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3 hours ago, Salkafar said:

Except Darwinian struggle is struggle against blind forces. Animals do not hate each other and Nature is not deliberately aloof or cruel.

But this tournament pits intelligent beings against each other in the knowledge all their loved ones will die if they lose - for the entertainment of a god who is apparently completely amoral or worse. Don't call it Darwinian Law. It isn't. It's a sick parody.

I call it that because as far as the universes are concerned it is. Regardless of how it started, they must fight for survival, do or die, kill or be killed. Be the situation natural or artificial the rules are the same. There is no parody.

It's just made horrible by the fact that its being played out by intelligent beings who have had it forced upon them by an uncaring God....but aside from a few "intelligent rules"....really its just the law of the jungle, regardless of how it starts. 

It would be a parody or a mockery if this were about power alone, but this is also about team work, intelligence and abilities. For it is not the strongest who will win but the fittest. 

For Zen-Oh this is a game, for us a sick game.....but for those who must fight what is it other then Darwinian Law?

Edit: It may be cold hearted of me to think of it that way but thats what this boils down to for the fighters. They are in a fight beyond good and evil, were the morality we cherish has no foot hold, this is the fight for survival. 

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18 hours ago, Lord Belmod said:

 They are in a fight beyond good and evil

No, they are in an evil fight. Heroes are pitted against heroes and the loser gets killed along with everybody they have ever known and fought for.

If Goku does not do something about this, stop the destruction of the other universes, this show has really passed the ethical event horizon.

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It seems obvious to me that Goku plans to win and then use the giant planet dragonballs to bring the other universes back or stop zen-o from destroying them.

That's all they have ever done in the past.  Goku doesn't care so much for consequences because up til now, any consequence has been nullified by the dragonballs.

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But this not Hero vs Hero.

Not counting the reformed assassin, demons, space pirate and killer cyborgs on his team, Buu is going to be unable to participate and the first person Goku thinks of to replace him is Frieza! 


Yes this mass murderer, who destroys worlds on a whim and torturous people to death for fun, is really going to be a part of the Universe 7 team. 

Universe 6 has Frost, Frieza's counterpart who starts wars with his space pirate gang, swoops in to act the hero and the buys up all the cheap land from the war ravaged people and became the Emperor of known space. No only that, this rat basterds also uses hidden poisons, some of which can kill people. Then they have Hit, a legendary assassin who's over 1000 years old. This guy is a professional killer who likely has a body count that any slasher villain would envy. 

Universe 9 has the Trio De Dangers who are clearly total scum bags. None of them show the slightest hint of consideration for the well being of others lives, one cheats by using drugs to power up and another uses poison that rots his opponents body and would have killed Gohan.

Universe 4 has suicide bomber type warrior.

Their are some really nasty pieces of work in this tournament and thats why its beyond good an evil, because only the best warriors are picked regardless of which way their moral compass points. Each universe is doing anything and everything they can to win and its lucky the tournament has "no killing" as a rule otherwise this would be a blood bath. Hell nothing in the rules says they cant maim each-other so it could get nasty anyway since you can only win by Ring Out.

We have already crossed a pretty big moral horizen when some of these Universes start bringing guys like this into the fight. Hell the only good one so far is my Universe 11 since its Pride Troopers are all heroes. The irony of which in not lost on me, the main Universe is 7 and they have Frieza...as an audience we are cheering for Frieza to win over a team of dedicated heroes! 

Edit: Its also worth noting U9 brought the Trio De Dangers befor they knew about universal destruction.

Edit 2: In fact U6 is going one immoral step further by throwing Kale, a timid and shy saiyan, into this battle and the mental stress will turn her into a insane berserker.

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Episode 91 Summery. 

At the Omni-Kings’ palace, the two Omi-Kings are playing a strange version of rock-paper-scissors where they hit each other with hammers, but they soon grow tired of this. To entertain them, the Great Priest gives them an update on how the various universes are preparing for the tournament. They are happy to hear that in Universe 7 Goku has successfully assembled a team of ten fighters.

At that moment, Goku and most of his team members are holding a strategy meeting with Beerus and the rest of the U7 top gods, while Vegeta has flown off to Dende’s temple to use the Room of Spirit and Time. Popo kindly asks him not to break the room again (as he did last time), but Vegeta is noncommittal. Stepping inside, he vows to defeat Goku and be the last one standing at the tournament.

At the meeting, Elder Kaioshin suggests using his ability to draw out Goku’s potential (as he did with Gohan before), but sadly that ritual takes over 24 hours, so they no longer have enough time. Instead, Goku decides to train with Whis until the tournament. Seeing Goku makes the Omni-Kings want to hold the tournament right away, but the Great Priest insists they stick to the predetermined time. 

After all, the Great Priest explains, not all the universes’ team-gathering efforts are going so well. For instance, U9 is having a tough time: word has gotten out about their universe’s potential destruction, causing hoodlums to run wild and attempt to flee to other universes. Sidra (U9’s God of Destruction) destroys these hoodlums and decides to look for contestants on some other planet. So far they still haven’t managed to gather anyone besides Trio de Dangers…

In U6, Hit tracks down Frost, who’s on the run from the law and slumped over in an alley somewhere. Assuming Hit has come to kill him, Frost at first seems to accept his fate, but this is a bluff to catch Hit off-guard. While Hit blocks the attack, he can tell Frost has improved; being on the run seems to have toughened him up. 

Hit explains that U6’s God of Destruction has sent him to recruit Frost, and tells Frost about the upcoming tournament. If Frost refuses to enter, Hit vows to kill him on the spot. Frost is happy to enter, but is annoyed to hear he won’t be allowed to use his poison needles. If he cheats and gets caught, he’ll be annihilated!

On Earth, Yamcha watches TV at home, bored and waiting for the tournament invitation he’s sure is coming. Muten Roshi and Oolong stop by, but they have business with Puar rather than Yamcha. To prepare for the tournament, Roshi is determined to conquer his one weakness: his dirty-mindedness. To that end, he wants Puar to turn into a hot babe so he can learn to control himself.

Yamcha thinks this plan is hopeless, but gets Puar to cooperate (Oolong himself has already refused, having been traumatized when Roshi puff-puff’d him way back in the day). While Roshi chases the transformed Puar around, Yamcha asks Oolong if he’s ever going to get invited to the tournament. Oolong reassures Yamcha that he will…probably.

While Goku and Whis train in the gravity chamber, in Universe 11 Toppo and Dyspo wait at a fancy restaurant for their comrade Khaseral to arrive. They call him, but he’s preoccupied saving a cat for some kids. Back at the palace, the Great Priest explains to the Omni-Kings how Toppo and his friends are not merely strong, but all good people as well. Still, the Great Priest continues, while U11 has a good chance of winning the tournament, its counterpart U2 is interesting as well... 

Right then, a martial arts tournament is being held in U2 to select the U2 “idol warrior”. A slim, green-haired girl lines up for the tournament, and some other ladies in line harass her: did she think this was merely an idol audition? But the girl, Briandchateau, quickly transforms into a pink, chubby warrior known as Ribrian, who proceeds to blow her opponents up with her “Pretty Cannon” attack.

In U10, Kuru (the U10 angel) has their ten warriors dance together in order to improve their team bonds. Off on the side, Gowasu tapes the event, which he’s sure will get plenty of views (presumably on GodTube). The U10 warriors’ dance has the Omni-Kings excited, but the Great Priest notes that there’s trouble brewing in U7…

Back on Earth, Goku cools off after his training while Gohan and Shin consider strategy. Gohan thinks they should stick to the center of the arena to avoid ring-outs, but Shin figures everyone else will try the same thing, turning the center into a fierce battlefield. Suddenly Bulma comes in with news from Mr. Satan: it seems that Buu has fallen asleep, and won’t wake up again for two months!

Shocked, Goku decides to go try and wake Buu up. Beerus insists on coming along too, to give Buu a good pounding. Beerus is plenty ticked off at Buu, first for failing the written test during Champa’s tournament, and now this (not to mention the infamous “pudding incident”). But while Beerus stews, Goku has already left…

Only four hours and ten minutes remain until the Tournament of Power!

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