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    We have an exact location of Luggnagg's secret base! It's in Trango Towers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trango_Towers As I understand this in the center is the "Nameless" Trango Tower. On map:
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    Maybe it will be something like this:
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    Hello all, I thought I would start this collections thread so everyone can share the goodness. I don't have all of my pics with me right now so I will update later.
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    Found this picture on the web and its a new year card. So Happy New Year to All The Guyver Forum.
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    Steve: Thanks for the suggestion. But I no longer have the rights to the Guyver. The last time I checked, they are reserving it for big studio type films so not sure if anyone can make another film. Me: I see well that's too bad! thanks for the answer! keep the good work! cheers! oh and just wondering, if there is any chance to buy a unit G made by you? Steve: I no longer do private commissions. But sometime in the near future, my collectible company, Elite Creature Collectibles will be pursuing the Guyver license so we will create some guyver collectible! Cool can't wait!!!
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    Not sure if you guys have seen this, but there is a new Guyver figure coming out made by K-Soul. Never heard of this toy company before but the toy looks really cool! Really dig the light up feature, a must have for me.
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    (released on November 2015) New chapter is out and contains 10 pages! Chinese scanlate: online: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=961199423952487&set=pcb.410972362434350&type=3&theater download: https://www.mediafire.com/?vpx2mjxg5cyt5zk mirror download: http://sharem.rusfolder.net/44503756 Title page scan: guyver-world.ru/pics/guyver-11-2015.jpg unit-g.sakura.ne.jp says that there will not be new chapters till February 2016.
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    Curse geography, language and lack of artistic talent! I'd be there in a heartbeat!
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    Maybe he'll become more lighter and get red colours instead of yellows.
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    I also made a colouring: Although I have no power left to colour that Libertus bunch + 1280 x 1024 wallpapers: Guyver 3's colours are from 89 anime OVA (I like them). guyver-world.ru/manga-guyver-colour.html
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    behold, my guess shake is based timesheets capture to take Zoanoids avilidad to merge under his command, and that a colored or something hasty
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    I don't think I agree with that. Sho is absolutely average. That's almost a point of the character. There was nothing special about him at all before 'greatness was foisted upon him'. He got the armor because of a fluke. But the implication is that it could have been anyone. All humans have the potential to become Zoanoids, but a G-unit removes that potential. You could well say that the Guyver represents the rejection of military authority by the common man. Chronos is the very embodiment of a military drafting young men as cannon fodder. ...Takaya-San was born in 1960, so his parents would have lived through the war. It's entirely possible his father was drafted as a young man, or even teenager, by a regime not all Japanese necessarily agreed with. Zoanoids are genetically compelled to obey authority, to go fight and die in battle without questioning. The Japanese culturally were. They fought in the name of the Emperor, an exalted being who was said to have been descended from the gods themselves, but who, himself, played little part in the proceedings. His most aggressive and deadly ally was Nazi Germany, who idolized the Aryan ideal, and wanted to rule the world using a super-weapon. Although it may be going a bit far to equalize the Guyver with the atomic bomb. Anyway, Sho is definitely the ordinary boy who says 'Hell no, I won't go'. Usually such an effort is punished, but he has the power to resist... it is stated repeatedly that the aspect of the Guyver the Creators feared most was the power to refuse orders. "Out of control". If Sho is some kind of chosen one, if he is innately special, that weakens that message. But compare him to some of the others in the story. Murakami was a daring journalist who travelled to the ends of the Earth to pursue a story. Makishima had a tragic and bizarre back story which forged him into a sort of Ãœbermensch who would do anything to reach his goal. The Zoalords are by definition exceptional individuals, otherwise they would never have been chosen. Waferdenos isn't even human, he's a frickin' forest. And Archanfel himself is completely unique. Set against this collection of super-people, the most normal and average person conceivable: a school boy. Not the head of the class, not even the gifted and quirky nerd... no. He even looks average. Sho represents the teeming masses who do not want to rule the world, but who simply want to live a life (with his female equivalent: Mizuki). It would seem all of the others would have wanted the Guyver for themselves... and he never would. But he did, through blind chance: another act of defiance, a test type Zoanoid who disobeyed orders and chose death by his own hand over becoming cannon fodder. I wonder if Takaya considered having Malmud/ Melmoth/ Guinea Pig use the G-unit on himself. That would have been a different story... And Mizuki, too. She was in the area, wasn't she? A mere changing of the angle of the blast could have landed the G-Unit in her lap, so to speak. That would have been a really different story... Of course, there is a higher power that directed events: Takaya himself. But I don't think we should be looking to actual gods in the story. The only gods are the Creators.
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    actually no. I don't think the same, more the opposite. it's true of humans that we are remarkably adaptive. that is essentially what guyver is about. humans are highlighted as a species that was able to adapt to many different situations and environments. There is something that is true of humans in our safe society. When we see suffering, we amplify it to try and empathise. it's a mechanism that keeps us afraid of bad stuff so we avoid it. but those of us who have truly suffered, can understand that in a lot of situations, we are able to cope with truly horrifying things. we have inbuilt mechanisms to numb pain, to keep us going, to lessen the impact of trauma etc. it is fear that makes it difficult for people to cope. but if we accept our situation, we can often cope very well. I have been wrongfully arrested in the past, and was shut in a police cell. I wasn't scared as I knew I was not in trouble, I was innocent. I simply sat and meditated on past events. I didn't suffer at all and when they opened the door a few hours later, I was perfectly fine. that's not such a bad situation and I have been through far worse, but I don't really feel comfortable sharing that other stuff right now.
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    So i spoke to steve wang on facebook. Check it! DO NOT TAKE THIS AS 100% CONFIRMED. I WILL POST AGAIN HERE IF I GET MORE INFO.
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    New chapter is out. 10 pages this month. Title page scan: http://guyver-world.ru/pics/guyver-03-2015.jpg Chinese scanlate: download: mediafire.com/?svq6gzm3z6ngjd9 mirror: dvusrachek.rusfolder.net/43312073
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    New chapter is out and it contains 12 pages. Chinese scanlate: download: https://www.mediafire.com/?6wjdc2cq65fczf7 mirror: http://dvusrachek.rusfolder.net/42411527 Title page scan: http://s018.radikal.ru/i504/1411/d2/b078550db328.jpg
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    I haven't watched any of these videos but I read everything above... in all honesty I think everything what she said is true BUT the comments and sweeping statements about hating ALL white people because of it is just misguided and stupid, but that is her feeling born from her experience as a black person living in America. and no that doesnt make it right but if she and the millions of black people who have grown up with the system set up against them feel disgruntled in coming up against obstacles purely because of their race you can see why they can get there minds twisted into these strange ways of thinking, some people just need something to vent there emotions at even if its not necessarily the right place its no exscuse to be prejudice though they should aim that anger at the government and the financial fatcats and other clandestine forces that are the oppressors she explains racism as '' the system''...so from the get go her semantics are wrong...the system is racist, not racism. I feel a lot of the venting in this is from the discussion of the N word ''black object'' is not a nice way to describe a human being. although my skin is white, I am a quarter African- so am I a devil because I have white skin but part black genetics? according to this woman apparently so...hmm, my grandfather would be upset to hear his grandchild and his son in law called a devil... and was Bob Marley a half devil because of his genetics? he was of mixed descent as his father was white - i don't think anyone could accuse Bob Marley of having been a semi devil ! its a shame when people vent in the wrong way at the wrong people - that is just playing into 'whitey's' / 'the systems' hands... anyway until people just embrace the fact that we are one race things will always be fkd no matter what are skin colour. one love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright!!!
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    wanted to get this done ever since valkyrias backstory presented a rather moody image of lisker. finally finished it!! I'm pretty happy with it myself, has a nice solid feel and is very moody and atmospheric.
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    So I have been coming to this board every month or so just to see if there is any new developments and to check how the story is progressing. This is the first time I have posted simply because I really did not have anything to say. Then today I saw something that peeked my interest so I would like to see what other people think. So I was just kinda looking things up on the internet just random stuff, so eventually I look up David Hayter, I check out his twitter looking for stuff he has said about Metal Gear and how he was discontinued as the voice of snake. Also just seeing if he made any passing comments about the Guyver. I just like to see people mentioning Guyver, it is always cool to see that other people enjoy it as much as I do. So to cut to the chase I came upon a tweet of his that made rather excited and curious. So on August 10th which apparently when they were shooting Dark Hero 20 years ago. His tweet says that he met with Steve Wang and discussed Guyver 3. Now do not confuse this with a tweet he made in January where he says at one time he pitched the idea to Wang, but something about the rights being messed up made them unable to pursue the project. So this really makes me wonder if he was serious or if he was just meeting with the guy, maybe they are friends or something.But he did say that he was discussing Guyver 3, so i figure if he was being serious and not just kidding, that this actually might happen. I assume the problem with the rights got sorted out it has probably been several years since the pitch he had made previously to Wang. I assume it was a while ago since he refers to it in the past tense. And I would figure if it was recent he would have mentioned that he recently made this pitch. So if anyone is as interested as I am check out his twitter and look for august 10th. I do not have a twitter and I think making one for the sole purpose of asking him would look strange, and he probably wouldn't answer. I figure if it was me and some one twitted me that had no other tweets follows 0 and has 0 followers would seem a bit fishy. So basically what does anyone think, personally I want it to be true. Granted the live action films are not that great. But I think this one would be much better simply because Hayter Would probably right it. He has written several movies that are adapted from comic books, and did so quite well. Watchmen xmen 1 and 2 not the crappy 3d one.
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    Hahaha that is pretty funny. and i think the revised size is pretty good. I think it works out much better, though we will need the orbs placed on him to complete the look. But we can understand the limits of animation if becomes too difficult to work with all that detail. Also, remember the anime scene when Guyot walks up to a poor confused mook? He pops up. ---- looks pissed ---- mook notices ---- Gets bigger ---- and Bigger ---- AND BIGGER ---- and finally mook soils his pants as he's killed. Also consider the camera angle is still making the mook look bigger in comparison than he actually is.
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    online http://www.buenaisla.com/tema/manga-Manga-guyver-junio-2015-18195
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    And now if you guys wanted a colored and shaded version here it is.
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    Maybe the person wearing unit 0 was a total nutter!
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