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  1. this movie... (deep breath) its... better than the 1st two of the trilogy, but there is still many things with it that makes it hard to watch. my biggest problem was what they did to Luke in the Last Jedi. That can't been forgiven, lol.
  2. that said, i'll still see episode 9 just to finish the series, but i have absolutly Zero expectations. that was all robbed from me in ep 8. so yeah, its kinda a bleak time for my wars of stars at the moment. strike that. the Mandalorian is freaking amazing!
  3. for most movies im a lot like sully, but you mess with my spider-man or my starwars (especially luke) then there will be hell to pay... and im usually stuck with the bill.
  4. interestingly enough, there was a michelle jones in the comics, and they did have a small fling (thanks to chameleon) but as peter put it several times, "Michelle is a terror and a drill Sargent rolled into one" she literally chained and pad locked the fridge in their apartment.
  5. yeah i was kinda worried about mysterio being a hero at first, but i gotta say i loved how he had his big plan. and the elemental were a great touch. lets not forget, he once tried to convince spidey he was an alien, and then a ghost. and who knows what all else. so i loved mysterio, but more than that, i absolutely loved how competent he actually was!! what i didnt like was how far peter was still up tonys butt... and people wanting him to be the next iron man.... and michelle... i just wont call her MJ.
  6. well, thoughts on those that seen this movie? as well as thoughts on the whole sony and disney negotiations?
  7. i never been a big fan of mortal kombat, but so help me, i was so eager to buy it back when the rumors that shaggy was going to be in the game.
  8. and hopefully issues long that 8 pages... sorry, kinda negative.
  9. now thats interesting, i always assumed that the bonding process of the guyver was painful. of course im going off of the 12 ep ova series. he was literally screaming about how it was going inside him.
  10. and yet... shes the xman who dies the most.
  11. after shin godzilla, im very cautious... however said... my curiosity needs to know what was going to happen next... that tail freaks me out, even today.
  12. so i enjoy the non uc gundam series more, except for g. g was my first gundam series after watching wing, (and i never cared for dbz) and it was nothing like i expected. so i was biased against it because it reminded me of dbz. Wing is by far my favorite, followed by 00. I also really liked Seed and how it was like a remastered version of mobile suit gundam. 08th mobile suit team was just amazing to watch, i liked it more than i did the orginial series. victory was hard for me to watch and recoqniso or whatever.... no. just no. i got 4 episodes and just had to stop. i was a bit surprised at iron blood orphans. the ending was a bit too gundam for me tho. lol.. and age was.... age was just like a kids version of gundam for me. but what i truly loved was the 1st 2 build gundam series. build gundam divers, while a great idea at first, lost its pazaa for me after a few episodes.
  13. i liked the story of the movie, i didnt even have too much of a problem with how brie larson was acting. the only thing i have to say about that is, acting ****y is fine for me, but she seemed to have too many one liners in the middle of a fight for my taste. the Ms Marvel i remember was definitely ****y, and she had some zingers too. but in the middle of a fight, all i remember is her screaming and charging in. physically now... feel free to roast me on this, i dont mind. i always saw ms marvel as a blond WonderWoman. Tall, broad shoulders, statuesque. Brie Larson didnt have those qualities, so it was difficult to accept for me. Similar to when they cast Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and not some short ugly dude. power level wise.... yeah... it kinda feels like they made her binary powers the norm for her. at least in this movie she learns how to use them, and even went super saiyan at the end. (the binary comment i guess was meant for endgame).
  14. random tech question if they took the blood sample for the t100's from the human.... lets go with doner. then could it be safe to assume that the skeletal structure is also based off the doner? i just find it unsatisfying (for whatever reason, i honestly dont know why i feel this way) if they used an existing skull's bone structure to make a mass produced army. it'll be like having robot clones made of you... that is what is dissatisfying for me. i think i would like it better if the skull structure was a unique design, not based off any one person... ya know?
  15. thats what i like about you durendal. always so chill... i seriously cant recall you ever getting upset. so here's a big question... i was on hiatus for a while getting my own crap together, i noticed the change in the website and always meant to ask about it, but never found the time or proper setting for it. plus i didnt know if it was a sensitive subject better left alone. but if no one minds me asking, what happened? i noticed a lot of changes and some content gone, like the vdf and the wiki. not that i blame anyone, i got mad respect for the advocacy for all they work they did. i understand that change is a constant of the universe and its impossible to avoid. i couldnt do half or even a 10th of the contributions of what they provided, nor have the patience to put up with running (what i assume to be a complex) website managing several things at once like jess did. (sorry but you are and forever will be Ryuki to me) a lot had changed while i was away a few years back.
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