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    I here ya on that, but forget the price, for me it's more a question of just finding them!! Been checking YAJ, Mandarake and even eBay for a while now and nothing. It's sods law, finally when I can afford something I can't find it anymore!! lol
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    Just had my Guyver 2 vinyl 1:1 head come in to go with the Guyver 1 I had. Wish I could afford the Prime1 stuff but had to put the money elsewhere.
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    Thanks a lot dude! Your stuff is incredible. I've limited myself to action figures for now, never done busts or statues, but I do like 1:6 scale stuff. Looking forward to the Guyver I & III, they will look good with the 1:6 Gigantics! As far a BFC/BFW, I have more in the attic I want to add, but only have room to add one more to this display. Out of Murakami, Guyot, Aptom, NEO Zx-Tole, Imakarum, Pluqsthal & Evil Aptom, which one should I choose?? I'm also still desperately after a BFW Zerbebuth and Barcus, but could never find them!!
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    Been a while, but decided to get my figures out the attic, dust them off and set up a display!! Finger crossed for some more reveals at WonFes next month!!
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    Page 38 [Until you hear from me, can you write it up for me] [Would it be alright to stay in the room for now] [Why don't we go buy things for you] Auntie looks so happy [She didn't come here to play you know] Uncle said. [Well, having this kind of atmosphere might still be the best] While muttering she turned to Noriko. [It may be a little pushy, the opportunity will be gone if the other party realized this. You cannot simply do this alone.... you have to refrain from acting rashly, and you must absolutely not think of yourself as a sacrifice. Do you understand.] Noriko nodded. [I promise] And so, she swore to her brother in her heart. (I will definitely catch the culprit. - and come back together with you) On the first of May after Golden Week, Noriko transferred to Narusawa High School, and so the second semester has begun. Page 39 CHAPTER 2
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    It's good to see someone who is willing to start off Gundam with the Original series instead of starting off on Wing Gundam. I'd definitely recommend watching the original series. If it is too daunting for you, you can watch the 3 compilation movies instead. It compresses the whole series into 3 separate movies. As for the alternate universe, you can watch them freely as they are not related to the Universal Century. G Gundam happens to be my favorite Gundam and it's a must watch if you like martial arts. A little bit of info as well, G Gundam was directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa who is famous for directing Giant Robot Series like Giant Robo, Getter Robo Armageddon and Tetsujin28 to name a few, so you will notice some themes that are consistent with Super Robot Series. G Gundam also happens to be the first Gunpla I built. Can't believe it has been 20 years already since. I'm still sore that the English port of G Gundam mutilated the series naming convention. Build Figthers seems to be missing from that list though.
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    Just stick with the Universal Century continuity. And definitely start with the original series.
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    I wasn't about to pay the $500-$700+ for them. Luckily another member had someone who had made recast of Balcus, Aptom and the tank which looked better than the originals. So I was able to get a set for a lot less $$$.
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    I wish there was an elfin recast of Balcus. I would love it, but no chance of me affording him and aptom since i had children. I got the bulk of my collection before they came along, i hope to finish it one day!
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    Awesome stuff my man! If Guyver was my only series I'd get more, but with other stuff it becomes impossible to get everything. So what do we think? Guyot or Imakuram? I've narrowed it down to 2!
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    Sweet collection dude!! I got the guyver1 bust and enzyme2 model. Can't have the bust until my birthday, lol! All I need now is a guyver0 for my display. And aptom version2. I pre ordered guyver3 bust too. Keep on collecting and keep us posted on wonfest!
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    Well, I've finally caught up with the anime and it seems that they are going into the Cal Mira Arc. That much is obvious seeing L'arc in the opening credits. But with the limited number of episodes left, (assuming this is a 26 episode season), I wonder how much they will cram into these last few episodes. Another thing that draws me to the anime is that it explains some of the stuff that I glossed over in the Light Novel.
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    Brian is Sully, the hero that keeps this all running for us.
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