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Daitarn 3

Godzilla/Kaiju Girls?!

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You know, there are times you think to yourself that you have seen everything. Then life proves your wrong, in my cause it turned out people have turned the caste of the Godzilla series into monster girls....and done so with some very nice artwork. But stilll WTAF! 


Godzilla - The Atomic Dinosaur Maid! 


Biollante - The Skitsofrantic Half-Sister


Ghidorah - The Bitch Queen of Terror


Mothra - The Preachy Do-Gooder (You know the kind, sweeter then pure sugar and more irritating the tropical skin disease)


Battra - The Hard Ass Biker Chick With A Heart Of Gold.


Rodan - The Free Spirited Flyer


Super Mechagodzilla - The Souless Machine Girl


Godzilla Jr. - The Tomboyish Kohai


Spacegodzilla - The Spiteful Doppelganger


M.O.G.E.R.A - The Tech-Savvy, Kuudere Soldeir


Destroyah - The Diabolical Demon Woman!


Burning Godzilla - The Godess of Destruction!


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10 hours ago, Salkafar said:

Ever heard of Gogo?



Not until just now, who are what might it be?

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