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  1. A Little Guyver 2 Dark Hero reunion

    Lovely to see they're still good enough friends to be partying together even after all these years! (especially Marisa Cody whose part I can't even remember. Is Mary the female Zoanoid?)
  2. If I may ask a question

    Guyver1 posted a thread about it a little while back: http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/topic/14776-monthly-shonen-captain-guyver-covers/ Some of them are very nice, but as to be expected these are all from well over 10 years ago. edit: oh shoot, I just re-read your post and saw you've already seen these Captain ones. In that case, I think I remember there being an Ace cover for the reveal of the Gigantic Exceed? Or maybe I'm just making that up? Sorry.
  3. New Chapter status?

    It's still on the Shonen Ace website: https://web-ace.jp/shonenace/ And is definitely not the sort of thing that would happen quietly. You could be sure that at least the Relax Point would post something about it. Speaking of Relax Point, the guy who runs it posted a reply to an inquiry he made to Kadokawa: "I got an inquiry to KADOKAWA about the situation that Guyber was closed for more than a year and a half and got an answer. I also posted it on Twitter, "It is being adjusted for the series and the timing of restart is undecided." It is unknown why the holidays have continued so far and what is being adjusted, but we only hope for good news. " http://unit-g.sakura.ne.jp/ Bad translation aside, it still seems quite vague and the hiatus is still indefinite. But at least they've acknowledged the series.
  4. New Chapter status?

    Sure is getting harder and harder to keep interested in this series.
  5. Monthly Shonen Captain Guyver covers

    Good stuff, thanks for posting! My favourite is the pink and yellow April one for sure. It's a shame that it seems unlikely that Guyver will get a cover these days. It doesn't seem to go with the look that Shonen Ace pushes for on their contemporary covers. Do you own all these old issues of Shonen Captain?
  6. Prime 1 Studios - Guyver Statues

    Absolutely love the updated Gigantic Dark and Razell! These are such love letters to the fans. Wish I had space/money for these. That'd definitely be my top pick
  7. Website Update Thread

    For when the red theme is fixed, will the option to change the theme still be at the bottom of the forum? It's been so long since I've had to change it I've forgotten if that's where it always was - it doesn't seem to be there now...
  8. Does Apollon's name help tell us who he is?

    No worries, I gotcha And yeah, a popular theory at the moment is that Apollon is a Creator or one of their messengers. If I remember right his armour is made from the same stuff as a Guyver's control medal which is also a pretty big hint. The meaning of his name certainly implies that he's come to clean up the mess the Creator's made all those years ago, though it is unclear as to why he seems to be just watching over Alky
  9. New Chapter status?

    As the topic recently turned into a "Yoshiki Takaya status" discussion (and since I didn't feel like it deserved its own topic), Takaya has been visited by Steve Wang: And This group shot implies something is in the works
  10. New Chapter status?

    At the risk of derailing the topic a little bit, I must simply and politely ask what the logic behind your thinking is here?
  11. New Chapter status?

    We haven't even seen Galenos in what must be 10+ years. I have no doubt Takaya has his character planned out but it sure is a strange decision in story telling to have him absent for so long.
  12. interesting item on buyee

    Several years! Act 1 was release in 1989 and Act 2 in 1992. Interesting to still see new guyver merch popping up from so long ago
  13. New Chapter status?

    If he really is that strict then you have to wonder how some of the animation/quality issues with the 2005 series slipped through, unless that's what made him become this rigid in his ways.
  14. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Was gonna say what Gazham said - nice find man!
  15. New Chapter status?

    When was the last time Guyver got a Shonen Ace cover? Guyver II F's introduction? Despite being one of it's most long running series, I can't imagine Guyver is one of Aces' "top" series, so a cover dedicated to it for its return would be quite a pleasant surprise indeed!