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  1. Well that seems to be the best lead we have - although its vagueness is very frustrating. At least the man is well from the sounds of things and still able to use his drawing hand to good effect.
  2. Is there some kind of obvious reason why John Connor isn't about that I'm missing? Or is that a mystery that is yet to be revealed? Anyway the trailer looks okay, but I'm as always with Terminator sequels going to remain cautious with my expectations.
  3. I imagine that's run by people completely separate from this place so maybe they don't have access to the chapters in which that occured? Although my timeline of the series is starting to get pretty foggy to be honest. The JL Wiki was pretty up to date and accurate as it also had information from the Japanese Guyver wikipedia page, but unfortunately the database got corrupted years ago.
  4. You're right, my bad. It's such a passing mention I'm not surprised I forgot. My headcanon had me thinking he just wanted them to make sure Guyot or any other rogue zoalords didn't get them
  5. Have they? I don't recall - I don't bill Alky as being greedy for power either so I can't imagine him willingly merging with a Unit. Especially since he probably hates the things
  6. Was about to say that I can't believe they're releasing ANOTHER guyver I until I saw that they finally changed the top pair of abs to not be split in half and partially attached to the underside of the breast plates. Always thought it looked a bit odd on previous Guyver figures and was very confused when that 'feature' was kept on the figma.
  7. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I can't see how the Prime figures would take him 3 years to sort out. Making them isn't his job. It looks like their molds were finished a long time ago and I can't imagine it taking more than a few months (if that) for him inspect the design, the sculpt and the paintwork, if he wishes to keep the producers on a tight leash for QA. While the release of such impressive pieces of Guyver merch is confusing, I don't think it has anything to do with the manga's release.
  8. Haha yikes, I wonder who wrote that article. We've never claimed to be the "official English guyver authority" and don't think it's fair for them to dump that title on us
  9. I know that, but I'm beginning to wonder whether it fits with their target demographic anymore. Doesn't really look like it
  10. Doesn't look like Guyver even fits in with Shonen Ace anymore. Maybe it's time it changed magazine. I wonder if there was any kind of hiatus when it changed from Shonen Captain to Shonen Ace? Not that that would be the sole reason for such a long period of nothing..
  11. Well it's obviously been its own thing for a long time now, and it's always just been fun to read. Even if the story is silly, Toriyama's artwork and action has always been absolutely fantastic.
  12. While I dropped Super quite a long time ago, I'm pretty hyped to see a Dragon Ball movie with animation as elaborate as that trailer makes it out to be. And since it's supposed to have a big backstory for the Saiyans I'm hoping the plot won't be as silly as most other DB movies (with the exception of all this S-Cell business I've been hearing about...)
  13. I'm very surprised then, I find it unbelievably hard to hear anything other than "... For I'm ... Enzyme" at the end. Thanks for clarifying!
  14. I personally prefer the UK version which if I'm understanding correctly is the newer one? Is that just the Manga Ent. release? I've gotten a little confused reading your posts. Although I admit some of the sound mixing is better in the older dub - certain bits of music, grunts and sound effects that I didn't know where there until watching the US version got lost in the UK. While we're on the subject though, does anyone have ANY idea what Enzyme is saying in the UK version at 0:48? https://youtu.be/0poOZLGfl9s?t=48s It has been a mystery since I first saw it all those years ago.
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