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  1. Everything happens for a reason...
  2. "Who the hell is that guy?"
  3. Looks like it's finally happening...
  4. Okay...try...TRY and tell me you didn't tear up a little after this...
  5. Saw Part 1 last night. What can I say but...HOLY CRIMSON SKIES OF DEATH!
  6. Glad they got the Red Guardian in this!
  7. Worlds Will Live. Worlds Will Die. And the Universe will never be the same.
  8. My money's still on Valcuria. Of course, I would like to see her kick his @$$ first, but...
  9. For my next contestant, I'd like to pit Archanfel against someone who, quite literally has been to Hell and back...more times than he'd probably care to remember. I give you, Al Simmons, better known as SPAWN. So...how do you think Simmons might fare against the leader of Chronos?
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