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  1. so i enjoy the non uc gundam series more, except for g. g was my first gundam series after watching wing, (and i never cared for dbz) and it was nothing like i expected. so i was biased against it because it reminded me of dbz. Wing is by far my favorite, followed by 00. I also really liked Seed and how it was like a remastered version of mobile suit gundam. 08th mobile suit team was just amazing to watch, i liked it more than i did the orginial series. victory was hard for me to watch and recoqniso or whatever.... no. just no. i got 4 episodes and just had to stop. i was a bit surprised at iron blood orphans. the ending was a bit too gundam for me tho. lol.. and age was.... age was just like a kids version of gundam for me. but what i truly loved was the 1st 2 build gundam series. build gundam divers, while a great idea at first, lost its pazaa for me after a few episodes.
  2. i liked the story of the movie, i didnt even have too much of a problem with how brie larson was acting. the only thing i have to say about that is, acting ****y is fine for me, but she seemed to have too many one liners in the middle of a fight for my taste. the Ms Marvel i remember was definitely ****y, and she had some zingers too. but in the middle of a fight, all i remember is her screaming and charging in. physically now... feel free to roast me on this, i dont mind. i always saw ms marvel as a blond WonderWoman. Tall, broad shoulders, statuesque. Brie Larson didnt have those qualities, so it was difficult to accept for me. Similar to when they cast Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and not some short ugly dude. power level wise.... yeah... it kinda feels like they made her binary powers the norm for her. at least in this movie she learns how to use them, and even went super saiyan at the end. (the binary comment i guess was meant for endgame).
  3. random tech question if they took the blood sample for the t100's from the human.... lets go with doner. then could it be safe to assume that the skeletal structure is also based off the doner? i just find it unsatisfying (for whatever reason, i honestly dont know why i feel this way) if they used an existing skull's bone structure to make a mass produced army. it'll be like having robot clones made of you... that is what is dissatisfying for me. i think i would like it better if the skull structure was a unique design, not based off any one person... ya know?
  4. thats what i like about you durendal. always so chill... i seriously cant recall you ever getting upset. so here's a big question... i was on hiatus for a while getting my own crap together, i noticed the change in the website and always meant to ask about it, but never found the time or proper setting for it. plus i didnt know if it was a sensitive subject better left alone. but if no one minds me asking, what happened? i noticed a lot of changes and some content gone, like the vdf and the wiki. not that i blame anyone, i got mad respect for the advocacy for all they work they did. i understand that change is a constant of the universe and its impossible to avoid. i couldnt do half or even a 10th of the contributions of what they provided, nor have the patience to put up with running (what i assume to be a complex) website managing several things at once like jess did. (sorry but you are and forever will be Ryuki to me) a lot had changed while i was away a few years back.
  5. you know... with all the godzilla haters that exist in the movie world... a version of jet jaguar, while far fetched, would actually make a lot of sense in a revenge plot kind of way.
  6. im actually really pleased with this movie, i turned to my cousin when the movie was over and said, "i feel like we just watched a japanese godzilla movie" two radioactive thumbs, way way up.
  7. oh god, dont say that. im already getting flash backs of preston garvey's "another settlement needs your help" but instead it'll be tetsuro always saying, "Mizuki been kidnapped again!" *Shudders*
  8. instead of street crime, he could be in village like... oh crap i cant remember the name of that village around relics point.... but it could be a mix of prototype where you(and tetsuro and the rest) have to hide from the authorities, and any arkham series game where the denizens are your enemy. it would be a small limited sandbox most definitely... but i think if they do it like they did the first arkham asylum, where its still open, yet confined to the island would be kinda cool. plus, you get a better story with having a smaller world to interact in. they can even do it in missions like how they did mass effect, how they could explain the lull inbetween each missions im unsure. unless they do a transformers war of\fall of cybertron game play. that could work. but definitely graphics like spiderman ps4.
  9. lightsaber yes, jedi.... really depends on the jedi. sith most definitely. the only thing a guyver has in his favor is the regen factor. i believe, that a guyver would be immune to the mind trick powers of force wielders, based on the fact that the guyver 0 was freed from the uranus telepathic control when bonded to his unit. the reflexes of both sith and jedi are heightened depending on your training, and control of the force, while a guyver reflexes are heightened automatically to some extent at at base level. as an example, take sho shooting a bullet out of mid air that was fired, from what... like 6 feet? before it hit Tetsuro's head. sure its not the manga, but it follows the manga closely, and if memory serves, Tayuka (god i hope im spelling his name right) had a lot of say on the series. so depending on the jedi, they may be able to avoid the guyvers abilities. that said, a crafty guyver *cough* G3 *cough* would be able to maneuver an opponent to where he could use a pressure cannon or even sonic buster, at a point in the fight where it would catch a Force wielder off guard. and lets be honest... if droids and clones can kill jedi... a guyver should too.
  10. but for guyver, its control medal protects it from aptoms ability.. could the same be said for technovore? i read that arc this year but i dont recall if the virus ate the scientists, or if it just killed them outright. then there is the control medal itself? could it be stripped by technovore at all? it did survive the combined blast of 3 megasmashers at once(double barrel from g1, and 1 barrel by g3) when alky redirected the attack on the attackers. the crystal? i dunno. i see that as being less structually sturdy as the metal the CM is made of.
  11. i would rather the "into the spiderverse" continue with the multiverse. its already started on it, and handled it pretty well.
  12. im going to guess that mysterio is setting this all up so he can play hero. and if hydro man and sandman (i am assuming that they will be his secret lackeys or paid thugs) merge into Mud MAN!!!!!! i'll be less than happy. so far only civil war spidey has been a real fun watch for me. but now with how endgame goes, maybe we'll get a good independent spiderman\peterparker.
  13. id be interested in seeing how many tickets were sold versus how much money it made... tickets back then were about $7.48 where i live. now its $10.90 and im with you on this Salkafar, Korg is a joke and Meek was not what he was like. i really like that endgame was a serious movie with light hearted moments, unlike a lot of previous Marvel movies, Ragnorak being one. it really felt as tho Korg was a moron. and that really bothered me. same with spidey. i loved him in Civil War, but in homecoming, he was pathetic... he was a bit better in Infintiy War, and i didnt expect much from endgame, but from what i saw, still a bit disappointed.
  14. right... the first fight between mirabilis and sho... my bad Tora, hope i didnt offend, none was intended. woe, such shame... now i'll have to go back and redeem myself by reading all the chapters over again, (sigh). see what you did? i can only guess right now until i can go back and look it up, but how much time passed from guyver 0 killing off ships and getting his guyver unit stripped away from him, to the uranus dropping a moonish meteor on their creations lap? i dont want to say it was right after, there must of been some downtime. perhaps a few hours? if so, then i can see the uranus reacquiring their unit, however... if they panicked and uprooted right away? then there could be a chance they decided it was worth the loss. i mean... they caused a global sized disaster with the intent of killing off everybody on earth... uranus bigwigs may of thought the threat of someone getting a unit wouldnt matter when you're just going to smash the planet with a giant rock to end all life.
  15. looking back... that was all speculation made by fans. i honestly cant remember any moment alky ever said he wanted a guyver unit. it was always the chronus who chased after it, mainly cause it was in their possession to begin with. then we learn that guyot was actively seeking them out. then we hear from murikami the history of the unit, and guyots plans for the guyver unit. then alky shows up and spanks guyot bad. then blasts the two guyvers to oblivion... now that i think about that, he doesnt even talk to them or about them. he just... kills them. with overwhelming force. i gotta go with bbdude. im having serious doubts on alkys intentions with the guyvers now.
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