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    Enzyme's and acids are very different things. Enzymes provide a catalyst that break down certain substances that they are designed to attack either by accident of nature or by design of man. But Zerabubuth has shown his acid was capable of hurting a Guyver. The issue for a Zeamorph is that the chances of getting close to a Guyver so its blood will do any damage is pretty limited. What would be very dangerous though would be if a Xenomorph managed to gestate in a Enzyme 3. That then would be very devastating because the Guyver's easy to use quick weapons wouldn't do much against it's acquired healing abilities. Again though even that combo if hit full on by a Guyvers maga-smasher is dead. Be it single or double.
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    This. While our datafiles may seem "official" in the way they are presented/written, some specifics on things may or may not be based on the situation of the story, rather than official source numbers. Unfortunately, a lot of information from "official" sources are just as much guess work based on other information from other sources or their appearances. IE we can guess how strong Powered Zerebubuth is based on info from normal Zerebubuth. It may not be 100% accurate, but it's likely the closest safe bet. So when we introduced him to our fanfiction ( long before the book/DF translations), we likely assumed that he got an overall power up across the board. And technically, we aren't incorrect, though the newest source material does not state anything about physical power, so the design may have just got new weapons. Even the "strength of 15 men" is almost irrelevant in terms of measurement until we are given a baseline for what Chronos considers "the strength of 1 man"
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    Hard to believe. Zerbebuth was presented as the first Hyper-Zoanoid, and strength for strength definitely was inferior to the Guyver. In Zerebuth's first appearance, his physical strength is stated to be three times that of Gregole, ie 45 times that of an ordinary human; less than half that of the Guyver. Would his upgrade have more than doubled his strength? His upgraded form focused on special weapons, and the one time we saw him in action in the anime this consumed so much power he couldn't sustain their use for more than maybe a minute. Even Derzerb, a more advanced Hyper-Zoanoid specifically designed for physical strength by the greatest specialist, larger and heavier than Zerbebuth, at 60 times the strength of an ordinary person was notably weaker than the Guyver. The Warrior-guyver fanfic and a Deviantart account make for poor sources.
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    Hmm, the Guyver Advocacy's translation of this datafile from the link above doesn't state anything about the strength level. I don't know Japanese, but it seams that the Japanese scan of the datafile doesn't have this info either: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthr.png Anime datafile also doesn't have this info: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthranime.jpg EDIT: Also there's this picture which is I believe is from the novel, where the Zerbebuth R was introduced for the first time. It does have some digits: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthrnovel.jpg
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    Was giving some more though to this and oh boy. I looked at tanks from both Japan and America from 1985 and in to the 90s. Your average Gregole is lifting between 40 to 60 tons. Zerbabuth is 3 times stronger, meaning he can lift between 120 to 180 tons. To put that into perspective, the Hulk at his base strength is about 90 to 100 class. It gets even more shocking when you look at "Is Muscle" Derzerb. He's about 4.6 stronger then Gregole, his maximum strength potential is 276 tons.
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    Well at least Miura is getting his crap together. One miracle at a time I guess.
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    Ok I really like Fake Gigantic / The Branchai Brothers and I wanted to expand on their powers a bit. I don't mean make them anymore powerful then they were per say, but rather to give them more fake guyver abilities. Ok so basic overview... None of the Fake's basic stats change at all. Weapons: Fake Head Beam: A single, super high degree bio-laser fired from the gem on the forehead. Fake Pressure Cannon: Fires high explosive bombs from organic cannons on its lower wrists. New Weapons: Fake High Frequency Blades: Vibration blades made from bone and keratin making them the less durable then the those of the guyver. Blades maximum length is only half that of true Gigantic and have no flexibility. Fake Giga-Smasher: Two high output Bio-Lasers located either side of Beta's head. Destructive power on par with Aptom's when in Duel-Blast Mode form. Can be fired multiple times but high energy requirements make it ill advised to do this more then two or three times. Fake Sonic Buster: To combat high toxin build-up from "Giga-Smasher", Fake Gigantic can divert waste products special organs in Alpha and Gamma's sections. The waste product can then be expelled from the mouth of that area as an acidic slime. Fake Gigantic is able to support these weapons thanks to the combined bio-energy of the three hyper-zoanoids that comprise it. However it's still a pal imitation of the original. Edit: Due to having two weapons located in its forearms, Fake must reconfigure the internal structures of its arms each time it switch's. This prevents it from using both weapons at once. Most of this comes from a revamping of Aptom's Fake Guyver form I did a few years back but these additions actually seem more fitting on FG. Question: How physically strong is Fake Gigantic speculated to be?
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    Guyver TV series episode 2 Review (Japanese language) To me the second episode of any anime is usually the deciding factor of whether I keep watching or drop it. While I think it's interesting that the TV series is trying out new ideas and things, I think it's not trying hard enough to be interesting to a new viewer that doesn't know what Guyver is and that is ultimately what it should be doing because Guyver is a classic old anime that is most unheard-of except for the fact that it was remade, at least in the eyes of a new viewer. I shall now refer to this Sho Fukamachi as "sho I do not know", actually maybe that's too long how about just "new sho". New Sho is different from the Sho in that he is very timid and has a lot of anxiety issues, possibly caused by the loss of his mother which we are not told is recent or not. In fact he doesn't seem like the kind of person you'd want to hang out with because he's always down in the dumps. But it doesn't matter because he is our main character, or at least he is supposed to be. The problem with episode 2 is that it focuses too much on tetsuro and Mizuki. This is new for both the OVA and the manga. In order to grab new viewers I think it's important to create a strong relationship between the main character and the audience at least in the first two episodes if not the whole series. It's hard for me to get behind a main character that is not shown. get it...not sho-wn? Okay I'll stop. We also get some glimpses of "new Mizuki" who seems to be just as depressed and anxious as new sho is. Good that makes them made for each other right? Because in the original manga both Sho and Mizuki were both lively and energetic people. But what I really don't like about new mizuki, is that she appears to be psychic in that she has the same expression on her face that all the other characters that know about Cronos have. She's supposed to be completely in the dark and she still is but for some reason, she always seems to have an oh my god really bad thing is going to happen soon face. I don't know why she has that face at all. Is the anime going to explain it, like they did with new sho's mother? Because maybe that would be interesti-oh okay it's not. Guyver versus Ramotith Well let's get to the meat and potatoes. At this point of the episode we haven't really established a relationship with new sho because most of the episode has focused on tetsuro, but now it's time for New Sho to take action. First tetsuro is grilled about the location of the Guyver which they had explicitly stated hidden itself in the lake. This should have been the the focus of the episode, the question is where is the Guyver unit right? Why does new sho have strange things on his back if the guyver is in the lake? And when tetsuro finds out that the Guyver is no longer in the lake, he's focusing too much on the fact that the people that kidnapped him are Kronos, which he should have realized by the uniforms they were wearing. His surprise should have been that the Guyver is no longer in the lake, not that they are Kronos! This then gives new sho the idea to ask the Guyver for help, and oh my God he's going to say it soon.... Get ready for it...*main character screams Guyver like a girl* what the fudging fudgepacker was that?! This is our new Guyver? Are you kidding me? No seriously are you kidding me? Ever since I was a kid one of the best parts of the Guyver shows was hearing the main character yell Guyver like a hero, and that was not a heroic scream. This is supposed to be a really big part of the show and they dropped the ball. This is supposed to be a signature staple of the show and they left it out. What were they thinking? Moving on. New Sho calls on the Guyver unit. The suit's explosion ate one of the Ramotith in half, guts and all, which was cool. I like that it shows the suit is Bulletproof and this is the first time in the series that they have explained how the suit works by showing the suit connected to the user's brain. For the first time we can see that the Guyver is actually able to see and think faster than normal humans and uses his head beam based on instinct to shoot down a bullet in mid-air. That was very cool, no objections that was very cool. Then Guyver fights Ramotith which is always fun to watch, and makes short work of them. Guyver vs Vamore Here is another very very very important part of the Guyver series. The mega Smasher. How large is the blast is and how long it shoots for is another very big staple for this series. Especially since later in the manga, Guyver I struggles with controlling the mega Smasher himself because it is supposed to be this uncontrollable blast that he can do nothing about. However, It only lasts for a couple seconds, they show the damage afterwards to give the audience an idea of what it did but there's just no forgiving laziness. Yes it was cool while the mega Smasher was warming up with the lightning and everything, but it just lacked the same impact as it usually does. And I think that's the key word for this episode....impact, in this episode, it didn't really have it. It just felt like an ordinary show and it doesn't have the passion of the original Guyver. A final note, I think it was a nice touch that they showed that makishima's Guyver unit was black and red, which explains why his suit is black and red. Why then is inspector Risker's Guyver unit also blue and pink like new sho's? Isn't it supposed to be gold and black then? Consistency consistency consistency! There is no freaking consistency! That wraps up my review of Guyver episode 2. I really wanted to enjoy this episode, but I had to make it clear that the second episode of an anime is super important because it's supposed to grab a new viewer's attention and I think it failed to do that. I think that it still does play to Old fans by showing new things that other adaptations did not but I also think that even that is handled in a clumsy way. This is why I constantly tell people that are interested in Guyver to watch the OVA instead of the 2005 series. The reason is because I fell in love with the Guyver series because of the OVA. If I had watched this 2005 series back then when I was 9 or 10 years old, I don't think I would have liked it as much today. Let me know if you like my style of review and I hope you look forward to next week's review of episode 3. - Maze
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    Guyver Episode 2 The Secret Society of Cronos I've read over my last review and realised is seems...disjointed. Sorry its how my thoughts come out. A nice establishing shot of the MAX Pharmaceuticals. With that company name and tacky limousine, its clear Genzo is a man of undiluted arrogance. Synevite's voice actor is ok since he's really just a professional goon. Brando Austin as Genzo is... not bad... in terms of how his voice sounds. He fits the part of an arrogant businessmen but apart from annoyed all his other attempts at emotion feel forced. knowing that this is going to be the voice of my #1 favourite zoanoid.... . My goodness some of the backgrounds look so cheap, the character models really stand apart from them. The one good shot is of the lake. Here Tetsuro's investigation begins. I've said before that of the three original cast members he was the best equipped, mentally, to deal with the situation. Being the true "nerd" of the three this is the sort of stuff he loves and day dreams about. While the harsher, more real side of stuff will affect him just as much, he's got the best foundation to deal with it. He also knows how investigate whats going on, even if its only at an amateurish level. What I've always liked about these scenes and his character in general at this point is that he's also the first to be proactive about the situation. So all his scenes here are good, it just a shame his voice actor still sounds off. Natsuki's English voice actor is actually ok. As for the main caste, this episode really dose not show much growth for them. The still sound like competent amateurs, with Mizuki sounding the best. Sho lacks the proper emotion here. Brando apparently cannot do his Genzo voice and shout at the same time....oh dear..... You know its bad when the goon on the TV screen has more emotion. Enter Jason Douglas as Lisker. Some may not agree with me on this but I've always felt that the best voice acting in this series comes from key villains, the first being Jason/Lisker here. In one scene he's already put most of the cast to shame as his dialog feels far more natural. He dose not display quit the range he has now day, he's currently the voice of God of Destruction Beerus in Dragon Ball Super and the new movies, but he's still sound so much better then Brando/Genzo. Hell he's part of the reason I cam to like Guyver II so much. and for the third act of this episode we get to complete our triangle of villain voice acting. We've had the bad, Genzo, the good, Lisker and now the laughable with Vamor's Scottish accent. Ok this is not the first time a random Scotsman turned up in Guyver's English dub cast, but while the OVA's one was just for one scene and really is of meme quality here we subjected to what sound like a very bad, fake Scottish accent for 1/3 of the episode and it gets worse after he transforms, as his accent and delivery ruin any menace we should be feeling. Upside the episodes finale looks really good. Ramotith looks good and they actually go his name right! The Guyver looks f##king awesome. what great about this scene is that we get to see what the guyver can do in a short space of time with any over the top explanations. the first time I saw how the armour dealt with bullets my eye nearly popped out of my head as I only had the movies to go off. The introduction of the head beam is great and give us anidea of how the guyver's weapons function. The fight between Sho and the Ramotith is good, if short, but is a little ruined with bad voice acting forcing itself into the scene. It's such a shame what they have done to Vamor here. The model looks good, his blasts look good and the music is bloody awesome but its all undercut but his voice actor. Also it looks like we can add "I'm in a class of my own" to the zoanoids list of catchphrases. However from a narrative perspective and given how intelligent Cronos and it's agents are depicted (they way they entrap our heroes here and how they behave later is miles above what many villains get up to), Vamor comes of as a bit of a show off and a moron by not trying to blasting Sho the first time. There's no getting round this fact, the Mega-Smasher looks gorgeous is this episode. And Sho's voice actor seems to sound better with the voice filter? And we end the episode with the birth of Guyver 2 and shockingly Guyver 3 as well. Shame it suffers from a bit of bad line delivery from Synevite and the random us of the 3-D model of a unit in Agito's house All in all this gets another 3/5 but for very different reasons. There a quit a few highs in this episode but some very noticeable lows along side them. Chapter Comparison: Much like last time the episode follows the manga chapter is based on very closely but with scenes added in. Most of what's been added here is actually good, such as Tetsuro's investigation and Agito's activating of Unit. It just a shame that its dragged by some of the episodes poorer qualities.