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  1. Larz Zahn

    Which Hyper Zoanoid Would You Be Based On...?

    thancrus is not some squishy character. dude got blindsided by a high freq blade from underground, there is no way to defend against that. and there hasn't been any zoanoids or hyperzoanoids that has been shown to resist a hfb anyhow. thancrus has been shown in the extras to be faster than the human eye can keep up with, assassinating a guy on stage, in the middle of a crowd, and on tv i think(that part is a little hazy). i always been a little annoyed at how underappreciated and especially how underused that guy is. i was hoping that thrancus would get a retelling like lisker did in the 2005 series, but alas, he got sliced and diced like always.
  2. Larz Zahn

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    lets not forget that the guyver manga took liberties in the xday event. their feats of strength in those panels contradicted everything we know about zoanoids. its a good chance that those particular zoanoids lifting those tanks were a careless oversight that was done for the intimidating and impressive factor. guvyer versus aliens. guyver in my opinion, would own them, but he would have to maintain range, if he gets overrun, he'll still kill some xeno, but the splatter will hurt. HURT. this blood of theirs eats thru metal, body armor, and ship bulkheads. quickly. i have no problem thinking it can eat thru the guyver armor. and then there is the speed factor. guyver is fast, and faster than an alien, but mostly xeno's hunt in swarms. even if the splatter doesnt spray on him, his hfb will only have a couple of shots, and i'm being conservative in the acids potency. and to the thought that blood dont get around in fight, let me remind you of the parts in guyver where he is covered in blood after fighting a zoanoid. like the first time he killed a gergore, his hands were soaked.
  3. Larz Zahn

    Richard Guyot

    honestly, i dont think imakarum is that far behind guyot in ruthlessness and personality anymore. he didnt hesitate to kill sho, or even slaughter civilians just to prove a point to agito. think of him like an evil twin of the murakami we all knew and loved, all his memories, but none of his allegiance. him and guyot seem to share a lot of base traits in personality, only now, imakarum is devoted to alky.
  4. Larz Zahn

    You have to kill the Guyver....

    I was reading thru some older topics, the science thread, and I have an idea. Find some way to destroy the organs on shos back that calls the guyver. It'll be stuck in the boost dimension! You can either drug sho before hand or tranquilizer him whenever, and then cut them out. Or just hit that spot with something explosive.
  5. Larz Zahn

    Guyver vs IT

    I don't think it'll be a one sided fight like that, but I'm leaning on the side of a Guyver host winning. Maybe not killing an entity, but definitely defeating its avatar extention. Sho alone has the strength of will now and the self confidence to resist any illusion or spiritual attack, (the soul thing). Bill did it, so I'm confident that sho could. I'm not sure about just any guyver host, the soul attack would have to depend on the individual character. And since we are merging universes, the turtle should back sho, like he did bill. I believe that's what you said, godzilla? The turtle backed bill? As sho is a hero character, like bill, he should be given the same backing. Let's focus a bit on the Guyver portion a bit. We had a ton of IT info now lol! So, would the Guyvers protection of mental control help a host in this sense? And when? All times or when the unit is equipped? I mentioned before it's my opinion it blocks the control part but not the telepathy itself?
  6. Larz Zahn

    Guyver vs IT

    What's chud?
  7. Larz Zahn

    Guyver vs IT

    IT being an being a cosmic God is news to me. My cousin and sone friends at work have read the novel, and they never mentioned it being an entity, my cousin just says it's a alien who uses fear and psychic abilities. Sully, have you read the novel any? I'm on the fence about a Guyver immunity to telepathy. We know that the Guyver unit 0 freed it's slave host from the mental commands of the creators... but did it block the telepathy itself? Keep in mind that the creators are telepathic, the relic was using telepathy comms, and the creators use guyvers aa well.
  8. Larz Zahn

    Guyver vs IT

    Alright so like the title says, how would this play out against each other? I never read the books so i'll rely heavily on those who had. Would a creature like IT stand a chance? Or would the guyvers host become dinner?
  9. Larz Zahn

    You have to kill the Guyver....

    Ok you got me on the ship. And if the longevity is a species trait that's fine, I just dont see a Guyver unit effecting the host body unless it's equipped. And instantly making someone young or putting them in age stasis doesnt really fit in the style of guyver. But I don't like making conjecture, I rather make assumptions based off what has already been seen in the manga. To answer the the topics question. A enzyme type with full Control of my body, with flight and razells (is that him?) Stealth ability. Get in close and fast although while hecan sense the disturbance, he'll be confused for a small moment. Use thst hesitation and go in for the kill, rip the medal out. Then dunk the medal in a vat of enzyme. Unfortunately I don't think chronus is really aware of the Guyver clone threat? Enzyme 1 killed it before it could finish forming, so the resulting biobooster monster would probably kill me flat! Lol!
  10. Larz Zahn

    You have to kill the Guyver....

    Balcus told shin that the material that composed the medal wasn't like anything they could find on earth, and couldn't replicate it. I think he was talking about apollyons armor being made of the same metal the control medal was. I can totally see people dying from old age. It's a universal constant. Just like dying. It's natural. It happens. Who's to say that the guyvers regenative capabilities are even standard? That could be another unique ability to a human Guyver like all its weapons. (I doubt it considering the basic nature of the biobooster organism.) But the advent weren't immortal, dont even know of they are long lived, Just a scientist race or races that formed a coalition that explored genetic mutations as weapons.
  11. Larz Zahn

    Side Effects( Arkanfel's Zoacrystal)

    I wonder if it's like a a computer (alky) receiving a shutdown order for hidden programing in that attack. His body shuts down, but his strength of will is what keeps him Awake and he exerts himself so much he passes out. Not so much a energy deal, but a psychological effect that has a physical trigger. With a unit, perhaps he can break that passive psychic command or hidden code?
  12. Larz Zahn

    You have to kill the Guyver....

    Oh sully, I didn't realize you had posted. Sorry! (Didn't notice a new page started!) I can't contest there werent more than one unit room, far as I know they never said specifically if there was or not. But in the book where sho and agito explored the relic, they never came across more units, nor did sho become aware of more he connected with the ship. You'd think he'd notice. He had the time. Or when chronus explored the dead ship in arizona, they must of discovered the location of the unit room and used that info for the relic at relics point. They sent Zoanoids straight in a beeline for the unit room. Keep in mind that they were dying pretty fast and couldn't of had time to wander blindly. As for dark hero... they made the unit a straight killer that Sean struggled with. And his megasmasher never scratched that ship neither. The movie was enjoyable but there are too many inconsistencies that Americans thru in there just to make it look cool or for. Shock factor. Heh, after the first American movie, I bet takaya was just overjoyed it was as close as it was!
  13. Larz Zahn

    You have to kill the Guyver....

    I don't think I agree with the Guyver prolonging life. No evidence of that either. We see sho grow older, tho that could just be the art style changing, but he still looks a little older than mizuki a year or so later. But I don't think having a unit slows your aging. The only way I would accept that, (a) is if the Guyver heals the aged cells once the armor or is active, but aging is natural, and not an injury, so would the unit see it as something to heal? Or (b) the control medal is yanked out and the body is regrown to the template when the host first bonded to the unit. I read a lot of fanfic where sho Guyver is immortal or forever young. I don't buy it. And I 100 percent agree with the unit being able to be grown, but two issues need to be addressed. The first is the metal for the medal. (Lol). Not able to grow that, so you would need supplies aboard ship, so the number of units is limited. And the second is harder. The bioboster organism is dangerous and aggressive, only controlled by the medal. So having raw bioboster on board would have to be contained or risk contaminating the ship. Then the crew. Growing more biobooster is relatively simple, it's a replicating organism, but keeping samples in check would be tricky. Whew! The was a long post! Gomen!
  14. Larz Zahn

    You have to kill the Guyver....

    Mostly because it wasn't military equipment, it was their version of a hazmat suit. Not much chance of dying before you get to a dangerous environment. Only 3 Units a ship, so I doubt the all the Uranus on the ship were equipped.
  15. Larz Zahn

    You have to kill the Guyver....

    Haha! Or die trying. Shos gotten crafty in his fights. So can a unit use a remover? It takes a large amount of bioenergy, a zoalord has enough, but they are friggen batteries. As for the relic saving the guyvers, if that were true then it would've saved their bodies, or even the body leftovers that the relic could of saved. Instead, they got turned to ash and then the relic bonded to shos medal.