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    For the cynical amongst us, like me, I'll believe it when I see it! If it's not an official statement, I won't get my hopes up. Despite good intentions, situations can easily change and projects get put on hold. Let's hope we see a release this year.
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    I don't really have much to say on the above, but as somebody who has lived here in Japan for 20 years now, I can say that Jess' comments about how Japanese people conduct themselves is pretty accurate. A lot of people know what's really going on, but they aren't spilling the beans because to do so would be inappropriate. I know many creators in the industry and could probably get a scoop but like Jess has said, I wouldn't dream of asking as it would be mighty impolite. We will find out when the time is right, and Takaya alone gets to choose the timing and method in how he reaches out. That's just the way things go. Anyway, as Sully says, LOOK AT THEM PANTIES!!
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    Mod time.... Hello Guys / Gals / Guyvers / Zoanoids and others, Please remember we're not all from the same place in the world and what you might find is acceptable or the way to do things doesn't quite work that way in another part of the world. It's made all the more complex here were while it's a technically small Guyver community but its global. Yep it's bloody annoying that Takaya is taking his sweet time but in the end if you're a Guyver fan (especially one since the 90s) you know there are periods of timeout with zero explanation. Simply put we're all Guyver fans and we've all tried to push for info as to the why we're in our current lack of new content (as the why, it doesn't really matter other than the general word back is at some point Guyver will be continuing and Takaya isn't dead). The main rule of this forum is to be respectable to each other, there is no need for upset here and no need to be telling other fans what to do. Keep this in mind as this thread continues.
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    Hi guys, I have it on good authority that Takaya-Sensei is still working on the Guyver manga. New Guyver will be coming 'soon' and there have been 'some problems'. To ask more would be impolite.
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    Just gonna poke my absent head out to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and drop off my New Years card! This is the first time I've drawn a Guyver in many years and boy are they tricky But anyway... Merry Christmas and here's hoping 2020 brings what we've all been waiting for!
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    A number of fans got a personal photo and message of thanks for a gift they went to him many years ago. It was a belated thanks, and was only a few months ago. he was happy and was clearly working on guyver related things. It has also been directly said by a personal friend of Takaya San, that there are legal type issues to do with the guyver Manga. I think it was some kind of licensing thing. It is technically conjecture, but these sources are pretty trustworthy.
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    Fixed the chatbox, turned out it was 3 versions out of date so was no longer getting any updates. Found a way to manually fix it.
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    All those bats... and at the end, Adrian Toomes pops up... and it's Michael Keaton... poetry. Oh, I will be watching this.
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    "Who the hell is that guy?"
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    Yup, the links from warriorguyver.com point to were the new links will be (and are not there yet). At the moment, TheGuyver.Net and Japan-Legend.com are not certified sites. First I'm fixing up WarriorGuyver.com (which became a secure / certified site for the first time today) and then the other 2 sites, once done everything will work nicely, until then there will be some broken linkage like the above.
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    for once I know what series that is (Kemono Michi) as its just finished its anime run and is written by the creator of konosuba. Alas poor princess Altena or as everyone calls her after said wrestling move princess buttocks
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    Wow... I never expected that... Look, I honestly don't know if anyone still knows who I am among the Guyver fan community, I don't know if my history holds any weight or any special privilege.... but I have made a couple of contacts and I feel I am immensely fortunate to have these contacts. I count myself as very lucky to be in the position to ask any questions at all and get a response from Takaya-sensei himself, even if it is a second hand response. In Japanese culture, it is rude to ask personal questions. There is a lot of subtlety. You have to read between the lines and when you get a reply from a Japanese person, it is very carefully considered. I do not have any right to be rude to my contact, or ask my contact to be rude to Takaya-Sensei. I'm sorry if my respect for other human beings is inconvenient to you.
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    http://theguyver.net/guyver-out-of-control/ Test of linking one of the pages.
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    All the old content from the old TheGuyver.Net will be added along with that of what was recovered from the Japan Legend Wiki. While it's an old site anything relevant from Stars Guyver Page will also be added. That will the starting core of the website and I'll go from there and we'll use this section of the messageboard for updating info if other people want to add stuff.
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