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Decade Fanfic Official story Plans

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I'll be writing the first few chapters to start us off which Tales will then edit. Then, each person will do the chapters pertaining to their own Rider's world. Once they finish their chapters they submit them to Tales who then again does a final edit and then they are posted. So far I'll be writing the chapters pertaining to the beginning of the journey and the first world travel and then whose ever Rider world is next will take over after me until the next Rider after them.

So chapters 1--4 will be done by me first. Ch.1 is just the prologue while Ch.2 is the beginning of the journey. Then ch. 3&4 will be based around Shadow's world. Each world should take no more than 2 chapters tops to finish.

Though, I was wondering if we were going to do an interlude chapter for Magnus and G. Since they mostly follow Decade from the Shadow's, these two will encounter one another soon and then DaiShocker so a couple of chapters based around their own encounters could be useful but should be kept short.

Now, other than that if we come to a point in the story where we are not doing a chapter for a certain Riders world then either Tales, myself or someone who wishes to give it a shot can do that chapter.

Does this help?

So we have this:

Chapters 1-4 (Dark Wraith) Prologue, World Shift, Shadow's World (world 1)

Ch. 5&6 (Totem) Genbu's world (world 2)

Ch.7&8 (Tiga) Hell Rider's World (world 3)

Ch. 9&10 (Tales) Kero's World (World 4)

Ch. 11&12 (Dark Wraith) Ghoul's World (world 5)

Ch.13 (Interlude story) (Anyone writes)

Ch. 14&15 (Bobby) Medulla's world (World 6)

Ch. 16&17 (Dark Wraith) Neos's World (World 7)

Ch. 18&19 (Spectre 555) Cosmos's World (World 8)

Ch. 20&21 (Dark Wraith) Magnus's World (world 9)

Ch. 22&23 (anyone) Decade's world

Ch. 24 and onward will be a decided in the future as the story progresses and as Tales and Spectre decide.

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Hmm, what point ahve you written to now btw?

Anyway, after chap 2 we are going to confirm the world visit order again,so guys,if you want a guys a change, that would be the last chance.

Edited by spectre555

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I'm at point 44. I haven't started CH.2 yet as once i finished Ch.1 I went on to finish a chapter for anohter fanfic I'm working on. Now that that chapter is done I will be starting CH.2 of this story tomorrow as it's my first of my next 2 days off. I will have CH.2 done within the week and then Tales can edit it. Spectre if you can, if you haven't done so already, just get all the points to where Tsukasa would be appearing in Shadow's world and then stop there. That way CH.2 can consist of starting at point 44 and going all the way up to the beginning of Shadow's World.

For points reference on my 4 Rider's Kaijin:

Shadow's (Night in the city park)

Ghoul's (Cloudy day at a local high school)

Neos's (An abandoned shopping district at mid-day)

Magnus's (A transport tunnel where cars travel through...this was suggested to me by Tales)

I think it's a good idea guys at what Spectre suggested. This means you all have until I finish "CH.3" which is episode 1 of 2 for the Shadow World Arc to think of when you want Decade to appear in your Riders world. Once the final adjustments are made I'll talk with that person so that I can End CH.4 in the way of introducing their world in the way they want.

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Hey Dark Wraith I was thinking instead of chapters we write the story based on Episodes instead. Like say Chapter 1 is episode 1 so you just continue from where my draft edit last left off... sounds ok?

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81. Natsumi gets attacked by the Ghost!She then tries to run and sprains her ankle!

82.Tsukasa then bashes the Worldshift Wall again, but still no luck.Just then, the Decadriver and Ridebooker drops out of his coat.'

Tsukasa:Huh?why do i have..................


???:Where are your buckle and cards?

*flashback out*

Tsukasa:is this what he meant?

82.Tsukasa then sees the Ghost ready to strike Natsumi.He then puts on the Decadriver.


83.Tsukasa then transforms into Decade and breaks the Worldshift Wall in one punch, causing the Ghost to turn its attention to Decade.

Natsumi:Tsukasa-kun....But how?

84.The Ghost attempts to punch him,but Decade then punches and kicks him away.The Ghost tries to attack him again with a sharp spear like object, but Decade pulls out his RideBooker in Sword Mode and slashes the Ghost several times, and it dies.

85.Two more Ghosts then come out from the building entrance nearby and shoots blasts at Decade.

Decade:How annoying......take this!

Decade then shifts his Ridebooker to Gun Mode.

Decade fires several shots at the Ghosts, and they get knocked over.

Decade:Time to finish this.

Decade takes out the Attack Ride:Blast card and inserts it into the Decadriver.

Decade then fires a barrage of shots at the Ghosts, and they explode.

86.Decade then turns around.


Decade:Why do you know that name?

Natsumi:Where are going to go now?


Natsumi:we aren't going to walk, are we?

87.Decade then takes out a card:Attack Ride:Machine Decader and slots it into the Decadriver.The Machine Decader then appears out of a worldshift infront of Decade.

Edited by spectre555

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Spectre: nice, it's coming along great.

Tales: Yeah, I can name them as episodes instead of chapters....like I do most of my other fanfics. So instead of the doc being called CH.1doc it will be EP.1doc for example. Anyway, I'll begin writing for CH.2/EP.2 later today once I finish up some more card names and abilities for Magnus's card set. He'll have roughly 12-13 forms total (a combo of Decade and Kuuga in a way).

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88.Decade then askes Natsumi to get on and they drive away from the scene to the main road nearby.

Natsumi:Why is this happening to the world?

Decade:i have no idea ether.But i think i know someone who would.

89.Just as they are driving, they enter a worldshift.Decade and Natsumi then found themselves in the midst of a ruined Shibuya at night.


Decade:just hold on tight,this place feels unsafe.

They then drive past several rows of shops.........

Natsumi:Tsukasa.............its getting scary................

A Stalker Necrophite(Cosmos's Kaijin) then sees Decade and Natsumi drive past and makes a low grunt.

90. Natsumi then suddenly tells Decade to stop when they see many corpses,bits of people and rubble all over the place.They then recognise the three people who were confronting Tsukasa for the photos earlier from among the corpses.



Decade:Terrible.....what on earth happened here.

Natsumi then vomits for a short while.

Decade:just avert your eyes Natsumi.

91.Suddenly, they see a man run out of a shopping centre nearby.

Man:Help me!

92.Before Decade or Natsumi could help him, suddenly,a long speared tongue bursts from within the shopping centre and spears his head off.The man's head then rolls to Natsumi's shoe.Decade then sees the long speared tongue retract.


Decade:crap.........Watch out Natsumi, there's something bad around here.

93.The speared tongue bursts from something within the shopping centre again and slowly drags the Man's corpse into the shopping centre.Decade quickly shoots it before it could fully drag it back.The tongue then quickly reels back in and a loud moan is heard.

Natsumi:we should go.

94.Decade and Natsumi quickly get on the Machine Decader,but just then, the street lights suddenly shorts out.

Natsumi:Its like a horror movie.

Decade:Just stay on the bike, and cover your head.

95.Suddenly, a Grunt Necrophite(Cosmos's Kaijin) bursts though a glass window of a shop behind them.It then rushes towards them.

Decade:Darn!here they come!

Decade blasts the Grunt Necrophite's limbs off.

Natsumi:Tsukasa-kun.........there are more of them.............

96.Decade turns around to see 3 more Grunt Necrophites had came out, and 3 more were jumping out from the building infront of them.The 6 newly arrived Necrophite Grunts then surround and attack them.Just then, a Necrophite Commander(Cosmos's Kaijin) then jumps from the building and lands on top of a van nearby shouts out a unintelligible battle cry.

Decade:in that case.......how about this!?

Decade takes out Attack Ride: Slash card and takes his Ridebooker,which switches it to sword mode automatically.

Decade slices through the six Grunt Necrophites in a series of slashes as they try to use their claws to shred him to pieces.

97.The Necrophite Commander then jumps down and attacks Decade.Decade then drags the fight slightly away from Natsumi.

what point have you written to now?

Edited by spectre555

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I'm going to lay down for a bit and then start the chapter when i get back up. Need to recover from work. Patience is a virtue. I'll let you all know what I have written so far later this evening when I get back online. ;)

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Ok, so far I'm at the point where Natsumi arrives to yell at Tsukasa while he's surrounded by the group of three people. Right after Goro tells him that his world will end....poin 48. So far I have about 739 words typed. I had to stop earlier to do yard work and to let my family on my comp for awhile.

We're basically sharing a single computer now but it won't take away from my writing time. I should have half of the chapter done by tonight.

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Ok, now I'm at point 53 and have around 1,251 words done so far. I'm taking a break to go eat and run some errands and then I'll type more tonight.

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This part could be tragic.

98.Natsumi then hears the glass doors of the shopping centre nearby break.A Necrophite Havester then comes out of the shopping centre.It then notices her and starts hobbling towards her.Natsumi then sees the Necrophite Havester coming for her and starts running from it.

99.Meanwhile, Decade then manages to knock down the Necrophite Commander and then then stab it thorough the back,killing it.Decade turns around to check on Natsumi and sees.........

Natsumi:Tsukasa! Help me!!!!!

Before Decade could get her out of the way,the Necrophite Havester then opens its mouth and..............

100.The Necrophite Havester then springs its long sharp spear tongue at Natsumi.Natsumi then gets pierced though the stomach by the Necrophite Havester's tongue.


Decade quickly cuts the long speared tongue that impaled her before she could be dragged into the Necrophite Havester's mouth.

The Necrophite Havester(Cosmos's Kaijin) then flails around in pain when its tongue was cut.

101.Natsumi is fatally injured.


Natsumi:Tsukasa-kun ,you will save the world.....................right?

Decade:I will! Dont Die on me! Hang in there!

Natsumi then totally went slient.

102.The Havester then gets angry and begins to charge at Decade.


???:Decade,is this result you truly wanted for your actions?

*Flashback out*

103.Decade then shouts out in rage and takes out Final Attack Ride:Decade and uses it.He then leaps and kicks the Necrophite Havester,exploding it into bits.

104.Decade then gets worldshifted away along with the Machine Decader to near the Hikari Studio.Chaos is all over the city as all kaijins from the 9 worlds are attacking people and each other.


Cards used in CHP 2


Edited by spectre555

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Whoa, that is tragic. Spectre,send me a PM on the basic details of how each of those Necrophites look so I can describe them when I get to that part.

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It is now Chp 3,chp 2 was the worldshift fights.

1.Decade then demorphs back to Tsukasa.

Tsukasa:They are cannibalising each other.

The kaijins from the 9 worlds are destroying buildings,themselves and people.

Moulds(Kero's Kaijin) were preying on people who went into the dark corners of the city to hide.

Necrophites Swarmers(Cosmos's Kaijin) were flying over the city.Necrophite Droppers were floating around the tops of skyscrapers,dropping pods all around,which then burst out Necrophite Stalkers and Grunts.

Shadow's Kaijin and Ghosts(Hell Rider's Kaijin) were killing people in the streets.

Lots of Nakshatras(Genbu's Kaijin) were killing people on the roads and destroying cars.

2.Tsukasa then sees 5 streams of light in the sky,

Tsukasa:Those look like..........jet fighters!?

The Jet fighters then drop several missiles all over the entire city.


3.The Missiles then hit much of the city, causing death and destruction all over.

Suddenly, before the blasts from the missiles could hit him, time around him stops.

Tsukasa:this is horrible..............simply horrible.

??? then walks toward Tsukasa.

???:There is still time to reverse all this.

Tsukasa:You!just who are you?why is this happening?

??? then snaps his fingers.

Tsukasa then sees 9 other worlds other than his own.

Tsukasa:What............are those?They look like the earth.

Edited by spectre555

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i'll stop for here for a while, im gonna givve time for people to develop their riders before we start.Im going figuring out cosmos's final form in the meantime.

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Spectre. for the points, all ya have to do is get it to where Tsukasa is world shifted to Shadow's world and then I'll take over from there as I'll be doing that whole world arc on my own.

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4.The mysterious man then explains what is going on.

Goro/???: Decade.why do you keep feigining ignorance?

Tsukasa:I have no idea what is happening!First, the world goes chaotic, then next im pulling out a buckle and using cards to battle!

Goro/???: Do you..........have memory loss?


Goro/???:Did you suffer from amensia?

Tsukasa:Well, i cant remember anything except my life from last year until now.

Goro/???: Do you really not remember what happened?

Tsukasa:Remember what?


Goro/???:Fine, this could be a good thing.

5.The Mysterious man then whisks Tsukasa to a mysterious place which has a machine which shows the situation of the world fusion chaos.

Goro/???:as you just saw, the world you were living in up to now is in total chaos.This is because the time space continuum is being messed with.

Tsukasa:what are those 9 other worlds near mine?

Goro/??? then presses some buttons on the machine presses a rewind button on the screen and the digital projection changes to the 9 worlds and Natsumi's world existing separately in peace.

Goro/???:Orginally,there were 9 other worlds.They existed parallel to each other and with your world.


6.Goro then presses the play button on the screen.The image of the 9 worlds co-existing with Natsumi's world begins to change.

Goro/???:Now, the other 9 worlds are fusing with your world.

Tsukasa:why did'nt anyone try to stop this?

Goro/???:several people did.And failed.

Goro/???:In those 9 other worlds, 9 heroes,known as Kamen Riders existed.

Tsukasa:Kamen Riders?

Goro/???:Remember anything yet?

Tsukasa:No, just how to fight.

Goro/???:These 9 Kamen Riders bonded together to stop the fusion of the worlds.They were about to succeed, when...............

Goro/???:Something unexpected happened to them.An enemy appeared.The ultimate Kamen Rider.He appeared and defeated all of them.

Tsukasa:How do i stop this mess anyway?

Goro/???:Decade,you must travel to the 9 worlds.


Goro/???:Dont worry, you wont be unprepared for this journey.Take out your RideBooker.

7.Tsukasa then takes out his RideBooker.Nine Powerless Cards flew out.

Goro/???:You have the power of the 9 Kamen Riders from the 9 worlds.

Tsukasa:But these cards cant be used!

8.Just then, the machine beeps and the digital projection then zooms in.A world had begun to get drawn into Natsumi's world and is in the risk of colliding with Natsumi's World.Goro then immediately begins using a interface nearby.


Goro/???:Decade, im sorry, but we have no more time, a world is about to collide with yours.


Goro/???:If it hits your world, it will do catatrophic damage.

Tsukasa:How do we stop it?

Goro/???:Go to that world which is being drawn in,Shadow's World!

Tsukasa:Wait!How do i......................

Goro/???:i will try to keep it and other worlds from colliding with your world with whatever means i have,but you must travel to that world to stop whatever is causing the damage from Shadow's World.

Goro/???:Just go

*Tsukasa is worldshifted away in a blink of an eye*

9.Tsukasa is the whisked back through a world shift back to the outside of the Hikari Studio.

Tsukasa:That hurts........

10.Tsukasa then enters the Hikari Studio to rest.Enjiro then ushers him in.

Tsukasa:The world's in chaos,i though you would have ran for a underground shelter by now.

Enjiro:oh, i built this photo studio with my two own hands, it would take more than a world crisis to shake me out.

Enjiro:Where is Natsumi?

Tsukasa goes slient for a while, but the makes up a lie.

Tsukasa:She err............I dont know!

Enjiro i see.

10.Tsukasa then slumps onto a sofa.


Natsumi:Tsukasa-kun! Help me!

Natsumi then gets speared through by the Necrophite Havester's speared tougue.



Goro/???:There is still time to reverse all this.


Tsukasa:Natsumi,i will save the world..........!

Tsukasa then proceeds to try walk out the Hikari Studio, but then stops halfway.

He then realises something.

Tsukasa:That guy forgot something!

Tsukasa:How do i get to Shadow's World?Or, how do i travel to the 9 worlds?

Gonna continue the last bit later.

Edited by spectre555

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That's pretty good. Now, beofre I do anything else I need to know one thing. Will our Riders return to their own worlds at the end of each world arc to help Decade in restabelizing them or not?

Also, Shadow's world is set as world 1 so we need the order of the other 8 world visits. Let's get in gear people as we can't continue without the world order.

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just wait, im getting inpiration how does the world travelling proccess happen from Tiga.We are kinda busy resolving some issues.

btw, try to improve the dialogue i put in, really, its kinda cheesy at times.And we are still using the murals/paintings thing.Just give us some time.

Edited by spectre555

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That part I know. as for changing the dialogue, will do if the scene calls for it. I just want to know if you and Tales want the worlds' main rider to return at the end of each arc.

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The world's main rider will not be returning until the second visit of the worlds after Decade fixes all the world's problems. Becos Daishocker aka Narutaki will be calling upon Diend to proceed with bigger plans. So after the things are done for example after the 9 worlds, Decade has to revisit those worlds again after dealing with NAtsumi's world and revisit each world which is now under siege by Diend for example with a brainwashed Kero or Shadow. So Decade will be needed to help. Also this time he might be joined with Magnus and Goro[KR G].

Err guys I think it's best we forget the murals and paintings as it's just a bit odd and out of place. We just need to put the paint on the World Ride Cards which requires Tsukasa to insert into the Machine Decader. World Raido! Shadow

Edited by Tales

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