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    I got all 6 laser discs and am using them as the backdrop for the shelf. I rearranged it and am pleased.
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    Let's change this up a bit...our next contestant hails from the alien race known as the Technarchy...WARLOCK! A techno-organic being, Warlock''s form constantly changes shape, and is capable of surviving the rigors of space. In addition, he is capable of injecting a techno-organic virus into any object, converting it into a techno-organic form like himself, which he can then absorb. Additionally, he can absorb pure energy. After being infused with nano-technology, Warlock can repair his body as it is damaged, allowing him to "upgrade," adapting to any given situation. The nanotech also enhances Warlock's shapeshifting abilities, allowing him to mimic forms and weapons. So...who thinks 'Lock can give Archanfel a hard time?