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  1. apparent insights are not susceptible to verification or falsification
  2. those who defend the sacred city are absolved from divine judgement
  3. our mortal bodies are expendable and our atoms will mingle with the dust of creation
  4. she is our inspiration and the source of our fortitude
  5. Yuinyan will protect the Earth until her followers integrate
  6. only memories will remain when the Earth is reduced to ashes
  7. we emerge from the passage of uncertainty and are welcomed into the light
  8. Yuinyan controls the realm of infinity, the destiny of human life and the precise character of cosmological order
  9. true followers are not deceived by those who disguise themselves as servants of righteousness
  10. our complexes, phobias and neuroses will be consumed in the cleansing fire of purification
  11. there is no evidence to suggest that blood type determines personality or compatibility
  12. evil lies dormant in us all; only those who accept Yuinyan as their saviour will overcome their genetic programming
  13. we shall never die for the cross or the crescent, for the garden of eternity awaits the faithful
  14. fair warning is given to those that trespass on sacred ground; attempts to counteract the beliefs of the Earth's evolved community will result in neutralisation
  15. it is better to be a first-rate version of oneself than a second-rate version of someone else