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  1. This is gonna be heavy...
  2. You'd think someone at the magazine could at least have the decency to post a notice or an update...anything!
  3. Well I can certainly appreciate the man's commitment...I just hope he's at least planning out the rest of the story as he's doing this too.
  4. Me right now... DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!
  5. New Trailer Online: "What are your super powers, again?" "I'm rich."
  7. Bill Paxton, 61, dies from complications from surgery
  8. Still no news...this is me right now:
  9. Actor John Hurt dies from cancer, aged 77 Another great actor is no longer with us...
  10. We can only hope...
  11. Well, if we're gonna go apocalyptic, let's bring in someone who could really cause Archanfel problems...the Plutonian from Mark Waid's "Irredeemable"! Originally the greatest hero of his world, Plutonian, after a series of events, degenerated into its greatest villain. Created by a race of aliens called the Eleos, the aliens became intrigued by the diversity and intensity of human emotions, and crafted a probe using a piece of themselves, to study humans more closely. This probe would eventually become the being called the Plutonian, who initally begins as a Superman-esque character, but after an event which culminates in the death of hundreds of children from an alien virus (of which the Plutonian was involved), he snaps, lobotomizes his partner, and destroys his home of Sky City, killing 3.5 million people in thirty minutes. The Plutonian's powers are not physical but psionic, enabling him to subconsciously manipulate matter on an atomic level: allowing him to heat or freeze the air, see through objects, fly, render himself virtually indestructible, possess super strength and heightened senses, and make opponents more susceptible to damage. It's been hypothesized that if the Plutonian is made aware of his true abilities he would be able to alter probability, see through time and reverse entropy, concluding "and that's just if he moves from Kindergarten to grade school." After meeting with his Eleos creators, Plutonian's powers are expanded. He gains a sixth digit on each hand like the Eleos, and learns how to alter his density to become intangible, remotely ignite explosions by manipulating quantum matter, negate inertia to the point he can stop Earth's moon rotating, view an individual's history by using their mind as a focal point to see through time, and to detect raw materials within a planet and draw them to the surface by will. If Archanfel went up against this guy...well, let's just say I'd rather not get too deep into it.
  12. Here's a link with more info: Prime's bio
  13. Well, Prime did come out during the mid-90s, when things like over-muscled characters, shoulder pads, and belts-with-pouches were the order of the day in comic books...
  14. Our next contestant gives new meaning to the phrase, "use your head" -- the Uni-Mind! The Uni-Mind is a collective being which is created by a significant number of Eternals merging their physical and mental beings into one organism, combining the collective psionic and cosmic energy of several hundred Eternals, which manifests itself as a gigantic brain-like organism. As such, it has an immeasurable intellect, and the composite knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of all its constituent beings. A Uni-Mind possesses vast psionic abilities across a wide range of mental talents, including levitation, psychokinesis, telepathy, the ability to project mental bolts of force, the ability to travel through the vacuum of space unharmed, and intellectual powers of information processing and problem-solving far beyond human understanding.
  15. Let's switch gears and move into some fresh territory... For your consideration, I give you...the Samaritan from Kurk Busiek's "Astro City"! Hailing from the 35th Century, the man who would be known as the Samaritan volunteered to be sent back through time to save his world from a calamity. Traveling through the timestream he was caught up in "empyrean fire", which granted him such abilities as hypersonic flight, energy manipulation (called an empyrean web) which enables him to carry and hold objects much larger than him, super strength (which may or may not be the result of his energy-based abilities), super-hearing, and dimensional manipulation.