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  1. I'm pretty big Comic Book reader, I enjoy most of the older comic book stuff from the 60-early 90's though from DC and Marvel though. And I'm pretty big fan of Image Comics like Supreme, Invincible, and a few others. As you can tell from my name that I'm a big fan of Spawn, and loved the comics since I was a kid. I still have yet read any of the recent Marvel or DC comics like Siege or The Blackest Knight yet (I'm waiting for a hard cover for both of them soon).
  2. I have been reading Project ARMS lately, pretty cool so far.
  3. Oh cool a Godzilla thread =D. I loved Godzilla ever since I was three years old, and I pretty enjoy all of them expect for All Monsters Attack, Final Wars, Tokyo SOS, Godzilla Raids Again, and Godzilla 1998. Gigan always been my favorite Godzilla foe next to Mecha Godzilla, and Megalon.
  4. A Castlevania game like that would be awesome.
  5. I used to love this game on the PSX and the game is already on Xboxlive to download. A PSP or DS remake would be a good idea.
  6. I have been reading Neon Genesis Evangelion and I enjoy the Manga way better then the Anime better.
  7. It hard match to choice from my vote would go to Sho since he put a better fight with Zoanoids then Sean ever did in the first two movies. And Sho fight against stronger foes such as Richard Guyot, who is way stronger then Guyver Zoanoid in Dark Hero.
  8. Hellsing (OVA) Guyver (I Still have not finish the series yet) D Gray Man
  9. Thanks for viewing my page.

  10. I never knew this site had a comment section until now.

  11. I found these on the web. Sorry if someone already post these before.
  12. I also like some of the Alien novels, i thought Aliens hive was very good.
  13. I don't read books unless there graphic novels but i like to read are: Space Odyssey series I Am Legend Childhood End Lord of the Rings Halo:The Fall of Reach 1408 At the Mountains of Madness The Mist Imperial Earth The Hobbit To Kill a Mockingbird Aliens Earth Hive Of Mice and Men The Call of Cthulhu
  14. I used to love this show but when they put the newer epsiodes on 5:00 AM, i stop watching it because it cameone too early.
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