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    Game of Thrones fandom: Man, we have to wait SO LONG between seasons! Guyver fandom: Hold my beer.
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    I have just finished reading the re-worked volume 32 and June 2016! All i can say is, THANKS! The interview with Tayaka was great, along with the great translation work of the pages. |Keep up with the good work, all the translators and the board management team.
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    Not sure if you guys have seen this, but there is a new Guyver figure coming out made by K-Soul. Never heard of this toy company before but the toy looks really cool! Really dig the light up feature, a must have for me.
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    New chapter is out. 10 pages this month. Title page scan: http://guyver-world.ru/pics/guyver-03-2015.jpg Chinese scanlate: download: mediafire.com/?svq6gzm3z6ngjd9 mirror: dvusrachek.rusfolder.net/43312073
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    He got the quilt. Anyone who was involved message me for more information.
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    I first came to guyver in 1992 when manga wasn't readily available to the west. Even the VIZ comics were not readily available to me in the uk. I spent so much time and money visiting various comic shops trying to locate what imports I could. There wasn't any internet then so the means to get things like that was very very limited. I read guyver manga in piecemeal, and only up to a point. Viz only went so far so past that point, guyver was impossible to get until around 1995/96. at that point, it was possible to get the japanese manga but then it was impossible to read. Round that time, japanese language learning tools were not as wide and varied as they are now. there were a few books in my local library but they weren't that useful. learning grammar, and context etc was unrealistic. there were some rough translations available on the webs, but there were a lot of errors in them and they were sparse, only giving light summaries and missing great swathes of the story. I tried to translate bits and pieces with my dictionaries and helped the old warriorguyver site with various details, but it was slow and it was tough, without understanding context and how to read the nuances of kanji. Then I discovered that the italians had translated guyver and were keeping quite up to date with it. I didn't know italian but it seemed a lot easier to translate italian through a machine translator. for one, it would be a lot easier to type the words in, than the japanese characters. so we started translating the italian books. over time, my japanese skills got better and I would go to the japanese books to help get more accuracy. then we had durendal come aboard and help translating from chinese and japanese. essentially, I have read the guyver manga way too many times, in small fragmented snippets and in all sorts of different languages. I am not sure if I have ever actually read it in order from beginning to 'end'.
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    Yep that says the Guyver is on hiatus until further notice. Would be great if we get 30 pages (you know, the average for any other monthly manga) upon its return but we all know its gonna be 10 pages again. I actually loathe this Mangaka now. His laziness is an utter pisstake.
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    A couple more images that were shared on the Facebook group. 2017 is all that was said so far.
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    http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2016/05/11/david-hayter-on-voicing-snake-in-metal-gear-and-the-joys-of-being-covered-in-goo/#3beac59659aa Forbes do a rather extensive interview with David Hayter starting with metal gear after which he moves on to guyver and how he got the role etc well worth a read
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    Wonder if he even have any internet connection But WOW! I also don't own a smartphone or any other mobile device other than my simple "cellphone with MP3 ability"! EDIT: wait, Guyver 2 F and Guyver 3 figma? https://twitter.com/Hobby_Log/status/702808145299578880 Ah yes, I wasn't gonna spoil the figma announcement but yeah, it's been announced now!
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    17 years ago today, I officially joined Brian O'Sullivan in making a dual fan-fiction based in the same world. When I joined, we did a small collaboration picture of our two characters together... And since we are back, and updating the site, we figured we'd do a new one to celebrate. That's right... All the way back in 1998. I've been doing this off and on for 17 years. Scary. *Note* Brian did start the Warrior Guyver fanfiction site before this specific date, but this one is related to the pic in question.
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    This is not going to work. Batman versus Superman has been an iconic image ever since Frank Miller wrote the scene in The Dark Knight Returns. And it worked because, until that moment, Superman had been unassailable, and Batman always his ally. But that was in 1986, the days of the great changes - the days of the Crisis, the end of the Silver Age and the dawning of the Dark Age of comics - the age we have lived in ever since*. It just doesn't work anymore. The whole "Who would win, Batman or Superman" debate is so played out. Batman can't win; anyone who thinks about the issue for a minute will realize this - but this conclusion is indigestible. The trump card - traditionally Kryptonite, but we haven't seen any of it so far in the new DC movie universe - is a tired plot device (then again, so are Superman's powers, of course), which has no right of being as effective as it is consistently portrayed. And beyond it, Batman has no chance of victory against someone who can do what Superman has already been shown to be capable of doing. And Superman being worshiped as a god? Really? He couldn't handle that by sitting down with these people for a while and explaining he's just a guy? I am going to assume a large part of the movie will center on him failing to do so. I think the main flaw we're looking at is throwing Superman into real-life problems, and that will always fail. You can't have a world like ours and a guy like Superman at the same time. It doesn't work. Just ask Alan Moore: he is highly critical of superheroes because they never change things; they fight to maintain the status quo. And why do they do that? Because the true goal of superheroes is not to save the world, or make it better, but to sell comic books. Action Comics is a monthly, and if Superman were to do what he logically speaking should do, namely take care of all the big problems - for instance, seek out and destroy all weapons of mass destruction anywhere, apprehend terrorist groups and hand them over to the International Crimes Court, clean up pollution, and end world hunger and poverty - then the comic would end. Which is exactly what happened in Alan Moore's Miracle Man. The opposite also happens sometimes: Superman cracks under the pressure of being a superhero, goes on an insane rampage and destroys the world. That's what happened in Mark Waid's Irredeemable (Which has a pretty metafictional happy ending; I recommend it). The 'Superman' there is actually called 'the Plutonian', but it's pretty obvious who we're really looking at. And, of course, we now have the genuine article losing it and turning on the world in DC's Injustice: Gods among us. The 'god' in that title is definitely not worthy of worship. Grant Morrison, for his part, views Superman as a living archetype, who inspires us to be Supermen (and -women) - something which literally happened in his run on JLA. But in his comics, Superman frequently ends up sacrificing himself, taking himself out of the equation, to give us the room and opportunity to rise to his level (See All-Star Superman). Kind of like Christ, really; perhaps appropriate, since Superman was after all created by two boys called Shuster and Siegel, and sent out into a gentile world. But these are all comic books. And comic books are not movies, as we keep learning. A comic book can be read and re-read, at your own pace, giving you time to pick up on hints, clues, indications that more is going on than meets the eye. That is not possible when watching a movie. The audiovisual medium is much more forceful than comic books. I have read - but can't vouch for it - that our ability to critically assess what we see on a screen shuts down ten seconds into a movie or TV-show. That is why movies and TV-shows actually work; we're drawn into the story whether we want to or not, because our subsconscious cannot conceive of the fact that what we are seeing is not real. Our evolution does not account for the concepts of acting, let alone creative editing, special effects and emotive music. Why would the sight of a ridiculously-garbed man whom we know for a fact to be Henry Cavill, a guy who after that day's acting went back to his trailer or whatever, fighting another ridiculously-dressed person (Even if it's Antje Traue) evoke anything in us? But in fact it does. That is why a bad comic is an annoyance, but a bad movie can be a franchise-killer. And that is why you have to tread so carefully when making a movie, and not just clasp on to what you think might be popular because you understand only the glitz, the headlines and the concepts which you think might be cool. I have a deep-set suspicion that there are producers in Hollywood that want a movie that presses the concept of Batman and Superman throwing down merely because they think it would make a cool visual - and have wanted it for years. As some of you may know, a few years ago there was talk of an animated feature with this concept. It never happened. Because what can happen? Either outcome is unacceptable, as in any battle between two heroes. In epics, it was acceptable because the classics were innately tragic; heroes always met a deadly fate. But these are superhero comics. So it will be a compromise at best; they will agree to be allies, or at least to not fight anymore. That didn't work in Godzilla versus King Kong, and that one had two 'anti-heroes' rather than actual heroes. So what are we looking at? Fisticuffs in what should be a hilariously uneven battle anyway, over a meaningless disagreement, with no beneficial outcome; probably a lot of property damage, and apparently the founding of the Justice League. It screams desperation; DC is on a hideous disadvantage compared to Marvel in the movie world, and after considerable success with Arrow and The Flash compared to the somewhat lacklustre Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, Daredevil blows everything that came before it away without even featuring a single truly super-powered character. Now, it seems, they want to catch up all in one go after the also less-than-stellar Man of Steel by including not only Superman, but also a new Batman (bad move, IMHO, after the Dark Knight trilogy) as well as Wonder Woman and even Aquaman and Cyborg. It's just not going to happen. If you take white truffles, Beluga caviar, Kobe beef, Dom Perignon and saffron, toss it all in a big pan and cook it according to a recipe for risotto, the result will not be the tastiest dish in the world. DC just seems to not be able to juggle super-powers properly. Green Lantern was really not bad, but it really wasn't very good, either. The Wonder Woman vehicle never made it beyond an unscreened pilot. Maybe it's because DC is trying to push their brand of superheroes - who traditionally are above human flaws - as just ordinary guys with their own problems. Hal Jordan was a man without fear. Wonder Woman was a princess from an advanced society of immortal women who fought only for justice. Superman was the man of tomorrow. They were above dumb human foibles. Marvel Heroes usually are not - except Thor - they all emphatically had problems, and they generally weaponized them. Iron Man is a hero because his heart was almost shredded by shrapnel. Spiderman is a hero because he feels guilty. Captain America is a heroic super-soldier because he was a sickly weakling. Bruce Banner is a hero, albeit a problematic one, because his experiment failed. And Daredevil, well, if he wasn't blind, he'd be just another lawyer. But Thor was always a hero, and so are Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Green Lantern. Hal Jordan was sought out because he wasn't flawed; Diana became the Wonder Woman because she was the most accomplished Amazon; Superman is a hero because he has the power of a god and the will of a messiah. They are not heroes in spite of their flaws; they have no relevant flaws. True, people keep trying to focus on what they perceive as flaws, but it never works out. These heroes are from a different age. Anyway... if tl/dr: I don't think this movie will be very good. Although it will probably look awesome. * Traditionally superhero-focused comic books are held to have been published during the Golden Age (1938-1954), the Silver Age (1954 - 1985) and the Dark Age (1986 - today). In reality it's of course much more complicated than that, as even individual authors go through considerable changes over the years.
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    One of the panels reminded me of another panel from book 10:
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    She's his sisters roommates cousins aunts friends mothers brothers wives nephews neices sister. Twice removed.
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    While we patiently and/or impatiently wait for the next chapter of the manga to be released, why not do what the MCU fan-base is currently doing with the lead up to Infinity War and re-watch the 2005 TV series?! Basically, re-watch one episode every week, then discuss it on here. Talk about what you liked, what you didn't like etc. We've gotta keep this board active somehow! All 26 episodes, followed by the 12-part OVA, followed by both live action adaptions... Then hopefully we'll have a new chapter in 40 weeks Episode 1: "The Amazing Bioboosted Armor" Original Air Date: August 6, 2005 Synopsis: Two police officers encounter and are killed by a strange man who is actually a Zoanoid created by the Cronos organization. The Zoanoid stole three Guyver units from the organization and is now being pursued by them. During a confrontation between Chronos troops and the Zoanoid named Malmot, the units are scattered through the area, where Sho and Tetsuro are. The two find the unit and Sho activates it, becoming Guyver I. And go!
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    The glory... I obtained the Sanken Gigantic Dark, also have my last missing zoanoid Gaster en route from buyee. All that remains are Sanken Gigantic Guyver1, Neo Zktol, Imakarum, Dr. Blacks and the Guyver1 ultimate version of the statue and bust coming next year and I think I will be set for a long time. Still want to get the old models and a few other monthly shonen captains with Guyver on the cover... But I have the time and not the moolah! Lol
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    Nice collections guys as always! This post is a little off topic, but I thought i'd share a picture of my latest edition. Whilst not Guyver, those of you who remember Boah will recall the similarities in plot and character design! It was made in 1984 by Hirohiko Araki (of JoJo fame) and i don't doubt that both Araki and Takaya took influence from Go Nagai and 80's Hollywood Sci-Fi. It's such a shame Baoh only had 2 volumes, but JoJo was also a classic, so can't complain. Anyway, the figure was a limited exclusive to Winter WonFes this year. Only 1,500 made, so I was lucky enough to find it on Mandarake for $100. I'm very please indeed!
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    Just got my keychains from Vinnie !!
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    Good Smile Guidance page updated today: http://www.goodsmile.info/ja/post/4429/2016年11月出荷予定商品および発売月変更のご案内.html Both confirmed for release on 28th November. I can't wait!! Max Factory " figma Guyver ⅱF " JAN: 4545784064412 Max Factory " figma Guyver ⅱF theater version color ver. " JAN: 4545784064429 I hope they confirm Guyver III for PO soon! If we have to wait until WonFes we may not get him until September! Hopefully there's a new chapter by then!!
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    I dont remember where i found them...on the web mybe was winmx or napster who remember...lol, yeah i talked to steve too, i'm looking for the LD anywhere in japan, but no luck...check this out i have mount this display today :-)
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    Takaya has been a Professional Manga artist for 30 years, with both a legitimate publisher, international releases, and even multiple animations made from his work. It's a little different for him when people are complaining about his output when people have to pay money for his releases ( again, there are a lot of people here PAYING for the content as well as in Japan itself). The sense of entitlement that comes from this may not always be rational... But for people who have bought 32 volumes of manga with the hope that they will actually see it end? It is kind of warranted in some cases. Now Takaya did say that he was very aware that people want to see this series finished, and hopefully this downtime is related to this... But since they never actually tell us why there is a hiatus, we are left to wonder just why it is happening. For instance, when he put Guyver on hiatus a few years ago to finish off an old old manga series he did in the past called Hades Project Zeorymer... We didn't find out until later from another publication as to what "Chimi Morio" ( his pen name) was up to. So while I do agree that people who are expecting free manga shouldn't be complaining very much, there are those who do pay for it, and you can't always assume people are reading it for free. And when crap like this happens, complaining/speculation is pretty much always a given.
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    I've decided to make a thread dedicated to showing off your Guyver collections. Feel free to post pics of your Guyver collections whether it be Manga,Figures or anything. And lets discuss them as well. Lets have fun with it! Be sure to check out the old collection thread for more great Guyver collections http://www.japan-leg...er-collections/ I'll start..... I didnt know whether taking these pics with the flash on looked better or without so I'll post both. Im not too good at taking pictures. But I try. Maxfactory Guyver 1, Guyver Gigantic, Murakami, Aptom, Guyver Gigantic Dark and Guyver 3 Imakarum, Gyuot, Guyver 2 and Guyver F model ] Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 Zoanoid shelf Comparison shots of the BFC Guyver with the BFW Zoanoids and prepainted kits The scale is not perfect but honestly they dont look bad at all together. Thanks for looking guys. I cant wait to see everyone's collections!
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    Ok that was some challenge, but the board has being updated to the latest IP Board version. Currently the board is using the standard template and tomorrow I'll work on securing some things and getting the Scanlation section fully up and running.
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    I got mine now! (And, upon reflection, I probably should have wrote my name in marker instead of pen )
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    I have received my vol 32 today. See below : I believe that there is more page added in the vol 32.
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    2) All post-optimization staff members must use their zoanoid forms responsibly and must adhere to company guidelines. (Tim: ​Seriously guys, the lounge on the Level B3 looks like a bomb went off in there after what happened on Saturday.) (Bruce: Oh lighten up man, we were just having a little fun, besides it was Paul's birthday.) (Tim: I don't call all of Squad 7 getting smashed out of their minds and challenging each other to zoanoid wrestling matches "a little fun"!)
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    Too hot to handle! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbwhsKbl2HY
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    Luke Cage is stronger than any known Zoanoid. And Iron Fist, Cloak and Dagger have unquantifiable powers. But the Punisher? That guy is so... overplayed. He is a factor in the Marvel universe, and boy, he really shouldn't be.
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    yes, that reminds me, they are supposed to be under a temporary truce with Cronos. that includes Agito, doesn't it? So whatever Agito is doing, is not necessarily against Cronos for now. That means what he is doing here is probably to do with their current mission to find Apollon and teh Segawa's. They probably got some intelligence from somewhere that suggested they were related. maybe.
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    with regards to quality.... our current translator is a professional translator working for companies in Japan. so their translations are professional quality. the font, well just look at your manga. the font used in guyver is not handwritten, so using handwritten type of font to echo american comics is really not appropriate. The font used for guyver looks a bit like kochi gothic. century gothic is a similar type of sans-serif clean and gently curved font. if century gothic looks cheap then that suggests that takaya is cheap because he uses a similar type of font.
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    Possibly it was the exceed data.
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    Im happy about about this. I was worried that those two to would get steam rolled by Exceed or Apollon without getting a chance to show what they could really do. While Agito did do well against Waferdanos and Yentsui, Yentsui was kind of a one trick pony and Waferdanos would have killed or critically injured Agito if he hadn't reverted to his true form at the last second. Now thats not to say that Agito in not a genius in battle but he did get luck as well. I dont think this fight will end the same way as the Arizona battle, ether something will happen to interrupt the conflict or his going to bite of more then he can chew on this one.
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    hi guys just show my latest work of the ark from book 11. Didn't take too long about an hour happy with my result.
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    If a new Guyver film were to be made I would like it to be a total reboot. I believe a clean slate is needed so that today's generation of movie goers can have a fresh taste of the Guyver universe. As for who I would like to see direct this film I have a few choices in mind. I would like to see guys like Ridley Scott, James Cameron, and or Guillermo del Toro get the drivers seat in regards to the Guyver film. As for the design of the Guyver and zoanoids I would really like to see the guys who did the creature designs for the Hellboy films pick up the tab. I really think they could bring Takaya's world to life on the big screen. I am not sure who should adapt the story of the manga though. I am not that familiar with good screen writers.
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    I checked for any updates to the rules and doesn't seem like any changes were made so I presume this is ok. it's not available in the west. And it's really hard to get a hold of at all, I think. I had a spare moment, while taking a rest from work and my stress situation is getting a lot better recently so I decided to finish this off. I uploaded the photos to mega.nz in zip format. whoever wants to translate this, it's up to you, I'm just providing the photos. Mega NZ link 776.8 MB
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    Some updated pics of the mighty Guyver shelf at the homestead. I have gotten Guyver 2F, Elegan, an Enzyme battle damaged Guyver 1 and a few others. Sometime soon I will have all of the mangas and VHS tapes as well as a few other goodies added to a bigger shelf. If anyone has a Gaster or Thancrus for sale let me know!
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    The wallet is evil. Do not listen to the wallet.
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    Here's an update on a Guyver 2 Unit Anime inspired Prop Replica (:
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfvR4hl-Gzw Does Solomon Grundy want pants too?
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    I'm not sure which one I'd get along specifically. All my friends say I can get along with anyone unless they're close minded. I guess I'd get along with Natsuki as she's an independent woman like me. Maybe even Shin and Purgstall if I were working for Cronos in some form or fashion.
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    Thanks, Kenji. I found this inspiring.
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    Alien was made in an era which, in many ways, I feel was the age when movie making reached its zenith. Not just because of the art itself, but because of the world in which they were made. I mean, the late Seventies. The tail end of the hippie age, right before the great Beast rose in the White House - the children of the flower age, now fully grown and developed, at the height of their ability. What movies were made in those five years? A handful of them: Rocky, Taxi Driver, Carrie, The Omen, Network, Logan's Run, All the president's men, Marathon Man, Star Wars (back before it was called 'A New Hope'), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Smokey and the Bandit, Annie Hall, Eraserhead, Saturday Night Fever, The Hills Have Eyes, Grease, Halloween, The Deer Hunter, Superman, Midnight Express, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the best version), Dawn of the Dead (mother of all zombie flicks), Watership Down, The Lord of the Rings (the animated one), The Boys from Brazil, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Mad frickin' Max, Apocalypse Now, The Warriors, Caligula, Kramer vs. Kramer, Life of Brian, Star Trek: the Motion Picture, the Amityville Horror and The Black Hole (Thanks, IMDb). Compare it to what's being groaned out by Hollywood today. It's no comparing.
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    I have to agree with Trico.. My only guess as of why Yoshiki is keeping his manga short is.... either he has a bad case of carpal tunnel or has an on going case of bad arthritis. However that is just my personal excuse why he's not doing more. That or other things are demanding his time and he's losing interest in his own work.
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    Unboxing of Guyver steelbox (Dutch):
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    his cells had been corrupted. The process of creating a zoanoid alters the cells mechanisms to allow replacement information (probably in the form of a nucleic acid) to alter the function of the cells. The process of implanting these mechanisms possibly occurs by first removing the defences of the cells and compromising their integrity by removing their immune functions amongst other forms of protection. We know that Cronos had a cover of Max Pharmaceutical. We know they were at the leading edge of medical techniques. therefore they no doubt were working intimately with the body's own repair functions. taking down barriers and then building them back up afterwards. finalising the zoanoid creation process is probably the process of rebuilding the cells structural integrity and the body's immune mechanisms. It is possible in extreme cases, they have even deactivated the cell division mechanism and may be why marmot/test-type/guinea-pig looked to be suffering from degenerative disease. his tissues were dying and had no replacement/repair process. It's also clear that his zoaform was not completed. The parts of the zoaform process that were completed were to do with muscle and bone growth but they hadn't gotten round to completing the information for skin alteration. It appears that his skin falls away and is not changed into zoanoid skin. well I have to backstep a bit because it is clear he regains his skin when he turns back into a human. perhaps there is an alternate process for when regaining human form. it would be different from normal human cell division and this may be why cronos scientists deactivated the normal division process. to commandeer that process for use in the transformation and restoration processes?
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    Imakarum, every event from the moment he was re-awakened hints to it. Takaya also isn't the type of writer to lay seeds of a story and then go against them without reason.
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