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    Guyver III confirmed for a July 26th release date: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/post/4545/Release+Dates+and+Changes+for+July+2017+Products.html I can't wait! Although it almost feels like the end of an era...........no more upcoming Figmas, no new chapters announced and no anime........... I'm worried it'll slowly be forgotten if it doesn't make a comeback in some form of media or another!
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    Finally got my hands on Prugstall and the two versions of Female Guyver 2 / Guyver 2F
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    Hey all, sorry real life has sucked lately for me being unemployed so I've not being with it to visit and keep things up to date. Started back work this week and finished the template I'm going to use for TheGuyver.Net. I'm currently working on the menu system so should hopefully get a working version of the site up soon.
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    Guyver was my first and only comic book hero that i attached to. But over the years and the lack of content being released across the pond, no new movie or 2nd season to the 2005 series on the horizon and now the chapters being on hiatus for quite a while. Rather than just stress over that i attached my self to DC Comics and that's been keeping me occupied and not thinking about Guyver. I really want to see it come to a close and i want to see a new updated movie with big budget special effects like Ghost in the Shell got and i want to see a continuation of the 2005 anime, i don't want to see another reboot in 5-10 years time. But i have feeling that is what we will get because i think 12 years is too long of a gap to continue a series. But i wouldn't complain if they did reboot it unless they actually followed through and continued it beyond.
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    Yeah "Apollon" was a mistranslation. The correct translation of his name is Apollyon since that is what the original Japanese says. There aren't any deeper mixes of cultures or whatever it's simply the same name as the god he is named after; Abaddon, or "Apollyon" in Greek which is where the Japanese translation comes from.
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    I agree. I'm starting to get angry!
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    Got in a box of goodies from buyee today. Had it bundled with books so had to wait for seamail on this one.
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    Perhaps those breasts fire a particle beam?
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    Agreed. The source material may be all but dead, but the franchise is going pretty strong this year compared to others. The statues alone are a good sign that it isn't dead. The manga may be suffering with readership and interest on that level, but the franchise seems to be going along decently.
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    Another one so soon? Sure...why not.
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    I would really hope not. I never truly knew what the Guyver series was until I started watching the anime. And in watching the 26 episode series I understood just how interesting this franchise was, not only was it cool to watch but also had a very gripping yet engrossing plot. It was a little disappointing to find that the anime series had only lasted until episode 26, but then I realized the manga was still ongoing, so I slowly begun to read that. Naturally I just picked up where I left off, which was straight after Neo-Zektole's defeat and the Zoalords reshaping the world. Now I am eagerly awaiting the events to come, following volumes 31-32. I never did watch or follow the series from the beginning like many of you, but it's certainly worth mentioning that I do encourage friends of mine often to check it out. It is definitely an intriguing series. To be honest I still have not even seen two live-action films lol. I also found out that the anime I watched (2005) was just a remake of the original, consisting of only 12 episodes. Nonetheless I plan on doing all that while the series is *fingers crossed* simply on hiatus. I have also been interested to collect its merchandise. Already bought the Guyver 3 K-Soul (Korea Designed Toy) light. Still in the package.
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    Here's hoping we can at least get the male Guyver II to round things out, after Guyver III.
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    upon reading more this picture here makes me think it has to do with the creators even more. And also there's a point where he sees aptom and is confused by what he is. Wouldn't kami know what aptom is though? So why would kami want to return everything to nothing? That seems more like something the creators would want. also i feel a lot of the names mean something this may sound a bit wacky but if you just take kami out of murakami's name it means god or deity. So wouldn't the creators pretty much be god to everyone on earth since they created them?
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    Yeah i agree with you but it's still weird that he's looking up into space as if waiting on the creators to arrive.
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    Most of the evidence points to it being Imakarum in the armor, but it's hard to say what his actual goal is at this point. All we know is that he has some kind of timeline ( could be related to Archanphel's health); that he is collecting the Zoalord Crystals of all Zoalords he can (not just of the 3 rogues); and that he is trying to keep Archanphel alive. Oh and that he wants "something" from Guyot...
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    I haven't been here in about a year. I'm shocked there hasn't been any more chapters. Now i'm just throwing out a fantasy here but what if there has been no news because he's been working on a second season of the anime? long shot i know but one could dream, and it's better than thinking something has happened to him or has some kind of issue.
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    I thought it was a pretty good episode. I figured that white aura was nothing more than a barrier, even though everyone speculated it being his new form. Honestly from the opening it just looks like he has completely mastered Kaio-Ken, rather than achieved a new form. Now if you're going to talk about the Dragon Ball Super manga, I would say his SS Blue appears to have been mastered, based on his fight with Merged Zamasu. To be honest I'm not really expecting any new specific transformation for a while. He can still power-up but will only be able to go so far, as Vegeta mentioned that they're already at the limits of their strength. I would really love to see more of the original Super Saiyan God (red form) than blue. While I enjoy blue it doesn't seem like red matters. Yet, in contrast it would save them stamina since blue drains pretty drastically, according to Goku. About the episode, I really thought it was great. That ending sure was ominous though. Not only did it look like the angel (Mojito) was smiling after his universe got destroyed but also the Grand Priest. I feel like there's more going on behind the scenes. And after Goku requested the tournament it was the perfect opportunity for them to take action against Zeno, or use his powers to rid the remaining universes from existence. Either way it's definitely getting more interesting with each new episode!
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    this is it. I think everyone is in the same position. the world sucks. I'm 10 years out of university and I'm starting my own design studio. It's hard work, but people who do this will be in a good position as opposed to those who go and work in walmart.
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    Can't take the damn suspense anymore...
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    Figma Guyver III comes out in July, I aim to do my part and obtain 2-4.
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    ah I see. ok, well this version has them arranged a bit better -
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    That was kind of my thought too... I had missed out on the Bio-Fighter collection series of figures and really did not want to miss these... but the price was way too high until that one store put them on clearance when the company folded. It still hurt a bit to spend so much... But not as bad as their original prices.
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    Awesome, it looks it great condition too
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    Just won a Buyee auction for a Guyver Gigantic model!!!!!! Now I only need the Dark Gigantic to complete the models.
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    ...That looks wonderful, but it seems a little pointless to have a prequel to a movie which concluded the franchise. Whatever the Gelflings intend to do, we know they will not dethrone the Skeksis, and we also know there's just two Gelflings left in the world by the time of the movie. And they weren't raised by their own kind. I dunno, man.
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    "(...)The film was criticized for making light of statutory rape, incest and child neglect. Online review show Half in the Bag called the film "pathetic" and "painful", and went on to criticize Sandler as a comic, including his inability to create real humor that isn't based on childish jokes. Bob Fishbach from the Omaha World-Herald gave the film one out of four stars, saying that it was "worse than Sandler's previous stinker, Jack and Jill." Richard Roeper gave the film an "F" rating, calling it "an ugly, tasteless, deadly and mean-spirited piece of filmmaking", while Alonso Duralde gave the film a scathing review, calling it "vulgar, trite, sexist, misogynist, hacky, tacky, gross, sentimental and stupid, with occasional flourishes of racism and veiled homophobia thrown in to boot." (...)" Having read the synopsis, it seems like a horrible movie to me.
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    Saw it. It was good. Darth Vader indeed features in it. The movie did make me ask one thing: Just what is the point of the Death Star, anyway? The Empire has the resources to scour a planet if life, regardless - blast its surface with conventional weaponry, or even simply flood it with troops that seek out every last sapient being on the planet. Or you could blockade a planet - effectively quarantine it, turn it into a huge prison, and destroy, if not all, at least the majority of ships that leave it, creating an untenable situation for the population who do not have the means to retaliate or even resist. Instead, the Empire destroys an entire planet's worth of resources. That's cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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    Books 30 and 31 are back on-line. For access see the Access Reqest section of the board (note you need to be a member to see that section of the board).