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Guyver Visual Data Files scanlation project

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In this topic we keep our progress on the scanlation of the Visual Data File.

This is work in progress, so please nobody ask why there are pages still in japanese.

Anybody wishing to peruse the VDF files can access the files here - http://japan-legend.com/guyver_advocacy/vdf/


archive of old topic on guyverboard for those wanting to review history - http://www.theguyver.net/guyverboard/index...0&start=180

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Ok, this just hit me, would you be transferring all the data and post in the old guyver.net forums, particularly the vdf discussion into this board? I'd hate to see all those post go to waste. I don't even remember where I left off.

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we'll be keeping it archived.

I'll put a link to the topic in the first post.

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Ho hum....


Page 122

Zoalord Richard Guyot

Processed by Dr. Balcus' hand, the last Zoalord prior to Imakarum. Was processed to posses the ability to conttrol gravity, having that high fighting ability he was known as the "Gravity User". Using only gravity control in his attacks, he uses both hands to release projectiles like "Gravity Blade", limitly releasing heavy gravity, the "Gravity Crash" caving-in the surroundings of the enemy with his hands. The highlight would be the Gravity Points all over his body operating the control of the forbidden weapon "Pseudo Black Hole". Exhibiting 7 thousand Exatons of Super Heavy Gravity, no matter what kind of enemy would not be able to stand this. With the discovery of the Supreme Commander Alchanfel of his schemes, his current situation is unknown.

Zoalord Prototype

Murakami Masaki

A person who was experimented on for the sake of the processing of one of the 12 holy commanders Richard Guyot. Among the members of the holy commanders, it is said that the one having the strongest attack strenght is Guyot's Final Test type form, having a high composite ability. although lacking endurance, it's attack technique is proportionately equivalent to guyot's applied gravitational control. Especially his hand swinging in the form of a sword draws out a "cutting wave" with tremendous destructive force, long and short distant enemy will be cut in half in one hit. Again, a special protective ability "Barrier" of the Zoalords the "Gravity Halo", surrounds its body with a high pressure beam ring which expands and the enemy in the proximity will be cut. The life expectancy after the experimantal period is difficult for a test type, but having the will to defeat Guyot to live, a resolution was decided.

Page 123


Imakarum Mirabilis

the 13th Zoalord. it's true form is granted by Guyot's Zoacrystal, was born to be a loyal servant to Alchanfel from Murakami Masaki. His consciousness is linked to Alchanfel, usually moves like an imperial court holding a special position in the 12 holy commanders. In addition to Guyot's Gravity type attack techniques (Like Gravity Blade, Cutting wave), he was also granted alchanfel's space time control ability like "Spiral Crusher", "Pressure Blast" the usable high caliber techniques in his fighting power, is top class among the 12 holy commanders. Currently, he is in some kind of brainwashing that would be absolutely loyal to Alchanfel. as expected, will the day come when Imakarum Mirabilis will return to the former Murakami Masaki...

on the page that lists all the vdf pages, the date is displayed by the files. the date is the last modified date so it is easy to detect which file has not been modified since 2006.

and so the next page that has not been translated is vdf-059.png

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Alright, I can take a hint.....


Page 124

text in black box: Mysterious Island Shilha Island

small text: in the old ancient days where dinosaurs and original mammals were extinct.

There were fairies and mermaids in the myths. The life forms of this lonely ecology roam about

above the paradise earth, currently, still existing in this world.

It's name is Shilha Island. 10 individual serious errors was isolated in the open seas, it's

name in the sea charts have not been recorded, a mysterious island.

during the 14th century, and english explorer John Mandeville arrived with an

unusual book, in the contents of "Eastern Journal", the name Shilha is present.

aside from that, this island is somewhere in the pacific, the surrounding of this

island is 800 mile. And then in the generation of myths, this island who Adam and Eve lived

the paradise which they were driven out, in that mountain 100 years past.

With Doctor Balcus, Shilha was a distant past, was called the experimental place

of the "Advent people". The half beast the lives here, the Zoanoid process was developed, there might

be a number of fantastic descendants....

bold text: Already, This is the "Last Paradise" of legends. However, in currently this is a reality.

box: Warewolf (Wolfman)

It is called the "Man wold". inside this living creature is the prototype of the

Zoanoids. It's inherent form is still inherited today. Among the worlds talk of

[beast man legends], it might be possible that the special characteristics is a

sudden mutation of them.

Sleeping Temple

Was erected at the summit to view the whole island, and old building "Sleeping temple".

Inside this mysterious sleeping temple, is protected by manifolds of stone window,

like a shelter, "dormant season" Alchanfel must "sleep" here.

there is a stone pillared bed chamber in the innermost part of the temple. This is

where the "Dormant season" Alchanfel lies, to be able to not feel the body's temperature

of a "near death state", in a lying stare here closing the coffin to rest.

Page 125

Fairy (sprite)

This so called fairy of elf has been said to exist in many. a "small type"

and "added flight capability" is for investigation and espianage activities.

for them, the tradition of their world, it is reversed case they think that "giants"

have appeared, cannot be seen in this island.

Mermaid (mermaid)

Many legendary stories in many countries all around the world, it's name remains to

be mermaid (mermaid). This, can be seen as the result of the advent People experimenting on

"human underwater type"

Pan (Half beast man)

Is similar to the greek mythology. It's appearance, the rage of a wolf man

and a zoanoid cannot be seen here. This is the result of a crossbreeding between

a processed human, may have half the characteristics of a zoanoids as well.

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oh cool thanks, but sorry if It seemed i was being impatient, I wasn't, I just read over and saw what you said and I thought that i may not have been very helpful. :cool:

but anyway, that is awesome! thank you :D

I would like to ask though... I had it in my mind from somewhere, that Silha was in the atlantic. now It's not that i'm doubting what you wrote, more like I am doubting my mind, but I am wondering if you know of anywhere else where it might have said this and maybe we have conflicting sources?

it is really cool to have these words about the creator experiments.

we knew that they were experiments, but the specifics about it seem to make it more tangible.

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Hmm that is a bit puzzling :-/

Well thanks very much for that durendal, And we can see that when Murakami talked of People seeing werewolves possibley being zoanoids, they have just been these fellows too...

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Ryuki: Haha, I was kidding.

well, if you look at the text, it specifically said 太平洋 (tai hei you), which is the Pacific ocean. Or rather, wondering if it's somewhere above the pacific ocean. I'm not sure if that is also said in the Manga itself, since that is the only other source that we have (that I know of).

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ok sure, I was just wondering if you remember seeing it some other place, i thought it might have been in one of your other translations.

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Thanks for translation durendal!

But :confused: maybe I don't understand yours conversation x)) but in the Manga Dr. Balcus was in Atlantic ocean when found Silha, this was said few times, and then one of Cronos staff said that Ark targeting to Atlantic ocean - to Silha with Imakarum on it. That means that VDF is making fools from us? :biggrin:

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thanks cannibal, I was sure that I had heard it somehwere!

yes i remember now, yes Balcus was travelling to the new world on a portugese merchant vessel.

so I guess this means that the VDF book is in error?

well it wouldn't be the first time. remember the trouble it caused with Li Yentsui's name...

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I don't want to be much of a burden, but do you think you can provide me with the page where it said that in Japanese? It's not that I don't trust the one who transated it, I just want to verify it. And if I was that one who translated it, I'd like to see if I made a mistake.

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I do not have the book myself....

but i do remember clearly that part.. it was quite clear that Balcus was travelling to the 'new world' i.e. the americas.

and he was on a portuguese merchant vessel. these ships would not have travelled the pacific. the americas were approached from the east.

the pacific was being explored around the 1800s. Balcus discovered Silha around the 1600s.

if somebody has the part with the ark firing energy toward silha, feel free to post. :)

p.s. durendal, don't worry, it is not you that is a burden, you are doing all this work :)

if anyone is making things difficult, it is I for pointing out these things! :mrgreen:

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i have done the latest scanslation of page 59 which is up on the vdf link , thanks durendal book is slowly coming together mate.

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Page 126

Unit room

the 3 units, and also the place where the remover is safekeeped

Central Control Brain 1 (Mobility center)

The "relics" itself and it's crew members life support, also the living computer that controls the various ability during the space dimension cruise. It is also the autonomous nerves that are expected to assign tasks.

Central Control Brain 2 (Memory center)

A living computer where different data are stored from the time that this "Relic" space ship was born

Propulsion Organ

It is obviously expected to be the propulsion organ used to cruise but, the type of propulsion system, maximum output, and also the necessary energy inside the "Relic" that is required for the cruise, and everything about it is unknown [tl note: very useful indeed]

"Relics" The Spaceship

"Relics" Space Ship interior construction

Stability wings

Functions as a stabilizer during cruising. Again, can also be intented as a landing gear during alighting

Energy Conversion Tool

An organ with the role of digestive organs that converts thermal energy sucked up with the energy conversion whip into living energy when the "Relic" moves

Page 127

Cruise Use Radar

Expected to function as an omni directional radar during space dimension flight. Again, has a high probability to be used as a communication antena

Shell - Hypodermis

Distinctive in it's multi layers, secretes various kinds of oily solutions. A defense system that dissolves an intruder, with regards to the Unit Biobooster, can open an optional "exit" passage to the interior.

Residential Block

Comprises of half of the "Relic" Space ship's capacity, a number of "Sheath rooms". The resident wards seems to be expected as a storehouse like space. with regards to different life forms, can be capable of becoming the optimal habitat.

Cruise Control Room

Throught the medium of the Navigational Metal, the controller's (biobooster's) brain interfaces with the central control brain of the "relics" brain. This allows the controller to control all the functions and memories of the "Relic".

Gravity Control System

In the course of navigating space dimension, forms a gravity space. Again, during descent on a planet, has also the altitude control.

Energy Conversion Whip

Rotates internally with the High Density body fluids, sucks up thermal energy and sends it to the "conversion tool"

A sleeping giant "Relic" that sleeps underneath the Relic Base, Mount Minakami. It's true form is from the ancient past, a space ship which the advents rode, a base for the purpose of developing living weapons. Again, this ship itself is one of their "living tool". An important databank for Cronos, this "Relic" is, has been seen in 3 locations in the world, the two has stopped it's living activity for a long time and has become "stone", the only "Living" state that was discovered was the "Relic" in Mount Minakami, now and eternally lost.

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thanks durendal a great translation alot to take in from just one pod. I have done the textlation and put it up on the server. I have also changed the scan for a better look by removing the centre lines and properly alining up the boxes. Have a look see what you think.

(hint) i have also got the next page blanked out and ready for you translation when you have time.

We are coming to a close on this book what a joy it has been to work with you durendal i couldn't of done it without you. I am hoping to help Ryuki with the other vdf files if he needs me.

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i have also altered the following pages by removing the centre lines.

vdf = 004








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wow, durendal this was a great page!! I really enjoyed this one.

good work on that lost unit.

thanks for your offer of help on the other datafiles but we weren't intending on making it publicly known yet and also I was intending on working on it solo since i have not done any major work in the group for a while.

If I find that I need some help, I will be sure to let you know. ;)


those files you edited... I don't know what has happened, but a lot of the images have become currupt.

I am re-upping the versions that you originally typeset.

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Thanks! ...Not far from the interview :hearts:

And btw look at the difference between Aptom 4 and Omegablast weights - 377kg vs 115kg :confused:

Edited by Cannibal

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Page 128

Enourmous Bio spaceship "Ark"

A giant bio spaceship that was processed in the dead sea. It's total lenght reaches 50 kilometers.

Inside it, is a preparation of habitable environment for living organisms, it should be capable of prolonged interstellar flight, the crew (Zoanoids) serves as the center capable of forming an independent ecosystem onboard.

The living organism composed in the hull, was the cell of the "relic" ship that was scattered by the explosion in mount minakami, and reinforced.

Again, the 12 located energy amps scattered in the ships hull is the gravity control system, this enables the "Ark" for propulsion. These energy amps, is the same as those found originally in the body of Gigantic which is related to the "Relic", and that the "Ark" and Gigantic can be related as siblings. Again, these 12 energy amps corresponds to the 12 Zoacrystals, and requires the 12 members for the full functionality.

Page 129

Shuttle Pod

A 12 holy commanders exclusive space shuttle serves as a sattelite railway between the Ark and Earth. Capacity is 4 people. Although it won't live long after it separates from the Ark, it's longevity can be extended by Amniotic fluids. For Atmospheric escape it is pulled by the effect of the Ark.

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Wow I was ruminating just last night how it wold be sweet for an update and the big D delivers. Thanks Durendal.

That's all the Data file part done, now for the big stuff. With such a large amount of text coming up do you think you'll have trouble with it Durendal?

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