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Guyver Novel pictures for translating

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Page 32

Breakfast was already prepared on the dining table.
[Would you like some red tea]
The Uncle carefully said to Noriko who went to the table.
[You can have whatever you like.  Would you like some toast?]
[Thank you very much. I'm good.  I really don't understand the situation so I'm just a little bit worried.]
Uncle nodded, like wanting to say something, but couldn't say anything for a while.
At last, he slowly opened his mouth.
[...actually, last night when I was alone, I was thinking.  Why won't I let you return as the way you are right now.  However, I can't do so in good conscience.  So I thought that I have to tell you the truth after all]
In an instant, there was a thought that brother was still alive.
However, Uncle's word's did not go that way.
[Tatsuo-kun, he was murdered]
It took some time before understanding what that meant.
However, even knowing this, Noriko still could not believe it.
Uncle started his explanation.
[Him, together with me, are part of a special department in Max Pharmaceutical.  In order to keep the secret safe, even I myself do not know exact location of the company, it was that kind of work.  

Page 33

I don't think I can tell you the details, but using genetic research, it is part of a project team that develops new medicine, which I don't have much idea.]
I finally understand why Brother had such a high salary.
[Tatsuo-kun was a research staff and security personnel.  With that kind of technology, it will put them ahead of the next generation.  Competition between companies has been intense.  The slightest leakage of sample or report will have a fatal result.  Of course, the staff are kept to a bare minimum and the personnel has be trustworthy.  They cannot simply employ security guards from the outside.  -you haven't heard anything about the inside from your brother right?]
[Right, he didn't mentioned anything.]
Uncle nodded deeply.
[In that sense, he was excellent.  But was troublesome to those who steals confidential material.]
[You mean industrial spy?]
[A Criminal organization.  A bunch involved in drugs and guns joined hands with the comglomerate, looking to make a big profit.]
Reality still hasn't sunk in.  But I can't see a reason why they have concocted such a tremendous lie.
At least it made one thing very clear.

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