say in the 2005 anime adaption and some in the live action movies. If any of the interviews are to go by for both projects: he's not easy to talk/work with. He didn't even get an assistant until recently! All I'm saying is that this is more of a hobby to him than something he's fully committed to and doesn't want to put much more effort into it being a franchise, let alone draw in an international audience.
  5. I feel as if Takaya sees the series as more of a hobby that has gained a following and doesn't want to put any more effort into aside from what's available in Japan. Don't get me wrong: I like the fact that he's taking the time to figure out where he's taking the story and being involved with the statue development (seriously, the time taken to design and then run several prototypes of said statues are ridiculous but worth it), BUT he's not making a living off of Guyver. With how many hiatuses he's gone on from the series, there's no way he's paying bills with this! Not even with the merchandise to go with it! I'm starting to think that he doesn't want anyone else to come in and attract attention to it from outside of his home country.
  6. About to start final exams this week! Then I can tell this university to go **** themselves for constantly screwing me over on tuition costs! Other than that, I've got a good start on a Playlist on YouTube for BotW going. I think I'm up to six episodes of it now? Anywho: extremely fun game with a lot of exploration and numerous ways to die. I also got a new microphone to record my voice; a lot better than using a headset. Still, I'm not getting many views on those videos and I'm not sure what to do to get more attention to the series. What do you guys think?
  7. I'm already playing Breath of the Wild for the Wii U (soooooo good!). Looking forward to the new Fire Emblem games mostly.
  8. My browser gave me a message while I was signing in that this site is "not secure and your sign in might be compromised". Has the security system not been updated and FireFox is just being a worrywart, or is something else going on?
  9. I know we have several theories as to why Alkanphel sleeps as long as he does, but Mat Pat on YouTube came out with a theory for the movie Logan that I thought might be a plausible theory as well. Considering that Guyver has a heavy setting in the science of genetics, I thought that it's possible that the situation ol'Wolverine is in could be possible for someone as old as Alkanphel or any of the other Zoalords later down the line. What do you guys think? Possible, or does Mr. Takaia have something else up his sleeve to explain Alky's condition?
  10. I've got the DVD set of the OVA. You can painfully tell in the second half that they switched hands in the animation department (as an artist, I cringe every time I see the proportion mistakes).
  11. Guess who's playing Breath of the Wild!!
  12. Okay, so I've been busy running my butt off working and going to school; working because my university decided to be dicks and raise the tuition without notifying anyone about it, and I'm now taking the more advanced classes for my degree FINALLY! Today my stepmom and I got to go to a Newsboys concert and meet the band in person. The Newsboys are a contemporary Christian rock group, and it was the first time for them to come to our part of the state, so that show sold out a week after the tickets went on sale. IT WAS AWESOME!! My stepmom is still in hog heaven because she got to shake hands with her favorite guy of the group! I even got to bro fist the drummer for playing through a technical difficulty during the performance.
  13. Well, this is one hell of a way to start the new year..... I recently came down with a bad cold after Christmas, and like any person with a brain I got some over the counter cold medicine. It helped at first, until two days ago when I needed to get up for work and I felt sluggish as all get out. I didn't fully wake up until two hours into my shift (luckily I got assigned to something I can do on auto-pilot). Today, I got a burning feeling in my chest that wouldn't go away until I drank water. I have both day time and night time meds, but with what's happened I've stopped taking them and am going to the doctor tomorrow about this. I've never had an issue like this before and I hope it's nothing serious.
  14. So, I got Pokemon Moon recently...and am having a blast! I got Poplion as my starter, which I do not regret, and have completed the main story. Right now I'm exploring all of Alola, trying to find certain Pokemon, and finding new places to explore. As for school: I'm doing fine in my Digital Design classes, my Spanish not so much. I don't think I've ever met a professor that's unfamiliar with English slang and expects us to remember every little word change in Spanish. I've tried my best to remember, but the format of his exams and online assignments do not help me in the least, especially since he keeps failing to inform us when our assignments are available and due. Sure, I had a Philosophy professor for my German class, but for the love of all that is good he at least made it easier for us to "connect the dots" so to speak in his exams, quizzes, and assignments. We even had fun making short stories in German, but with this Spanish class we're not doing anything to further cement the language in our brains. We started out with basic phrases, and then jumped straight into the "go-go" verbs, stem changing verbs, and so on while also learning the grammar along the way. I am learning more Spanish from my Duolingo app than this class!
  15. 20) Rhia, stay out of Grace's yarn stash. (Rhia: Oh come on! The rec room looks so much better than it used to!) (Grace: You yarn bombed the Council Room too, not to mention part of the Pillars of Heaven's command post!) (Rhia: .....I always did say they needed some decoration there.....*sweat drops*)