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  1. I think that in the future, they should make the Dopant's evil voice in the same gender as its user. That way, it wouldn't seem that they're going out of their way to make it suspenseful of who's the true culprit since no one can suspect the other gender because of the Dopant's voice.
  2. Yes, one of the most ugliest thing we've seen in a while.
  3. Episode 15 Summary and Dopant information is up on W Fansite. But there's spoilers in there. But just to keep it short, my thought is up there^
  4. Ah, that's cool about Ren then. No one's subbing it yet, right? At least not in English - cause that would be a little weird.
  5. OMG, this thread is awesome! Pretty cool how like this Decade topic meshes up every members' ideas together. Very true to the series. I gotta post here sometime when I get the chance.
  6. Does anyone know if the Japanese version has started airing yet? I'm curious to see all the old actors and voice actors turning up to do their American counterparts.
  7. lol, yes, I'm not sure it is more ironic or hypocritical. Maybe hypocritical if it's intentitional. Sometimes you just want to type stuff all in the same place to prevent going clicking a lot to go back. lol. But I seriously forgot about the future discussion. And great list Toku Warrior! We'll just leave future discussions and speculations in the other thread now. And Ryuki, I never noticed how much British-references there are. Probably cause of the scenes they use are from when British had a great influence in Japan back then. I wonder is this all part of their atmosphere-creation for the fictional city?
  8. Great heads up again Toku-warrior. So when do you guys think Accel will show up? Before episode 20 or after?
  9. I usually save the best for last, so I guess paranormal activities it is then! Thanks guys!
  10. Terui Ryu definitely looks like one of the most badass Rider we truly had in a while since Kickhopper. Sou was it?
  11. Thanks for that heads up. I just figured out how to do it. lol. Do you watch the episodes raw or subbed?
  12. oh btw, I love your analysis about Wakana maturing.
  13. Hey, so now Kamen Rider Dragon Knight won't be cancel according to this: Adness Entertainment: “On behalf of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Adness Entertainment, I wanted to personally thank all the fans for the tremendous outpouring of support we have received for the show. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is, as of now, scheduled to air through December 26, 2009. The broadcaster has the option of taking a break from the series to make way for any special programming they may have planned for January 2010. We want to assure our fans that the channel is free to bring back Kamen Rider and continue to air the series at any time. After December 26th, the last two episodes of the series will be available for online viewing on the 4Kids website. Again, thank you for watching and for your support.” So Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will resume after a short break around end of December and beginning of January. So that's great news after all! And if it won't be air on television, you still can watch the ending on 4Kids's website.
  14. I'm planning to watch Ghost Friends or Maid Deka over the break. They both have Saki Fukuda, whom I just adore! But I can't decide which drama to watch first. Paranormal activities or maid detective?
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