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    Welcome to the site!! We are all fans here! As for cutting off the anime and manga, we would all love answers to those questions too. Lol! Get the hard copies of the books as Segawdcd said and send them and the site managers will hook you up.
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    He was the last to be processed, with Chronos 's latest technology. Im pretty sure he's the strongest and most durable
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    Interestingly enough, Guyver (Mutronics) and Guyver 2: Dark Hero are prequels, at least in the Warrior Guyver universe. Sean bonded with his unit a year or more before Chronos discovered the "original" three units in Japan. As for the rest of the post -- there's no denying that Mutronics is bad, I won't even try to defend that. Sully, however, has said before that he wants to rewrite the first movie because of all the wacky crap that went on for the WG universe. So at least there's that. And, speaking for myself, there's actually one character from Mutronics that I have planned on using for my Stellar Warrior Guyver stuff that I'm (slowly) writing for the site. Regarding Guyver: Dark Hero specifically -- I think the main reason why Sean's Guyver unit doesn't look to be as powerful as Sho is demonstrated to be over the course of the anime/manga is budgetary consideration. Mutronics had a paltry $3,000,000 budget; Dark Hero was under a third of that, at $900,000. Between that and the state of special effects from the late 1980s and into the early 1990s, it's little wonder that it looks less than extraordinary. Terminator 2 in 1992 was an outlier in many respects, not the least of which is because James Cameron knew how to push the envelope. I will say, however, that I really wish that whoever has the movie rights to The Guyver will open it up to give someone another shot at it.
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    If 'Alita' does well... Who knows, we might get a few more manga-based movies. And 'Guyver' has surprisingly much in common with 'Alita' - identity, violence, how to remain yourself...
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    If Guyot actually got his hands on a Bio Booster Unit. I don't think anybody would be a match for him as the Creators themselves feared the possiblity of a Bio Boosted Zoalord. Seeing as Guyot is said to be the most powerful Zoalord out of the 12, I don't know how powerful Balcus is as we have never seen his Zoaform. I doubt that Archanfel can match a Bio Boosted Guyot. Even Guyot in his current weaken state is probably considered to be quite dangerous by Balcus.
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    Hello everyone, I just signed up yesterday and this website is pretty difficult to navigate, and find information on. Long time Guyver fan from back in 95 when I first rented the anime at blockbuster. Seeing Guyver I get killed by enzyme in the first grade was wild!!! Lol I'm just trying to get information and connect with some Guyver fans. For the English translation do you guys not honor digital copies? Where would I submit that I own the hard copy to? Why the hell did they cut the manga and anime off? If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it thanks.
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    Just caught up on the latest books. Can't believe it went on hiatus in the middle of a battle! Glad I got to catch up though. Really hope it finishes eventually. At the end of the chapter there was an interview with the creator in which he expressed his need to finish it up. I hope he was sincere and is taking the time to get it done and just release it after. Gonna be on my deathbed waiting for that last chapter.
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    Here's the link for the access area, just post on book 32 thread. http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/130-access-request-area/ requires hard copy of the Japanese books. You can look on the thread for other examples. Post a picture of the book you own and want the english translation access to with a note card or piece of paper with your screen name on it to prove you didn't grab a photo off the internet. May take awhile. I posted my request a couple weeks ago and haven't yet gotten access but be patient.
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    It was really quite nice that the anime adaption followed the manga so closely. Almost word for word. If you read the manga while watching the show, you'll know what I mean. So basically everything that guyot does in the anime, he does in the manga, unless you already knew that then I'm just reiterating.
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    Yes, he certainly is. Not to mention he survived the destruction of the Cronos Japan Branch building in the OVA series and Relics Point completely unscathed.
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    I think he is definitely more durable than the other zoalords. He got hit by a megasmasher and got right back up, got his body cut nearly in half and was still fighting and was shot through the chest by a gravity control attack and still lived. He's durable.
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    How durable is Guyot compared to the other Zoalords? I think he may be more durable than most of them.
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    I think this speaks for itself...
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    Totally agree dude. It was a nerd badge of honor to talk about any anime you watched. Guyver was at my blockbuster too, but I first saw it at a place called specs in St. Pete. The first tape was like $20 and I had to buy it. My local comic shop had the viz comics and graphic novels, so I bought them all.
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    I'm such a sucker for that 80's and 90's anime aesthetic. Back when there wasn't much anime available and you had to order from a catalogue. I was lucky that the local Blockbuster had the first 2 US renditions OVA's with the 3rd one to follow not long after that. It was years before I even knew about the other OVAs to follow. Guyver was always the slow burn series for me so I'm used to waiting long periods of time for more. I really do hope it finishes eventually and that more people find out about it.
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    Yeah, the heyday was in the 90's. But this is such a great property it keeps getting merchandise made. I think it will get finished eventually. Books 30-32 really ramp up things for sure. We'll have to nerd out once you've read them!
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    Thanks for the welcome guys! I appreciate it and my copies of the volumes are arriving tomorrow! Excited to get access shortly after. Hope the hiatus ends and we get new chapters in the near future. I need to know what happens!
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    Welcome! I hope you enjoy the volumes
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    Welcome to the forum segawdcd!
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    Nevermind I found the access threads. I'll wait until the books come in and then request access at that time. Thanks
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    Hi from Italy. In the last book, april 2017 (italian edition by star comics), there is an interview, in the end Takaya promised 2 things, a conclusion for the story and above all he said he was preparing something special for the 30th anniversary. Since then nothing, the darkness. I mailed star comics for information and waiting for an answer.
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    Wait, what? I know of only one. The one that ends with Jabir flying away in his Zoaform.
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    Agree with your points mostly except for this: How could the frequency blades cut adamantium? They put out destructive vibrations at a molecular (or crystalline, I guess) level, but it's still a function of kinetic energy. The whole point about structural integrity is applying kinetic energy to disrupt it, and the whole deal of adamantium is that applying sufficient kinetic energy to tear it apart is not possible. Not by natural means, anyway.
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    Well lets start with understanding the nature of the beast. Doomsday is just as strong as Superman and unlike the man of steel he's not prone to pulling his punches, one solid blown and a normal guyver is dead. To make things worse Doomsday is just as fast and durable. So he's practically invulnerable. His bone spikes are also sharp enough to cut the seemingly invulnerable Kal-EL. Also while almost mindless Superman has noted several times that Doomsday is not a dumb beast type fighter and will actually adapt his attack style to suit the situation, not as in real fighting skill but Doomsday will for example throw objects at a flying target rather then just jump at them blindly. He has two real weaknesses. He's almost mindless and single minded, he only thinks about destroying and unless something really gets his attention he has been know to just ignore a foe if their out of his line of sight or something else catch's his eye. This also makes his movements easy to predict outside of combat so he can be easily led into traps. The other is that since he cannot fly he's more vulnerable in the air were his movements are restricted although with his reflexes and senses it can be hard to get the drop on him. So this is a pretty tall order for the a guyver and if we are talking Doomsday post Death of Superman when you have his insane reactive adaption powers to deal with. As I see it a normal guyver is an ant to Doomsday. Gigantic is powerful enough to brawl with 100 ton+ marvel power houses but Doomsday is on a whole other level from them, he's fast enough to actually out pass gigantic as well and to make it worse Gigantic is known for being less agile in melee combat. Exceed will last longerby being tougher and stronger but is not shown any sign of being Superman OP level powerful and its large size could be a hindrance agenst a smaller foe who's as fast and hits as hard as Doomsday. Doomsdays take on Supe's heat vision and Darkseid's Omega beams, so your right the head beams and Mega-Smasher are really not going to make a dent in him. Likewise brute force is a no go, it takes a being of OP Krytonian level strength to even begin to hurt Doomsday though brute force alone and no form of the guyver is that strong. In theory the High Frequency Blades can cut through almost anything, they should even be able to cut through metals like adamantium. So their is a chance they will cut Doomsday. But you'd have to make it count. Doomdsay's body is almost a complete solid mass with Kryptionian level durability and he has healed almost instantly from a slashing wound Superman gave him once. Cutting of an arm or a bone spike will hurt him but that's about it along with just pissing him off as he cannot bleed out since his body has minimal fluids to. You'd need to take his head clean off and given what your up aganst that not easy. As far as I know Doomsdays never been up against gravity attacks so they may work but the same issue comes up, Doomdsay has Superman level durability and unless you basically take his head off or blown a huge hole in him your wasting time. The sonic buster would be by far the best tool for the job but Doomsdays already developed some resistance to sonics during his second fight with Superman and he adapted very quickly to it By far the single best chance the guyver has to beat Doomsday is the Gravity Implosion. It could be enough to kill him if it hits but it takes time to charge and Doomsday is insanely fast. The real big problem is that the guyver is only going to get one shot at this, if they mess up they risk having Doomsday adapt to the weapons that did affect him and then they are screwed. If I was the guyver doing this I'd much rather fight the Hulk then Doomsday but there is a way. A head on attack is basically suicide with any guyver variant. The best and safest bet is to blast him with the GI asap because the Pressure Cannon is not a guarantied kill shot if it hits and the blades require getting close which is were Doomsday holds all the cards especially if you mess up your first attack. The best I can come up with is to dismember Doomsday and launch him into the air or better yet just trick him into jumping really high, then go Exceed and while he's in mid air charge and blast him with the Gravity Implosion.