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    Page 28 [I'm so sorry. We wanted to tell you sooner...please don't be discouraged, okay.] Even with Auntie's gentle words, she can't help but lower her head silently. When lying on the bed, the tiredness of the whole day suddenly came out. However she didn't feel like sleeping, her nerves were strangely awake. There is a window on the foot of the wall that is as tall as the ceiling. The one seen from the door is this one. A window that doesn't open - or rather it was fixed. I wonder if it was by chance that I entered this room, such doubtful thoughts lingered. However, what Noriko felt was not despair. It was anger towards herself. (I should have come here earlier) It was because Noriko now knew here brother was dead. -Last Thursday, there was the death anniversary service of father. With mother being hospitalized, the only ones left in the household was only Noriko and her younger brother in the second grade. Relatives living nearby and neighbors came and help out, but after the service has been completed, everyone became so busy suddenly. She finally slept in the deep of the night, her brother's fall shook Noriko up. [What? Didn't you promise that you will go to the toilet alone?] Being tired, Noriko's tone was ill-tempered. Page 29 [I already did] Takeshi replied sharply. [Then that's good. Good night.] [Brother came] Takeshi whispered silently. [what?] [The altar, it was open] Brother was employed in a pharmaceutical company. He would definitely come back on the day of the funeral service, but without knowing the reason, was absent this year, it made them worry. But coming back at this late at night.... [Did you open the front door?] [No] [Then he won't be able to come in] [but he was here. the sliding door to the altar room was open] [Did you hear anything?] [But....] Rarely meeting him, the younger brother was a bit afraid of his older brother. [This is troublesome. Anyway, why don't you come here.]
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    Okay, here is a disclaimer. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but the girl's name is Noriko, not Kiko. I don't know where that came from. I wasn't probably paying attention then when I was translating those, but the girl's name is definitely Noriko. Additionally, I've tried to rephrase the sentences to be more palatable to English speakers, instead of literally translating word for word. Hopefully this will make it easier for whoever is going to edit this. Page 26 [I even called the office and the dorm. They are saying that there is no such employee. What could this mean? Please tell me the truth.] Noriko's tone was now like interrogating. Uncle couldn't say anything and just kept quiet. [...dear. You have to say something.] Auntie said defeatingly. [It's not something that we can hide forever] [My brother, something happened to him right?] Takuro closed his eyes. [...he passed away] [Is that so?] Noriko was a bit calm, which surprised the uncle a bit. [Did you already know?] [No. But somehow- something like that] Noriko shifted her words. [About the funeral, has it already been done?] [About that, there has been a delay in communication] Uncle said vexingly. Page 27 [I'm not so sure how to say this. ...in the plant, during work. A chemical tank broke. Tatsuo-kun was just changing the equipment. He still wasn't used to it yet. He wasn't able to run away quick enough. ....but those chemicals, seems like it was a strong acid used for solvents] [was it terrible?] [-there was nothing left] Uncle dropped his shoulders. [I feel somewhat responsible. If I didn't introduce him to our company, no, or at least have him work in the office, something like this wouldn't have happened.] [It's alright. I'm at least grateful for uncle.] Noriko said without any expression. [Are there any belonging that are left behind] [I understand. I'll try to ask about it tomorrow. Why don't you stay here for tonight. From here on, there needs to be a consultation] Uncle said a lot of things, but none of those registered in Noriko's ears. But there was one thing that kept on ringing on her head. [There was nothing left] Noriko was guided in a small room up a few steps from the first corridor.
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    Nothing is created in a vacuum and I felt like exploring what inspired our beloved franchise. I'll leave any connections to Kamen Rider to those who have a better understanding of that series. Baoh This is one that the vast majority of the forum will already know but it seems only fair at least give it a passing mention. For those new members Baoh (Boah: The Visitor to give it it's full title) was created by Hirohiko Araki, best known for his series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The basic plot is about a young man who is infected with a bio-weapon that grants him superhuman abilites which he uses to fight against the evil origination that experimented on him. It comes off a proto-type version of Guyver in many way although aspects of Jojo can also be seen here such a beings with psychic power and the Piller Men, especially Kars seem to be based on Baoh. Mazinger Z As strange as it sounds Mazinger's dna is in Guyver. Although it's not as overt as stuff like Baoh and Kamen Rider. While the original show's narrative is very simple it's basic elements are not to dissimilar and more developed version such as Shin Mazinger have a much stronger comparison. There also Mazinger Z's weapon. The most obvious is the Mega-Smasher being in the exact same location as the Breast Fire. However comparisons could be made with most of them such as the High Fequancy Blade and the Iron Cutter (see above) Head Beam - Photon Beam - both are the weakest attacks of each. The Sonic Buster and the Rust Hurricane are a bit of a loose connection however the being Mazinger was based on, Demon Lord Dante, did posses an ultrasonic roar attack. Another connection would be that fact that in both cases, these weapons are horribly overpowered and make short work of most of their opponents. Which tends to force the bad guys to come up with strategies to put the hero at a disadvantage in most confrontations. Another is actually Guyver's own Self-Defence Mode. Upon first piloting, Kouji had no idea what he was doing so Mazinger Z went on a rampage upon activation. A similur event occur during the Mazinkaiser series, the Mecha's power was so great that Kouji passed out and Mazinkaiser entered it's "Demon Mode" and attacked friend and foe alike. Another possible connection is between Great Mazinger and Guyver II. Great Mazinger was built to be 10x more powerful then Z and it's pilot was built up as a trained specialist. Yet Great Mazinger regularly gets completely trashed in most of it's fight and out performed by Mazinger Z when the two are together. However the contrast is that Lisker was lumbered with a damaged weapon while Great Mazinger is proof just training and natural talent is no substitute for experience and battle honed skills.
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    It has been said before. main influences are megadiver and godzilla. Then Takaya was asked to make it more grotesque. that's what gave us guyver. There may be more in it though of course so your suggestions are really interesting to consider.
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    Ooh! Was that John Wesley Shipp back in the flash costume?
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    http://guyver.wikia.com/wiki/Guyver_Advocacy Just bumped into this today. While short it did fill me in on a little I didn't know. And it's one and only comment made me chuckle, the staff put in all these years of hard work into supporting and promoting Guyver and in internet fashion the pages one comment is a s##tpost, typical.
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    Haha yikes, I wonder who wrote that article. We've never claimed to be the "official English guyver authority" and don't think it's fair for them to dump that title on us
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    Ah yes Ultraman, I don't know why that didn't register when Kanji pointed that out. Hell it's not just the colour and size changing but also it's another instance of an alien setting up shop in someone's body, all be it with consent in that case. Yes far better then Ideon. On the subject of assumption, well thats kind of the point of this thread. Takaya did indeed site those as his main sources but from examining other content, others research and personal experience, development of any concepts is not always that simple. We constantly absorb new information and idea's that we then develop into our own, one way or another. It's all very interesting I feel and applying a little speculative analysis and assumption to Guyver is both interesting and fun. If absolutely nothing else, doing this with other stuff has allowed me to come across other material I was unaware of. Edit: It's also a good way to find out your ideas are wrong, case in point. On that note the placement of the Control Metal and Zoacrystals is another thing of intreast. The most obvious is the idea of the third eye mythology and spirituality. It's a concept generally linked with greater awareness along with the ability to see chakra/auras/ the supernatural. While not a true facsimile of these concepts, the Control Metal is the core of the Guyver and the direct link between the host and the armour, providing control, information and protection. Perhaps the closest it gets is with the units ability to connect directly with the Relic ship. The Zoacrystals while not as complex are still the key part of Zoalords power. Guyver is far from the only one as it has been used in a lot of media, for example Mazinger Z again with the placement of the pildet. For the first piloted mecha, it's control unit is not behind it's eyes or in it's chest, but right in the centre of the forehead. As well as with it's progenitor Demon Lord Dante, with the human part of the demon (interesting also inspire by Godzilla). Other more overt references to the third eye can be found in a Japanese's fiction such as Tien from Dragon Ball to as recently as One Piece and the character of Pudding.
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    No, definitely not. It's likely Ultraman or other similar shows. Ideon doesn't "grow". And while a weapons function might be similar, Guyver has had gravity based weapons from the start. Tora Tan essentially stated the correct information. We can make all the assumptions we want, but those two were mentioned by Takaya himself. The megasmasher specifically has been noted to have been inspired by Godzilla's atomic breath.
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    To throw another giant bot in as possible inspiration, I can't help but see the Ideon in Guyver. especially in Gigantic Exceed. Not only in colour scheme but also the fact the Ideon has a "Black Hole Cannon" and the screw you, the ship you flew in on, the fleet you came with you and the planet you called home "Ideon Gun"
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    Good subject, and if we're talking earliest influences, I think we have to start with the films Alien and The Thing ('79 & '82, respectively). Both films had a huge influence on the culture and popularised the themes of parasitism and symbiotics throughout the 80's. Japan was heavily influenced by American culture after the WW2 and the post-war economic boom that had it's height throughout the late 70's, 80's and early 90's. I believe Baoh, Guyver along with Venom were some of the earliest comic book characters to incorporate this theme, and I dare say they all had some influence on each other since they all appeared '84/'85. Being a huge "monster" fan, it's also inconceivable that Takaya wouldn't have been influenced by not only Mazinger Z, but also by Go Nagai's other classic, Devilman. I consider Guyver an awesome hybrid between symbiotic alien anti-hero and giant mecha genres. Throw in some classic Super Sentai and giant Kaiju (like you mentioned, Kamen Rider, but also Ultra-man) and mindless sci-fi body horror like Videodrome and you've got the perfect concoction! Of course you could always go back further to find roots in Superman/Godzilla, but they were pretty much the precursors to everything. Nice topic btw!!
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    sounds like legal troubles...............I bet Takaya doesn't own the publishing rights, and Kadokawa have decided to drop it. There's nothing Takaya can do. He can't get it published via another outlet without getting the rights signed over, and if Kadokawa don't want to publish or sign over then it's stuck in indefinite limbo. Even if he leaks the manuscripts on the internet, he's liable to get sued. Only chance we have is if another publisher comes along and purchases the IP rights, or there's a sudden increase in popularity (high profile endorsement), that makes it financially attractive for Kadokawa to resume publication. It's a shame. Probably explains why he continued with Zeorymer Omega, since Tokuma are still willing to put it out (He dropped a tank last year). If only they had the buying power to transfer guyver to them. It would be a much better fit in Monthly Comic Ryƫ. Only time will tell, but the poor dudes gonna be 59 next year!
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    Tomorrow is when the next Ace is due out. Monthy ritual repeats then. Edit: This months Ace is out but no new cover yet. Looking at a translation of the description no mention of Guyver.
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    I had a really weird dream a while back related to an old game I played the crap out of as a kid. I was in a Legend of Zelda game, with N64 graphics, and I was fighting a corrupted Link, and I was using masks from Majora's Mask against him. On top of that, when wearing the transformation masks, I could equip the regular items (that normally can't be used while wearing those particular masks) into my yellow arrow slots and they'd act as a "power boosts" for the mask attacks. (Example: As a goron, I equipped the fire and ice arrows, and my goron punches became fire or ice punches.) It was odd and cool, but when I woke up at 3 in the damn morning my brain decided to continue the story and keep me up. Anyone else have game dreams like this or is my brain trying to tell me something?
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    the g unit is a tool. I think we need to consider if the unit would bond with a species that is not naturally inclined to make use of tools. I mean, the unit configures itself based on the host. in terms of humans, humans are warlike. we often think of ways to defeat our enemies. that instinct is very likely the source of guyvers weaponry. a t-rex' instinct includes chasing prey, catching it and eating it. in my mind, the only thing a unit would do with a t-rex is make it run faster. I do find it interesting that the guyver does not increase mating potential. or maybe that is what the unit retraction is about? maybe that is a mechanism that exist in humans because of the need to mate? maybe if the guyver bonded to a species that was not sexual, then it would not have a mechanism to be stowed in the boost dimension?
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    Nice. Good luck with the auctions. I have a Guyver 0 model on the way that I just won on Buyee. Finally completes my collection of the models.
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    A small update to the collection is on the way! I got Neo ZX-Tole and the variant mega smasher Guyver1 model. So now I have all the max factory figures and most of the models. Also bidding on a Vamore model and lost a Mizuki and combat crew model... so boo to that. Lol!
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    Here's an interesting fact. All life on Earth had to be destroyed because the genetic flaw that allowed the Guyver effect was present in all forms of life. But you've to ration that with what Matt said, we know a lot more about how the Guyver Unit works now to 20 years ago (thank you translators!!!!). The question would be how the balance would work. it's a known fact that humans are one of the few species that are truly self aware. By that we mean the brain we have has gone beyond just survival mode which most creatures have. E.g. a road cuts through the rain forest. Some animals will never cross that road. They'll never figure it out. You could argue there are other animals on Earth that would over come something like this. But the question would be without true self awareness would a Guyver Trex ever be not "Out of Control"?
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    Busy last few days. Great War of the Guyvers has being fully restored as to what it was before the change over to Wordpress. This also has a fully working Gallery section which is a nice upgrade to the way pictures used to work on the site. Note if you want to save pictures move the mouse to near the top of the picture when the mouse icon changes from a hand to a pointer. Rightclick and then you can save the picture. Along with that the Links section has also being fully restored and updated. There's still a lot of left to do. The ACTF Data files along with the other data files are still on going.
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    Welcome to the forum new guys . FYI those keeping keeping the following thread up to date with their collections When I get Guyver.Net up to date one of the things I want to do is to add a section for those that have great collections is to put these up on the site. I'll be working on that once the major update to WarriorGuyver.com is done. This thread is more for keeping track of the lack of Manga. But you're more than welcome to start a new thread if you fell it doesn't fit with the collections thread mentioned above if none of the current stuff matches what you want to chat about.
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    Scott Wilson died on October the 6th from cancer. He played in the Walking dead as Hershal. May he rest in peace.
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    The usual breakdown of this usually goes as follows: Guyver 1 - Blank slate. Sho had no ambition/motives in life and the unit stayed its default color and gave a pretty basic design. I wouldn't say "default" as there is likely no "default" look. Guyver 2 - Lisker wanted power. He wanted to move up in the world. Yellow/Gold are usually associated with power. It has never been properly confirmed whether or not the damaged look is because of the damage to the control metal, but the alternate model head that Max factory released is also mean looking, as Lisker not a man to cross. Guyver 3 - Dark ambitions, dark armor. Even further mutated by the general malice and evil that Agito likely feels. He wants to rule and will step on any one's corpse if he has to. Despite his "good guy" status at points, when he got his unit, his ambitions were dark as they come. Guyver 2-F - She's out for revenge, but it is based somewhat on her relationship with Lisker... Purple/pink is a weird color for her, unless she has some unresolved feelings... Guyver 0 - Very likely was a hunter. Fierce and violent... But not evil. Probably a hunter of a tribe and very brave. Green is often considered the color of bravery. So he has a mean look, but not an evil color.
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    Hey Maze! Thanks for noticing that. I think the scale of the zoalords are decent but the zoanoids are a bit off. Too small. Definitely grab any figure you think is a steal on price as any of them can cost a pretty penny! The main reason I have them set up this way is so you can see more when looking at it leveled. I got a cool shelf off of eBay to add more height too. See below.