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    The seasons have only one big benefit: Armor Sets (though some have pets and/or wings) You're guaranteed one per season ( per account sadly), but now you do have to grind to lvl 70 before you can get any of the gear. ( before you could get them early... but they would drop at lower levels... And unlike Destiny 2, there is no way to lvl up gear you like). Some people really like the armor sets, some say they "ruin" the game as they can be pretty overpowered. I basically power through the lvls to 70 ( their bounty system is actually really easy to lvl with), get the armor set and maybe do the set dungeon if I can... but that is it. There are layers upon layers of bounties and rewards... but most of them are portrait pics. By getting the set you will also earn whatever the extra bonuses are, like the pets or wings. And how fast you lvl is all based on knowing if you can take on the next lvl of difficulty. I can usually get one done in 2-3 evenings if I really push and/or have a buddy. *edit* But you know, now that I say that out loud... There isn't much reason to be farming them when they isn't likely going to be anymore DLC... And D3 doesn't have "raids" or the like.
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    I've not played in a while, myself, but I have it on both PS4 and XB1. Never played it on PC. The console versions were both Ultimate Evil Edition with Reaper of Souls, and I bought the Necromancer DLC for both as well. Demon Hunter and Necromancer are my two favorites, but like Matt said, there's plenty of good builds out there for all the classes. One of these days, I'll get it all together for a Crusader and go all Captain America shield-slinging all over the place -- have most of that build on XB1, but need to get it going on PS4. I've not done seasons yet, even though they're available, but a lot of that has been because there's been so much demand on my time, whether with RL or with other games. But D3 / Skyrim / Fallout 4 are all games that I want to get back into. Destiny 2 Is still eating up some of my time, at least.
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    I've had it since day 1 of launch. the terrible. terrible. terrible launch. I stopped playing for a long time when the auction house and loot grind were becoming to much. Was playing with my brother, and while we beat it on normal and hard... he was having a hard time during hard because he wasn't playing with the auction house and his equipment was lacking. I was doing my best to keep up with new gear, but it took too much time. Came back for Reaper of Souls when a friend told me they had fixed a lot of it, and stayed for the Necromancer. Now I at least try to get the basic season requirements done every season since I have picked it back up. If I had to choose my favorite profession... they would likely be Demon Hunter, Wizard and Nercomancer in no particular order... but having played with them all, I can say there are builds I like for all the classes... Which is probably why it has me coming back so often if the season has a good armor set that I don't have for another class.
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    So, after watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (and getting 'Spidey Bells') stuck in my head, I've decided to write a Guyver-inspired little ditty called, "Guyver Bells." Ohhhhhh, Guyver Bells, Guyot Smells Balcus Laid an Egg Archanfel raises Hell And Aptom Got Away, Hey! Guyver Bells, Gregole Yells Vamore shoots his ray MegaSmasher's off the chain It's time to run away! ...I'll let you ponder this for a bit.