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Guyver January 2012

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just me or peers who are highlighting corpse figure more and moreof the girls in the manga's breasts pairs griselda take anincreased from 25

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"HF sword flash!

Griselda's Death!?"

thanks cannibal! :D

i wonder if she can survive a shot like that.... that looks to me like it has severed her spinal column. she has amazing healing powers... but.....

well alphard doesn't seem to be saying much about the chapter.

apart from a small bit that may be unrelated but made me laugh.. "short hair is also nice isn't it? "

alkanfel009... hmm they do look a little bigger ^_^;

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Im thinking its gonna look like her head was cut off but I think its her "hair" and Griselda will barely dodge a fatal blow. I dont think this is over yet...

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Guest Firehead

I do not think Griselda will be walking away from this fight without some sort of major scars.

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How far does the Guyver's laser reach, anyway?

"Suddenly, the Guyver II-f is hit by a powerful beam... far away, Guyver III whispers 'don't mess with the waifu' "

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thanks amika! :)

I hope you don't mind i merged the two threads. we can have the normal separate thread when we have a decent scan of this if that is ok :)

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oh that is so sweet.

the libertus are so dedicated! they actually asked griselda to activate mode C.

and that final panel is also so cool "YES MA'AM"

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it was amazing but a doubt in all this time I could peer TetsuroProsesa haver to become a lost number or aptom like Hayami, he had the equipment to do is just doubt that he will include cren in a fight or not

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I really need to find a program that'll decode rar files....dang it. Someone mind telling me what's happening please?


guyver 2 female has seemingly removed her primary defence, cutting off her 'neck' things. it appears griselda is not mortally wounded, but the libertus are not so fortunate.

guyot fires his laser into the house and starts a blaze of fire. the segawa group are going to find it difficult to escape because the flames reach the stairs.

everyone appears helpless, but a libertus at guyots feet is talking, I didn't bother to translate what he says, because it only results in guyot impaling him on his quadriga leg.

at this moment that libertus yells out to griselda "MODE C!!" he asks griselda to activate mode c, griselda looks concerned but soon enough she gives the order everyone to activate mode c. the final panel is every single libertus in unison saying "YES MA'AM!"

you should have a look, try to get either 7zip or winrar. they are free.

don't worry, I'll always compress the finished article as a zip file.

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Ryuki did they definitely do a Mode C? Or is it something new?


リベルタス モードC ï¼ï¼

Libertus, mode C!!

i thought agito and his army were bastards...

I'm seeing them in a whole new light these days.

it's so emotional.

agito may have called shou to fight, but he made damn sure the segawa group were protected.

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Yet another hide out lost? It might have been their coziest yet.

:G1: I was just thinking the same thing. And didn't they have a bunch of lab equipment in the basement? That sucks. :G3:

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Well, as not to waste the efforts of Amika, here's the translation for the chapter. (though some Chinese translations are already in place.)

Page 945

text: Sonic Blade Flash! What is Griselda's life and death is!?

Page 946

p2. balloon: Shizu-san

p3. balloon 1: G...

Balloon 2: Grizelda!?

Page 947

no text

Page 948

p1. balloon 1: I planned to take off your head but

balloon 2: you managed to evade your hide just a bit

p2. balloon: However...

p3. balloon 1: You who has lost your offense and defense weapon

balloon 2: no longer has any chance of vicoty

p4. balloon: ...hm

p5. balloon: That's the end of being your opponent

Page 949

p1. balloon 1: It's about time for the "main question"

balloon 2: we're going in

Page 950

p5. balloon: wh...what are you...?

Page 951

p1. balloon: Forcing them out of Odagiri's

p2. balloon 1: Now

balloon 2: Come out Segawa siblings!!

p4. balloon 1: I thought so

balloon 2: Guyot's purpose was Tetsurou

Page 952

p3. balloon 1: Dammit Guyot

balloon 2: Do you plan to burn us alive?

p4. balloon: Mizuki, Natsuki

go to the basement

p5. balloon: that place will work as a shelter

Page 953

p2. balloon 1: B...brother..

balloon 2: the fire is...

p3. balloon: Just as I thought, the fire is spreading fast?

Page 954-955

no text

Page 956

p1. balloon: I have to do something and let them escape...

p2. balloon: hmm?

p3. balloon: !?

Page 957

p1. balloon: This is the end for us Grizelda

p2. balloon 1: Please leave this to us

balloon 2: Take the Segawa siblings and escape!!

p3. balloon: fufufu....How noble

but you're just a wounded small fry

p4. balloon: What can you do now?

Page 958

p1. balloon 1: N...

now Grizelda

balloon 2: Please order the activation of "Mode C"!!

p2. balloon: Wha...

p3. balloon: We cannot activate "Mode C" of our own volition

p4. balloon 1: Please Grizelda

balloon 2: Please do not give us a worthless death

p5. balloon: h...hurry..

Page 959

p1. balloon: Before our life is extinguished!!

p2. balloon: y...you guys...

p4. balloon: ,,,,,

p5. balloon 1: Libertus

balloon 2: Mode C!!

Page 960

p1. balloon: Yes Ma'am!!

box: The desperate counterattack of Libertus begins!!

box 2: Biobooster Guyver Continues in February Issue

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Hm this might already be the end of Griselda's big one-on-one fight. Then against she IS a support unit and even with her time limit Guyver II is a fighter.

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