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    Ok I read some of the article and it seems like mental masturbation to me. They are so stupidly overpowered they don't make for good narrative. I personally wouldn't combine them with guyver, as guyver is fairly well written. If one of them was pitted against the guyver, they would crush guyver in an instant. guyver has been seen to react fast, but it's physical movement speed is limited. also, a guyver's strength is 100 times that of a human whereas these living statues are 1000 times stronger than a human. one of them, vs a guyver, is like looking at guyver vs ramotith. There's no indication that the physical strength of a gigantic is increased by any great amount, but it has the barrier, and it has more powerful weaponry. I didn't read any part in the article that indicated the 'venom' is particularly corrosive. zerbebuth's corrosives are insane, able to melt through cement and steel if I remember correctly. it was harmful to guyver but not by too much. In the tv series, it was shown to melt the guyvers high frequency sword but I think that was wrong because otherwise they would have used that for all the enzyme type zoanoids instead of the disassembly ezyme. I believe the gigantic could dismember one of them , but it might be difficult. But the head beam at full power has been known to vaporise concrete, so I think that would work. I think it may be useful to compare one of those walking statues to a zoalord. I think that is the right sort of level to put them at.
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    Either a game like Mortal Kombat or DOOM 2016... Especially one like DOOM where YOU are the Guyver. You get Advent Related objects to find and collect in which you can use to evolve to the Gigantic-Guyver/gain more energy for weapons health/armor strength, unlock different Guyver designs in which you can use to create your own design, in game collectibles, and GLORY KILLS. Power ups like those of DOOM: Berserk, Invulnerability, Invisibility, and quad damage. If you die or have to respawn/load checkpoint or if your health gets to or below 25% you go into an emergency Self Defense Mode. Like DOOM, you go around ripping and tearing everything trying to kill you. Humans (scientists/agents/combatants), Movie/Standard/Hyper/Lost Numbers/Guyver-Killers/Proto-Zoalords/ even other Guyvers. Leaving the Guyot, Imakarum, Purgstall, Waferdanos, Yentsui as the bosses and Apollyon as hidden villain like Doctor Samuel Hayden was in DOOM 2016.
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    One of us needs to win the lottery, buy up all the licences that are causing problems, and just give them back to Takaya in a neatly wrapped up care-basket so he can do whatever he wants to do with the series again with no hassle.
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    We wait as long as we have to!
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    Dude! Nice to see you still kicking around. And punching around.
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    If the Creators could wait millions of years for their ultimate biological weapon to finish baking... I just hope we won't be as gypped as they were.
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    I dunno man. I think there might be a lack of understanding when it comes to how manga is actually created. Takaya may well have had somebody else writing the story, or drawing the names for him, but when such a person isn't credited, it makes it all the more easier to replace them without drawing attention. If the series has been cancelled, his publisher would very likely announce the fact. If he is lacking some kind of creative direction regarding the story narrative, his assigned editor would help him with that. We know he was advertising for an assistant, but such adverts are 99% of the time for assistance in drawing backgrounds, clothes etc. I think, whatever the reason is, it's more than likely a personal one that has really snuffed out his desire to continue the story right now. I'm usually quite despondent when it comes to this thread, but his publishers obviously want to see it resume, and if there's any way they can help him along regarding creative assistance be it art or narrative, you can be sure they are doing what they can. I'm hopeful he'll back, but he obviously has other bigger fish to fry right now I guess....
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    Man, it's sooooo long since I posted anything on this forum that I can't remember when that was. You know, us in this forum are probably some of THE most loyal fans of anything to be hanging on and keep checking on the status of this manga. This is my favorite manga of all time, but One-Punch Man has found a place right next to this one. If it's been three years since we last got a chapter, it is hard for me to believe it! I truly hope that we hear some good news this year and kudos to all for hanging in there with me.
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    Alita looks amazing on the big screen.
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