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  1. mandatory attendance at centres of indoctrination is designed to instil dependency and servility
  2. we thirst for knowledge to improve our understanding of reality
  3. we must each find our own way to demonstrate our devotion
  4. Tsurui lies only two and a half miles along the Ichi river from Amaji
  5. our faith is with the Queen of the Heavens
  6. our sense of self is an illusion enabling us to deal with our apparently complex environment
  7. faith in Yuinyan invalidates the need for intensive care and high dependency
  8. followers desire nothing more than to live and die in humble submission to Yuinyan's will
  9. each new day is an opportunity to demonstrate our devotion
  10. the Hand of Nature allows Yuinyan's divine presence to become the source of our liberation
  11. to witness the power of Nature is a privilege and a time for reflection
  12. Tsurui offers a peaceful alternative to the bustle of Himeji
  13. we live in a world of virtual reality, where relief is mistaken for pleasure and mortality is regarded as inevitable
  14. the temple will be incinerated in a cauldron of molten fire
  15. she is the provider of salvation to the lost and orphaned
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