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    So, after watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (and getting 'Spidey Bells') stuck in my head, I've decided to write a Guyver-inspired little ditty called, "Guyver Bells." Ohhhhhh, Guyver Bells, Guyot Smells Balcus Laid an Egg Archanfel raises Hell And Aptom Got Away, Hey! Guyver Bells, Gregole Yells Vamore shoots his ray MegaSmasher's off the chain It's time to run away! ...I'll let you ponder this for a bit.
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    I started reading Manga via looking at the newer chapters in 2013-2015. (I had started & finished watching the OVA series in 2010) In 2017, I fully read the English translated Manga via KissManga (I knew most of what happened via reading info on the wiki.) I recently reread the Manga last fall, and it was fun to revisit it!
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    There is only one thing that we have evidence of surviving a nuke. Can you guess who that silhouette belongs to?
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    Just came across this on eBay.... if only I had the cash (and an understanding girlfriend!) Even signed by Steve Wang eBay link
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    Got some new shelf lights. Pretty... lol!
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    Years before I was interested in Guyver, way back in 1990 I fell for a board game called Space Crusade! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Crusade This game was my introduction to the Space Marines and and the lore around them. I would go on to buy the Expansions A friend of mine at the time explained that this game was part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and I'd go on to star collecting a magazine called White Dwarf which would give me the rules to expand the miniature range in the game. This is a picture of my bad guys from Space Crusade army at the bottom and my Epic 40K Army above from way back in 1993. All of the minitures were hand painted by me back in the day. It was just earlier in the year I'd in fact learned about Guyver at of all places a Star Trek convention 5 years later I was living in Wales. While there I met the person who would go on to make TheGuyver.Net and Japan-Legend.com at a local comic store were we would chat about Guyver. It was there I picked up some resin kits. The skills I learned from painting miniatures would lead on to me painting these two Guyvers: So to me there has always being a connection between my ability to paint minutes and Guyver. They though were the last things I ever painted. I moved back to Ireland in 1997. I found this picture of me from 2001. At the time I was living in a flat in Dublin where I worked and went back to College (at the time in this picture I was a year into my degree). The funny thing is it's of me working on a Guyver picture for Warrior Guyver and in the left side of the picture you can see unfinished Resin kits..... I would move house / flat 10+ times until 2011 when I eventually got the place I now call home a house that is mine (well 70% the banks! ) It was here I eventually finally unpacked all the boxes that traveled with me over the years. In one of them I found these wonderful things: It was the first time in 10 odd years they'd seen the light of day. So what does that mean now..... Continued on my next post as I think this one will reach it's upload limit
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    That's all, really. <Elf Be it with family, friends or just by yourself, may you have a great Yuletide.
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    Indeed brother, this heresy will warrant the attention of the Inquisition and possibly the Death Watch. ”Suffer not the alien”. To pollut ones human purity with xenos filth is one of the greatest sins against the god emperor a human can commit.
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    Physically merging with an alien??? That is so unclean it can't even be described. That's Tyranid territory.
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    Merry Christmas one and all. A gift from me to you
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    Man. The concept of a Guyver would make Imperials freak out, but Chaos warriors would LOVE it.
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    About 3 years ago I tried to restart the hobby I ended up buying a bunch of miniatures paints and other stuff but got nowhere with it. The stuff stayed in bags behind my lazy boy, between working 12 hour days in Dublin and the costs of trying to get things together I gave up on the idea even more so after losing the job I had for 9 years.... So there I was happy enough with my stuff the way it was. For me miniatures hand hand painting anything is something of the past. But one important thing happened 6 months ago. For the first time in 12 years of working in and around Dublin I found a job close to home!!! Then about 14 weeks ago I saw this: https://www.warhammer40000conquest.com/ It's a weekly magazine and it's like dipping your toes back into the hobby..... Well I broke down and subscribed! After weeks of reading these, looking at peoples YouTube videos on how to paint stuff I've being collecting the miniatures that come free with the magazine. I'm now obsessed with them as much as I was when I was kid in my family home and first opened and played Space Crusade. Last month I was cleaning the shed to find my old paints and in the storage box I found my old Guyver resin kits... the same ones waiting 20 odd years for me to paint!!! So here I am now. I've yet to paint any of my new miniatures because I don't want to destroy them being the first things I paint in 20+ years. So I've being buying old 40K armies from ebay... The thought being well if I ruin them I've no personal attachment to them being 25 year olds I've owned for AGES or brand new ones I got with the mag. This though now as made me learn a few things from lessons I've learned in the past myself and between the research I've being doing I've decided a few things. 1) I've effectively 2 armies building at the moment just as a result of buying Conguest on a Sub. As you see above my old army is Ultra Marines so the Primaris Marine army that comes with the mag will be them and the 2nd being Death Guards means they will be the Chaos army I collect. I've limited space so unlike Epic 40k which you could fit multiple armies on a single shelf this means I'm best off focusing on them. 2) I want to redo my old marines. I've realised as I looked at Youtube vids and read up on it that back in the day I did extremely well for a kid with no Internet (it wasn't a thing the normal kid had access too in 1990! nor was a decent Windows PC!). So I will be modrenising my old Space Marines, which is another reason I bought some old armies from ebay, they will be the test for removing old paint etc with mentholated spirits and the like. While I do look at them as something great for the past I don't want them looking stupidly out of place beside my new Primaris Marines. This includes some minor conversions etc. 3) I'm not collecting these 2 armies to play any game. I'm doing this to learn once again to paint miniatures, have some fun and not just relearn some lost skills but to improve on them and go on from there. This is kinda a great feeling as it means I don't have to restrict my collection in anyway to a points system etc so if I want 7 Dreadnoughts I'll get them on the display!!! Also I think it's finally time to get close finishing my old resin Guyver kits. Which isn't just a case of me wanting to paint them I want to convert them into somethings special in the future.....
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    My Prime 1 Guyver1 came in finally! I will unbox it and show some pics next week. The boxes are giant. This thing is going to be badass!
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    I got into it back in 95. The manga vhs came out and I bought the first tape and watched a million times. There was local comic shop I went to and they carried the single issues and graphic novels of he viz manga. I bought and read all of them. Then it was cancelled and I couldn't read it anymore. I got back to reading it on this site back in 2014. I have read and re read all 32+ books and the newest chapters 6 times over the years. I try to watch the animes, both versions, one a year. So long as I have time to do so. This is my favorite manga. Totally worth the wait for the next chapter. As an artist I like to study all of the detail in Takaya's work so I never get bored re reading the chapters.
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    And this is the cover for Vol 2.
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    Scan of Vol 1's Cover.
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    Translastions all done, slight delay due to sickness but is all done...... Got to say even though I'm only half way done ?ive really enjoyed doing this inspite of feeling a bit down for other reasons at the time. I found the stroy to be very intreasting so far and I look forward to sharing it with you all. Also big shout out to Gazham for helping get started on this. Thank You.
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    Sorry for the long silence on this topic. My project went on hold for a few week due to a bout of dipresstion but after a very overdue holiday I'm back on track and the translations for the first book will be finished in 2 to 3 days time. My plan is to then do my manga scans and editing, then once thats done I'll post the chapter summeries here. As a fun bit of trivia updated, the single biggest translastion headache I've had! And it was all due to a rodent! Ok so as you may or may not know, there were mammels during the age of dinosaurs. They were mostly small and lived in the shadows of the saurians but they did exist. Well of these little bastards turns up in the manga. Why is that a problem? Well because the name the original french translator used was jibberish! I'd run across this befor with the name of a prehostoric plant but in that situastion there was little I had to work with and it was so miner that I let it be. Here however this rat is seen and then part of a later coversation so I was obligated to get this right. The name the translator used began with a D, so I typed it in and guess what? Not a single Cretaceous mammals thats name began with D was even close to the spelling used. Then to make it worse, I checked every bit of paleo art for each and not one of them looked like the one used in the manga. And thus began my hunt. Do you know how many Cretaceous mammals there are? 79 with wikipedia entries alone! Then to add to that I had to check theorised diety habits, artists rendering that the original aurther might have used for his version on and also the year they were discovered so that they didn't clash with manga's date of publication. I could have narrowed the searched for just Late Cretaceous mammals but I had no way of knowing how accurate the manga was on this subject so I went through the lot just to be shore I didn't miss anything, although I took each creatures era into account when making my final choice. So I started at A and worked my way down to a likely specimen. Reigitherium was a Late Cretaceous mammal, it was speculated to be an insectivore, the old paleo art had a resmblance to the manga's version and it was discovered in 1990. It may seem like a lot of hard work for so small a thing but if I'm gonna translate this manga, I'm dame well gonna do it properly!
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    I've currently finished my direct translation of the fourth chapter and am going to do the "readable" translation of the chapter tomorrow. While not hard, it is time consuming. Its become a hobby that I do every two nights or so as I have to make room for other stuff. Hell once I'm done there are a few french comics I've become interested in that I plan to work on afterwards. Its very interesting as it brings a whole other level of enjoyment to the story as I have to work to understand it, rather then just pick up an read. On a side note we are at our first dinosaurs now with Maiasaura and Tyrannosaurs Rex. Funnily enough stuff relating to the prehistoric creatures has proven to be my more prominent edits as well as personally annoying lol. Quetzalcoatlus is called a "dinosaur bird" (that got corrected in a heart beat), Maiasaura were called Maiasaurus and the biggest inaccuracy which I cannot alter due to how its used is the idea that coelacanths are though to be fish that bring luck to fishermen when in reality any fishermen worth his salt would not touch them as their meat is horrible and makes you ill. Getting to know the caste is rather odd as many of them are not mentioned by name until several chapters in. For example the Captain Gaia meets in the pro-log chapter is named Fox but you never hear him called that till chapter 3. But really this is all part of whats makes this such an enjoyable experience. Its also made me a big fan of Yukinobu Hoshino's work and I've also bin spending time hunting down his manga. Edit: Talking about it has got me working on it now lol!