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  1. New Chapter status?

    I just had a crazy thought...what if Takaya was taken prisoner by Chronos and that's the reason we haven't gotten anything new? (hey, at this point nothing would surprise me)
  2. New Chapter status?

    I have this urge to shout "dammit" repeatedly right now...
  3. New Chapter status?

    Still keeping my eyes to the sky...hope something comes up.
  4. New Chapter status?

    Getting close to that time of the month, and no updates...what ever is coming better be big.
  5. Avengers: Infinity War

    ...get this man a shield.
  6. New Chapter status?

    *looks around* Let me guess...still no update?
  7. New Chapter status?

    I had another thought (could be wrong, but I figured I should put it out there anyway)...could it be that Takaya has switched magazines or something?
  8. The Real Sci-Fi Channel

    I'm working on a video series about the Sci-Fi Channel (sorry, I can't bring myself to use the channel's current name). Here's Part 1 of my video: Let me know what you think!
  9. Archanfel versus (The Second Round)

    In the context of the Guyver-verse perhaps, but what about in the context of the DC Universe?
  10. Archanfel versus (The Second Round)

    Switching gears, I'd like to bring in a contestant from the DC Universe... Uncle Sam of the Freedom Fighters! Being neither precisely human, meta, or mystical, Sam is the living embodiment of the Spirit of America. He has demonstrated such powers as super strength, invulnerability, enhanced speed, size alteration, and some degree of the clairvoyance. He also has the ability to transport himself and others into a pocket dimension known as The Heartland. His powers are said to be in direct proportion of the belief people have in the idea of the United States as The City Upon a Hill. So...how do you think he'd fare against Archanfel?
  11. New Chapter status?

    AGAIN?!? Okay, this is getting old...
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfXX1CutYuE
  13. The New Mutants trailer

    Everyone has demons...
  14. Archanfel versus (The Second Round)

    Well I seem to be in a "mutant" state of mind, so let's keep the ball rolling with our next contestant, Nate Grey, also known as X-Man. Hailing from the alternate universe of Earth-295 (better known as the Age of Apocalypse), Nate was essentially that universe's version of Cable (minus the techno-organic virus), which enabled him full use of his immense psionic abilities. Like Legion, Nate has been classified as an Omega-Level mutant. He has demonstrated such powers as the ability to exist incorporeal as living psychic energy, precognition, telekinesis, telepathy, energy and matter manipulation, psychometry, astral projection, teleportation, cross-dimensional travel and energy projection. Dr. Moira MacTaggert had even once stated that his powers could rival even that of a Phoenix Force-imbued Jean Grey. If this guy were to go head-to-head with Archanfel...I'd wanna be somewhere else.
  15. Archanfel versus (The Second Round)

    Following up, here's another contestant: Amahl Farouk, better known as the Shadow King. Initially presented as a telepath second only to Professor X, the Shadow King was later revealed to be an astral entity, preying on the bodies of powerful psychics and using them to enslave others. His abilities are typically limited only by whatever body he possesses at the time.