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  1. lost unit

    Monthly Shonen Captain Guyver covers

    very nice collection only seen a few of them before..thanks for posting them.
  2. lost unit

    New Chapter status?

    not looking good is it.
  3. lost unit

    Wild Cartoon Kingdom #2

    Thanks for the article from Wild Cartoon these things pop up every now and then and those little gems surprise me even today after all those years ago..cheers.
  4. lost unit

    Website Update Thread

    nice job Sully it was a bit bright when i first logged on but gets ok after a bit.
  5. lost unit

    New Chapter status?

    not looking very good the interest is fading losing the will to keep looking and hoping.
  6. lost unit

    Getting back into drawing agan

    you have a talent there Solblazer do they take you long to draw?
  7. With one thread on how you think the guyver will end, What happens to the site after with no more chapters in the pipeline where do we move from here. I know we are still redoing books but will the interest still be there? Who will stay and who will move away and if so to what. Will they stop producing figures, how much call would there be for the Guyver? Your thoughts please.
  8. lost unit

    dark hero bomber jacket

    i seen it too its only a medium size and its only 10 minutes from where i live. But even if i did buy it i couldnt wear it and would be a waste. Hope it goes to a good buyer.
  9. lost unit

    Guyver out of control book on its way..

    i love doing guyver stuff it keeps the buzz going. I was doing 3 or 4 pages a day so it wasn't too bad. I am now in the process of redrawing some of the images that were less detailed and taking the captures off the film against them to get that original look. The book is put away now to keep in good condition and work off my scans.
  10. lost unit

    Guyver out of control book on its way..

    thanks Guyverfan for the tip, i have finished scanning all the book and edited them front to back and passed the finished book to Sully who will manage it from his side. Its a great addition to have with some great artwork.
  11. lost unit

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    nice one to the collection ..
  12. lost unit

    Guyver out of control book on its way..

    Thanks for the tip Bio-Boosted Dude i am already doing this, the sketches are printed on both sides so i am getting the opposite page burning through. The book is 14 x 10 inches and 48 pages in black and white. I have done ten of the pages so far some pages are difficult than others.
  13. lost unit

    Who still uses DVD?

    i dont use mine anymore since always streaming but if i need to rip a brilliant film it comes off my original dvd and covers of dvd were cool. I didn't think the blue ray took off very well with back catalog films.
  14. I have bought the book and impressed with its footage . This project is gonna take me a bit of time guys the book is that big it wont fit on my scanner i have to do half at a time and then join them. Then the hard work of cleaning them up. The sample images took a few hours just to get them right. Any tips or help would be good at this time. Once the book is done it will be passed on too Sully to decide how he wants to show it. This book has cost me a lot of money and your getting it for free. What with a shortage of chapters to work on this is the guyver buzz i have been waiting for. After these samples no more will be uploaded so stay tuned in thanks..
  15. lost unit

    Guyver sketch sets from 2005 series

    I think its a real greedy to pay for these pictures after all they are just photo copies of the originals that people are making a profit out of. Dont get me wrong they are great to have. But to mix packs why not just have a couple of sets with different pictures in. I tried to do a background search on them to see exactly how many sets there are but had no luck only settei on other anime. I have sent the scans to sully to put on the guyver.net hopefully this these sets will increase but only if everyone helps out.