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  1. Yui Ichikawa

    scientists' refusal to accept the implications of negative energy prevents a deeper understanding of gravity and universal equilibrium
  2. Yui Ichikawa

    North Korea's leader has decreed that no-one else can adopt his hairstyle, a rule welcomed by the male population
  3. Yui Ichikawa

    she is the key to our survival
  4. Yui Ichikawa

    evolution will free us from our baser instincts and our spiritual integrity will triumph over the forces of domination
  5. Yui Ichikawa

    those who hide behind a mask inadvertently reveal their fear
  6. Yui Ichikawa

    everyone needs a loyal friend who listens and understands
  7. Yui Ichikawa

    Ame - "these tears are just the rain"
  8. Yui Ichikawa

    the poison of hatred stifles our capacity for reason
  9. Yui Ichikawa

    those who fuel the fires of intolerance will join the procession to oblivion
  10. Yui Ichikawa

    only those who embrace the word of Yuinyan shall earn their place in eternity
  11. Yui Ichikawa

    the innocent creatures of the countryside lose their fear in the presence of Yuinyan
  12. Yui Ichikawa

    wherever the word of Yuinyan is heard, her followers rejoice
  13. Yui Ichikawa

    there is no sword outside the mind
  14. Yui Ichikawa

    the Way of Nature creates the state of necessity through which the universe came into being, and which underlies all reality
  15. Yui Ichikawa

    technology will pollute the land and render the furthest corners of the planet uninhabitable