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    In what has to be the longest disappearance in history, I return!! It's been a wild few years. I decided to take up streaming and taking my love of fighting games to the next level, as many of the older Guyverboard members will remember maybe -- I loved them to death so going to Twitch and doing the work has been fun for nearly 6 years. I also stream near anything that catches my eye, if anyone's interested in checking my Twitch out it's https://www.twitch.tv/gibzfgc. It feels nice to be back, once again. I hope everyone I've known from here is doing well!
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    I was here day one which is wild now I think about it. Just before this place opened I was an admin for the old GuyverBoard, that feels like a lifetime ago haha! I wouldn't be surprised if many have indeed moved on, it's been a real hot minute. Hey Matt, always a pleasure to see you around bro. Yeah, I'm still up to my usual nonsense! I hope you've been well and all that good stuff.
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    You are welcome! Im glad they found a new home among your collection. By the way, is that Aptom 2 and 3 a garage kit? Hope to get my hands on a Barcus too.
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    Thats why I got a copy of Barcus. Way way cheaper and looks better. Unless I win the lottery I'm not paying almost $400+.
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    Thanks to Overspawn for sending me Ramotith and Zencrebe! My 1/12 collection is pretty much complete now. If only I could stumble across a cheap Barcus Maybe one day!
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    Amen dude. I have had to pump the brakes on myself too. Now that I have all the bfc and bfw gigs and models, just waiting for the Guyver3 bust next year. It's nice to be able to think of my collection being complete!
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    Step into a Slim Jim...OOOOOOH YEAH!!!!
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