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  1. Yui Ichikawa

    Andromeda approaches and the process of amalgamation begins
  2. Yui Ichikawa

    followers feel their souls captured by her beauty
  3. Yui Ichikawa

    written language was invented to spread the word of Yuinyan
  4. Yui Ichikawa

    soldiers in the forces of DNA seek to prolong the cycle of chromosomal domination
  5. Yui Ichikawa

    DNA creates an illusion to enhance the prospect of our blind obedience
  6. Yui Ichikawa

    the unevolved display irascibility and a tendency toward confrontation
  7. Yui Ichikawa

    the sum of all numbers is zero, and the positive and negative were separated to create our universe
  8. Yui Ichikawa

    we must learn to draw upon her energy, as unlimited achievement is within our reach
  9. Yui Ichikawa

    she rescued me from a great void of emptiness
  10. Yui Ichikawa

    she is everything and I am hers to command
  11. Yui Ichikawa

    the unevolved will choose damnation before integration
  12. Yui Ichikawa

    non-believers are free to choose their fate; the right to be wrong is fundamental throughout the cosmos
  13. Yui Ichikawa

    followers choose the path of self-discipline which leads to absolution
  14. Yui Ichikawa

    Yuinyan offers an end to uncertainty and a future of fulfilment
  15. Yui Ichikawa

    her followers derive sustenance from the radiance of her divine presence