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Matt Bellamy

Warriorguyver.com Artwork Section Online!

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There has been an update!

A fairly substantial one too!

What? No.. Sorry, no fanfiction...

BUT, we do have lots of artwork! In fact, the entire Artwork section has been reorganized and updated. This time, organized in terms of what the characters are, rather than who did them.

If you're looking for a Warrior Guyver? Go to the Guyver-> Warrior Guyver section.

Zoalords? Go to the Zoalord section... etc.

While I have teased a few new pictures recently, there are even more pictures than them that have been added.

Plus! An Archive section for all older pictures that have been retired. This section will probably be growing pretty fast, as we are working on replacing a lot of older character pictures with new ones.

So go! Here!


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That's nice! Already found some of the old images which I never seen before.

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