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  1. Yui Ichikawa

    devoted followers approach, bearing gifts for the divine Goddess
  2. Yui Ichikawa

    the calculation of power output relative to body mass applies only to carbon-based lifeforms
  3. Yui Ichikawa

    our limited senses detect restricted information which our brains attempt to analyse
  4. Yui Ichikawa

    followers live only to obey the word of Yuinyan
  5. Yui Ichikawa

    few will be in attendance to witness the cremation of her temple
  6. Yui Ichikawa

    consciousness is more than the outcome of neurobiological processes
  7. Yui Ichikawa

    we accept the illusion of our existence, for acceptance is the beginning of understanding
  8. Yui Ichikawa

    patience has its reward, for true believers will not be forgotten
  9. Yui Ichikawa

    the gate of perdition awaits those who stray from the path of purification
  10. Yui Ichikawa

    grey matter does not constitute the soul
  11. Yui Ichikawa

    the eighth of twelve photobooks issued to proclaim the glory of Yuinyan
  12. Yui Ichikawa

    Yuinyan offers salvation in an infinite number of universes
  13. Yui Ichikawa

    scientists' refusal to accept the implications of negative energy prevents a deeper understanding of gravity and universal equilibrium
  14. Yui Ichikawa

    North Korea's leader has decreed that no-one else can adopt his hairstyle, a rule welcomed by the male population
  15. Yui Ichikawa

    she is the key to our survival