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  1. Finally the story is back to Guts kicking ass. "You gonna eat that?"
  2. http://shibuya246.com/2009/08/26/odaiba-gundam-wedding/ A couple got married in front of the statue. They apparently won a contest. They stole a dream that I never knew I had.
  3. you'd have better luck on ebay because they have just about every guyver figure but they're really expensive but so worth it. Hobby Link Japan at most has ths set with mad dog and enzyme and the one with valmore, i think.
  4. This movie wasn't as good as the first one. I'll agree that the story felt empty. The fight scenes were amazing but the movie felt like it was too long. The whole drama part in the beginning could have been taken out and the movie would have been better, I think so at least.
  5. Here's mine for right now. and btw shion, you're wallpaper is so badass.
  6. I saw that and it's the fanboy's wet dream. Well mine anyway. I heard its only on display until August, sadly.
  7. Love it how we have to wait until September now.
  8. I liked the Dark Tournament game that I have. Its ok. I played it for pure nostalgia. Kuwabara is one of my favorites. He's so epic and manly. "If a Mulberry is a tree then Kuwabara is a man!"
  9. I enjoyed the end. Dark Tournament I think was my favorite just because I liked Toguro, Karasu, and Bui. They were ultimate and not counting the manly moments in there and all the others like Jin. Sensui was really cool. I liked all his transformations and his personalities. Sniper was really cool too. I just wish he was playable in Jump Ultimate Stars.
  10. I totally agree with you on that. So this is for you Purgstall... I recently found a model of Knight Gundam except its not SD so it looks amazing. Currently I don't really know why but the RX-78 has been my favorite along with Crossbone, Deathscythe, Arios, Burning, Shining, Master, and Grand Master.
  11. R2's end was expected. I didn't think Lelouch's death was as sad as it was exciting and expected.
  12. lol that chapter was so funny. 2 page spreads again. What was up with the Hydra like thing eating unicorns?
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