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    Here is my custom Guyvers I make that's 1/6 scale I use the vinyl model kit with custom re sculpted parts that turn it into the dark hero version it has new eyes that light up too
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    It's not dead to me I love making the figures at least
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    Well I couldn't wait for Amazon any longer. Bought 3 Guyver IIIs off another website.
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    Hello all! Got a few additions to the shelf. Evil Aptom, Guyver 3 figma, Guyver 3 model, Gigantic Dark and I have the movie color version of Guyver IIF on the way. All I am missing from the bfc line is Imakarum, Neo Zx tole and Gaster. Next up is saving for the Guyver 1 statue coming next year!
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    A second season would be so epic i'd forgive the entire thing. Seeing a Guyver Gigantic Exceed animated would make me fanboy out. In the event that isn't the case is it possible that he might be working ahead privately? Like he has 5 chapters or so drawn out he just needs to publish them? Do Mangaka ever do that?
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    Also, I ordered two Guyver IIIs off eBay last week, and they arrived today. Damn good figure, love it. I aim to buy two more. Now for the inevitable male Guyver II...
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    To quot Sho "Guyver never dies". As many put it, it just needs a rest now and then.
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    It's an awesome jacket fits me a treat
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    Guyver III is in stock at BigBadToyStore, just an FYI.
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    I don't think there is a way to totally kill a guyvers' host, wether or not they're boosted. Theres a mental link between the two, so even if you were to shoot them in the head to cause instant death. I think the guyver would be automatically called as the control metal would sense a loss in brain activity/link, even while awaiting in the boost dimension. So when the unit reboosts the dead host, it heals him and ressurrects the host, brings him back to life. The only way, for sure to kill the host, we all know is to seperate/erase the host data from the control metal and then kill them or to totally destroy/damage the control metal. So knowing this, i'll be looking for the remover, then after using it on sho, equip myself with the unit and split him in half with a frequency blade.
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    I bought thru AmiAmi. With Guyver 3 figma they had a preorder special that was 20% off plus free shipping. So I bought two
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    Mine only came to $65 each with free 3 day shipping. Should have gotten a third one.
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