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  1. Shion

    Your Favorite Anime Shows

    1.Guyver OVA 2.Attack on Titan 3.Evangelion 4.Gundam Wing 5. Akira 6.Ghost in the Shell 7.Project A-ko 8.Sailor Moon 9.Dragon Ball Z 10.Teknoman Blade The classics never die.
  2. Shion


    I speak Dutch, Papiamento and English. And I failed German and french but passed Spanish for some reason.
  3. Shion

    The first time you saw Guyver

    Its save to say, we all had fond memories of Guyver OVA series. Too us, it was a awesome anime that gave us cool looking monsters, kickass hero and a deep plot.
  4. Shion

    Do you often make friends on forums?

    I dont have many people that I can call "Real" friends in real live. maybe 4 or 5. But I got lots of friends over the internet, who I can talk to and share my feelings with.
  5. Shion

    The first time you saw Guyver

    As a little kid way back in the 90's, I saw Guyver for the first time on Scifi channel among other animes, ( Ghostin the Shell, Akira, Robotech, Fist of the Northstar, ect.) The episode I saw was Guyver I killing Sho's dad who turned into Enzyme II, that actually scared me... It left me with a fear for bloody anime and characters with robotic voices. XD Some years went by, and the Guyver OVA series aired on TV, every saterday. and the very first episode that's I saw, was Guyver I fighting the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five. It was still be a scary, and my parents changed the channel everytime I was watching it. XD My English was very bad, but I could read the dutch subtitles a bit, so the story around the Guyver was kind of hard to follow. Afterwards, I rented the avilable VHS tapes at the local video store and watched some of the episodes, until 2005/2006, I heard of the remake and decided to watch the older ones first. when I got all VHS taped from a friend, I watched them back to back, marking my first time watching the complete series.
  6. Shion

    Guyver 1 Figma 2014 preorders?

    If you live in Europe, you could pre-order the Guyver Figma here at Archonia --> https://www.archonia.com/mangashop/en/article/201736/guyver+-+the+bioboosted+armor+action+figure+-+figma+guyver+i/
  7. Shion

    I don't understand why Guyver doesn't do so well

    I agree with what you said. Also, in this generation the majority of anime/manga fans only care for the fan service, half naked girls, big breasts and young kids with super powers. -_- A show as serious and intense like Guyver will not attract there attention at all. I am still happy that Guyver is still ongoing for so long.
  8. I for one, love the amount of fanservice those movies provide.
  9. Hmmm, as much as I love super Sentai, This movies has to focus on the Riders battling it out.... unless they joy forces and fight the Super Sentai... Again! XD
  10. Shion

    Star Wars Episode 7

    I'm simply saying that Disney is going to fast with all those Movie plans. And I do agree with YoungGuyver though.
  11. Shion

    Robocop Reboot

    Im one of those Nostalgia people, and I don't like reboots... However I might watch this movie on Blu-ray. Also Nice Pic @alkanfel009. xD
  12. Shion

    Star Wars Episode 7

    I heard Leia, Luke and Han are coming back for this movie. And in my opinion I would like the first part be about the older actors and then the story slowly focuses to the new characters. Other then that I want this movie to good and a success!
  13. Shion

    Game accounts (PSN, Steam, Live)

    If play Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate, Resident Evil games, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Guitar hero Warrior of Rock or BlazBlue Continuu shift EXT. add me on PS3. PSN ID: VAND1TA I also have a 3DS and playing Pokemon X and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Nintendo 3DS FC: 4742-4738-1602
  14. Shion

    What does your full name mean?

    I don't know what Shaian means, BUT! I heard my name in anime called Dragon's Heaven, and in Space Sheriff Shaider. My last name is Willems, And my parents where born in a City called Willemsstad.
  15. I would really like to see this movie~!