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  1. Bobby

    Ultraman R/B

    The latest Ultra Series that just premiered! Premise The two main characters, Katsumi and Isami Minato, are brothers who live with their younger sister and father who run a specialty store. Until then, they suddenly encountered an unknown gigantic organism; a monster had appeared on the street. Using the R/B Gyro, along with the power of the R/B Crystals, they transform themselves into Ultramen! The battle of Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu starts here! Ultraman Rosso: Ultraman Blu:
  2. Bobby

    A New Kamen Rider

    There's also scrolls!
  3. Bobby

    A New Kamen Rider

    It's all about animal martial arts. It's a partial tribute to Gekiranger.
  4. Bobby

    A New Kamen Rider

    For over a year now, I've been working on my fifth original Kamen Rider. But it wasn't until this year that the ideas began coming to me. I was inspired by a Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie to do this. Add a show on AMC I'm a huge fan of and the season finale of a certain reality competition show that three of my Facebook friends were on, and the ideas have been flowing like a river! With some occasional obstruction. I could use some help in designing the THREE Riders & the monsters.
  5. Bobby

    Feminist Ghostbusters

    I saw the movie in 3D last month and I thought it rocked!
  6. Bobby

    My Three Newest Original Kamen Riders

    New Rider Kamen Rider Fu - An Animal Kung-Fu Rider
  7. Bobby

    Into The Badlands

    Sunny's trying to leave. And from what I can tell, M.K.'s from a place that wields chi based attacks.
  8. Bobby

    Into The Badlands

    Still. In this place, firearms are forbidden.
  9. Bobby

    Into The Badlands

    They've been banned! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Into_the_Badlands_(TV_series)
  10. Bobby

    Into The Badlands

    Firearms are banned in this series! That's why! They also fight with fists & feet.
  11. Bobby

    Into The Badlands

    This new show on AMC is AMAZING!
  12. I should mention that I came up with two of them back in 2012. I need some help with figuring stuff out for them. Kamen Rider Athletix - No clue what kind of foes he should fight, other than the fact that they have animal forms, or what they're agenda is. Kamen Rider Spectros - Fights ghost monsters based on fears. Kamen Rider Crypto - Uses the power of cryptids to fight evil aliens.
  13. Last month, I was going to sleep when I looked at a comic book near my desk. It was my signed copy of this: . It gave me an idea for a brand new Kamen Rider called Crypto! But I'm not sure what Cryptids he should use the power of and how. Anyone got any ideas???
  14. Bobby

    Your sibling/siblings?

    I'm the oldest of three. My sisters treat me like crap. Even in front of company. My eldest sister treats people like us like we're a disease that should be obliterated. Despite the fact that I get along with her boyfriend, dog & cat, she acts like being nice to me is a mortal sin that's punished by instaneous death & eternal torment in Hell. My kid sister has proven on multiple occasions that she wants me to dedicate my very existence to watching & taking care of the dogs 24/7 and have ZERO physical contact with the outside world. Namely insisting I do literally everything from home and claiming I should do it to "save money".
  15. Bobby

    Racism and Hypocrisy

    I've been contemplating incorporating a racism episode into one of my Power Rangers stories since kids are often scrutinized for being a certain race before they're teenagers. There was an episode of "The Parent 'Hood" where a coach at Robert Townsend's youngest son's school proved he was a racist by denying the boy a spot on the roller hockey team despite being awesome and the boy's best friend, who was white, made the team despite the fact that he sucked.