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Getting rid of my Guyver comics/books?

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i'm really surprised that this issue is still ongoing!

personally, if i don't hear or receive anything within a month, i'd force a refund or a hold on funds through paypal.

i suggest you do the same bertha.

that normally gets a seller's attention.

then only release funds when items received, no matter if the items are supposedly already in the post! that's if you still want to negotiate the items through the same seller.

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Unfortunately, I was stupid in this case - thank you for that large type up (but you've removed it all now so it's irrelevant), Anonymous but I understand what you meant by it.


I made a mistake with this transaction and while it has costed me quite a severe amount of money, it's a lesson well learnt - do NOT ever try and be nice online (especially forums) without keeping yourself safe. If DukeTOGO really is ill, his "100% send it tomorrow" and such, would've come through and so on.

Finally, because this was settled outside of eBay and I was trying to be nice, I sent the payment as a gift - you cannot dispute sending money as a gift and the way I paid also locked my bank out of it too.


Suffice to say, I will never again, try and "save" a seller some fees, ever again and I would advise anyone else who reads this, not to be so easy as me to trust someone online. It was an expensive lesson and as tempting as it would be to release DukeTOGO's information publicly, I have a feeling that those details are likely to have been faked or even changed by now.

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I'm really remorseful about this situation.

as site admin I have to think about how this reflects on the community and of course it gives a bad taste for anyone who experiences this. I never thought of this community as a place where this kind of situation might arise but then that is probably a naive view.

no place is free from issues. I can't assume that one party is at fault because I don't have all the information and unfortunately it is not really possible for me to do anything to rectify this situation or to make any provisions as I don't have all the data.

I could assume that one party was at fault and do some kind of suspension or warning or whatever, but I simply can't make that judgement.

I think the best thing any of us can do is advise caution.


we used to have a notice on the classifieds forum but it doesn't seem to be there now.

I don't understand why it is no longer present but I will make sure it is restored. we don't have a system to ensure people are trustworthy or to check to see what troubles they might be having in their day to day life. I certainly can't judge anybody else when I have a box full of guyver books still to0 send out. all I can do is say I'm really sorry this didn't work out well for you and to promise to put up a notice to advise caution.

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