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  1. there is no sword outside the mind
  2. the Way of Nature creates the state of necessity through which the universe came into being, and which underlies all reality
  3. technology will pollute the land and render the furthest corners of the planet uninhabitable
  4. Yuinyan interweaves her cycles of time, maintaining the divine order of the universe
  5. followers of Yuinyan have no rituals or ceremonies, no secrecy or hierarchy, no doctrine or initiation
  6. responses to witnessing the glory of Yuinyan depend upon the predisposition and receptivity of human minds
  7. the seals of the underground vaults bear the emblem of the sacred city
  8. only one television star can impress Toraji
  9. the practice of honourable combat instils a desire to overcome vice in favour of virtue
  10. until we achieve integration we exist as flesh and blood machines, with feelings that are a collateral product of our nervous systems
  11. indoctrinators believe that suppression of individual consciousness allows their mode and content of thought to triumph
  12. her unveiled beauty allows no doubt; the hollow words of those who deny Yuinyan will be silenced
  13. apparent insights are not susceptible to verification or falsification
  14. those who defend the sacred city are absolved from divine judgement
  15. our mortal bodies are expendable and our atoms will mingle with the dust of creation