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    So, after watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (and getting 'Spidey Bells') stuck in my head, I've decided to write a Guyver-inspired little ditty called, "Guyver Bells." Ohhhhhh, Guyver Bells, Guyot Smells Balcus Laid an Egg Archanfel raises Hell And Aptom Got Away, Hey! Guyver Bells, Gregole Yells Vamore shoots his ray MegaSmasher's off the chain It's time to run away! ...I'll let you ponder this for a bit.
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    Page 28 [I'm so sorry. We wanted to tell you sooner...please don't be discouraged, okay.] Even with Auntie's gentle words, she can't help but lower her head silently. When lying on the bed, the tiredness of the whole day suddenly came out. However she didn't feel like sleeping, her nerves were strangely awake. There is a window on the foot of the wall that is as tall as the ceiling. The one seen from the door is this one. A window that doesn't open - or rather it was fixed. I wonder if it was by chance that I entered this room, such doubtful thoughts lingered. However, what Noriko felt was not despair. It was anger towards herself. (I should have come here earlier) It was because Noriko now knew here brother was dead. -Last Thursday, there was the death anniversary service of father. With mother being hospitalized, the only ones left in the household was only Noriko and her younger brother in the second grade. Relatives living nearby and neighbors came and help out, but after the service has been completed, everyone became so busy suddenly. She finally slept in the deep of the night, her brother's fall shook Noriko up. [What? Didn't you promise that you will go to the toilet alone?] Being tired, Noriko's tone was ill-tempered. Page 29 [I already did] Takeshi replied sharply. [Then that's good. Good night.] [Brother came] Takeshi whispered silently. [what?] [The altar, it was open] Brother was employed in a pharmaceutical company. He would definitely come back on the day of the funeral service, but without knowing the reason, was absent this year, it made them worry. But coming back at this late at night.... [Did you open the front door?] [No] [Then he won't be able to come in] [but he was here. the sliding door to the altar room was open] [Did you hear anything?] [But....] Rarely meeting him, the younger brother was a bit afraid of his older brother. [This is troublesome. Anyway, why don't you come here.]
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    Okay, here is a disclaimer. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but the girl's name is Noriko, not Kiko. I don't know where that came from. I wasn't probably paying attention then when I was translating those, but the girl's name is definitely Noriko. Additionally, I've tried to rephrase the sentences to be more palatable to English speakers, instead of literally translating word for word. Hopefully this will make it easier for whoever is going to edit this. Page 26 [I even called the office and the dorm. They are saying that there is no such employee. What could this mean? Please tell me the truth.] Noriko's tone was now like interrogating. Uncle couldn't say anything and just kept quiet. [...dear. You have to say something.] Auntie said defeatingly. [It's not something that we can hide forever] [My brother, something happened to him right?] Takuro closed his eyes. [...he passed away] [Is that so?] Noriko was a bit calm, which surprised the uncle a bit. [Did you already know?] [No. But somehow- something like that] Noriko shifted her words. [About the funeral, has it already been done?] [About that, there has been a delay in communication] Uncle said vexingly. Page 27 [I'm not so sure how to say this. ...in the plant, during work. A chemical tank broke. Tatsuo-kun was just changing the equipment. He still wasn't used to it yet. He wasn't able to run away quick enough. ....but those chemicals, seems like it was a strong acid used for solvents] [was it terrible?] [-there was nothing left] Uncle dropped his shoulders. [I feel somewhat responsible. If I didn't introduce him to our company, no, or at least have him work in the office, something like this wouldn't have happened.] [It's alright. I'm at least grateful for uncle.] Noriko said without any expression. [Are there any belonging that are left behind] [I understand. I'll try to ask about it tomorrow. Why don't you stay here for tonight. From here on, there needs to be a consultation] Uncle said a lot of things, but none of those registered in Noriko's ears. But there was one thing that kept on ringing on her head. [There was nothing left] Noriko was guided in a small room up a few steps from the first corridor.
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    Im back reading World Trigger now its hiatus has ended. I love the way the rank battles are narrated and scrutinised as they happen.
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    Page 32 Breakfast was already prepared on the dining table. [Would you like some red tea] The Uncle carefully said to Noriko who went to the table. [You can have whatever you like. Would you like some toast?] [Thank you very much. I'm good. I really don't understand the situation so I'm just a little bit worried.] Uncle nodded, like wanting to say something, but couldn't say anything for a while. At last, he slowly opened his mouth. [...actually, last night when I was alone, I was thinking. Why won't I let you return as the way you are right now. However, I can't do so in good conscience. So I thought that I have to tell you the truth after all] In an instant, there was a thought that brother was still alive. However, Uncle's word's did not go that way. [Tatsuo-kun, he was murdered] It took some time before understanding what that meant. However, even knowing this, Noriko still could not believe it. [Murdered-?] Uncle started his explanation. [Him, together with me, are part of a special department in Max Pharmaceutical. In order to keep the secret safe, even I myself do not know exact location of the company, it was that kind of work. Page 33 I don't think I can tell you the details, but using genetic research, it is part of a project team that develops new medicine, which I don't have much idea.] I finally understand why Brother had such a high salary. [Tatsuo-kun was a research staff and security personnel. With that kind of technology, it will put them ahead of the next generation. Competition between companies has been intense. The slightest leakage of sample or report will have a fatal result. Of course, the staff are kept to a bare minimum and the personnel has be trustworthy. They cannot simply employ security guards from the outside. -you haven't heard anything about the inside from your brother right?] [Right, he didn't mentioned anything.] Uncle nodded deeply. [In that sense, he was excellent. But was troublesome to those who steals confidential material.] [You mean industrial spy?] [A Criminal organization. A bunch involved in drugs and guns joined hands with the comglomerate, looking to make a big profit.] Reality still hasn't sunk in. But I can't see a reason why they have concocted such a tremendous lie. At least it made one thing very clear.
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    I started reading Manga via looking at the newer chapters in 2013-2015. (I had started & finished watching the OVA series in 2010) In 2017, I fully read the English translated Manga via KissManga (I knew most of what happened via reading info on the wiki.) I recently reread the Manga last fall, and it was fun to revisit it!
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    My Prime 1 Guyver1 came in finally! I will unbox it and show some pics next week. The boxes are giant. This thing is going to be badass!
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    Nothing is created in a vacuum and I felt like exploring what inspired our beloved franchise. I'll leave any connections to Kamen Rider to those who have a better understanding of that series. Baoh This is one that the vast majority of the forum will already know but it seems only fair at least give it a passing mention. For those new members Baoh (Boah: The Visitor to give it it's full title) was created by Hirohiko Araki, best known for his series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The basic plot is about a young man who is infected with a bio-weapon that grants him superhuman abilites which he uses to fight against the evil origination that experimented on him. It comes off a proto-type version of Guyver in many way although aspects of Jojo can also be seen here such a beings with psychic power and the Piller Men, especially Kars seem to be based on Baoh. Mazinger Z As strange as it sounds Mazinger's dna is in Guyver. Although it's not as overt as stuff like Baoh and Kamen Rider. While the original show's narrative is very simple it's basic elements are not to dissimilar and more developed version such as Shin Mazinger have a much stronger comparison. There also Mazinger Z's weapon. The most obvious is the Mega-Smasher being in the exact same location as the Breast Fire. However comparisons could be made with most of them such as the High Fequancy Blade and the Iron Cutter (see above) Head Beam - Photon Beam - both are the weakest attacks of each. The Sonic Buster and the Rust Hurricane are a bit of a loose connection however the being Mazinger was based on, Demon Lord Dante, did posses an ultrasonic roar attack. Another connection would be that fact that in both cases, these weapons are horribly overpowered and make short work of most of their opponents. Which tends to force the bad guys to come up with strategies to put the hero at a disadvantage in most confrontations. Another is actually Guyver's own Self-Defence Mode. Upon first piloting, Kouji had no idea what he was doing so Mazinger Z went on a rampage upon activation. A similur event occur during the Mazinkaiser series, the Mecha's power was so great that Kouji passed out and Mazinkaiser entered it's "Demon Mode" and attacked friend and foe alike. Another possible connection is between Great Mazinger and Guyver II. Great Mazinger was built to be 10x more powerful then Z and it's pilot was built up as a trained specialist. Yet Great Mazinger regularly gets completely trashed in most of it's fight and out performed by Mazinger Z when the two are together. However the contrast is that Lisker was lumbered with a damaged weapon while Great Mazinger is proof just training and natural talent is no substitute for experience and battle honed skills.
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    It has been said before. main influences are megadiver and godzilla. Then Takaya was asked to make it more grotesque. that's what gave us guyver. There may be more in it though of course so your suggestions are really interesting to consider.
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    Yes, but not saying a singe thing about why your serialization has abruptly stopped is also very un-Japanese too, so I guess it's just par for the course with this guy. Knowing how the business works, there could be a few reasons why the manga has been AWOL for so long. 1) His editor, or the editor in chief at ACE is not happy with his work, and doesn't deem it good enough to run. 2) The title has been dropped all together. (Not an entirely far-fetched theory. Regardless of whether it's still listed or not, this could very well be the case.) 3) Takaya is in poor health and has been unable to draw. 4) Takaya has had enough, and can't be bothered to continue anymore. Where most established manga creators with a large following have assistants to help draw the manga each week/month, it's possible that he is working alone. That would certainly justify the paltry number of pages each month even when it was being serialized. I recall seeing him placing an add for assistants (which he certainly wouldn't have had trouble finding since there are so many out there looking for work these days) so perhaps he found a few, but even if he did, he's barely done anything. Whatever the reason behind the hiatus, the fact that NOTHING has been said via the appropriate channels by Takaya himself is by far the biggest disappointment. Like many of you, I enjoy reading the Guyver, but it isn't THAT spectaular that its creator can just sit in silence and keep his fans in the dark without some kind of explanation. By mangaka standards here in Japan, he's been most unprofessional regarding the hiatus and the treatment of his fans. Personally, I think the reason might be a combination of 3 and 4.
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    The seasons have only one big benefit: Armor Sets (though some have pets and/or wings) You're guaranteed one per season ( per account sadly), but now you do have to grind to lvl 70 before you can get any of the gear. ( before you could get them early... but they would drop at lower levels... And unlike Destiny 2, there is no way to lvl up gear you like). Some people really like the armor sets, some say they "ruin" the game as they can be pretty overpowered. I basically power through the lvls to 70 ( their bounty system is actually really easy to lvl with), get the armor set and maybe do the set dungeon if I can... but that is it. There are layers upon layers of bounties and rewards... but most of them are portrait pics. By getting the set you will also earn whatever the extra bonuses are, like the pets or wings. And how fast you lvl is all based on knowing if you can take on the next lvl of difficulty. I can usually get one done in 2-3 evenings if I really push and/or have a buddy. *edit* But you know, now that I say that out loud... There isn't much reason to be farming them when they isn't likely going to be anymore DLC... And D3 doesn't have "raids" or the like.
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    I've not played in a while, myself, but I have it on both PS4 and XB1. Never played it on PC. The console versions were both Ultimate Evil Edition with Reaper of Souls, and I bought the Necromancer DLC for both as well. Demon Hunter and Necromancer are my two favorites, but like Matt said, there's plenty of good builds out there for all the classes. One of these days, I'll get it all together for a Crusader and go all Captain America shield-slinging all over the place -- have most of that build on XB1, but need to get it going on PS4. I've not done seasons yet, even though they're available, but a lot of that has been because there's been so much demand on my time, whether with RL or with other games. But D3 / Skyrim / Fallout 4 are all games that I want to get back into. Destiny 2 Is still eating up some of my time, at least.
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    Just came across this on eBay.... if only I had the cash (and an understanding girlfriend!) Even signed by Steve Wang eBay link
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    Indeed brother, this heresy will warrant the attention of the Inquisition and possibly the Death Watch. ”Suffer not the alien”. To pollut ones human purity with xenos filth is one of the greatest sins against the god emperor a human can commit.
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    Merry Christmas one and all. A gift from me to you
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    Currently watching Goshogun Got this by chance, although it's name was on my list. Unlike a lot of the other shows I've got, I know practically nothing about Goshogun as I didn't do any research on it befor hand. This came out the year after Ideon and despite only being one episode in the show feels odd. While it's clearly styled after 70's Super Robot shows, it's story telling is a bit more advanced. For example, our human villains actually get involved in conflicts and politics to further their agenda and make money, such as assisting in wars, assassinating government leaders to be replaced with agents and brutal takeovers of resources such as a dimond industry in Africa. It's not gone into great detail but it's pretty refreshing to see were the bad guys get the resources to support their production of lightsabre wielding, robot foot soldiers and giant mechs. Hell even their reason to go after the heroes is actually more logical, they are after experimental teleportation technology which would be a hug boon to their operations. The show currently feels a bit odd as it blends light comedy moments, such as a over bearing robot teacher and villains reacting comically when a grenade is throne in his hand, with some very dark scenes involving assassination, terrorism, mass-murder and self sacrifice vie an exploding briefcase. While older shows did have this blend of the comedic and the dark, because this series has a more developed story, the contrast stands out more, at least to me. Goshogun is a pretty cool looking robot with its whole design haveing a very super sentai/power rangers feel. So far it's weapons include eye lasers, missiles and a halberd like weapon. However the way it works is convoluted even by Super Robot standards. It's powered by Beamler Energy, a super, do anything, energy in same vain as Photo Energy, Getter Rays etc. However unlike it's predecessors were are not given an explanation as to what Beamler Energy is, given the shows impressive start I'm hoping this is a plot thread that will be developed rather then just"it's a thing and it just works". Were the convoluted part comes from is that this Goshogun clearly takes inspiration from Getter Robo and Gaiking... but utilises aspects of those robots in an odd way. Ok so Getter is formed by three jets that fuse into a robot, Gaiking is a created from parts stored inside a mobile carrier (it's torso being the carriers head), now Goshogun is a fully built robot stored inside a carrier along with three jets. The jets, maned by the robots pilots, then dock inside this fully constructed robots legs and chest. Now I get why this was done, it's to make Goshogun different while also playing on the nostalgia of those older shows, but it really is nonsensical. Character wise we haven't had much time to get to know everyone so I cannot comment to much although the whole team seems competent. So it's off to a very intreasting start.
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    Ooh! Was that John Wesley Shipp back in the flash costume?
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    Good subject, and if we're talking earliest influences, I think we have to start with the films Alien and The Thing ('79 & '82, respectively). Both films had a huge influence on the culture and popularised the themes of parasitism and symbiotics throughout the 80's. Japan was heavily influenced by American culture after the WW2 and the post-war economic boom that had it's height throughout the late 70's, 80's and early 90's. I believe Baoh, Guyver along with Venom were some of the earliest comic book characters to incorporate this theme, and I dare say they all had some influence on each other since they all appeared '84/'85. Being a huge "monster" fan, it's also inconceivable that Takaya wouldn't have been influenced by not only Mazinger Z, but also by Go Nagai's other classic, Devilman. I consider Guyver an awesome hybrid between symbiotic alien anti-hero and giant mecha genres. Throw in some classic Super Sentai and giant Kaiju (like you mentioned, Kamen Rider, but also Ultra-man) and mindless sci-fi body horror like Videodrome and you've got the perfect concoction! Of course you could always go back further to find roots in Superman/Godzilla, but they were pretty much the precursors to everything. Nice topic btw!!
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    Busy last few days. Great War of the Guyvers has being fully restored as to what it was before the change over to Wordpress. This also has a fully working Gallery section which is a nice upgrade to the way pictures used to work on the site. Note if you want to save pictures move the mouse to near the top of the picture when the mouse icon changes from a hand to a pointer. Rightclick and then you can save the picture. Along with that the Links section has also being fully restored and updated. There's still a lot of left to do. The ACTF Data files along with the other data files are still on going.
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    Sorry for the long silence on this topic. My project went on hold for a few week due to a bout of dipresstion but after a very overdue holiday I'm back on track and the translations for the first book will be finished in 2 to 3 days time. My plan is to then do my manga scans and editing, then once thats done I'll post the chapter summeries here. As a fun bit of trivia updated, the single biggest translastion headache I've had! And it was all due to a rodent! Ok so as you may or may not know, there were mammels during the age of dinosaurs. They were mostly small and lived in the shadows of the saurians but they did exist. Well of these little bastards turns up in the manga. Why is that a problem? Well because the name the original french translator used was jibberish! I'd run across this befor with the name of a prehostoric plant but in that situastion there was little I had to work with and it was so miner that I let it be. Here however this rat is seen and then part of a later coversation so I was obligated to get this right. The name the translator used began with a D, so I typed it in and guess what? Not a single Cretaceous mammals thats name began with D was even close to the spelling used. Then to make it worse, I checked every bit of paleo art for each and not one of them looked like the one used in the manga. And thus began my hunt. Do you know how many Cretaceous mammals there are? 79 with wikipedia entries alone! Then to add to that I had to check theorised diety habits, artists rendering that the original aurther might have used for his version on and also the year they were discovered so that they didn't clash with manga's date of publication. I could have narrowed the searched for just Late Cretaceous mammals but I had no way of knowing how accurate the manga was on this subject so I went through the lot just to be shore I didn't miss anything, although I took each creatures era into account when making my final choice. So I started at A and worked my way down to a likely specimen. Reigitherium was a Late Cretaceous mammal, it was speculated to be an insectivore, the old paleo art had a resmblance to the manga's version and it was discovered in 1990. It may seem like a lot of hard work for so small a thing but if I'm gonna translate this manga, I'm dame well gonna do it properly!