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    it's been a while since i last posted anything here.. here is some update i found...
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    Then there's this beautiful piece of crap...
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    Still here as well. Came across the original ova on VHS at a suncoast store in the late 90's If I remember Correctly. Absolutely loved it. Watched it probably once every other week. That's all knew about it until one day in a Best Buy I see volume 1 of the new series. I was like "Holy Crap!!!!". Then when I got home to watch it I saw the booklet inside and when I skimmed through it I say one of the voice actors holding the Max Factory action figure. I nearly drenn my pants. I had no idea there were actions figures. So I googled it and eBay came up and I saw there were a number of figures and the original colored models and all kinds of stuff. That's when I joined eBay in 2005 so I could buy the action figures. Over the next year or so I got figures 1 thru 11. Then I saw Imakarum come up for pre order but money was tight so I had to pass. I decided maybe later. My figures sat on the shelf for awhile and i kinda difted away from Guyver. I still watched the anime dvds I had frequently but that was it. Then things picked up for me a couple years ago and i found myself drawn back in. I wanted to get Imakarum to finish the figure line. Imagine my surprise when every where I saw the prices were $500+! Decided to start collecting the models instead for the time being along with other Guyver stuff. Managed to finally get Imakarum for a really good price, got all the models, figures, figmas, Gigantics, two different Lisker 1/6 resin statues, both Vile Guyvers by Narin, the mangas, Guyver 3 statue, some busts, G unit prop etc. Trying to finish the trading card collection for the cards that came in the models have just 3 to go. Waiting on the Prime 1 ultimate G1 to ship. Probably won't be until next year some time Having Peter Hall who did the G1 resin bust with guts showing sculpt a 1/6 Griselda figure. He should start it in August. Would like to eventaully get the Guyver and Guyver Zoanoid bust from ECC but i might need to sell a kidney. And like the rest of you I'm wishing he would continue with the manga. I need more Guyver as I am kinda going through withdrawal lol.
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    I think that it would likely be pretty powerful, but as you stated, it's brain wouldn't likely be able to utilize the Guyver unit to its full potential... in more ways than one. I've always assumed that the Human beings particular design is what makes the Guyver unit so potent on it. A body with high adaptability, a survival instinct and a brain capable of higher functions. A T-Rex would have lots of power in terms of raw muscle, but it's cold blooded nature and small brain would not be a good mix for the unit. So while all creatures designed by the Creators were part of a weapons project, they likely wouldn't nearly be as effective with a unit on them, as the specific conditions that make the Guyvers so powerful, are not in the right balance. ( For example, a Unit boosts a hosts strength by 100x... but that is because of power from the waist orb and control medal using the brain of the host to maximize potential. Without the human brain, a T-Rex might on get a tiny boost in comparison, and may not get any of the known weapons). It's also likely why they were so scared. They had made the ultimate weapon. It's what they intended, but not exactly what they had wanted. They weren't scared of T-Rex's at all. But squishy little men got them running.
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    Strength in Guyver is really iffy. Take the infamous image of a Gregole on X-day, lifting an Abrams tank - which weighs more than 50 tons - overhead.
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    The Gigantic is only supposed to be a boost of 10x, not 100x... Though the Giga-Smasher is stated to be 100x the Megasmasher. Regarding Spider-man, I will use Salkafar's quote from a previous discussion: So Spider-man would be physically better, but less weaponized. The only characters I can think of that come close to the Guyver from other Comics universes are the powered armor types like Iron Man... but that is probably because the Guyver is essentially power armor anyway. And in most cases, Powered Armored heroes tend to need to stick to reality and physics for their powers, and the Guyver is in the same boat. It is still based on real data from humans, just amplified/boosted. This is why facing a human Guyver off against aliens or series that do not use reality in their equations, just doesn't fit very well very often.
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    Yo, guys I'm back with new content... granted it isn't fanfiction material (I've been busy with that RPG system I was working on before I went dark). I have just added new pictures of my female Zoalord (or should I say Zoalady ) Harmonia Sel'estra. https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatewkar/art/Harmonia-Inked-757515462 https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatewkar/art/Harmonia-Colored-757515245 https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatewkar/art/Harmonia-Colored-and-Shaded-757514616 I also have varies pictures featuring Breast expansion, GTS, as well as some test images I've been doing since getting clip studio paint and my drawling pad. As always you can putting me on your deviant watch list for whenever I get to adding new guyver art or you can browse my older guyver pictures. If you are a fan of the forgotten realms or Eilistraee, you might like my recent upload of art depicting the goddess of good drow. Also, if you are interested in learning more about my 3D's tabletop RPG game as it is being develope you can read release development document over on my scribe account as well as other things, including a 3.5 D&D guyver class and some old datafiles found here. https://www.scribd.com/user/55660345/Loren-Deerwester I release new documents that I develope for the game periodically whenever I want to show it to the ladies and gents over on the chosen of Eilistraee board, which you see the past discussions we have had over there http://www.eilistraee.com/forums/index.php, under the several topics title I Need and Opinion my name there is my D&D character Leema Har'gachi which you can also find art of on my deviant art account. I hope you all enjoy my new art and I will try not to be gone as long.
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    Yep, still here aswell. You know, i honestly can't remember what i saw first, the original animated movie or the ova, the 80's was sooooo long ago, started watching it from when it first begun.
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    1) The Lexx - “I am the Lexx, I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes”. (Lexx) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn2OCbu701Q 2) No-Ship (Dune) 3) Spacing Guild Heighliner (Dune) 4) USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Star Trek)
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    Hey Maze! Thanks for noticing that. I think the scale of the zoalords are decent but the zoanoids are a bit off. Too small. Definitely grab any figure you think is a steal on price as any of them can cost a pretty penny! The main reason I have them set up this way is so you can see more when looking at it leveled. I got a cool shelf off of eBay to add more height too. See below.
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    After translating the page where Guyver is located I get "Genital Armor Guyver" as the translated title. ...not sure how to feel about that...
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    Still here! Hit-list videos for me, was going through my super sentai phase and saw the cover of the second Guyver movie. Got the first movie(so I could go in order) and fell in love with the concept. Needless to say my next rental was the second move and loved it even more. A couple of years later I saw the 12 part Guyver OVA anime in Suncoast videos and with my young and uneducated mind at the time I was like "There is a Guyver cartoon?!". Bought the first VHS episode for like...$12 I think and just couldn't stop
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    Totally still here. I got into Guyver about 1996. Saw the first vhs tape at a specs music store. I was 14 and had a $20 burning a hole in the pocket. So as I was perusing the anime section BAM! There was that cool cover art. Scoped the back cover and thought how cool it looked. I bought it right then. I wore that tape and my friends out watching it over and over. For the longest time I only had those first 2 episodes to watch. Then I bought all the graphic novels from viz at a local comic shop and the fascination grew. But after viz cancelled the books and the tapes stopped, I was out of it for a long time. 2014 is when I found his first appearance in monthly shonen captain and I happened across this site. I have since read all of the mangas at least 4 times and amassed my sweet collection. I hope the manga will get back on track and come to an awesome end soon. And I also have the Guyver1 statue to look forward to soon... So I am satiated in the moment.
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    Geez, Blockbuster! That takes me back. Didn't that company go under 5 years ago?? My intro to Guyver was also via VHS rental, but at a local convenience store. Probably back in 1999/2000. My dad let me rent out Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, thinking it was a kids cartoon After that I was hooked on everything 'Manga Entertainment UK' was distributing at the time. Guyver, Crying Freeman, Fist of the North Star, Ninja Scroll, Akira, Ghost In The Shell, etc.! Wow, that was a blast from the past just recalling all that! Such nostalgia from almost 20 years ago!! Good times!!
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    Still here bro. I have to say, those of us that are left really are hardcore fans. Anyone feel like sharing how they got into Guyver to the point that led them to this forum? For me I was 5 years old and my landlady's son was watching it on the TV. It was the Enzyme fight from the old OVA anime. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. After that it left my mind for a few years until I was like 13 or something and was looking at the new anime section at my local Blockbuster. Then I came across some Guyver VHS's. I immediately got my grandma to rent them and watched tapes out of order(you had to take what you could get back then they didn't have all the episodes) and most of the time one or two were rented out. At that point I had been watching stuff like Pokemon and Sailor Moon early in the morning already but I really do credit Guyver with getting me into anime proper. Been a fan ever since.
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    i love space ships. favorite has to be the xwing. all time fav. but there are so many more i love.
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    I don't have A particular favorite, I have several ships I love; but one of them surely is the Heart of Gold. Powered by the unique Infinite Improbability drive, the ship travels by having the ship's computer calculate precisely how improbable it is for the ship to -be- in the desired location and feeding it into the engine, the matchbox-sized, eponymous Heart of Gold - which itself only exists because someone had a finite improbability calculator work out how improbable it was for something like it to exist. The genius of the move led to the death of its creator when he was lynched by outraged scientists who hadn't thought of it before. There is, in practice, nothing the ship can't do and nowhere it cannot go, since, in principle, nothing is truly impossible; just improbable to a varying degree. Unfortunately the side effects of having something in your ship that makes literally any concept a possible reality are unpredictable (at least without the ship's computer) and lead to some peculiar situations.
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    I wonder if there is anybody else that could/would take up the mantle? Akira Toriyama has a manga slave for Super, surely Takaya wouldn't scoff at that idea...
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    At this point, ANY update would be a relief. Why keep everyone in the dark for this long?
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    It took over 20 years, but better late than never right? I finally bought my first Guyver figure, and I told myself as soon as I had at least one figure I would finally call this the beginning of my Guyver collection. The first thing I noticed about the figures the joints are very stiff so I've had to work them slowly until they were loose enough to pose the figure. Overall I really like it. Maybe love it. Except that there's a problem with its waist...
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    Just joined but figured I would post up my small collection.
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    Hello all! Got a few additions to the shelf. Evil Aptom, Guyver 3 figma, Guyver 3 model, Gigantic Dark and I have the movie color version of Guyver IIF on the way. All I am missing from the bfc line is Imakarum, Neo Zx tole and Gaster. Next up is saving for the Guyver 1 statue coming next year!
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    if you already know, but what I mean by this is that so hard can ejerser these same, I believe, and this is directly dle manga, gregole has the strength of 15 men, using data made in the post, which is to attempt to define such a force ficica are capases exercise, ie lift a tank and is serious, but if you measure it so hard ejersen your muscles, you can define how fast they are, or that power would have the impact of their blows, remember to measure the potential of an impact, both encecita, speed and weight, or inertia, the area of impact, With this in mind, I parese reasonable point that a single punch of a guyver, are close to 150 tons of precione, that's why no wonder that the skulls explode in the manga,