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Hi :)

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Hi everyone.


I'm new to this forum, though I have been a lurker for a while.  I've been a fan of Guyver since my older brother showed me the Manga Entertainment OVA VHS tapes in 1996--they actually sold them at Walmart at the time, I believe.  Granted, I was like 9-10 at the time, so the violence got to be a bit much for me after a while, but they still left their mark on me when I think of monsterous creatures and the like.  Eventually, I did watch the whole series, and then the TV series. 


About the only other fictional thing that I'm a big fan of is the Twilight Saga.  Please, don't kill me, because I'm not just a Twilight fan, but I'm also male.  However, I do like the novels and the movies, but they got me thinking one day.  Unbelievably, I saw similarities between Twilight and Bio-Booster Armor Guyver--character angst, romance being angled into giveing the lead characters meaning to their lives after they came to believe themselves to be cursed.  And then I thought, Twilight is cool, but it's missing some action.  That's when I got the ideal for a Guyver/Twilight Saga crossover fan fic.  I'm mostly writing it for fun, and it's intended to be an action/adventure sci-fi comedy (I know that both Twilight and Guyver don't have much humor within the canon of the stories, but there's places where stuff can be played up for humor in fan fic).


However, I'm writing somewhat in defense of the Twilight Saga, in that I think that there are things that guys can find in there to like (hot chicks and car porn for two), and that, in reality (well as real as stuff in vampire stories can get LOL) the Twilgiht Vampires are really kinda bad-a** compared to like Dracula (the Angry Video Game Nerd made a video about how "normal" vampires can be killed), but at the same time, also introduce people to something that left and impression on me from my youth.  Also, there's some vampires that I think that the Bio-Boosted ones and some of their friends can bring back down to earth and cut down to size within the canon of Twilight.


I'll probably edit my profile and other things tomorrow after I get off work, and I should be getting dinner and getting read to watch Top Gear and prepare to get some sleep before I head into work tomorrow.


I just wanted to stop by and, being new here, give some background info about me and why I've been lurking and why I pulled the trigger to become a member here.  I hope that I'll enjoy it here :)

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Welcome to the family, hope you enjoy it here and as for your guyver and twilight comparison...I just don't see it but I am curious how are you going to talk about this so I will be waiting patiently when you open the debate thread, and as for the attacking you just because you like twilight, you have nothing to worry about, we are mostly adults here and we like to discuss things in a civil matter and we don't attack people just because we don't like something you like so don't worry about that happening here.

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Hi again everyone.


I don't doubt that most of you aren't really familiar or are even indifferent with the Twilight novels--just as how most Twilight fans have never even heard of Bio-Booster Armor Guyver, either the manga, or the animes (BTW, the live action films, especially the first, sucked IMO and where a bit of a downer compared to the OVAs, or the TV series).  As I said, Twilight has some stuff that, stereotypically, that guys should like (all the females are described as being models for the most part, and there's all kinda of car porn, almost like some of the stuff was from an episode of Top Gear).  However, it's a teen/YA romance/fantasy novel, and I can understand how that's off putting, even with all the stuff I mentioned in it. 


Of course, Guyver does have some romance angles (Sho and Mizuki, and, depending on one's POV, Shizu and Agito--I'll probably post more in my actual comparison that I may post soon), but it's mostly and action-adventure/sci-fi story.  Of course, in that post, I'll argue (if that's the right word--discuss might be a better word) the similarities, and how their worked differently as far as my POV.  And yes, I believe and respect that similarities are worked and played up differently between the stories.


And I'll also describe my ideas for where I want to take my fan fic.  Again, mostly, I'm writing it for fun, but I have some points to prove, namely that I don't think that the Twilight Saga deserves it's bad rep, that Guyver deserves to be seen my more people, and all of my what if questions.  This is mostly because of how Breaking Dawn ended (a lot of loose ends and plot holes), the fact that Guyver as a manga sort of seems to be a "never-ending story", and if I had creative control, this is how I'd close some of those holes and answer some questions, which fan fic allows us to do just that.


But, overall, other than talking about stuff that's Guyver related (obviously) and other off topic stuff that might be of interest to me, that's why I'm here.  I also updated my profile (as I promised) so if anyone wants to know more about me, you can find some stuff there, though one should also feel free to ask questions about anything--well, at least stuff that won't violate TOS ;)


Also, with me being in the minority with the Twilight stuff and being with the majority here (a male fan), I do wonder what the gap is with female fans of Guyver.  That's one thing that's also interested me, is the gender gap within fandoms.  With Twilight, it's mostly females, with Guyver, it's mostly a male fan-base.  I do know that there are women who probably like Guyver, but I do wonder if there's only a few or quite a few.  I know that there are both willing and closet Twilight Saga fans who are male.  My opinion is that men shouldn't be ashamed if they like Twilight, and girls shouldn't be ashamed if they like stuff like Guyver.


I have a few things that I'd like to try and work on before I think about posting my comparison/theories thread.  But I'll probably get to that for sure within the next 24 hours, and possibly tonight, since I don't work tomorrow. 


I'll be back soon :)  Thanks for the welcome :)

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well i finally got round to giving you a welcome. :)


I see that you are very talkative. I can understand why you are more likely to be a fan of Twilight. we all have masculine and feminine traits and your manner of writing and talking does point towards your feminine traits when it comes to literature.

This is not to suggest that you are in any way girly, it is in fact more likely that you are a real man if you can be comfortable with your more feminine traits. I do hope I haven't offended you with that observation.


I don't hate Twilight really. it came on tv and i decided to leave it on and watch it while doing other stuff. it wasn't bad, but it was obviously aimed at young women. I mean the parts where the camera focuses on Edward and his shiny eyes, it is very much a feminine way of looking at him. it represented him as the romantic type of male, rather than what men see as a man they can look up to.

This is not to say there is anything wrong with that, I just found it to be difficult to relate to i that respect, but the other parts were fairly interesting. the events were quite good when he was fighting that other guy and he smashed him into the floor and threw him across the room. that was quite cool.

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Well, I do like auto racing/automotive stuff and world history, especially World War II period stuff, such as strategy and weapons and technology. But then again, I'm a receptionist as far my job right now (a job associated with women) and I'm interested in things that women are as far as talking to them about it and getting/sharing opinions. Of course, you're also talking to a guy who splits wood during the winter with steel wedges and a 10lb sledge hammer almost every night. We all have our own traits.

As far as Twilight goes, I did elect to read the book before I saw the film (it flew over my head until I found out that Kristen Stewart was in it--I saw and liked Speak, so I gave Twilight a try, albeit only after I read the novel first. And yes, I did work in a library at the time, so I knew of the books, but not much about them). For a "quiet, peaceful" story, I always turn to the Twilight Saga. For action, well, Guyver anyone? ;)

I also like etymology, names and what they mean. And there's even one that's a bit ironic in Guyver, for one. The name Shizu means "peaceful and quiet", which she does generally seem to be quiet and reserved most of the time. However, according to the TV series (maybe added to give Shizu a bit more background than in the manga), she was a little bit of a hell-raiser as a child (playful and boisterous is what I supposed was intended to be inferred there) until she became a teenager and the quiet and reserved aspects that we know her for came to the forefront. And, of course, there's her mate, Agito, who is generally anything but quiet, peaceful or subtle. I, of course, know more than just that.

I also enjoy writing fan fic, mostly Twilight related, but I'm currently working on a Twilight/Guyver crossover, mostly for fun and laughs, but to also share Guyver with others, and share my views on the Twilight Saga, too.

And now, I must be getting ready to finish off my night since I have work tomorrow and I need to be getting some sleep because of work, and watching F1 practice tomorrow night, too. At least I won't be watching a 12 Hour sportscar race this weekend, which keep my Saturday pretty busy. It was fun, but not something I'd do every weekend, and this isn't one of them.

I'll be back later :)

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