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    I know I am in the minority, but I just want the manga finished. To hell with the current live action movies and merchandise. To hell with new figures and statues of the anime/manga. To hell with any new live action project or special projects. FINISH THE SOURCE MATERIAL FIRST. There is no point in doing new projects based on the story, if that story is never going to finish... And considering his output, that may never happen at this rate. To me, these pictures only prove that he is alive. So he can start working on the manga. *edit* ...even created an instagram account to say that... but nicer...
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    Done! I said "And what about Guyver? It's been more than a year and we've heard nothing about the status of the serialization from either you or Takaya. This manga is loved by many all around the world so at the very least you could give us an update on what's going on!" I doubt they'll reply but I feel better for saying it at least. Feel free to retweet my comment so they get the message!
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    Over 90% of Guyver comic content is available "free" and not hard to find. It makes no difference to anything in terms of what is happening with Japan and Takaya. If people want to to talk about the topic of scanlations do so here: http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/130-access-request-area/
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    They often pop up on yahoo auctions Japan and even a few on eBay if you want to get started!
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    More Max Factory kits.
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    I have it. No need to paint it already has been painted in gold. Very nice and unique.
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    Hi all didn't know were to put this so well. Ok first I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Simply put my thyroid is pumping out more chemicals then is should and kicking my body into overdrive. I have lost about 10% of my body weight in a month (was 14.9 stone now down to 13 stone), my arms and legs shake for no reason now and then and I get palpitations if I exert myself so no exercise for the time being, hell no running! I am currently waiting for an appointment with a specialist so I'm currently on Beta Blockers to stop/hold back the symptoms, With that out of the way we move onto Guyver Promotion. I am fan of the website SF DEBRIS. Its a channel that reviews all kinds of science fiction from Star Trek episodes, moves and even anime. Ever since I joined the site I have wanted to promote guyver but my options are very limited. So I have busted out 150 dollers so get the SFD to review the first six guyver ovas. This was done late last year and I wanted it to be a surprise but with my health playing up I thought I let you all know now. The episodes will come out layer this year, I'll let you all know when. http://sfdebris.com/
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    Ok so with the Friday the 13th game coming out next week I'd like to talk a little bit the worlds most recognizable slasher Jason Voorhees. I'll be looking at each of his movies designs as well as giving my own interpretation of his history. I should note that I will be skimming over some of the actual movie plots as a whole since this is more of a look at Jason's character, his designs and filling in some of the continuity gapes...were possible. As most of you know Jason Voorhees is a seemingly immortal murderer who haunts the area around Crystal Lake. Jason was born on June 13, 1946 to Elias and Pamela Voorhees. At birth Jason was heavily deformed and mentally stunted, howver his mother clearly loved him deeply. Nothing official is know about Elias Vorhees, however most comic adaptions have depicted the man as being wicked and abusive to both Pamela and Jason. These adaptions also often dictate Elias meeting his end at the hands of Pamela for hurting Jason. What Jason was like as a child is not fully known. According to Pamela, Jason was a sweet and innocent boy and many of the movies and extra marital seem to support this idea. A few comics depict Jason as being very disturbed and show him killing animals however these acts seem very out of character because as an adult, Jason seems to have a very warped moral code and dose not kill animals unless forced or children under the age of 10. Interestingly enough some of comics and novels do suggest that Jason did have some form of healing factor, "He healed fast" as Pamela would put it. In the summer of 1957, Pamela, unable to get a babysitter for Jason, resorted to bringing him to Camp Crystal Lake where she worked as a cook. Unfortunately Jason's deformities and mental state made him a very easy target for bullying by other children. While being bullied by the other campers, Jason attempted to escape from his tormentors, but the cruel children caught up to him on the dock and threw Jason into the lake where he drowned. The counselors were supposed to be watching the children, but instead were talking and having sex in the woods. Though Jason's body was never found, the camp closed as a result, but reopened the next summer. This event drove Pamela insane with sorrow and rage. As far as we know Pamela only ever returned to crystal lake three times after her sons "death". On the first two occasions in 1958 and 1962, Pamela's visits were short and secret, committing one double homicide, poisoning the camp water supply and setting some of the cabins on fire. One her third and final visit in 1979, Pamela when on a killing spree murdering most of the camp counselors until she was decapitated by the sole survive, Alice Hardy. There a lot of speculations as to what happend to Jason during this time. Many thing that he resurrected as an undead revenant from the get go and other believe that he was resurrected by Pamela using the Necronomicon, the book of the dead from the Evil Dead franchise. However I do not superscribe to ether theory myself, or at least no in full, but we will cover this latter. My theory is that Jason did survive his drowning but not unharmed. That even would likely have caused a large amount of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. For a normal person they would have died or bin left with permanent brain damage but Jason, thanks to his healing factor survived. However it likely took some time for his brain to heal and so for a time he was either dormant and /or lived in the woods for a while like an animal with fractured memories of his passed. He would have kept away from other people because he feared them. When is brain did fully heal its possible that Jason chose to stay at crystal lake and wait for his mother to find him, she would have been the one to take him home after summer camp and Jason, being a good boy waited for her. As time passed he would learn to live of the land and build a ramshackle home for himself. However even then he kept away from others out of fear. In 1979 Jason would have been 33 years of age. But everything changed when Jason finally found his mother and saw her death. Original Jason Jason original look was very different from his more well known one. The thing most notice right away is the fact that in place of his classic hocky mask, Jason is sporting a dirty, burlap sack with an eye hole cut out and held in place by a not of rope. This combined with his rather fetching blue overalls makes Jason looks very much like a stereotypical, killer hillbilly found in many, many slasher and horror films. This is not the only thing different about him, this Jason is a far more stealthy killer and displays some genuine fear when being attacked (lets be fair if someone was charging at you with a chainsaw, killer or not I think you'd be at least a bit worried) making his a far cry from the unstoppable juggernaut of legend. There are some hints of modern Jason under it all though. First and foremost, he's completely silent with his only real signs of emotion come from his body language. He's also almost supernaturally stealthy and pretty strong....although not super, knock your head off in one punch, strong. But the biggest similarity to his future self is his almost artistic ability to murder people with literally anything lying around. Machete, Pick Axe, Ice Pick, Barbed Wire, Knife or a Spear, Jason aint fussed as they all get the job done. Underneath the sack is probably the most realistic (and one of the more scary) interpretations of his face. What makes it work is that its not to over the top, it's very realistic and you can honestly believe there is some poor soul out their with a face like this. The Sack is in someways better then the hockey mask, while not as iconic (and clearly a ripoff of the Phantom Killer from The Town That Dreaded Sundown) it hides much more of his faces and gives him a far more creepy look. Jason is defeated at the end of Part 2 by being sliced deep into his shoulder with his own Machete. However this is also when Jason first displays his healing factor on screen as he not only survived the wound but also fully recovers from it.
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    Wow this is great!! I LOVE these movies! Keep it coming man!!
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    Sorry for cutting this short last night, had an emergency. Classic Jason This is pretty much the version of Jason that jumps to mind when ever his name pops up. This is when Jason first dawned his most iconic piece of equipment, his hockey mask. For this version the mask is brand new with no damage and actually clean! Dress wise Jason now sports a dull green shirt, a white vest and some genes. This version of Jason is were many of his physical traits start to be shown in full. Gone is fear he once displayed, now he goes strait foe his target and wont let anything get in his way however he has not lost any of his stealthiness. This is also when he begins display physical strength beyond that of a normal human...by crushing a guys skull with his bare hands with such force that an eye pops out! Tool wise Jason dose make some changes, while he still has his trusty machete he also makes use of a meat clear, pitchfork, fireplace poker and a fusion box. This is also one of the fuse times Jason makes use of a ranged weapon in the form of a spear gun. On the down side this versions face is not quit as scary as the last or later ones, its ok but to me it seems to have lost some of its realness. Durability wise this Jason takes a licking and keeps on kick despite being hanged and receiving his most iconic battle scar, a woodcutter axe to left side of his forehead. While he dose survive all this, we also get an idea of his limitations since these wounds were enough to at least knock him out for a short time. In the up coming game its a bit ironic that Jason's weapon will be the axe that injured him. Character wise their are some inconsistencies with his character, for one this Jason revels his face to someone of his own accord and actually smiles. Second we are told Jason attacked a girl in the woods many years ago and may or may-not have sexually assaulted her. Jason 2.0 Calling this one 2.0 is rather fitting as there is little changed. Apart from dawning some darker cloths, the mask getting a bit grubbier and sporting his iconic axe wound, this Jason is roughly unchanged. Even the tools he uses to kill are almost identical bare him adding a scalpel and a gardening claw to his tool shed. The big change for Jason this time was not in himself but in someone he would meet. Tommy Jarvis was a young boy living near crystal lake and who has something of an obsession with horror films and the legend of Jason. When Jason invaded his home Tommy tried to save his family by making himself look like Jason as a child. This actually caught Jason's attention at got him to lower his guard long enough for Tommy to attack him. Tommy succeeded in knocking of his mask, slicing his hand in half and impaling him in the face. Everything seemed over, but Tommy noticed Jason move slightly he attacked the killers body in a frenzy, scream "DIE....DIE!" Tommy succeed in killing Jason but the event took its tole on the boy sanity, this would lead to him being committed in the future. As for Jason's face this time around.....not bad, but worse then the last one and looks to rubbery. Copycat Jason Although dead Jason's influence survived beyond the grave. Six years after killing Jason, Tommy , who had been in and out of institutions since his encounter with Jason, was sent to the Pinehurst Halfway House. Shortly after Tommy's arrival, residents of the area started being killed off at an alarming rate after one of the unstable teens murdered a boy named Joey Burns. In time Tommy came face to face with the killer....Jason...but how? The true was reveled when Tommy succeeded in killing the murderer. When the mask came off it was reveled to be Roy Burns, a local paramedic and the illegitimate father of the murdered Joey. Seeing his son dead body drove ol Roy off the deep end and he he set out to get revenge against the teens of Pinehurst Halfway House. Its unknown as to why Roy chose to copycat Jason, it might have been due to Tommy. For what is in reality just a normal person in a mask, Roy dose a pretty good at the murder game, in fact he may be the best copycat in history since if we go by a film by film bases Roy actually out kills Jason, with Jason's highest score on an outing at this point only being 14 kills while Roy got 17! Wardrobe wise. Roy really goes out of his way to look the part. Sporting a blue boiler suit, latex rubber skin over his head and a new hockey mask sporting 2 blue chevrons. The big problem with Roy as the killer is that there are a number of moments in the film were he displays physical abilities beyond that of a normal person, such a full-body bursting through a door at walking speed, but this could be explained away to a degree-by my theory that Roy was juiced up on some powerful drugs that removed his sense of pain, granting him increase durability and strength. Tomorrow we'll be getting back to Jason.
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    Netflix is developing a prequel series to Jim Henson's 1982 fantasy film, The Dark Crystal. Titled The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, this 10-episode prequel series takes place many years before the film and follows the story of three Gelfling who, after discovering the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, set out on a journey to save the world of Thra. The show will feature creatures created by Brian Froud, the original film's creature designer, and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.
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    I sure hope he starts "working" on his manga. That would be nice. I'm tired of saying the same thing so I won't repeat myself. Besides, Matt said exactly what I was thinking anyway...
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    Man oh man. that's fantastic news....
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    Ok, I shall do that asap this weekend! Thanks Sully! It's nice to be able to give a little back to the community!
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    Instead of that, if needed I could scan you the cover and pages from the book if you'd like. I would hate to see one cut up! LOL
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    Saw this today.....and.....i don't know guys, i guess it was alright. I liked it, the effects were amazing. But i honestly didn't like the ending. Also the suggestion that david was responsible for the genetic breeding! C'mon. It definitely leaves it open for another prequel to the original movie aswell.
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    Yes I agree with your comment about translating tone appropriately but I have to say that I can't stand seeing Japanese honorifics in english text. Of course it's a matter of preference but a great many of us in the translation industry view their use as laziness and show a lack of skill. It's so much easier to just leave it as kun and sama or whatever but what this does is assume that all readers (or first time readers) of Japanese comics automatically know the differences. It's mainly amateur/fan translators that like to leave in honorifics too which is why it tends to smack of circle jerking among the community. The worst offender of all would have to be "Aniki" and "Oniisan" though. It blows my mind whenever I see those words in English localizations! At that point it's not translation but transcription. ....Oh man I can already feel that I'm standing on my soapbox now.... Hahahaha! Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess but it's telling that the majority of professional, official book releases over the years always omit honorifics. It's because we hate them! Ha!
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    Thats entirely my point wit that statement. At its core this film's tone is the same as Prometheus however there is a much stronger Alien vibe to this film which gives it that colder feel you describe.
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    I saw this movie just now pretty much. I been having small flashbacks of the evil white imps. DX So Anyhow, my favourite films of the franchise, Alien and Prometheus, are very character driven films, this one was heavy on the violence. I personally feel it was quite hectic so I can't currently say I thought it was awesome. I mean, I am glad I went to watch it. I may need to watch it again at some point to get a better idea.
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    Berserk has been running almost as long as The Guyver, and just as irregularly but the scanlators don't hide it behind a paywall. That said, at least Berserk has an official English distributor so overseas fans can properly support the franchise.
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    No, I'm saying he might never be lenient at all with Guyver. He's had a lot of say in the 2005 anime adaption and some in the live action movies. If any of the interviews are to go by for both projects: he's not easy to talk/work with. He didn't even get an assistant until recently! All I'm saying is that this is more of a hobby to him than something he's fully committed to and doesn't want to put much more effort into it being a franchise, let alone draw in an international audience.
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    I feel as if Takaya sees the series as more of a hobby that has gained a following and doesn't want to put any more effort into aside from what's available in Japan. Don't get me wrong: I like the fact that he's taking the time to figure out where he's taking the story and being involved with the statue development (seriously, the time taken to design and then run several prototypes of said statues are ridiculous but worth it), BUT he's not making a living off of Guyver. With how many hiatuses he's gone on from the series, there's no way he's paying bills with this! Not even with the merchandise to go with it! I'm starting to think that he doesn't want anyone else to come in and attract attention to it from outside of his home country.
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    Cool thanks! I would like to try to pick up some of the zoanoid dual packs from max factory, but man they are fetching some high prices. I got some stuff off yahoo japan over the last month.
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    Ok some new characters are here and they are saiyan females! Caulifla - A punkish, bad girl with genius battle sense. She is the younger sister of Cabba's old squad leader and very unlike most U6 saiyans. Kale - A very shy and meek individual even by U6 saiyan standerds, she is always getting told off by Cabba for her timidity. However within this women sleeps the rage and power of a legend. We also got some info on a U4 fighter. Damon the Suicide Bombing, Cicada Man!!!!
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    Are you sure about that? I count: Barcas, Shin Rubeo, Krumeggnic, Galenos, Jabir and Imakarum? Then again, I'm kinda out of the loop.
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    Most of them are, yes. A small amount need a small amount of additional painting. The larger boxed guyver 1, 3 and 2f ones require a full painting though
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    I think you can find what you need here - http://web.archive.org/web/20101205045740/http://japan-legend.com/wiki/index.php?title=Guyver#Zoaforms
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    Pulled from doing a search in Japanese. I have one but mine is not assembled and in the box.
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    Cool, at least with that and me asking in English it might prod them. Lets see. P.S. anyone else in the board who wants to ask is more than welcome, but please keep it civil like Brendan
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    Even if Guyver were to outright stop now the forum would still continue on as would WarriorGuyver.com and my plans would not change for TheGuyver.Net. Pretty much like you, I like hanging around on the forum, I still have a lot of stuff to publish to theGuyver.Net and I still write and draw and work on the fan-fic. That won't change. But I personally don't think Guyver will stop with this current hiatus and will continue. There's something going on we don't yet see, there is too much new merch coming out for the series just to suddenly stop and never continue for no reason which this much new and VERY expensive items coming out.
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    This. I know people are quick to defend the guy and I get it because you're all megafans but, it's just a common decency to let people know what's going on. Considering such manners are a huge part of the way society works over here, this guy has some mighty big balls treating his fans like this. Disgraceful.
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    Combining Megaman and other stuff i can think of xD
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    Agreed. The source material may be all but dead, but the franchise is going pretty strong this year compared to others. The statues alone are a good sign that it isn't dead. The manga may be suffering with readership and interest on that level, but the franchise seems to be going along decently.
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    I always use a VPN for privacy purposes. I mainly use extensions on my browser such as Browsec. I think it's one of the best VPN extensions I've ever used. Here is the url if you're interested. https://browsec.com/en/
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    Hello, many of you may not be familiar with me but I've been here for a few months already. So I figured I would finally make a 'no nonsense' topic where I can get plenty of feedback from you all. I don't necessarily believe this topic counts as spam, otherwise I would have placed it there. For the record this isn't a blog. I have no idea what a blog is, nor do I know how to create one. This is simply a discussion concerning something I have taken an interest in. As the title suggests I am referring to Privacy, or more specifically internet privacy. This may get a tad bit heated with everyone's opinions but please keep it within reason. It all started one day when I was using Avira on my desktop. If you're not familiar with this, it is simply an anti-virus program. One of the features includes VPN protection. At that time I had no idea what it meant. So I started searching online to find out and read more about it. Immediately I took action and set up VPN protection on my computer. I am not too sure myself how to explain what it is (as I am still learning), but basically it protects your IP address and location, so no one can hack into your computer, or find out what sites you're frequently on. Now I am not some major hacker or anything but I certainly don't want an unsuspecting party spying on me. That kind of intrusion is simply not welcome, no matter who they are! Do any of you guys feel the need to hide your activity online? If so, what program do you use and how trustworthy are you on this type of software. Does it really work or not. I do have my doubts but I'd like to hear your thought on the matter first before sharing any more. @Moderators/Admins: Please feel free to move my topic elsewhere if this place isn't the right section for it. I only wanted a friendly and insightful discussion about shared interests. No harm done I hope.
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    not looking very good the interest is fading losing the will to keep looking and hoping.
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    I felt the same way before getting one myself lol, but i end up buying it just for the hell of it. Site saids active area of the screen is 11.6 in x 6.5 in, but I don't have measuring tape so can't really tell.
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    Alkanphel was never purely a human. From the moment he was alive and self aware he was the being the Creators / Advents needed him to be. He was the perfect mix of everything they did. So while this theory isn't official logically there must have being other beings created between Waferdanos -> Zoanoids shown in the flash back -> and then Alkanphel as there is too much of a technical gap for them to have being straight forward upgrades of the other. Perhaps we'll see more from Takaya in regards to this.
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    At this rate... Will Guyver even finish... Not sure. I watch tons of anime and television shows at the same time, so I would simply find something else that interests me. It's not as if I'll need one specific series to fill the gap once this one ends lol.