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  1. Amika

    Max Factory - 1/6 Guyver 1

    it's been a while since i last posted anything here.. here is some update i found...
  2. Amika

    Guyver 1 Figma 2014 preorders?

    http://thefwoosh.com/2015/01/figma-guyver has anyone has the same faulty figma guyver figure as mentioned in this review? i.e. one leg is shorter then the other...
  3. Amika

    new figma or old figure

    size wise bfc of course... but overall sense, figma has solved most of the problem that bfc has, like the shoulder kept on popping out and the horrible peg for both the hands and frequency sword.. my guess is they may have more guyver figures coming out in 2015 since it's guyver's 30th anniversary!!! goash... has it been that long? and still the stories goes on forever and ever... without the end in any sight at all!!!
  4. Amika

    Guyver February 2015

    she said "she heard about the rumours of gigantic guyver, if she would want to fight with guyver I means she would have to find a way to defeat the monster gigantic guyver, but no matter what, she promise she will defeat guyver I"
  5. Amika

    Guyver 1 Figma 2014 preorders?

    hello guys... sorry for disappearing for so long... lol... i also just ordered this figma guyver 1 online... here are some of the photos that i found... posted at one of the Chinese guyver forum...
  6. Amika

    Guyver September 2012 - 16 pages

    the new chapter is out.. grab it while it's hot!!!
  7. this month cover page is out.. another 16 pages this month... this month copy is out.. get it while it's hot!!! typesetted by :- Salkafar Lost Unit
  8. Amika

    Guyver June 2012 - 16 pages

    yeah another disappointing chapter... a recap basically equal to a rest month for us...
  9. this month issue another 16 pages... view directly [guyver]29_-_chapters_for_next_volume/1206[/guyver]
  10. Amika

    Guyver May 2012 - 18 pages

    i dont think apollon is imakarum, since he doesn't seem to know about aptom in this chapter... which is a big give away that he is not imakarum plus he has no interest in Guyout...
  11. Amika

    Guyver May 2012 - 18 pages

    get it while it's hot!!! http://www.mediafire.com/?bv8env2ejt8e8uk
  12. Amika

    Guyver May 2012 - 18 pages

    May issue is out and this month a total of 18 pages.. woohoo... view directly [guyver]29_-_chapters_for_next_volume/1205[/guyver]
  13. Amika

    Guyver April 2012

    the chinese version from guyver.com.cn is also out already.. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6bqv4zlmx1euxtz
  14. Amika

    Guyver March 2012

    sorry guys.. yeah i know i was late this month in checking on the new chapter at guyver.com.cn, but as like what ryuki said, anyone who find the news first can post it here it's not necessary have to be me who should be the one posting it here.
  15. Amika

    Guyver April 2012

    as mention in the topic title this month we get 4 less pages... view directly [guyver]29_-_chapters_for_next_volume/1204[/guyver]