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    Hey all, I've submitted my game to steam greenlight. I really need the help to get it accepted onto the store! here is the link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659034368 All I need is more yes votes and favourites. please don't put yourself out, but a yes vote won't hurt in any way. it won't force you to buy it or anything. videos - screens -
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    I got mine now! (And, upon reflection, I probably should have wrote my name in marker instead of pen )
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    RL has being interesting the last few weekends. Between the new season of Daredevil and Batman V Superman and me getting older (birthday) 2 weeks ago and it being Paddy's day 2 weeks ago too it's being a very entertaining time but unfortunately also time for me being away from the site. This weekend though I hopefully will have the time to put the work into Japan Legend and get the old comic sections up on the board and info pages up and running on how to get scanlations. There will be some moving about of stuff and access so don't panic if you suddenly log in to have lost access to something. If after the weekend though and you still don't have access to something you should please post about it in the new Scanlation section of the board that will be going up. Note some post and locked threads will also move as a result of this weekends work.