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    Just joined but figured I would post up my small collection.
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    I just had a crazy thought...what if Takaya was taken prisoner by Chronos and that's the reason we haven't gotten anything new? (hey, at this point nothing would surprise me)
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    I actually just got more frames in yesterday to frame the 3 second season discs. Just as an FYI, LD's are the exact same size as your standard Record LP, and there are some good options for framing/displaying those (See image). These are the frames I use: https://www.amazon.com/MCS-12-5x12-5-Gallery-Aluminum-65506/dp/B009ARXSXA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1518819080&sr=8-4&keywords=record+frame+6+pack
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    How about Figma releases of Libertus, Bio-Freezer, Aptom OmegaBlast, Guyver/Aptom hybrid, Empowered Zerbebuth, Unus, and either of the Exceeds? I wouldn't mind a new Marmot or Gregole figure.
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    Or Arkanphel!!! Or perhaps a full size Grieselda... Or a Sho figure complete with snap on armor!!! I can wish, right?
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    At this point, I can't help but feel that we have now created a religion where on a monthly basis we reconvene with hope and faith to see if our savior has returned, only to be disappointed and wonder if we're not praying hard enough?
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    The shelf is full... I need another stat!!
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    I've being putting a large amount of thought into TheGuyver.NET and what I want it to become etc. Thinking that the site will now be managed using a system similar to this message board and Wordpress making it a lot easier to redo things like menus etc. The hardship then becomes keeping it up to date software and database wise. Depending on it's success the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction page might go through a similar update some point in the future.