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Anti-Guyver Weapons

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This is something akin to the "Who can beat Archanfel". I wanted to see what kind of weapons, contemporary or science fiction, could defeat or disable a guyver. With that said, things like the Death Star's Super Laser or other weapons of planetary devastation are off the table as these are over kill. These weapons don't have to be instant kill either and can be something that would only affect a regular guyver, you don't have to aim for Gigantic and Exceed right off the bat.

First suggestion: The Oxygen Destroyer


The Oxygen Destroyer was the invention of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. Having devoted his studies to the element oxygen, Serizawa accidentally stumbled upon a volatile and deadly chemical reaction. Though horrified by the destructive potential of his discovery, he nonetheless continued his research, optimistic that some beneficial outcome could be produced from it. That said he kept his work a complete secrete for fear of what would happen if his discovery found it's way into the wrong hands. He did eventually confide in his betrothed Emiko Yamane though. Unfortunately Serizawa never got the chance to further his research. In 1954 the first Godzilla began attack Japan and all attempts to stop the atomic monster were useless. after Godzilla attacked Tokyo, Emiko broke her promise to Serizawa and reveal his secrete to her lover, and Serizawa's friend, Hideo Ogata. Emiko and Hideo when to try and persuade Serizawa to use his creation to stop Godzilla but Serizawa was adamant. Even if it could kill the monster, using it just once would bring about a new age of terror as the world started a new weapons arms race. Despite his strong will, he was only human and powerful people could exploit his human weaknesses to learn about the Oxygen Destroyer. However after seeing the destruction that Godzilla had wrought and suffering of the people, Serizawa was swayed into helping destroy the monster. Befor he would help though, he burned all his notes. Insuring that whatever happened to him, none would be able to re create his experiments. Serizawa created a fully weaponised version of his Oxygen Destroyer and, together with Hideo, dived to the bottom of the ocean to find Godzilla. After finding the monster Serizawa stays behind with the Oxygen Destroyer, having planned from the beginning to die so that his knowledge could not be used to create another weapon.

The Oxygen Destroyer works by activating a chemical stored within its spherical center, which causes the center to split in half and open. Once released, the chemical (later dubbed Micro-Oxygen) reacts violently with the water, isolating oxygen molecules and splitting them. The molecules are then liquefied. Any organism exposed to the chemical will first suffocate from the lack of oxygen, and then disintegrate. Depending on the amount of the oxygen destroying chemical released, the body of the victim will either be eaten down to the bone or destroyed completely. When used to its full potential, the Oxygen Destroyer will leave no remains. According to Dr. Ijuin, if the Oxygen Destroyer had been used on land, it would have turned Tokyo into a cemetery.

The Oxygen Destroy is to Godzilla what Enzyme is to the Guyver. While many weapons have been created to kill the King of the Monsters, only the Oxygen Destroy has ever fully succeeded in that role. The weapon's power is so great that it completely bypasses Godzilla's nigh-invulnerability and regenerative power, dissolving the monsters to nothing in roughly 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

While the deoxygenating affect of the weapon is likely to have little affect on a guyver, due to their superior respiratory system they can hold their breath much longer then any human, there's no reason that the chemical effect won't affect the Guyver as it did Godzilla. That said using the Oxygen Destroy on the guyver is not a guarantied kill. If the guyver isn't disabled by the deoxygenating affect they have a chance to escape befor the chemical reaction kicks in. If it dose however it's unlikely a normal guyver would be able to escape solely due to the intense pain they'd be suffering. The weapon would likely have the same affect on both Gigantic and Exceed, however these upgraded version posses jet boosters, allowing for a greater chance to get away, and gravity barriers. We also have to factor in the guyver's advanced senses in attempting to use such a weapon.

The Oxygen Destroy could kill a guyver, but only if employed with an affective strategy that minimises the guyvers chances of escape.

There's also the minor possibility that such a weapon could result in the creation of a Destroyah.



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Maybe the aggressive nanomachines that make up Technovore?

Technovore was created when a team of scientists working aboard the orbiting Stark space station accidentally created a microscopic artificial life form. Their company had 'rented rooms' as it were, but when months of research yielded no results, an attempt at forced natural selection had indeed produced an autonomous nanomachine - a self-replicating micro-mechanism which voraciously consumed anything it encountered and partially replicated its macro--structure, learning at tremendous speed along the way.

It devoured the staff, learning to build humanoid forms, then consumed machinery and the ability to form itself into weapons; but its most dangerous quality remained the fact that any contact with it was lethal, since its microscopic components were still parts of the whole and would quickly consume and assimilate anything they touched.

Iron Man did what he could to contain the Technovore to the space station and send it out into deep space, so far away from Earth it could not return under its own power, but in the end the creature devoured the entire station; ultimately, it was destroyed when Stark managed to activate the station's auto-destruct and it was consumed in a fusion blast.

While Technovore was an amoral, infant life form, driven only by voracious hunger for a form of fulfillment which was hopeless since it did not know what it was looking for (namely, an identity of its own), it was insanely dangerous; it proved capable of assimilating anything and it would most assuredly turn on the Guyver, a Zoanoid or a Zoalord. Biology being the basis of all their abilities, it remains to be seen whether they could resist its onslaught; unlike Aptom, Technovore did not bother with infiltrating and rewriting DNA, it gobbled cells right up, analyzing them as it went; and it did so in seconds.


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but for guyver, its control medal protects it from aptoms ability.. could the same be said for technovore? 


i read that arc this year but i dont recall if the virus ate the scientists, or if it just killed them outright.


then there is the control medal itself? could it be stripped by technovore at all? it did survive the combined blast of 3 megasmashers at once(double barrel from g1, and 1 barrel by g3) when alky redirected the attack on the attackers.

the crystal? i dunno. i see that as being less structually sturdy as the metal the CM is made of.

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what about a jedi with a lightsaber?
i would assume that their mastery of the force would allow them to keep in such a position that the guyver's more powerful weapons would be ineffective. and the lighsaber would surely beat a wave vibration blade?

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lightsaber yes, jedi.... really depends on the jedi. 


sith most definitely. the only thing a guyver has in his favor is the regen factor. 


i believe, that a guyver would be immune to the mind trick powers of force wielders, based on the fact that the guyver 0 was freed from the uranus telepathic control when bonded to his unit.


the reflexes of both sith and jedi are heightened depending on your training, and control of the force, while a guyver reflexes are heightened automatically to some extent at at base level. as an example, take sho shooting a bullet out of mid air that was fired, from what... like 6 feet? before it hit Tetsuro's head. sure its not the manga, but it follows the manga closely, and if memory serves, Tayuka (god i hope im spelling his name right) had a lot of say on the series. 

so depending on the jedi, they may be able to avoid the guyvers abilities. that said, a crafty guyver *cough* G3 *cough* would be able to maneuver an opponent to where he could use a pressure cannon or even sonic buster, at a point in the fight where it would catch a Force wielder off guard.


and lets be honest... if droids and clones can kill jedi... a guyver should too.

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