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DB Super - Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc (spoilers)

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So the Super Manga is still going and we've got details on the next arc.

After the fight with Broly, Goku and Co are back to life as usual until one day a group of people attempt to kidnap Buu. These people are from the Galactic Patrol, the group Jaco works for, and theyare doing this because they need the help of the Grand Supreme Kai Buu absorbed long ago. Long befor the battle with Kid Buu, the Grand Supreme Kai sacrificed a large amount of his godly power to trap a villain and placed him in the Galactic patrols custody. He was to be executed for his crimes but this could not be done. This prisoner has now escaped.

This being is Moro, a sorcerer with the power to drain entire worlds of their lifeforce and feed upon it.





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I'm not really following DBSuper much these days, but is this still being drawn by Akira Toriyama?  Or does he only writes and have someone else draw this?

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If he could drain Goku, maybe for once there'll be a fight not decided by just getting stronger and stronger.

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18 hours ago, durendal said:

I'm not really following DBSuper much these days, but is this still being drawn by Akira Toriyama?  Or does he only writes and have someone else draw this?

Both the Manga and the Anime's stories are interpretations of manuscripts created by Toriyama, thats why they differ quite greatly from eachother. 

The actual artist for the manga is a man called Toyotaro, he's was a DB fan artist for years and was so good he was hired full time. He's the one responsible for created the most well know DB AF fan comic which is were the character Xicor comes from. Interestingly, while there's no offical word on the matter, I find that his fan Xicor arc and the Goku Black arc have a lot of similarities, enough to be more then a coincidence. 

13 hours ago, Salkafar said:

If he could drain Goku, maybe for once there'll be a fight not decided by just getting stronger and stronger.

Well he was only beaten last time because he had his magic taken away. Maybe Goku is going to have to give up his God Ki in order to beat him but we'll see.

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So technically, Goku still kept getting stronger even after the events of the original series?  And their plan going forward is to create a much more powerful villain?  And what's this Ultra Instinct I keep hearing about?

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23 hours ago, durendal said:

So technically, Goku still kept getting stronger even after the events of the original series?  And their plan going forward is to create a much more powerful villain?  And what's this Ultra Instinct I keep hearing about?

Ok to explain, I'm going to info dump pretty much everything from super, from start to finish, for the relevant characters and forms as needed. So big spoilers for anyone wanting to know.

I'll also be skimming a lot and to be frank, while I enjoy Super, it's writing is inconstant and simple bad at times so there is stuff that will be A) convoluted, B) unexplained  or C) all of the above. I'll throw a little of my own thoughts in to try and bridge some of the gaps but I'm just padding over the cracks. 


Beerus the God of Destruction come to earth looking for a Super Saiyan God he had a premonition about.

Super Saiyan God


Goku gained this form through a ancient ritual known to a group of good saiyans a long time ago, he learned it by asking Shenron. The ritual involves 5 pure-hearted saiyans giving their power to another. In this form Goku gains God Ki, a pure and more powerful type of energy most mortals cannot sense. All gods have this ki, from Kami to the Supreme Kai's to Beerus. The forms power up is believed to be greater then the boost granted by fusion as Goku felt it Vegito could not beat Beerus. Along with the power up SSG grants Goku a number of unique abilities none of his later forms possess. This includes the ability to cancel out attacks by sacrificing his own ki (Battle of God movie) and regeneration (Beerus Arc). During the battle this form's time limit ran out but Goku didn't get any weaker. Beerus stated that Goku has somehow absorbed the forms power into itself, thus making him perminantly more powerful. After the fight with Beerus Goku didn't use this form again until the final arc of Super.

Beerus - The God of Destruction of Universe 7


The Gods of Destruction are counterparts to the Supreme Kais, while they create planets and seed them with life as well as watch over the universe, a God of Destruction acts as a force of entropy. They destroy planets so that new ones can be made. Unlike Kais, these beings are not born as gods but are selected from the mortal races, not unlike Earth's Kami. They are given God Ki and have very long lifespans , Beerus has been around longer then 15 generations of Supreme Kais who each live for millions of years. They are also given the ability to manipulate Hakai (Destruction) energy which allows them destroy anything if they choose, people, cities, planets, ghosts and even other gods. Beerus is not evil but due to his job and his long life he's very indifferent to his universe and everyone in it, destroying things on a whim. However he's not unchecked. His attendant Whis holds a lot of power over him and should all Supreme Kais dye in his universe, he goes with them. Power wise Beerus is insanely strong, the entire battle juring his arc is nothing but a game to him. He lies multiple time that he's near to using his full power when in reality Goku couldn't get close to him until the final arc. It's from him that we learn there are 12 universe in the DB multiverse each with their own God of Destruction and warriors stronger then even him. After he's impressed by Goku's abilities and character he spares earth and becomes a regular character.



Whis is the attendant of Beerus and is an Angel. The angels act as attendant, teacher and leash-holder to the Gods of Destruction. Whis is far stronger then Beerus, able to disable him with a single attack and possesses a wide range of powers including but not limited to the ability to see everything that is going on in the universe or has happened, magic materialization, Warping (an ability that allows him to travel anywhere, even to otherworld or another universe, in a matter of minutes) and the power to rewind time without causing a multiverse split. This along with his power allows him to both serve and control Beerus, as Gods of Destruction lack many of the abilites other gods have. Whis has never gotten involved in any battle due to his role and much like Beerus he's pretty indifferent to the universe and it's people unless somthing takes his intreast. After the battle on Earth Whis began making monthly trips back to taste Earth food, which he and Beerus really like and during one of his trips Vegeta asks him for training. At first Whis will only do it if Vegeta becomes the next God of Destruction but some nice food changes his mind. Vegeta trains with Whis alone for 6 months befor Goku catch's wind and joins him.

Whis training revolves around an gaining an extreme control of ones power and the key technique he teaches is something that would later be called Ultra Instinct. We'll get to that later but the basic outline is God Tier "moving without thinking". Simple put it's your entire body reacting without any impute from yourself but on an very powerful level. God's struggle to learn it and Beerus himself has yet to master it.

Saiyan Beyond God


Ok this is tricky to explain, because this form no longer exists in the cannon of Super. After Battle of Gods was released, Toriyama stated that he intended for Goku to never use his other super saiyan forms again. He's have just base and normal super saiyan which he would work to improve. During the Resurrection of F movie we see hints of this idea. Saiyan Beyond God is best summed up as Goku accessing the God Ki he absorbed while fighting Beerus. He's base form becomes much more powerful, like his was after SSG ran out during his fight with Beerus. However heres were the snag comes in, this whole idea is simply implied, never stated and after this remake arc of the movie, Goku and Vegeta were right back to using their old forms as normal. I speculate this is due to some editorial change and it's whats going to make a real mess of how god ki works. Another example of the issues this caused was SSG becoming a regular form Goku was able to access at any time, rather then just a one shot form caused by the ritual. On that note Vegeta seems to have gained access to God Ki by training with Whis.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan A.K.A Super Saiyan Blue


A form Goku and Vegeta gained while training with Whis. Called "a super saiyan with the power of a super saiyan god" this form is even more power then SSG. What I'm about to say is my own idea on the matter, as was what I said above, but I've talked with others and they think I'm possible right on this. The creation of this form was Toriyama meeting Toei half way. They likely didn't want to loose all Goku's old forms because they worth money in marketing as is any new form. With the threat of no new forms, I believe they talked and Blue was the outcome. A revamped version of the standerd SS form that was simple to draw but showed Goku had gotten stronger and gave Toei something to sell. However after the F arc things changed and this became a just another form slotted on Goku's transformation list. 

Blue lacks any of the supernatural abilites God had and comes off as a pure combat form. It's most defining trait is that it has superb ki control but originally had a rather taxing ki drain. Note that even with this form Goku is far from Beerus's equal.

Golden Frieza


Frieza was resurrected by remnants of his army and spent several months training so he could get revenge of Goku. This form was the outcome. Frieza is retconned to have never trained in his life and the power on Namek was simple just his natural born strength. These means he has a colossal amount of untapped potential and after training he can take down Super Saiyan Gohan with just one punch in his first form and his final form is almost on the same level as base Goku. Golden Frieza is a transformation Frieza developed himself, much like his early forms, as was made Golden in mockery of Super Saiyan. The power boost of this form is so great that he can defeat Blue Goku without getting serous. The flaw is that he was to eggier for revenge and came to earth after just gaining the form and his body has yet to adapt to it. This results in a huge stamina drain that quickly puts him at Goku's mercy. In desperation he destroys the earth but a timely intervention from Whis undoes the event allowing Goku to kill Frieza. However that was not the last of they tyrant as he would return and further display his power. While in hell he mastered his Golden Forms energy control and was equal to Blue Goku's power despite some time passing.

Champa and Vados


The twins siblings of Beerus and Whis and the deities from Universe 6. Champ and Beerus are the only blood related Gods of Destruction while all angels are siblings. Champa is about as strong as Beerus although his stamina is worse and he doesn't seem to know Ultra Instinct. Vados was stronger the Whis a long time ago but Whis claims that things aren't the same anymore. Champ and Beerus really don't get along but are not allowed to fight eachother, if to Gods of Destruction fight, their Hakai energy will destroy both universe. So the two have engage in contests to find the tastiest foods in their universes. Upon finding out about Earth's food Champa want's there to be a contest between their universes and if he wins he gets our earth. If he looses then Beerus gets the Super Dragon Ball's he's been collecting.

Super Shenron


The Super Dragon Balls are the original Dragon Ball, which the namekians copied. They were created long go by a dragon god. Each is about the size of a planet and Super Shenron himself his huge with his head alone being larger then a galaxy. There is vertually no wish he cannot grant. However he will only grant a wish spoken in the tongue of the gods and after this the super dragon balls are scattered between Universe 6 & 7 once more.

The Universe 6 Fighters


The contest between Beerus and Champa is to have a team of 5 warriors battle 1 on 1 in an elimination round. The winner goes on to fight the next warrior and the next until he himself is beaten.

Botamo - A bear like alien. He's not very strong but sends any damage done to him to another dimension. Making him invulnerable to conventional attacks.

Frost - Universe 6 and 7 are twin universes and many of the same races can be found in them. Frost is a member of Frieza's race. He's known as a kind and honourable emperor in his universe but in reality he's a vile space pirate. All the wars he's stopped were started by himself, so he could then buy up the war torn land cheap. Frieza is an overt tyrant, Frost a subtle one. He pretends to be an honourable warrior but fights using hidden poison needles to insure easy victory.

Magetta - A metal man, he's quit strong, very durable and uses heat and magma based attacks.

Cabba - Saiyan from universe 6. The saiyans for U6 are the complete oppasite of Goku's lot. A good race who act as peace keeps. While strong they have lost their tails and do not know about Super Saiyan. They also still live on the saiyans original home world Sadala.

Hit - A legendery assassin who's over 1000 years old. His is very powerful and unlike most DB warriors he's almost a pure melee fighter. He specializes in striking vital points to deal maximum damage and possess two unique abilites that further increase his lethality. Firstly is his Time Skip, Hit can stop time for a few seconds which combined with his speed allowing him land devastating blows and combinations to his target in the blink of an eye. The second is he is able to rapidly improve his skills and abilites, meaning he grows more dangerous the longer the fight goes on. However his hands are tied by the tournament rules, which prevent him from using his Killing Techniques. 

Super Saiyan Blue / Kaioken


A combo Goku was working on in order to challenge Beerus. Thanks to Blue's ki control Goku is able to risk using the kaioken in this state. He able to turn it all the  way up x10 however this combo is risky. At first it was untested and had a high probability of failing, which could kill him also using it for to long causes Delayed Onset Energy Disorder. This disorder caused Goku to lose control of his ki for a time and risked loosing his strength all together (which would mean no longer fighting for the  rest of his life) if he abused it again. Goku used this to match Hit but when Beerus and Champa wouldn't change the rules to let Hit go all out, Goku forfeited in protest. He would only use the combo once in the next arc when forced but by the final arc he seems to have worked out most of the issues.

Zen-oh The Omni-King


At the end of Beerus and Champa's tournament, the Omni-King appears. Zen-oh is the ruler of all 12 universe and the boss of all the gods. He's powerful enough to erase entire universe with a wave of his hand and has in fact done so as there were originally 18 universes. He is very child like which means he can be very nice but also very dangerous. While he's here to scold Beerus and Champa for not doing  their jobs properly, he takes a liking to Goku who treats him just like anyone else and found the tournamant very entertaining and says they should set up one with all 12 universe one day.

Goku Black


In the next arc we jump back to Future Trunk's timeline which is being ravaged by an evil version of Goku. Trunks is forced to go to Goku's timeline once more to get help but is followed by Black thanks to the ring he's wearing. Black is like Goku in that he loves battle but he's more formal and has a taste for cruilty with a dark aura to match his character. After a short battle Black is forced to return to his own timeline when the rift he and Trunks created closes, although not befor destroying Trunks time machine which delays the heroes pursuit of him. Black is stated by Trunks to be as powerful as Goku as a Super Saiyan 3 although he never enters a normal super saiyan state once. In fact his initial power up seems reminiscing of the know defunct Saiyan Beyond God form, with his aura becoming darker and more god ki like.


There are a lot of mysteries around Black, besides the obvious. He apparently has only recently learned to teleport like Goku and his fighting style is not the same, although he dose begin to copy it after there battle. Worst of all, while saiyans grow stronger from life threatening injures, Black grows stronger from any damage he suffers. However there is a clue about who Black is, Beerus and Whis have sensed a similur ki befor.



A Supreme Kai in-training in Universe 10, he harbours conflict over his role and mortals. He cannot understand why mortals exist if all they do is repeat the same cycles over and over, despite his masters attempt to help him. It is who has a similur ki to Black. While investigating Goku, being Goku, wants to fight him. Zamasu is offended by Goku's lack of respect shocked by his power (Goku has to use SS2 to beat him) which pushes him towards the mindset that mortal are dangerous and a mistake. He also develops an obsession with Goku. To cut a very long story short, Zamasu decides to get ride of all mortals and remake the universe in his perfect vision (The Zero Mortal Plan), he kills his master and steals his time ring, uses it to learn about Goku and the Super Dragon Balls, uses the dragon balls to switch mind and souls with Goku, kills him, travels to Trunks timeline and enlists that worlds version of himself, uses the dragon balls again to make Future Zanasu immortal, uses them again to destroy all dragon balls, then kills every Supreme Kai, which kills every God of Destruction which puts every angel in a locked down state as they wait for a new God. With all the other gods dead and Zen-oh none the wiser Goku Black and Future Zamasu set about creating their utopia.

Super Saiyan Rose


A transformation unique to Goku Black. Despite it's appearance, this form is identical Blue with the superficial changes being due to Zamasu's divine soul inhabiting the body. However while basically the same, Black dose begin to develop so new abilites likely tied to his original states as a Supreme Kai. Interestingly we learn that the Time Ring he wears protects him from the effects of causality as at one point Beerus kills his passed self but Black continues to exist. We also discover that Goku's body is influencing Black. It's causing him to desire battle and power, driving him to grow stronger. This results in him and Future Zamasu having distinct personalities despite being the same person with the same goal.

Super Saiyan Rage


A form taken by Trunks during one of their battles against Black and Zamasu. Frankly this really was just a shameless attempt to make Trunks relevant in the battle and there's little to say about it other then it appears to be a stronger version of Super Saiyan 2.

Merged Zamasu


When backed into a corner Black and Zamasu use their Potara Earings to fuse into one being. Because in reality both of them are the same being, the resulting fusion is mostly Zamasu, he doesn't even have the traditional double voice. Despite his hair colour being white this is not a new form rather it is simply Black's hair turned white due to the fusion. Merged Zamasu proves to be a powerful foe but in reality this fusion was a pretty bad idea, one born of Zamasu's ignorance on how fusion worked. First and foremost, Zamasu fusion didn't blend their mortal and immortal souls, this creates instability in this permanent fusion meaning it loses it's immortality although it retains some regenerative powers. Second because Black fused while in a transformed state, the resulting fusion is stuck like that and cannot power down. Under normal circumstances this would threaten to shorten the fuses lives but in this case it creates further instability. Merged Zamasu is in a permeant strained state which should kill him, made worse by Black ability to keep growing stronger from  pain but he cannot die thanks to his regeneration. This cycle results in Merged Zamasu mutating and deforming. 


Vegito Blue


To combat Merged Zamasu Goku and Vegeta fuse once again to become Vegito, now with god transformations. Over all Vegito is unchanged although the potara are retconned into having an hour time limit unless one of the fuses is a true god. He's pretty evenly matched with Merged Zamasu but just as he starts getting the upper hand the fusion time runs out, it was cut in half due to over exertion, and it's up to Trunks to deliver the final blow.

Infinite Zamasu


Zamasu doesn't die however and instead he attempts to become the universe by giving up his physical form. He is only beaten when Goku uses a button given to him by Zen-oh. This Button can summon Zen-oh or take Goku to him, but in this timeline it summons Future Zen-oh who has no idea who these people are. After Goku points out the problem F. Zen-oh erases Trunks universe completely with the heroes only getting away just in time. With everyone he knows having been killed by Zamasu and his universe erased by F. Zen-oh, Trunks has lost any way of fixing his time and with Whis's help is resigned having to go to an alternate timeline were he already exists to try and fix things and live out his life.

Ok long road to get here but you wanted to know how Goku and his enemies have been getting stronger over Super and I had a lot of ground to cover to get to Ultra Instinct. 

I AM NOT going to talk in detail about the Tournamant of Power arc. It's made up of 12 universes with teams of 10 warriors plus gods and a while it would be intreasting to talk about, not a lot of it ties into what you want to know. 

Jiren the Grey - The Strongest Warrior in Universe 11 & The Mortal Stronger than a God of Destruction


Jiren is the main antagonist of the Tournamant of Power. As stated he's a mortal stronger then a God of Destruction or to give the full explanation, he's stronger than a god who beat Beerus at arm wrestling once. So pretty dame strong. While not a villain, he's a member of a super hero team called the Pride Troopers, Jiren's experiences have made him overly serous, introverted, self reliant and believing that Ultimate Power is Ultimate Justice. Fighting style wise he's described as "strong, plan and simple". He has no real tricks up his sleeve, he just so unfairly strong that he can simple power through most obstacles with frightening ease, to the point people have made Superman comparisons. He effortlessly beats Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 10 Goku without getting serious and when he dose start tapping in to his true strength his "simple punches" become devastatingly powerful.

Migatte no Gokui/Ultra Instinct (Omen)


Goku achieves this state by breaking his "self-limiting shells" and tapping into the deeper potential within after nearly being killed when using his Spirit Bomb on Jiren backfired.

As I think of it, because the anime doesn't explain it to well, when a person begins to master Ultra Instinct it goes beyond simply mastering one's movements and into a gaining greater power by going beyond ones own limits through mastery of controlling your body... maybe. This form is the imperfect version of Ultra Instinct in which Goku has not properly balanced offence and defence. While he is able effortlessly dodge attacks when on the defensive, he becomes vulnerable when attacks which forces him to put his enemies in a position when he an attack them safely. Goku gains and looses this form a  few times during the tournamant and to jump ahead a bit he can only do this due to what happened to him and the intense circumstances the tournamant and fighting Jiren force him into.  Once the battle is concluded, Goku states during a training fight with Vegeta that he cannot do it again. Another thing to not is that Ultra Instinct is not a beat all power, if someone is strong enough they can still hit you.

Ultra Instinct (Mastered)


During the final fight with Jiren, Goku is able to perfect his use of Ultra Instinct, becoming stronger and perfecting it's defensive capabilities. While Jiren is driven to unlocking a hidden power within himself also, Goku is able to beat him. However it's at this point that the forms draw back kicks in. 

However Goku himself is saved at the last minutes by themost unlikely of teammates and they win the Tournamant of Power.

And thats pretty much all the basics bar Evolved Super Saiyan Blue, a new power up Vegeta got during the tournamant thats akin to his old Super Vegeta form.


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Ah, so in effect, they give him new abilities and then have him lose it later to keep him in check.  Sounds confusing especially to those who doesn't follow the series.  I've seen the beerus arc because they made it into a movie (actually the movie came out first before they used it for the series), but the later arcs, not so much.  But still, Jiren sounds like the strongest opponent they faced yet.  I believe even after the arc, they still have not "defeated" him.  They won because of a technicality.  So let's see where this Moro arc will take the story.

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