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    Received my Guyver III! And with that, my display is complete. Freakin awesome! I love how things went full circle from 2005 to 2015! Lets wait and see if we get more! I don' want to have to wait another 10 years! Give me that Alkanfel already Goodsmile!
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    Thanks dude! I can never get over just how great guyver action figures are in general. As a design it just lends itself so well to being sculpted in 3D. I know Takaya is a massive monster action figure collector himself, so it's almost as if he designed the anatomy to work well as an articulated model. Hoping we hear some news at C3TOKYO2017 next weekend, but I won't hold my breath. Then we've got the 40th Miyazawa Model Exhibition (第40回ミヤザワ) in Nov/Dec. Failing that, next WonFes is on Feb 18th. 184 days to go!!
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    This is one of those "unknowns" of Guyver that basically is impossible to say without Takaya getting involved. There are 2 schools of thought on this and basically the both could be right. 1) The Unit doesn’t interfere with the host natural systems -> Hence aging isn’t stopped and there is the possibility of the host simply dying of old age while the Guyver armour is in the boost dimension. This is supported somewhat by the fight with Aptom in the comics / manga that the Unit wouldn’t come to help the Host automatically when there is a life threating injury. So the question would be what happens after the hosts death? Does the unit without it’s anchor to the world simply drift in the Boost Dimension or simply reset and return to the world to be there for a new host? Impossible to say as we don’t know. 2) The Unit does interfere with the host natural system -> So in this possibility the Unit does stop / slow down aging. It’s supported by the idea that the Creators / Uranus live a LONG time. So what if the key to that long life is the Unit-G? It is found that humanity might cure aging by changing one DNA key in rats so the possibility of long life without a Guyver Unit is a possibility maybe in our lifetime. So in this fiction to say a Guyver Unit might stop aging isn’t too farfetched given the powers the Unit has. We know when active the Guyver Unit turns organs off and beings in new ones while bio-boosted. The Host is changed by being a Guyver and has growths on their attached to their spine back to communicate with the Unit when it is in the boost dimension. So correcting a slight flaw in a host so it doesn’t age wouldn’t be that hard. But again, this isn’t something Takaya has confirmed in anyway.
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    The shelf in its current state. I need a bigger one as I have all of the tanks and vhs tapes, art book and novels and single mantas from monthly shonen captain...