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    I first came to guyver in 1992 when manga wasn't readily available to the west. Even the VIZ comics were not readily available to me in the uk. I spent so much time and money visiting various comic shops trying to locate what imports I could. There wasn't any internet then so the means to get things like that was very very limited. I read guyver manga in piecemeal, and only up to a point. Viz only went so far so past that point, guyver was impossible to get until around 1995/96. at that point, it was possible to get the japanese manga but then it was impossible to read. Round that time, japanese language learning tools were not as wide and varied as they are now. there were a few books in my local library but they weren't that useful. learning grammar, and context etc was unrealistic. there were some rough translations available on the webs, but there were a lot of errors in them and they were sparse, only giving light summaries and missing great swathes of the story. I tried to translate bits and pieces with my dictionaries and helped the old warriorguyver site with various details, but it was slow and it was tough, without understanding context and how to read the nuances of kanji. Then I discovered that the italians had translated guyver and were keeping quite up to date with it. I didn't know italian but it seemed a lot easier to translate italian through a machine translator. for one, it would be a lot easier to type the words in, than the japanese characters. so we started translating the italian books. over time, my japanese skills got better and I would go to the japanese books to help get more accuracy. then we had durendal come aboard and help translating from chinese and japanese. essentially, I have read the guyver manga way too many times, in small fragmented snippets and in all sorts of different languages. I am not sure if I have ever actually read it in order from beginning to 'end'.
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    My older brother rented the first series of the guyver from the local blockbuster videos store around 1998. I didn't even think about the manga until about 8 years ago, despite my twin brother finding a single viz comic at the local comic shop in 2000. They only ever had one issue in, so I thought it was unobtainable to me. I got on to anime a lot more in about 2010, then drifted in to manga and stumbled across japanlegend after reading up to chapter 28. I tend to binge read it once a year, from start to finish, whenever the mood strikes.
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    My story is pretty mundane. I had gone though a few years without giving guyver much thought until I dug up my old VHS tapes and started watching it again. I did this in part to get back into Guyver but also to try and hunt down other older anime from there advertisements. That was how I got into the works of Go Nagai, a trailer for Devilman was actually on the first one I owned, OVA 3, along with another series I would become interested in Mermaid Saga. This revitalised intreast is what lead my to start buying the manga of Guyver from amazon and ebay. Naturally I eventually his the road block that all wester guyver fans come to, the manga was cancelled. Thus I started searching online which lead me to not only guyver but other manga I had desperately wanted to read. I would not make my way to the site proper until the JL staff realised someone was leaking the manga to streaming sites, a fact I had been totally ignorant of. I made my way here and the rest is history. And thats also when my inability to stick with a name also began. I've recently read the manga so I'm not likely to go thought it again for a while, I've got to catch up on a few others like Mazinger Zero and Demon Lord Dante while working on my own manga project. Thats really cool, I've gone though a similar situation when I wanted to read the Blue Hole manga I'm currentlt translating.
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    thancrus is not some squishy character. dude got blindsided by a high freq blade from underground, there is no way to defend against that. and there hasn't been any zoanoids or hyperzoanoids that has been shown to resist a hfb anyhow. thancrus has been shown in the extras to be faster than the human eye can keep up with, assassinating a guy on stage, in the middle of a crowd, and on tv i think(that part is a little hazy). i always been a little annoyed at how underappreciated and especially how underused that guy is. i was hoping that thrancus would get a retelling like lisker did in the 2005 series, but alas, he got sliced and diced like always.
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    Unfortunately my interest in my favorite anime and manga has been slipping a little bit and the only reason for that is actually not the same reason as most of you might have. I am STILL holding myself back from reading the last 3 books because I WANT to read them in 日本語. It's taking a lot longer to learn than I thought (and I screwed up a bit so I had to restart). It's been many months since I started and left off on volume 29. I was thinking I'd like to reread Guyver to re-motivate myself and I was wondering... how did you guys do it? Did you start from the beginning of the manga, or did you watch the 2005 series and started from there? Did you just say screw it and started from when gigantic appears because the story is so familiar to you now? The very first time I started reading the manga, I started from the end of the 2005 series. I have since read it from the beginning though. However I found the 2005 series was actually a pretty smooth transition even though there are a lot of differences from the manga. I've tried to do that with the OVA but there are so many contradictions. Although.... and this is something I can't do with the 2005 series, I actually like imagining that the voices of the characters in the manga sound just like the Japanese voice actors in The OVA. I know not everybody does this but I need to read words while hearing them being spoken in my head. It just helps the story flow better for me. So for this reason I like to watch the OVA before reading the manga, at pretty much any point of the story. I know a lot of you are fans of the English dub and maybe you do the same with the English voice actors for the manga. - How did you read the Manga the first time? - If you ever re-read it, how did you start over? - Lastly, do you plan on reading it again soon or are you taking a break from the story because you know it so well?
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    Been a while since this old dogs posted on here. Within the last year I've been fortunate enough to accomplish a few life goals and thus have a bit more free time. Whipped up a couple pieces of Warrior Guyver fanart I wanted to share. Currently working on a redesign of Dark Falz from the original Phantasy Star on the old Sega Master System.
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    I don't know if they'll be able to top this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bWwZ5o-7r0
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    Since I like stealth and I like sniping, I am sure I would most prefer to be based on zxtole.
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    Currently working my way through Cross Ange. A pretty good series actually even if it goes a bit overboard on the nudity and fan service. After that I’m finally getting to watch Steel Jeeg and God Mazinger. There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned 70s super robot show.
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    That's correct, that's the Manga Entertainment dub that you prefer, with re-dubbed lines, whereas I was making a point that I - myself - prefer the older dub from US Renditions, for the weight that it carries. In that clip you posted, he's saying "Guyver, meet your death; for I am him: Enzyme."
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    i watch it here https://www2.gogoanime.se/steinsgate-0-episode-7 Btw the show is getting quite confusing
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    I got into it back in 95. The manga vhs came out and I bought the first tape and watched a million times. There was local comic shop I went to and they carried the single issues and graphic novels of he viz manga. I bought and read all of them. Then it was cancelled and I couldn't read it anymore. I got back to reading it on this site back in 2014. I have read and re read all 32+ books and the newest chapters 6 times over the years. I try to watch the animes, both versions, one a year. So long as I have time to do so. This is my favorite manga. Totally worth the wait for the next chapter. As an artist I like to study all of the detail in Takaya's work so I never get bored re reading the chapters.
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    lets not forget that the guyver manga took liberties in the xday event. their feats of strength in those panels contradicted everything we know about zoanoids. its a good chance that those particular zoanoids lifting those tanks were a careless oversight that was done for the intimidating and impressive factor. guvyer versus aliens. guyver in my opinion, would own them, but he would have to maintain range, if he gets overrun, he'll still kill some xeno, but the splatter will hurt. HURT. this blood of theirs eats thru metal, body armor, and ship bulkheads. quickly. i have no problem thinking it can eat thru the guyver armor. and then there is the speed factor. guyver is fast, and faster than an alien, but mostly xeno's hunt in swarms. even if the splatter doesnt spray on him, his hfb will only have a couple of shots, and i'm being conservative in the acids potency. and to the thought that blood dont get around in fight, let me remind you of the parts in guyver where he is covered in blood after fighting a zoanoid. like the first time he killed a gergore, his hands were soaked.
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    Imma back with Haunting Guyver's Gigantic form :) Being guided by Xiona for the first few years in fighting Chronos. Salem became all to embroiled in the goals of Xiona and her faction which shared the same name as her. When the Guyvers gained the power of the Gigantic the armor again shifted to signal their motivations. Salem now possessed with the goals of Xiona, now has Xiona's darkness bleeding into his Gigantic's appearance. Corrupting the innocence of his once ocean blue armor to a muddled purple of Xiona's ambitions. Also what his GIgantic would look like without being "brainwashed"
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    I checked for any updates to the rules and doesn't seem like any changes were made so I presume this is ok. it's not available in the west. And it's really hard to get a hold of at all, I think. I had a spare moment, while taking a rest from work and my stress situation is getting a lot better recently so I decided to finish this off. I uploaded the photos to mega.nz in zip format. whoever wants to translate this, it's up to you, I'm just providing the photos. Mega NZ link 776.8 MB
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    Yeah, Matt's right. The problem is the creator is too busy/lazy to draw anymore chapters. It's sad but he's human after all. we all lose interest in stuff from time to time. maybe this long-ass break is allowing him the room he needs to get excited about his creation again. Or maybe not. Who knows? My beef has never been the break to be honest. What annoys me about the hiatus is Takaya's silence on WHY he's not done drenn in so long. He owes it to his fans to at least say something on the matter. He doesn't need to go into any details. Just a simple "Hi guys, sorry about the break. I'm alive and well and look forward to releasing more chapters as soon as I can" kinda thing would be all that's needed to put the minds of his devoted fanbase at ease. That's all. Yet he hasn't which, to me, is just plain unprofessional.
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    That isn't even an issue. We just want new Guyver manga, period.
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    Game of Thrones fandom: Man, we have to wait SO LONG between seasons! Guyver fandom: Hold my beer.
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    Sure is great being a Guyver fan. :/
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    That is the Warrior Guyver, from the Warrior Guyver Fan Fiction. I originally created those icons for our original forum long ago, which was merged with this one when we took over the site.
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    the creators return and, surprised to find it still exists, decide to kill everyone on it. they take and keep mizuki as a kinky sex slave and then destroy the entire earth in a more spectacular way than the deathstar!