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    Awesome! I won Guyver2, Aptom2, ZX Tole final form, Enyme, Guyver3 and Derzerb from him. I now have all of the figures and models!! All that's left is some laser discs and Guyver3 bust coming out next year and my collection is complete!!
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    I was tempted to bid on that Aptom 4 even though i have 2 lol. Figured it was someone on here so I didn't. Glad you got it. Unless I win a lottery I will never pay that much for Barcus and the tank. I'm perfectly happy with my copies that imho look way better than the originals and were so much cheaper.
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    So, I notice there hasn't been much talk regarding new chapters...is the series on hiatus? I know I haven't been around much (my apologies), but I was just wondering what was going on.
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    Got my Aptom V2 in yesterday and finally built it today! Took about 2-3 hours and must admit it was the trickiest one so far. No idea how those shoulder cannons are supposed to open/close, so just ended up gluing it.
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    /wave I'm Brian Japan-Legend is it's own stand alone site. It used to be focused around a Wiki (which is since dead) and the message board we are chatting on. Jess gave up the site to me and I took it on to keep it going. I'd to make some tough calls on how to get the site to be manageable and that meant cutting the old Wiki which was not recoveable fromt he site and making it focus on what it manly is which is the Message-Board. WarriorGuyver.com in a similar way had a messageboard (2 in fact one old archive and an active one) and it effectively split the chat and trebled my work keeping them all up to date and working. So I merged them all into Japan-Legend. TheGuyver.Net will take over were the wiki and some old Guyver info pages I used to run left off. Recently replaced it with a word press site and will be Guvyer'iszing it later when I get time and putting a theme together for it that works.
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    Okay. Was just wondering. I'm still ever so slowly working on my own custom 1/6 figure when I have time and am in the mood. Plus the fact of just trying to figure out what all I want to do and how to do it. It doesn't help that I'm not even remotely an artist lol.
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    Not sure. I haven't seen anything else on it.
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    I can totally appreciate that. If I had the space I would have gotten Guyver0 too, but nah. I'm saving for a wedding next year and move as well so I need to pump the breaks anyways. Lol! But I have the bust for Guyver3 on pre order. I want those 1/6 figures too!! It's really too bad the manga and anime are dead at the moment. But probably a good thing. They would make even more stuff to buy if the property were thriving.
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    I have the statue for Guyver1 as well, but nowhere to put him so he is in the box until we eventually move and have more room. Keep an eye on buyee. They are selling close to the initial price. I saw one that went for 248 or so the other day. Cheaper than buying direct.
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    Forgot to post my bday present...
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    Yeah, I decided 2 Aptom 4's was enough. I have 2 of the Aptom 2's as well since one has gray skin and the other has brown/tan skin.
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    I too messaged him somewhat but he has not replied. I am sure this is not fun for him to have to sell any of it as it is hard to collect and is a passion. I have Aptom4 already, I needed Aptom2... funny enough i now have 2 of them so if anyone is interested let me know. I have an extra final form zx tole too. Lol! I don't see me ever selling my collection. Took too long and cost too much to get here!
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    Aw well. If it's for his kids I won't make him wait any longer. He obviously has his reasons for not responding to any of my messages. Hopefully he comes back to me before he ships. Ended up shelling out £130 for the 2 (£30 shipping, damn eBay Global Shipping Program!!), so if I can make £30 back on the GII i'll be happy. Wow! No idea why you'd need 3 Aptom 4s! LOL. I'm pleased to have one for my display. That'll be me for a while now. Just got my 2nd GIII figma in, so once I get these 2 Aptoms versions i'm straight. Unless an affordable Ramotith & Zencrebe set ever pops up!!
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    I know he said something a long while back about selling and using the money towards his kid/kids If I remember Correctly. I would've bid on something but I don't like the kits being bundled together and having to buy a kit i don't want to get one I do want. Surprised only one of the Guyver 0 sets sold. I am thinking about the one that's left even though I don't need it as I already have 0 and multiples of a few of the others.
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    Great stuff!! I was surprised to see him getting out of the collecting game. Have you had any joy contacting him on your orders? He has sent me lots of payment reminders, but i've been trying to ask him if he can just sell Aptom 4 and remove Guyver II for a small discount, even just $30, but he's not answering. I'll probably just end up selling the Guyver II cheap if not. Guess you already had the Aptom 4? Seems to have been the listing that had the most bidding action!
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    Looks like Guyversudo is selling off his BFC kit collection on eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/guyvergiganticexceed/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=). Managed to snag myself Aptom 4, so I finally have the 5 kits I was after!! Now just for BFW set 06. See that Barcus and the processing tank are going for 40K each on YAJ!! With the current exchange there is no way I can justify dropping the best part of £700 on those 2, so i'll have to make do until I win the lottery or something
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    That's one of the only ones I am missing. Hope to find one soon!! Congrats!
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    He did seem quite pleased with it. he wrote a message of thanks in a publication at the time. it may have been in the front of shonen ace or another publication. we do not know because evidently we missed the message.
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    Well that seems to be the best lead we have - although its vagueness is very frustrating. At least the man is well from the sounds of things and still able to use his drawing hand to good effect.
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    Also, I finally got around to opening OVA GIIF today and tried playing around while I wait for my risers to arrive. I've got about 10 new figures to add and i'm starting to worry that 2 cases isn't enough.
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    I can't say very much because I am not privy to the post, info and image, ( but both Sully and Jess have the conversation) but there was some info posted on the Guyver World Facebook page that has a lot more credibility in concern to Guyver's status... And it involves a mega fan getting a signed picture by Takaya in April of this year and he was able to ask Takaya about the manga status, and mentioned something to the effect that it will return. They would not say HOW they got in contact of course, but the artwork is definitely legit.
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    So my Gregole and Enzyme arrived!! I'm really pleased, but at the same time anxious as I've never built anything like this. What do I need? Scissors, Knives, Glue? Grabbed another display box for my Guyver figures today. Adding the BFC and BFW's that scale with the figmas. Guyot and Neo Zx-Tole are a bit small based on the Data files, but i'll add them regardless. Really wished we'd got a figma Guyver II and Murikami to fit with the rest of the line. My BFC's are way to big.
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    Nice! When you say bfw models I take it you are referring to the pre-painted garage kits? To me, the bfw line were the pre-assembled 2 packs. How does the quality stand up between the garage kits and the twin packs? Do they scale the same and is the paint as good? From what I can tell they do, stumbled across this from an older thread and Gregole and Enzyme I look decent alongside the others. How much would you expect someone to pay for those 2 these days? Is £100 each reasonable, or you think you can still find them for less? Sorry for all the questions, just got excited after dusting off the old team 5. I remember I picked up all 4 used without the packaging for £50, but it seems gone are those days
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    Brian is Sully, the hero that keeps this all running for us.
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    Not to sound like a prude or anything, but I contributed to almost 90% of the content in the late wiki, even laid out the foundations of it yet you don't see me complain about it being lost. I should be the one most upset about it being gone seeing how much time and energy I put into it. But well, that's life. If you can't get past something so trivial as that, it'll be very hard to do so in the real world. To be fair with Jess, she did try all sorts of things to salvage all the content. However, the damage was too severe for it to have any use. If you're going to ask me to do it again, I am willing, but unfortunately, I no longer have the time or energy for those sort of things. I'm not getting any younger you know.....