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Anita Sarkeesian Gaming Controversy.

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So. Apparently half the things Anita is saying about how gaming for adults influences males to beat and harm women. If a fictional male character randomly kills a female character in a game. Its violence against women and the adult male playing that game is contributing to violence against women.


IF a woman is helpless and the male character...that being Mario has to go save her. It apparently says that the male gender see's women as frail and weak. So to speak.


The more I read articles about Anita, the more I agree with why people don't like her. She does come off to be a liar and apparently misinterprets gaming. There are tons and tons of articles on her. 


My point is that there's been alot going on with her for several months and it hasn't let up one bit. Her views seem very very exaggerated. 







And of course she claimed AlphaOmegaSin harrassed her.



and of course this....










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Her goal is not a bad thing. But the way she started going about it, definitely zero'd any credibility as a voice for the cause she talks about.


Yeah, there is a lot of sexism in games and the game industry. But using lies and half truths along side good points, does not make them any better. If she had just stuck to the truth, she would not be in this mess. A different mess to be sure, but not THIS mess.


It's like she is trying to be a politician who can claim something, but then backtrack by saying something like: " Well, I am not an expert on the subject and may have stated some incorrect facts. For this I apologize."


Except that she claims to be a big gamer, thus knowledgeable enough about games and the industry. Then why does she continue to make these mistakes?


She has lost most of her credibility as a speaker, or activist simply because all of her "facts" need to be back-checked before anyone can believe any word out of her mouth.

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I seriously don't believe there is this alleged wide spread sexism and misogyny in the gaming world that she proclaims there is. I have a lot of problems with Anita, not because I play games (I hardly ever do) but because she says things like (paraphrasing here) "people who play games are reinforcing gender inequality." or "If you don't play games and do nothing about it you are a part of the problem." She took down her comment threads so no one can challenge her videos or posts. There is a huge difference between literary work and sexism.

There are three different story types: man vs man, man vs nature and man vs God. There's also the revenge story, the damsel in distress story, and the lost artifact story. These stories are a success not because they are "oppressing women" but because they sell. These businesses and gaming companies are not out to harm women but to make a profit. They sell what they know works.

Not to mention, Anita misrepresents those who call her out on her B.S. as slanderers. It's funny because she get's all upset when video games portray women as delicate little damsels in distress, and when people call her out, she acts like an innocent little butterfly that needs help and rescue from the feminine men.

Don't get me wrong, I don't "hate" this person, though I have a big problem with the things she says and claims because 1. It's not true. 2. She's misrepresenting facts and statistics, 3. Is trying to censoring free speech (they're games and stories made up not real people) 4. Down right lies.

I'm not apart of the whole controversy of games, like I said, I don't really play them. However, when people make claims that she does, that you're virtually saying "If you're not with me you're oppressing me!" Then ya, I'm going to have a problem.

I recommend checking out this video.

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