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  1. Larz Zahn

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    right... the first fight between mirabilis and sho... my bad Tora, hope i didnt offend, none was intended. woe, such shame... now i'll have to go back and redeem myself by reading all the chapters over again, (sigh). see what you did? i can only guess right now until i can go back and look it up, but how much time passed from guyver 0 killing off ships and getting his guyver unit stripped away from him, to the uranus dropping a moonish meteor on their creations lap? i dont want to say it was right after, there must of been some downtime. perhaps a few hours? if so, then i can see the uranus reacquiring their unit, however... if they panicked and uprooted right away? then there could be a chance they decided it was worth the loss. i mean... they caused a global sized disaster with the intent of killing off everybody on earth... uranus bigwigs may of thought the threat of someone getting a unit wouldnt matter when you're just going to smash the planet with a giant rock to end all life.
  2. Larz Zahn

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    looking back... that was all speculation made by fans. i honestly cant remember any moment alky ever said he wanted a guyver unit. it was always the chronus who chased after it, mainly cause it was in their possession to begin with. then we learn that guyot was actively seeking them out. then we hear from murikami the history of the unit, and guyots plans for the guyver unit. then alky shows up and spanks guyot bad. then blasts the two guyvers to oblivion... now that i think about that, he doesnt even talk to them or about them. he just... kills them. with overwhelming force. i gotta go with bbdude. im having serious doubts on alkys intentions with the guyvers now.
  3. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    murakami used a barrier at a protozoalord level to prevent the group from being buried by guyot when he attacked them in the forest. other than that, there isnt alot of examples against physical things.
  4. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    there were also the remains of other advent ships and sites. (i assume sites, i wonder if the advents did all their work in their ships) so its likely they found other... 1st gen pods and tanks. and they did also turn a entire lake into a processing tank as well.
  5. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    lol!! my math sucks! thanks for the info on gelpess. kinda sucks that it was a lost number, you'd think a zoanoid with that ability would be invaluable to a shadow organization like cronus. I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that processing of any kind wasn't available back then... hard for my brain to accept a zoalord with a zoacrystal in their head without a little bit of bio engineering... not to mention that they had to of cloned alky zoacrystals to give to each high commander... unless... he just pulled 12 crystals out... but i think it was that the crystals were cloned.... someone is going to have to verify to make sure i'm not lying thru my teeth. i dont have access to the manga anymore, im working purely by memory... (my hard drive with all the manga is stored and locked away for about a year now. Moving sucks.)
  6. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    one thing that will bother me is, if zoanoids did exist back then, even as far back as the american revolution, or the crusades... how come they haven't took over the world by that point... they would of vastly outclassed anything they came across. so if balcus was 400+ years old during the 80's... well say 1985 just to make it even... 1985-400=1485... then chronus started in the 15th century... (i think i have that correct.) lets be conservative and say it took balcus 100 years to figure out basic zoaforming technology. any longer and i'll start having doubts about balcus ineptitude. it would be 1585.... then another hundred years to supplant and replace existing influential people with their own or clones... ( was mizuki/zoanoid a clone, or a person undergone a procedure to keep her face? i literally have no recollection on that particular zoanoid... wasn't its name like bongo or something?) so now its 1685.... with basic zoanoids and secret organization people... vs muskets and cannons. any problems with my math? because i'll be the first to tell you, i have no idea whats needed for a world wide coup, nor would i realize how long it would take to organize such a thing.
  7. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    ok so i used lost number loosely. i realize that a lost number is accidental result that cant be replicated. at least, thats my take on it anyhow. not sure i understand the rest of the reproduction debates on the site. haha. just wanted to clarify that remark before it set off an alarm.
  8. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    heres a good example to set a template by if anyone is interested. A guyver's head beam can kill most normal zoanoids. and it couldnt pierce a concrete wall. as seen in the second manga... wait... i had it wrong, that was vamor's biolasers that melted the walls behind sho and tetsure in the second issue... i think second issue, definetly the first volumn.... heck, the first fight he had with vamor!! so ignore all i just said, my entire basis for a template just went out the window. as for balcus being a processed and non processed individual. alky was the general of the advents army... and someone had to coach dear old "venerable" Balcus on how to hot wire advent tech... so im willing to submit to the high council that alky has science skills. and tutored balcus to some extent. then balcus had to literally backwards engineer any advent tech he could find while maintaining the kronus organization, all while alky slept. one thing i do find interesting... as tora tan pointed out, heckering did help balcus with the zoalord processing... so i wonder. can existing zoaforms be upgraded like powered zerebubuth? like have all previous zoalords already been created and processed, but every few years they go in for a tune up and upgrade procedures. nothing to collaborate this theory, but we have seen some zoanoids get upgraded. powered z wasnt a lost number but he probably had a pretty simple upgrade. neo extole was upgraded to a lost number, but he also was pumped so full of everything that his body just couldnt handle it. so are zoalords also a lost number, but their zoacrystals keep them in good health? back to the topic, sorry i tend to ramble, what all normal weaponry have we seen be used against a zoanoid? i think all i remember pre xday, is a simple pistol and a grenade.
  9. Larz Zahn

    Made a Guyver Song...I need serious professional help.

    hey... spidey bells rocked
  10. Larz Zahn

    New Chapter status?

    focus group, demographic, target audience, what have you.
  11. Larz Zahn

    New Chapter status?

    is shonen ace going toward a more female focus group lately? i never paid attention to it before, but im seeing a trend now.
  12. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    also, in the first manga, a grenade damaged a gregore. a single grenade maynot be able to kill one, but ww2 had other larger explosives that would be more effective. not to mention the rocket launchers and the bazooka's that were already mentioned. and that makes me wonder, how effective would a ww2 flamethrower be against a zoanoid? a vamor has a beam of thermal energy as a weapon, and a flamethrower is also thermal energy, just not as hot or as elegant. i do believe it would give a ramotith nightmares cause of all that hair, lol.
  13. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    can you see if you can find that? cause i dont remember that part, and if its there, i must of missed some majorly important parts, and i no like being ill informed.
  14. Larz Zahn

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    so what about the zoalords? balcus was 400+ years old right? so the zoacrystal gives long life the zoalord, but i have to say its from processing. the tech wasnt human, it was of alien origin... so its ok to assume some zoaforming was undertook for a few centuries. perhaps not zoanoid level, but cloning and healing maybe?
  15. Larz Zahn

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    on a side note regarding a guyver's strength level versus what we seen, datafile has a guyver at 100x a gregole at 15x zerebubuth was 45x and a derzerb was 60x. ok we seen sho struggle with a gregole only once in the first issue. then dismembered the poor green giant. zerebubuth was another matter. he pretty much ignored any physical blow in the 12 ova episodes. it took a double rear mule kick to the back of zerebubuths head to penetrate his armor. now that said, it could just be the armor, but my question is, did zerebubuth catch a punch from guyver? and now there is derzerb. in the fight, he totally overpowered guyver. in the ova, when the unit was in control, the unit overpowered derzerb, again, it seemed to falter until the control medal shined and then he got stronger. then threw derzerb out a window. so in a normal situation fight, a 60x derzerb was stronger than a 100x guyver. is my math correct?