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  1. Larz Zahn

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    on a side note regarding a guyver's strength level versus what we seen, datafile has a guyver at 100x a gregole at 15x zerebubuth was 45x and a derzerb was 60x. ok we seen sho struggle with a gregole only once in the first issue. then dismembered the poor green giant. zerebubuth was another matter. he pretty much ignored any physical blow in the 12 ova episodes. it took a double rear mule kick to the back of zerebubuths head to penetrate his armor. now that said, it could just be the armor, but my question is, did zerebubuth catch a punch from guyver? and now there is derzerb. in the fight, he totally overpowered guyver. in the ova, when the unit was in control, the unit overpowered derzerb, again, it seemed to falter until the control medal shined and then he got stronger. then threw derzerb out a window. so in a normal situation fight, a 60x derzerb was stronger than a 100x guyver. is my math correct?
  2. Larz Zahn

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    plus malmot isnt at 7 tons. he is 7 times stronger than a normal person. gregole is 15 times stronger than a normal person. i think the data file for guyver in the vhs ova was what? 100 times a person? i honestly cant remember. guyver may of been physically weaker than gregore at first, at least he appeared to struggle for like... 10 seconds. but he has the gravity amps in the forearms and legs, that serve to anchor him and provide extra mass when making physical attacks (as i understand it). and by being anchored, he can actually exert more force than normal.
  3. Larz Zahn

    Venom 2018

    i wasnt happy with it... but i am a die hard spidey fan so feel free to ignore my rantings. so im trying to get the spoiler tags to work anddddddd, im a little rusty. Tips on what i did wrong? so... SPOILERS BELOW <spoiler> ok so here goes. first of all, every time someone gets a symbiote, they are covered head to toe instantly, except in this movie. i can forgive this due to dramatic emphasis, wanting that slow-big reveal. but it felt painful waiting for venom to show itself. the symbiotes need to feed constantly. normally they feed off the host, hence the term, symbiote/parasite. in this movie they physically need to eat. i guess this is to explain the constant venom eating people in the comics ploy, but it was kinda sad here. and the part where Eddy dove into his trash can for leftover fish... no lie. made me gag. i did enjoy the back and forth between Venom and Eddy, even tho at times it was a little forced. and the symbiotes script sounded like it belonged in a micheal bay transformer movie. but how Eddy was portrayed... i honestly wondered if he was supposed to be drunk the entire movie... even after he had a handle on things, drunk. he just didnt act like Eddy from the comics, moody, grumpy, angry and classic tough loner guy... (i know, i know, its a movie not the comics, but gosh darnit. the comics made this movie possible so i will hold it to that standard) and then theres Cleatus Kassidy... when i heard that Woody Harrison was going to play him, i was optimistic... but then i saw him in the credit scene and NOPE! i literally had to fight myself from laughing to loud... that wig was so awful....i like Woody as an actor, but he just couldnt pull of a convincing Kassidy.</spoiler>
  4. Larz Zahn

    Dark Phoenix trailer

    yeah they did, it was x3, and also apocloypse. pretty much any televised or animated version now has that same story. but the actual movie is set for july 7, 2019. if thats what your asking. i think im confused... i was always under the impression that jean had low grade telekinesis and moderate telepathy while she was young. but as she matured, her power level grew pretty high. not xavier level but close, in both tk and telepath abilites. it wasnt until the cosmic entity pheonix entered her body and took her over did she become so greatly powerful. mind you im working off of 20 year old memories of comics and a cartoon from the 90s, but wasnt that the case?
  5. Larz Zahn

    Dark Phoenix trailer

    i never liked the idea of jean having the phoenix level power inside her all along. To me, it was always a much more thrilling plot to have the phoenix as a cosmic level entity that inhabits her... and Prof X himself is a grey area. in the comics, (after i quit reading xmen of course, they always do that!!) he and scott had a major falling out and xavier left the school. so i assumed he did something bad, or died, for scott to take over. and in the early early early comics, he actually had a thing for jean, which just grossed me out anyhow. i think everybody on the original team had a thing for her except beast!
  6. Larz Zahn

    Venom 2018

    i'm bummed that they didnt go the spidey route, its hard to imagine venom with out spiderman. kinda the reason he went all killy and hateful. but that said, a part of me is eager to see how they intend to... bridge that gap in his origin story. so i am optimistically.... disappointed.
  7. Larz Zahn

    What do you think causes difference in Guyver units?

    honestly, i always assumed the guyverIIf was just a way to reuse the guyverIIf design from the "out of control" movie. as for sciencey excuses for the color canon, it could be a side effect of it being an artifical unit, having been pieced together and cloned from samples. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.Jan 5, 2011 Meaning of The Color Purple | - Bourn Creative https://www.bourncreative.com/meaning-of-the-color-purple/ So from those listed, i can certainly see the Mystery, and independence pertain to Val. Same for power and ambition. but i never been too big on color meanings, sometimes a color is a color. but that could just be me.
  8. Larz Zahn

    Favorite Spaceships (Spoilers Possible)

    i love space ships. favorite has to be the xwing. all time fav. but there are so many more i love.
  9. Larz Zahn

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    i hope not... tho shin was freaking out about how neo extoles blaster temptest could wipe out the planet. i get the science behind it, i do, but im getting tired of cataclysmic powers everytime someone powers up. its like dbz in guyver. each show should stick to their strengths and gimmicks. dbz is the giant planet killing powerhouses. guyver is mutating monsters hunting down one guy. and cool armor.
  10. Larz Zahn

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    i would be interested in seeing the complete damage a gigantic could do when not holding back. i mean their complete upper limits.
  11. Larz Zahn

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    yeah, what the angry fan mob is doing to the actress who played Rose is simply criminal and makes fans in general look bad. azaar pretty much summed it up pretty well, tho i am a big fan of the leia mary poppins moment. my other main problem is some of the liberties they took just cause they thought it would look cool, or just couldnt bother to find a decent way around a problem. using the mon cal Raddus as a battering ram to distract and cover for the fleeing crew: awesome. making it a hyperspeed missile: awful. why not just put hyperdrives on all missles? sure itll be expensive, but ya know what? one missle will kill a ship, so who care? having fin know every top secret weapon or tech location, and he was just a janitor\stormtrooper. and that doesnt even make sense to me.... would a stormtrooper... would a soldier in todays world be a janitor? as punishment sure, but as a permanent job as well as being a elite shocktroop that may require constant conditioning to keep them in line?(Glad it wasnt clones, tho, i liked that part) again with the hyperspeed.... we need to board that ship, lets go under its sheilds by exiting hyperspace with pinpoint precision. not cool. i hated that in awakens, i hated it now. they are bending the rules of physics for a deus ex machina. you cant go to hyperspace in a gravity well, planets are a giant gravity well. and guess what? its a science fact that is so easily ignored, as early as season 1 of clone wars, to rebels, to the sequel movies. but its also a fact they choose to accept when introducing the interdictor cruisers as canon. in Rebels, the cruiser first showed up, and it pulls ships from hyperspace by creating a gravity well. absolutely no consistency. i really wanted to meet that slicer with the red flower. when maz first was talking about him, i could of bet my paycheck she was talking about lando (sure lando isnt a slicer, but the rest of the description fit, and hey he's retired, so maybe he got a new hobby) but that was never to be, cause we got that 2 timing greasy looking dude who stuttered. ugh i know im nitpicking, but if you want a character to have a querk or disability like stuttering, at least make sure it can be believable. i cringed whenever that guy tried it. it should of just been dropped from the script if the actor can do it convincingly, no harm done. i got more but im holding back, lol.
  12. Larz Zahn

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    he was smart, but i wouldnt call him thrawn trilogy smart. i do know that timothy zahn liked how they portrayed him in Rebels. so found this out, and i got real excited about it, then i realized its probably fake, but.... i read an article online(its online so it must be true) saying that a group of fans had started a crowdfund project to remake the last jedi. they stated they needed 200 million, and when i read it, it was only up for 2 days and had already garnered over 1 million in pledges. other sources says it has 13 million now, but after digging around, im having a hard time believing this to be true. it sounds too... too good to be true, almost like a nigerian scam.
  13. Larz Zahn

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    rebels isnt a bad show, i liked it better than clone wars, but i have no love for clone wars. heh. some may remember a particular rant i had some years back about that particular subject. anyways to answer your question, yeah its worth watching. it started off pretty strong, but tapered down to almost a kids feel type show near the middle, hondo came back which was pretty good, and then some cameos of movie characters and even them making Grand Admiral Thrawn canon was exciting. the season finale was ok, but maybe a bit of a let down for me personally. my main complaint was that i was hoping rebels would be more soldier and story arc biased, rather than jedi and force biased since jedi were all but extinct, and it became a jedi story pretty quick. i was hoping for a more rebel alliance centered story, focusing on the actual growth and spreading of the rebellion rather than just a small group of 6 individuals. the rebellion period is my favorite period, it was the one i grew up with, so thats why i enjoy movies like the original trilogy and rogue one and solo. and that darth maul fight with obiwan? they dont need to redo that on the big screen, if they do, im afraid they'll change it for awesomes sake. and that was a great scene.
  14. Larz Zahn

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    if you want to compare, we know the gigasmasher is stronger than Neoextole's bellysmasher. (sorry i cant remember its name) and the bellysmasher disintegrated Neoextoles body. and how much power would be needed to overload the quasiblack hole that mirabliis started? agito as gigantic dark fired his giga into the blackhole, stopping it cold.
  15. Larz Zahn

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    which is really sad, because I truly enjoyed solo. sure, there were things added to or changed from the Legends\Canon that we grew up with, but it didn't detract from the story, and honestly, i thought they were well done. solo was a decent movie, i'd give it a solid 75%. they kept enough original material in it for me to like it as it was. a good story origin for han solo, and tho some parts were iffy, it didnt take away from the movie. and yeah, salkafar, you werent alone in that assessment. but the boycott has done a lot of damage, tho they are not going to cancel anything just yet, kenobi and boba fett are said to may be restructured or redone. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/lucasfilm-licking-wounds-but-not-halting-star-wars-development-1122655