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  1. Purgstall

    Ultra Series

    Ultra Q, Ultraman (My Home is Earth is a particularly great episode, imo), Ultraseven, RoU/Jack, Ace, Leo, Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Nexus, Max, Mebius are all good Ultra shows. I personally enjoy the Ultra Galaxy series for the most part. Wasn't a big fan of Ginga, but I'm really looking forward to Ginga S. Zero is my least favorite Ultra overall. His design isn't the best or at least it really doesn't click with me. The whole power level thing with him, Belial, and Hyper Zetton was making things too DBZ-ish for my tastes. Plus his shifts between his arrogant, cocky personality and the typical Ultra "good guy" personality felt a bit jarring for me and I felt it could've been handled better.
  2. Purgstall


    Eh, don't get down about it. I mean, the movie is already floating around the internet, if you're that desperate to see the movie then there's that. Plus, we're suppose to be getting an extended cut of the movie when it comes out on DVD/Blu Ray so yay more footage! There's plenty of Godzilla movies where Godzilla ISN'T the main character and just gets dragged into the situation or is just a plot device. 1. I agree, the characters were pretty boring and uninteresting. Watanabe would've been great if they gave his character more stuff to do. 2. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. The MUTOs actually have personality and a bit of development like a lot of the Toho monsters. 3. Part of the problem in taking the Jaws approach, IMO, is that when Spielberg and co did it, they had to do that approach more out of necessity than anything. Plus, even though we didn't see the shark that much, we could still feel it's presence throughout the film, same goes with Godzilla in the original 1954 film. The 2014 Godzilla film failed in that aspect, IMO. I didn't mind the amount of screen time Gdzilla had, I just wish they had done a better job utilizing that time.
  3. Purgstall

    JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

    The Speedwagon Foundation is mentioned in SBR, but we don't see any members of the Speedwagon family nor do we know if they're still alive.
  4. Purgstall

    JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

    The SBR universe was created as a result of the events in Part 6: Stone Ocean. And it's Joestar and Zeppeli, not Speedwagon. Personally, I enjoyed part 4 more than some of the other Parts. Kira was a great villain with an awesome stand. I liked Jotaro taking on a more mentorish role in part 4 and his involvement in Part 6. Part 5 was blah. Giorno was a bland JoJo though that may have been a part of the crappy translation job on that part of the manga though I liked Bruno. Steel Ball Run is a great read, there's a lot of character development for Johnny and Gyro. Hell, even the main villain is somewhat sympathetic. Plus, one of the Stand users can turn into a goddamn dinosaur, how is that not cool? That alone should make you want to read Steel Ball Run.
  5. Purgstall


    Heisei Godzilla was fat, GMK Godzilla has a beergut. Godzilla's been fat before, this isn't something new. And GINO ran away from helicopters, plus he got killed by basic military weapons...something that ALL of the Toho Godzillas and LPG waded through. Yeah, there's a good reason why GINO is generally considered the black sheep of the franchise. >.> That line was from 'Godzilla: Millenium", wasn't it? I loved that. It was classy. Not mocking it, not skipping over it entirely... "The Americans report they were assaulted by Godzilla, but our scientists are not so sure". SPOILERS... About the new one: what was Serizawa's attitude all about? Godzilla and the Mutos feed on radioactivity. Yes, radioactivity - but in the Cretaceous, or whatever, there were no nuclear bombs. There was no reason to assume these monsters would survive a nuclear explosion (and going by the movie, they would not... they weren't that tough). What, his father was in Hiroshima? So? That took the nuclear option off the table entirely? What does he think Godzilla's going to do now? It feeds on radioactivity... and the Mutos are gone. Pretty soon he's going to resort to raiding nuclear power plants, because they are more accessible than ICBMs and don't move as fast as nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. (That would be a pretty good plot for a sequel, though.) Incidentally, what happened with the bomb in the end? It did explode, didn't it? But the military said it was a really powerful bomb. Did it get far enough away to not be a threat anymore? Why did the Mutos have an electromagnetic pulse weapon? Yes, it takes everything that uses electricity off-line... (And by the way... I noticed the power just came back on after the pulse "wore off". But an EMP takes electric power out by overloading systems, causing damage. The damage doesn't magically disappear after the pulse ends.) But what good would that do against predators like Godzilla? They didn't even attempt to use it against him. So why did they even have such organs? And why did they keep using them against humans, which they can't feed on? I think the Japanese will once again feel insulted. It was GMK that made the GINO reference. Fun Fact: Ken Watanabe's wife was in GMK. They mentioned in the movie that back in prehistoric times there was a lot of natural radiation and that Godzilla and the Mutos devour it and when resources were low they went into hibernation underground, deep ocean, etc. Plus, they mentioned in the movie that they tried to kill Godzilla in the past with nukes and failed. They were hoping that the one that they used at the end of the movie, which was stronger than the ones they used back in the 40s, 50s, etc. would actually be able to kill him this time around. As for Godzilla, he'd probably just go back to dormancy until something else shows up just like he has in previous movies. As for the bomb, kinda. It has a bit of TDKR syndrome. The bomb itself exploded from a safe distance, but the winds would've carried the fallout and infect stuff with radiation. Basically it was just waved off as, "It's just a movie, relax and don't take everything so seriously". The head honchos at Toho saw the film and loved it and I've been talking about it with my friends in Japan and they're pretty interested in seeing it. Besides, most of negative remarks about Godzilla like him being fat was coming from 2chan, which is a place that I wouldn't take too seriously. Especially since they seem to forget that Godzilla was fat in the Toho films as well. :/ On the MUTOs having EMP, while I am annoyed that the writer/director don't know drenn about EMP other than it shuts down electronics, I don't really care as to WHY they have the ability itself. It's not like giant monsters haven't had random ass abilities before. Don't overthink things. Make up a reason if it'll make you feel better. Besides, it's a movie AND a monster movie at that, don't take things TOO seriously. Just sit back and enjoy it. I enjoyed the movie, it has its problems (ATJ's blah acting, Watanabe being underused, etc.)but certainly better than the past few Godzilla movies. Some of these issues that people have against the movie just feels like nitpicking more than anything. :/
  6. Purgstall


    Seen the movie and I really enjoyed. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was a solid movie. It got slow at times and they kept teasing us on the fights. I did enjoy all of the nods throughout the movie, though it was a shame that they cut out Akira Takarada's cameo though. It's already made about 90 million dollars worldwide.
  7. Purgstall


    She's not in the movie. If she was, we would've heard about it a loooong time ago.
  8. Purgstall


    Godzilla has had stubby arms and thunder theighs before. Just look at Heisei Godzilla. My biggest complaint for LPG is the elephant feet. Just doesn't appeal to me. Overall, it's an ok design. Not the best but definitely not the worst. Plus, it actually looks like Godzilla.
  9. Purgstall


    Hardly an improvement over GINO? The entire Godzilla fandom would like a word with you on that one...
  10. Purgstall


    Get hyped: http://vimeo.com/87596258
  11. Purgstall


    Why wait til it's stateside? I picked up a new copy of All Star Battle for a little less than 25 bucks on Amazon.
  12. Purgstall


    Also, leaked pages of one of the scripts (dunno if it's the current one or not) have popped up. Since it's copyrighted material and stuff, we could get into some legal troubles if they get posted here. So if you run into it, please don't post it here.
  13. Purgstall


    Here's quite possibly the highest quality version of the trailer so far: http://vimeo.com/81526074
  14. Purgstall


    Sorry to double post, but the official trailer for the Godzilla reboot comes out tomorrow. There's also a viral campaign going on right now. Here's one of the vids: http://mutoresearch.net/
  15. Purgstall

    MMPR Fan Film Episode 1 Trailer

    Not impressed, especially in the acting department. Why do we have to make everything grim dark now? :/