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    G-Paul - Stage 3 Bravo Team Member’s Report: Name Redacted: Start from the beginning. Agent Fuller: O... ok, so after incident at the zoo Alpha Team had suffered heavy casualties. What was left of them had joined up with the G’s relatives and the group was trying to find a secure extraction zone... at least that’s what we were told at the time. (Agent Fuller inhales deeply) Agent Fuller: We thought we’d be sent in to get them but the high ups had other ideas. The G had apparently been badly injured during it’s fight with the Alphas, they wanted us to track it down and terminate it before things got any worse. Reports from men on the ground suggested it was heading in the direction of the British Museum. So that’s where we decided to start looking. Do you want me to tell you about the trip there? Name Redacted: No thank you Agent Fuller, please just skip to the part where your team started tracking the G. Agent Fuller: Sure. So we get to the museum and we quickly find pretty convincing evidence that the G had entered the building. Name Redacted: Which was? Agent Fuller: There was a very big hole were one of the entrance doors had been. To be honest we didn’t like the idea of going in there. It was getting dark by then and the museum didn’t seem to have any power running, a very bad place to be monster hunting. (Agent Fuller inhales again, his breath a little shaky) Agent Fuller: So we go in there and as we suspected the place was pitch black, a horde of G could have been in the building and you’d never have seen them. We were rather lucky at first, there weren’t too many zombies and despite the dark the G’s trail was easy to follow. We tracked it to what I had been told was the Greece section of the museum and that’s when... (Agent Fuller begins showing signs of agitation) Name Redacted: Are you able to continue, we need to know what happened. (Agent Fuller takes several deep breaths and becomes somewhat more relaxed) Agent Fuller: Sure... y... yes. Me and... John found it first. As we swept the room we passed one of the display walls which it turned out, the G had been lurking behind. We both heard it and as we turned all I saw was a... a... wall of glowing eyes and teeth! The thing lunged at us but John was fast enough to push me out of the way... (Agent Fuller becomes agitated once again) Agent Fuller: Everything went crazy after that. John screamed. That sound...that ****ing sound as it chewed him up! We opened fire, it dropped what was left of John and attacked. We were too late, it had mutated further. Bigger and tougher... and how could something that big be that fast! It was like a god dame nightmare! The next thing I knew it was on Brenda... I saw it bite...! (Agent Fuller begins weeping) Agent Fuller: Something happened to me when I saw that... my brain misfired... I froze up. I ****ing froze up! I just stood there as it slaughtered them all! They screamed... screamed and cried for help... but I just couldn’t ****ing move! (Agent Fuller suddenly becomes very calm) Agent Fuller: Then it all stopped. It was as if sound itself had died for a moment. Then I heard it walking, I felt it walking to. There was this awful noise, wet and organic. I didn’t want to look but... but something inside forced me to. The G was standing over Whitehouse... Name Redacted: Agent Fuller...? (Agent Fuller refused to communicate further. He was taken back to his quarters under guard. He was found dead the next morning. The coroner listed the cause of death as suicide) G-Paul - Stage 4 Sherry Birkin’s Notes: Of all the viruses Umbrella unleashed, the G-Virus is the one we know the least about. We’ve never been able to get our hands on any pure samples for study, all we’ve had to work off of is the strain in my body which hasn’t been any help. When Claire gave me the DEVIL vaccine all those years ago, the G within me was weakened and assimilated, apparently losing many of the properties of the original strain. I wonder if that’s why it’s never been as widely used as the other viruses. Do people see how dangerous and unpredictable it is or is it just that its samples are rare? Maybe it’s a bit of both. There have been two cases were G was used to try and create another, more stable bio-weapon. There was the T+G Virus and the C-Virus. Interestingly from what little we can gather the T+G Virus was created by combining the T-Virus with antibodies designed to fight G, while the C-Virus was created using the strain with me and the T-Veronica, which seemed to reactivate and alter some of G’s properties. Is it possible that G in its true form cannot be combined with another virus? Father what did you create? I’m being sent to the Britain to act as an advisor to the B.S.A.A operatives working to combat the resent outbreak in London. This is due to positive identification of a G. They called me in as Leon and Clair are currently on assignments of their own, leavening me as the closest thing to an expert we’ve got to hand. They’ve sent me everything they’ve’ got on this new G. It’s name was Paul King, a 29 year old male British citizen of Romani decent. From what they can tell he had nothing to do with the terrorist group responsible for the outbreak. According to his relatives, who are currently still in the field with what’s left of their rescue team, Paul disappeared during the initial outbreak break. I suspect he was likely infected around that time. Later that day reports were coming in about a “mutant man” being seen around London. Likely the G was starting to track it’s family and infecting others with it’s embryos along the way. The existence of the G was confirmed when a group of soldiers had the bad luck of walking right into it. They were all killed but their camera’s allowed for a positive ID. The G then made it’s way to the London Zoo, where it’s relatives and other survivor had fled due to it being outside the quarantine zone. The G engaged an army blockade near the area and was able to break through after it mutated into a stronger form. This event caused a massive breach in the quarantine zone, allowing the T-Virus to spread even faster than it had been. At this point the B.S.A.A operatives had arrived in London and Alpha team was sent in. The G then broke into the zoo hunting it’s relatives which caused mass panic, allowed animals to escape their enclosures and naturally brought the T-Virus in it’s wake. Alpha Team had to fight their way through the chaos to get to their targets, losing almost half their team in doing so. What was left of the team engaged the G and were able to injure it, although they payed a heavy price in doing so. Alpha team and the G’s relatives are currently trying to find a safe extraction zone. Bravo team were sent in to hunt down the injured G, only one of them coming back alive. The G’s current were about are unknown. I can’t help but feel sorry for Paul. Befor this he was a good man who's passion in life was dinosaurs. He’s wasn't like my father or Miller. He didn’t ask for this, he didn’t want to be a monster. Now he’s hunting the people he loves most, he’s going to hurt them and he can’t stop himself. Paul I can’t cure you, but I promise that I’ll do everything I can to make this right. I’ll help protect your family from you.