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JDG-00X Devil Gundam

Gigantic Necrotic

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Maybe I've been watching the Walking Dead to much... But I've come up with idea and wanted to run it by you guys.

Gigantic Necrotic

The Undead Giant

Height: 272cm

Weight 393kg (but can very)

Bio: In an alternate timeline Dr. Barcus, in an attempt to rid Cronos of the threat Guyver Gigantic once and for all, unleaded a bio weapon he had created many years ago. A weapon forbidden by Archanfel. Designated Virus - B467J it was a highly lethal but unstable weapon. Archanfel viewed it as to dangerous to use not only because of its lethality but also it’s potential to spread far out of control. However rather than destroying it as ordered, Barcus stored it away. His choice to use it on Guyver I would prove catastrophic. 

After discovering Sho's location, Cronos operatives infected Sho while still in his human form. Sho activated the Guyver immediately but even its power did little to halt the virus as it ravaged his body. Blinded by pain and desperation Sho activated the Gigantic Armour. The chrysalis enveloped his body but then fell inert. Sho's allies initially tried to contact him but with the Cronos threat at hand Aptom moved them to a safer location. The chrysalis remained inert for several months, in that time Cronos moved to an isolated location in America for study. Agito tried to call the gigantic armour to him but it was all in vain.

However on the 27th of November, the chrysalis opened to reveal what would later be designated as Gigantic Necrotic. The Gigantic armour had been able to combat the virus but it had mutated in response. For all the time it lay dormant, Guyver Gigantic had been stuck in a state of biological conflict, as its immune system and the virus battled each other. Eventually and unholy equilibrium was achieved, leaving both Gigantic and the virus much changed. Gigantic had become a twisted, rotting hulk. It's once beige body was now mottled with the colours of decay. Parts of the armour seemed to be rotting, others mutated and yet others were seemingly healing. The area around the mouth was a prime example of its rotting mutation, for the vibration orbs and armour plating were gone. In their place was terrible lipless mouth from which saliva and puss dripped. A crack in the armour ran up the right side of the face, revealing a eye that stared with hunger.

Gigantic Necrotic went on a hunger fuelled rampage. It devastated the facility it was held in and attempted to devour any living thing it set eyes on. When it could no longer find food it moved on. The undead giant quickly made its way to the nearest populated area and began its feeding anew. Cronos forces could do little to stop the monster as it wielder the power of the gigantic, now fully unrestrained, and worst it seem to be at least somewhat intelligent. While all its actions were guided by hunger, it was able to apply basic problem solving to situations its raw strength could not overcome alone. It would even use the Gigantic's weapons in retaliation if attacked or to bypass obstacles more quickly. 

As it rampaged another horrifying factor was discovered. The virus within the Guyver's body was still active. Those injured, recently dead or not wholly consumed would quickly resurrect rise again as undead monstrosities. The effect was universal, both human and zoanoid were vulnerable to the virus, and soon flesh hungry hordes began to appear in large numbers were Necrotic attacked. Worse the virus would over time begin to mutate the host’s body causing them to randomly develop weapons akin to those Guyver upon their body.

As the crisis rapidly escalated beyond control, several zoalords took it upon themselves to try and bring down the undead giant. Purgstall, Caerleon and Waferdanos and a battalion of Hyper Zoanoids attempted to ambush Necrotic at it’s next feeding ground. Unfortunately things quickly got out of hand, the hypers proved useless and against the unbridled fury and power of the undead monster Waferdanos and Caerleon were quickly slain. Purgstall’s life was saved by those he’d least expected to, Aptom, Agito and Mizuki.

Sho’s allies had a plan of their own, Agito would try to link with Guyver I’s control metal and draw out his contusions and Sho’s love for Mizuki would help him fight what had happened. At first it seemed like they might succeed, for Necrotic stopped in its tracks seeming confused by what was happening. Unfortunately its hunger far outweighed whatever of Sho was left it it’s rotting body and it attacked. Aptom and Purgstall tired to hold it back but were quickly cut down and when Agito tried to protect Mizuki, Necrotic bite his arm. In pain from the bite and the infection Agito dropped the girl, in desperation he cut off his arm to prevent himself being infected. He then tried to save Mizuki however the undead giant’s eye was set on her. It easily outpaced Agito and court her before she hit the ground and when the other Guyver tried to stop what was happening, Necrotic simple created a barrier around itself so it could feed uninterrupted. The last think Mizuki saw and felt were the jaws of the thing that had once been Sho.

Several years have passed since then and currently Gigantic Necrotic is still located in the United States, though how long it will remain there is unknown. It has been estimated that at least 60% of the population has fallen victim to either it or the horde that follows in its wake. Collectively undead activity has become increasingly reported in countries across the world and despite Cronos’s best efforts there appears to be little they can do to stop these incursions. Cronos itself has fallen into a civil wars, due to the loss of three zoalords loyal to their cause and Archanfel’s absence, three other zoalords have broken away from the rest and have made Africa their dominion. Zeus’s Thunderbolt is still active but their actions simply exacerbate rather than improve the situation. All of this only further hampers any realistic attempt to stop the true crisis looming on the horizon, the second coming of Gigantic Necrotic.

Weapons and Abilities:

Head Beam – Still function as normal.

High Frequency Blades – Necrotic’s blades regularly display deterioration from it’s constant decaying and regenerating, as a result they can be less structurally durable than those of a normal guyver. The blades can however pass on infection due to internal fluids constantly leaking over them.

Gravity Control Spheres – Still functioning at full capacity. Necrotic has full access to its Pressure Cannon, Gravity Barrier, Gravity Punch and Gravity Ram weapon systems.

Sonic Buster – Vibration globes have completely degenerated, Sonic Buster rendered permanently off line. Necrotic’s exposed jaws are powerful enough easily bite into even zoalord flesh without difficulty, this is a also its primary means of passing on infection. If a limb is not immediately amputated, one bite is practically fatal.

Giga-Smasher – Left side suffered severe damage during battle with zoalords has never regenerated properly, considered permanently offline. Right side suffered moderate damage and subsequent mutation during its regeneration. Organ is severely malformed and unstable, as a result when the practical beam is fired it breaks up into multiple beams firing in different directions. While it lacks the focused power of a fully functional Giga-Smasher, this attack is far harder to predict and dodge. The effect is referred to as the “Giga-Storm”.  Also of note, the right side’s recharge time appears to be half that of other gigantics.

Jet Boosters – No noticed decrease in functionality however they seem expel evaporated internal fluids while active, potentially resulting in environmental contamination.

Heightened Sense – Appear to be functioning as normal.

Power Amps – Functioning as normal, however subjects ability to remote control severed limbs is restricted to reflex due to limited intelligence.

Power Source – Much speculation has gone into this subject. Under normal circumstances the gigantic armour has a limited charge and will retracted once its power has been used up. It has be theorised its continued functionality is tied to is almost insatiable hunger. It feeds to support its body’s incredibly high metabolic needs.

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