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Matt Bellamy

Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction - 17 Years

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17 years ago today, I officially joined Brian O'Sullivan in making a dual fan-fiction based in the same world. When I joined, we did a small collaboration picture of our two characters together... And since we are back, and updating the site, we figured we'd do a new one to celebrate.



That's right... All the way back in 1998. I've been doing this off and on for 17 years.



*Note* Brian did start the Warrior Guyver fanfiction site before this specific date, but this one is related to the pic in question.

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Damn! Has it been that long!


I remember I was searching for anything Guyver after I discovered Dark Hero and the 12-part series on VHS. I stumbled upon the Warrior Guyver site and fell in love even more. I was 8 or 9 years old when I discovered it (1998 or 1999). Crazy!


I remember reading the fan-fiction and using all of my parent's ink from the printer because I was printing all the fan-art! Haha!

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