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Faviort or Currently Reading Manga

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Just talk about manga you really like or are recently getting into.

Well everyone here likes Guyver so we'll skip that one. Another one of mine is Devilman but I think a lot of us have read it at this point and/or are sick of me talking about it at a moments notice so what else I got...

Majuu Sensen (Beast Fighter)


"A secret society of scientists seek to create advanced humanoid lifeforms through the hybrid of man and beast for their almighty Lord Yeshu and the new world that is nigh. When young Shin'ichi Kuruma is pulled into this inhuman pursuit and loses everything, his path of bloody vengeance leads him into the depths of a conspiracy greater than he could ever imagine."

Created by Ken Ishikawa, the creator of Getter Robo and a friend of Go Nagai befor his untimely passing, if you liked Devilman this is right up your alley. Generally speaking I sometimes feel that Ken Ishikawa's stories can be better then Go Nagai's, especially in the early days. Here's a prime example, while Devilman came first and is deserving of it's classic statues, Majuu Sensen feels like a more focused story and has reasonable deeper characters, at least when comparing the original Manga. Shin'ichi is an active part of the story from the get go, driven by the betrayal of his father unlike Akira is talked into becoming a Devilman by his friend and is simple fighting the demons because they are evil and his thirst for battle. He doesn't develop a real emotional connection to his battle until later in the story as he starts to loose people he cares about.

Power wise Shin'ichi is almost like a proto-type Aptom. His body has been fused with that of a number of animals, the most prominent being a lion, hawk and bear. He's able to alter any part of his anatomy to theirs, such as growing wings or his hand turning in clawed paws, to full metamorphosis of limbs such as his hand turning into a lions head. He's also able separate his animal parts from himself and have them act remotely. While he can be hurt, by absorbing the blood of his enemies he's able to regenerate and grow stronger.

A pretty dame good series. 

The Getter Robo Series


Another series by Ken Ishikawa and another example of some of his works being superior to Nagai's. While Mazinger Z had the better TV series, Getter Robo's original Manga is head and shoulders above Mazingers. Darker, more violent and for it's time more sophisticated then Mazinger Z, Getter Robo also surpasses it's more the more popular robot in another way. It's story advances.

Let me explain, while I love the Mazinger Franchise it seems to be constantly trapped in it's original story and cannot move beyond it. Sure their have been spin offs such as God Mazinger and Mazinkaiser SKL, but whenever the series seems like it's going to be moving forward it doesn't. The Mazinkaiser series has the new model Mazinger fighting old foes in old battles only with a new and more unbeatable mech. Shin Mazinger is an amazing retelling and I'm not gonna gripe but again, we're in the same story. Mazinger Zero probably tried the hardest to progress the story but its's all just reworkings of the original. Even the offical continuation by Nagai, Mazinger Z: Infinity, for all the development it gives it's older caste just cannot movie beyond the original as we are right back to Dr. Hell and his army. It all done in an awesome way but it's generally more of the same.

Getter Robo by contrast had a story that continued to develop through it's five series. Getter Robo, Getter Robo G, Getter Robo Go, Shin Getter Robo (which was a prequal in-between G and Go) and finally Getter Robo Arc. These all come together to create one big series that moves forward but also has a respect for it's passed. For example the original enemies of Getter Robo, the Dinosaur Empire, return several times in later series but not to simple re-tread the ground they had befor. This actually works both ways as the Getter Robo and G manga's would be given new chapter in later releases to better tie them future story arcs. The only sour spot is that Ken Ishikawa passed away during the making of GR Arc so the series remains unfinished. That said Getter's had quit a few popular spin-off most recently Getter Robo Devolution, which I have yet to read but hear good thing about.

Cage of Eden


Ok this it a bit different from befor, as well as newer. 

Cage of Eden is the story of a group of plane crash survivors who find themselves marooned on an island inhabited by prehistoric beasts, their going to have to work together to survive the beasts as well as other survivors and work out the mystery of the island. 

This a survival style story that people have stated has a similur feeling to the tv series Lost. I agree this in as much that the beginning of the series has a similur feel but thats it. At 21 vols, this is a fairly long series and thankfully it had a genuine story to tell. It's not just people running away from danger waiting to get rescued, although naturally the beginning of the story is like this. The island our characters are on holds a mystery naturally and as time goes on our heroes start to settle down and form a community which alters the dynamic of the story. However the stories main draw, at least in the beginning is that it's a creature feacher and one I can honestly say have not seen befor or since, for this island is inhabited purely by prehistoric mammals from the Cenozoic. By mammals I mean a hell of a lot more then just Mammoths and Sabercats, vertually every animal from the BBC's Walking With Beasts series shows up and more besides. All of which are draw wonderfully I should add. Thankfully while they are a important of the series, the series doesn't use them as a crutch and has an actual plot as I've stated befor. Plus if you partial to bloody violence, well prehistoric predators always give a good show. That said this series is not without it's flaws. First and form most, this is a shonen and the caste is made up of a lot of manga stereotypes, thankfully most are written more then well enough to be likable. While not badly written, you'll notice that some of the dialog doesn't feel natural, by that I mean character are not talking as normal people would. The series has fan service material but again thankfully it's not something the series tries to lean on. Finally the series apparently ran out of funding towards toward the end, resulting in a somewhat rushed ending. I didn't know this at the time and persoanlly didn't notice this to much apart from some plot threads not getting tied up by the end.

I think one more as it's getting late and oh boy... this is a dozy. 

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects)


Well for starters I heard about the title of this series, checked it out and... oh dear.

Well at it's most bare bones this is like Cage of Eden. Plane crashes, characters find themselves on an island and said island is inhabited by less then friendly wildlife. The difference being vertually everything else. About... 75% of the cast are ether to dumb to live, totally unlikable or both. The series has yet to develop any kind of plot besides "escape island" and most definitely uses it's creatures and fanservice as a crutch to make up for this. In fact this series only real appeal, apart from it's rather good artwork (I'll get back to that),  is the fact that it is willing to push it's gore and disgust right to the limit. People die in some pretty bad ways in this manga. Another down side to this series is the constant use of sexual assault and rape, which feels tacked on and pointless. There's also a point in this manga were all, and I do mean ALL, of the aspects I just mentioned are combined. Now I've read so pretty dark manga in my time, to the point that the moment in Goblin Slayer that got the internet up in arms recently didn't even make me raise an eyebrow. So you can imagine that what happens in this moment to which I refer has got to be pretty bloody extreme when if made me say "WHAT THE ****!" out loud. The only thing that stops this from going truly down into the abyss is the fact that it's not shown from  slightly different angle. 

So in summery this is little more then gore porn with giant insects. Aside from that it's only really quality is it's artwork, which is pretty dame good. Also I forgot to mention, the series likes to drop Insect facts at every opportunity which is ok I suppose. Why have story when you can have trivia. I'll be sticking with this series, purely to see how deep this hole goes. Also somehow, I can only assume it's due it's shock factor, this thing is getting an OVA. That slightly annoys me since genuinely better series with a similur premise exist, Cage of Eden, and get bugger all while this dose. 


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Interesting choice of series.  Looks like most of them have a common theme, which is monsters.

For me, this is not manga, per se, but light novels.  Sword Art Online is a given, and I've recently finished reading the Alicization arc, and moving on to the Mood Cradle arc.  I think everyone is familiar with SAO.


Overlord is also one that I'm currently following.  I actually started watching this based on a youtube clip that I saw.  Then saw the anime, and moved to reading the light novel.  This is similar to Sword Art Online, but the main protagonist doesn't have the ideals like Kirito from SAO.  In contracts, he is more like an average joe.  


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Im back reading World Trigger now its hiatus has ended. I love the way the rank battles are narrated and scrutinised as they happen.

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I have like... 100 or so comics I am "Currently Reading".

I'm a sucker for action or popular shounen series, and have kind of fallen for the "Isekai / Another World" trope... Some are just terrible, but some are really fun. A lot are monthly series, and some slowly get translated and get large dumps at times. But considering I have a lot of downtime at work, having something to read certainly helps... And my list grows as new series come out and others don't end.

But a few of my favorites...

- Ultraman - A sort of alternate sequel to the original Ultraman series.

- World Trigger - back after a long hiatus due to artists health.

- Goblin Slayer/GS Year One - Because awesome?

- The New Gate - Same basic setting as Sword Art Online (ie medieval Death Game), but with a twist. And much more light hearted.

- Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - There is a reason this got an anime. Just plain fun series.

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It's just Dragonball for me. I'm very simple in my manga taste.  Dragonball is so addictive, I can't just read one chapter. I haven't found another manga that is so addictive.

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Lots of pretty cool sounding series here. I confess to only ever watching Overlords anime, which from what I hear cuts out a lot. Never heard of World Trigger whats it about? I've heard about the Ultraman manga and I need to read it.

On ‎1‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 1:24 AM, durendal said:

Interesting choice of series.  Looks like most of them have a common theme, which is monsters.

Guilty as charged, always love a good creature feature. 

Lets see what else I've got

Mermaid Saga (Mermaid Forest)


Ok my intreast in this series is as old as Guyver and Devilman, due to the fact that the first Guyver VHS I owned was Number 3 which had trailers for Devilman and Mermaid Forest.

The story focuses around the legend of how consuming mermaid flesh will grant a person immortality. Our protagonists are Yuta, a fishermen who ate mermaid flesh over 500 years ago, and Mana, a young girl newly gifted (or cursed) with immortality.  Together they travel in search of a way to be free of the immortality. On that quest they encounter others who's lives have been touched by the legend and the tragedy that befell them. This is in part due to the fact that the simple word of mouth legend is but a fraction of the truth. For starters, mermaid flesh will only impart immortality to a lucky few every generation. The most either dye or become Lost Souls, deformed beasts driven by pain and madness while to some unlucky individuals a more unique horror will be bestowed upon them. 

This is a very well crafted horror manga series that also examines why immortality can be a curse. 



Probably my faviort shounen series. While other series are based around ninjas and pirates, Toriko is based around food. What generally attracts me to this series, besides it's monsters, is just how imaginative it is. The whole series just oozes creativity and it regularly has pages of pure artwork. This also goes for it's characters and powers. Another appeal is that while not as serious as say Fist of the North Star and can get very light hearted at time, Toriko feels like a more mature series in terms of it's general tone. The main character pretty much embodies this, Toriko is far more adult then most shounen characters like Goku and Luffy. While like them he's very focused on what intreasts him, he never comes off as intellectually or socially stunted because of this. He's perfectly capable of functioning in normal society as well as being eccentric. That said it's not all perfect, most of the caste don't develop much through the series and due to decreasing popularity the series second half was badly rushed resulting in way to much happening to try and rap up the story.

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Recently finished reading this classic the other day. It's one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of the survival style manga. The general premise is that a Japanese children's school is suddenly transported into a barren wasteland. We follow the children as society breaks down, adults become unreliable, food and water run short and disease breaks out while this unknown world has it's own threats waiting to strike.

It a very good series although given it's age it has a number of rather dated concepts and older style of story telling. That said it's aged very well and is pretty shocking at times inspite of the fact it doesn't push the boat out as far as modern horror manga do.

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