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    New addition to my collection.
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    http://www.elitecreature.com/index.php?id=99 Finally up for preorder. Early bird price: $1,180. Gotta say this thing looks stunning, and is my grail piece. Dunno if I'm gonna be able to order it though. Really wish ECC had a payment plan.
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    Addition time! The Unit Dvd case and SD figures arrived!!! Woot!
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    In the spirit of nerdish out, I thought you guys would dig seeing some earlier cover appearances by our favorite hero. Check it...
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    It does leave a lot of time of creativity...let us hope when he finally does put pen to paper, it is worth the read. I would like to think it will be.
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    This is how my 1/6 Dark Gigantic look. It is not perfect but at least it doesnt look like a pervy trying to grab something in the air.
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    Hi guys, To cut the story short, I have managed to commission a guy to recast a set of fist for the 1/6 Dark Gigantic. The guy managed to recast not one but two sets. Since i wont be needing the extra pair of fist so im giving it to who ever needs it. The fist is cast using a type of epoxy putty which is usually used in scale-modelling so it is easy to work with. The quality of the cast is somewhere around 90% of the original part. Since i have only a set to give away so this is going to be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Just drop me a private message and we will work out the detail of the shipping from there. Cheers.
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    I would love it, but I don't have the space or money for it
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    The BIG problem is, we don't know. Because no one has said anything. At all. We are only assuming that is why he has been busy. We only know he is even alive ( or was) because of those pictures taken with Steve Wang. ( It has been said that Steve Wang is writing a script for a new Guyver movie... But a script doesn't mean a movie is being made at all.) So yeah, we can assume we know what he is up to... But I hardly think a few figures/statues and a few meeting should stop a creator for this long. I would under stand maybe a chapter every 2 months ( even his small ones)... but nothing? Yeah, it's kind of heartbreaking to think that it seems the creator of his series likes it less than you do.
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    It's an awesome jacket fits me a treat