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    Last weekend I didn't get much of a chance to work on the website. The reason being I was at Comic Con Ireland and had a chance to meet David Hayter. I took the opportunity to get a picture signed for Matt
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    These are the only boobies I want to see more of.
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    I'll be watching it tomorrow, I#m not to fussed what "critics" think. They hated 300, I loved it.
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    her cup size is 2F while agito and sho only have a cup size 1 and 3 respectively.
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    Wow, just saw all of this! Great thread and awesome research into the franchise!
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    Scott Wilson died on October the 6th from cancer. He played in the Walking dead as Hershal. May he rest in peace.
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    I wouldn't over think it. The guyver isn't an all power omnipotent being if that's what you're thinking. The guyver takes on powers that deal with or are based on powers that focus on the plot and the various tropes, techniques and devices in the fictional narrative of the story. Basically, he's whatever Yoshiki Takaya needs him to be for that chapter. As you read through the manga, you'll notice that the Guyver/Sho will sometimes will be extremely super powered for a while and than he goes through a dry spell for a few chapters. Than you're going to realize that the author hasn't really given much and if you're like me..... you will probably come under the belief that the author, Yoshiki Takaya doesn't know where to take the story or how to end it. But than again does Marvel and DC really have endings? Most comic book heroes don't get one. I'd like to believe that the Guyver in his original armor is probably as physically strong as the Hulk.....and who knows in red Titan mode. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
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    All good ships, there's so many that i like, i honestly think it'll be to hard for me to chose an absolute favourite. The sdf1 from macross/robotech, who doesn't like a giant transformable spaceship? The millennium falcon( the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy) The white star from babylon5, a minbari/vorlon built advanced battle ship built specifically for war against the shadows. The gunstar from the the last starfighter,( one ship to protect the frontier against a whole armada!) Childhood fav, And i can't forget the phoenix from gforce(battle of the planets) flies through sky,space and sea, also transforms into a fiery phoenix which can fly through just about anything all without the occupants bursting into flames! Theres so many more, but thats enough for one post, plus its 5 in the morning, time for some sleep!
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    Hey all, I wanted to share with you a little project I've been working. It's called "The Real Sci-Fi Channel," a documentary discussing the rise (and subsequent fall) of the Channel-Formerly-Known-As-Sci-Fi. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Take a look and tell me what you think!
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    Lol I just noticed but are her mega smasher laser emitters larger than Sho's and Agito's? XD and in response for the guy saying we never get any phycological or physiological stuff only monster battles, I don't think thats really fair. I mean there is some really good character development in this series, Aptom is the perfect example. There have been clashes of philosophies and ideologies as shown with Guyver 1 vs Guyver 3. The themes of a post Chronos world domination about how humans are adaptable and compliant to change and authority as long as it brings stability. There is plenty of depth to the story outside "generic battle shonen".
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    Again, using Dragonball is a poor source for comparison because they don't care about reality. At the time Goku completed his training with Roshi, he was already faster than most people can see. Physically they push that giant boulder, which was likely a few tons... but then can jump super high? Completely unbalanced as characters. So they might've been similar in pure physical strength at that point, but series like Dragonball rely on plot to determine how powerful someone actually is, or how much damage one can cause. So the scales are completely abnormal. Using Dragonball to compare most things is simply ludicrous in most cases. Even at its earliest forms. And sadly, so is the marvel universe. With all the retcons and depowers, new writers, plots etc... Spider-man can go from lifting a car over his head, to having trouble lifting one in the matter of 12-15 issues depending on what the story calls for. This is a big problem with the "western comics culture" and the way stories are done. A 6 foot tall being lifting 7 tons isn't super weak at all in its own world... But when you compare it to worlds with inconsistent power levels sure, it can look pretty terrible.
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    Always did love that big, red, rust bucket. Slower then the speed of dark and still going after 3 million years. Lets see now... Moya from Farscape. The Arc Hammer from Star Wars and I'd die of shame if I didn't include the Derelict from Alien.
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    Then there's this beautiful piece of crap...
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    1) The Lexx - “I am the Lexx, I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes”. (Lexx) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn2OCbu701Q 2) No-Ship (Dune) 3) Spacing Guild Heighliner (Dune) 4) USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Star Trek)