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  1. One of us needs to win the lottery, buy up all the licences that are causing problems, and just give them back to Takaya in a neatly wrapped up care-basket so he can do whatever he wants to do with the series again with no hassle.
  2. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnnaSmithRiverMarket?ref=seller-platform-mcnav Well, I'm making a whole lot of stuff for my shop. I'm starting to think I have an addiction to this new hobby, but I just love making these cute things.
  3. Lately, I've been rewatching Free! Iwatobi Swim Club with it being summer and the awesome intro/outro.
  4. Hello all! So, living with five other people in a 3-bedroom house is too damned cramped!! Not to mention the BF's sister that can make anyone feel unwelcomed and is veeeeery self-centered, the youngest brother that is a pathological liar and gets mad when caught in his lies, and the parents that prefer to go gambling over being parents by dumping babysitting duties onto BF and I without asking. Yeah, heck no. My BF and I are now living with two other friends in a two bedroom apartment (two couples, so it works wonderfully) with two full bathrooms (huge blessing for everyone, especially after dealing with my brother and his 2-hour long showers), and we've made it clear that the parents need to ask in advance if we can babysit the youngest brother. My BF and I are working at the same place; he got a downgrade in pay while I got $0.25 raise, so we're doing better financially and mentally. I've also got into sculpting little pendants with polymer clay and plan to do resin casts of them soon to put on my Etsy shop.
  5. Not sure where I'd fall in the Hyper Zoanoid category. I'm usually the one that tries to sneak up and snipe the enemies out of the way first, and if that doesn't work I go ahead in 'tank mode' to bulldoze the enemy NPCs in games as fast as possible. I guess I fall under Zx-Tole or Derzerb.
  6. Recently I've been on a Celtic music kick, mainly Celtic Woman. Anyone else listen to Celtic music, and who do you recommend?
  7. I recently got a copy for the Nintendo Switch. Gameplay is smooth, but everything else is.......meh. Can tell Blizzard didn't put much thought into it aside from the mechanics.
  8. All moved in and got the job thing going. Also got my Etsy shop up and running again while job hunting. Both my BF and I are much happier being away from the city; too much negativity there. We've been hanging out more with some old friends and planning our move (which will be to move out of BF's parent's house). I also got on a Celtic music kick with Celtic Woman, especially their son Tir Na Nor.
  9. It's an interesting idea. Just gotta be careful in how you flesh out the OC and make sure they have actual chemistry.
  10. river_chaos

    Guyver Amino

    Hey guys! There's an Guyver Amino in the Amino app.
  11. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. And no, it's not really up my ally. It looks good, though. I recently re-bought some Zelda titles for the 3DS (since I somehow lost $200 worth of physical copy of games for it) and am re-completing them.
  12. I had a really weird dream a while back related to an old game I played the crap out of as a kid. I was in a Legend of Zelda game, with N64 graphics, and I was fighting a corrupted Link, and I was using masks from Majora's Mask against him. On top of that, when wearing the transformation masks, I could equip the regular items (that normally can't be used while wearing those particular masks) into my yellow arrow slots and they'd act as a "power boosts" for the mask attacks. (Example: As a goron, I equipped the fire and ice arrows, and my goron punches became fire or ice punches.) It was odd and cool, but when I woke up at 3 in the damn morning my brain decided to continue the story and keep me up. Anyone else have game dreams like this or is my brain trying to tell me something?
  13. Well, I've finally quit my job. I'll be moving here in a few days after Thanksgiving with my boyfriend. We're ready for a change in pace, and our hometown is where the greener pasture is right now. Many of my coworkers and Mars employees said they'll miss me and my BF. I'll certainly miss them, but not the place and the management. Seriously, management there can suck a bag of dongs for all I care; they were willing to hire drug addicts who got caught just a week after starting over one of their most reliable temp workers that's worked there for over 6 years! Screw that! In any case, my BF and I are relieved to not be there anymore. I know I'll be catching up on Christmas gift making during the move and job hunting in our hometown area (I'll be working as a temp again in the mean time while searching).
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