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Hey heyz

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Just stopping by to say hello.

I've lurked on this forum a few times here and there, and just now decided to sign up.


Definitely want to thank the people who have kept the forum alive and well.. ie Yuki, I believe, as well as many others.


I've enjoyed Guyver since I was a toddler, back when you could rent Guyver from blockbuster. I like to think that all the childhood violence has helped shape me into the good person I am today.

My favorite part of the franchise was the first act of the OAV. Even without nostalgia goggles, the animation and audio was well done for its time. It knew what it was and as an isolated storyline, it was very entertaining. The second act.. not so much.

The live-action films (even the first one in small doses) were cool. I never finished the 2005 reboot. I don't think it presented the Guyver entity as well as its predecessors.


Anyway, I coudl elaborate, but this is a bit long for an introduction.

Thanks!! and Greetings.

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It's such a nice introduction :)

why did nobody respond to what you told us?

ah well.


nice to have you with us :)


I do also think the first act of the OVA was the best presentation of Guyver.

Without it, I might not be a fan.


It was so well made; with passion.

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