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Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

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Episode 57 ploy summery and the fight - as usual spoiler alert!!!

Zamasu descends from the sky, saying that he came to meet Goku. Everyone is shocked to see that Zamasu and Black aren’t the same person after all, and Goku asks Zamasu if he is Black’s comrade. Zamasu maintains that the two are not comrades but simply a pair of like-minded individuals. As far as Goku’s concerned it’s the same thing: they’re both his enemies! Vegeta passes out, but Trunks is relieved to still be able to feel his ki, so he’s merely unconscious rather than dead.

Zamasu monologues about soon making his ideal world a reality, a world of righteousness that will not need mortals…especially mortals like Goku who fight against the gods! Black and Zamasu attack Goku, and while Zamasu insists Goku is his prey, Black says that “this body” wants Goku. This desire cannot be stopped! Zamasu calls Saiyans the biggest failures in the world, powerful and yet lacking in spiritual development. He therefore has no qualms about tag-teaming with Black to destroy them.

Trunks comes to Goku’s aid in the battle, and while Goku says these won’t be easy opponents to beat, Trunks says he’s ready to die if necessary. Goku takes on Black, who demonstrates the ability to teleport just like Goku. Meanwhile, Trunks faces Zamasu, and while he manages to stab Zamasu with his sword, the wound quickly heals. 

Zamasu continues to rant about how mortals selfishly misuse the gift of intelligence the gods so graciously bestowed on them. Trunks doesn’t share Zamasu’s low opinion of humanity, and blasts him with a Final Flash…but like the sword attack, this has absolutely no effect. Zamasu proclaims that this immortal body is indeed godly, truly befitting of him! He thanks the Saiyans for using their strength to help him even further show off his immortality.

Trunks can’t believe his eyes. The Final Flash was his greatest attack as a Super Saiyan, yet it and his sword were useless. Zamasu says all their attacks are naturally powerless against the gods, but if they still feel like fighting, he’ll continue to show them just how weak they are. Goku and Trunks seem out of options, but they can’t just run away, not after coming so far! 

Suddenly Zamasu grabs Goku and Trunks, holding them in place while Black fires a Kamehameha. All three are hit, but Zamasu remains unharmed. Goku and Trunks though take heavy damage, and with Goku seemingly no longer in fighting shape, Trunks wonders what to do next. Black and Zamasu charge up a joint attack to finish the two off, but at the last moment their attack is safely repelled by another blast from the sidelines. It’s Vegeta! 

Vegeta collapses unconscious again, but now Goku and Trunks have vanished. They shouldn’t have had the power to get too far away, so Zamasu decides to deal with Vegeta first. It turns out Yajirobe has grabbed Goku and Trunks, retreating back to near an entrance to the underground resistance base. Trunks asks where his father is, but Yajirobe insists saving two was the most he could manage. Thankfully though, Mai and the resistance spirit Vegeta away before Zamasu and Black can finish him off.

Black concentrates to search out Goku and co.’s ki, which is faint and mixed in with that of all the other people around them. Mai meets up with Trunks and brings the time machine out of its capsule. With Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta inside, Mai gets out just before the time machine take off. She’ll stay behind with the rest of the resistance, but Trunks absolutely must stay alive, for the world’s sake! 

Black finally pinpoints Goku and co.’s ki, but it’s too late: the time machine has successfully left for the past. Zamasu is unconcerned though: they’ll come back eventually, and when they do, he’ll personally destroy them in his utopia!

The time machine arrives at present-day Capsule Corporation, and Bulma freaks out to see Vegeta in such bad shape. Meanwhile, in Universe 10 the present-day Zamasu finds Gowasu watching footage of the Universe 6 and 7 tournament on “God-Tube”. While Gowasu jokes about becoming a “God-Tuber”, Zamasu is amazed to see that it’s Goku fighting in this tournament. What’s more, he’s covered in godly ki! How could a mortal have obtained the power of a god?

Next Zamasu notices the strange objects floating in the sky above the tournament arena. Gowasu explains that these are the Super Dragon Balls, the objects the Gods of Destruction held the tournament over. Hearing that they grant any wish, Zamasu becomes even more curious…

Sometime later, on Zuno’s planet, Zamasu barges in on the galactic know-it-all, demanding he explain everything about the Super Dragon Balls!

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Sorry this is so late

Dragon Ball Super 60 summery

Beerus is annoyed that Trunks still doesn’t believe that Present Zamasu’s death will have an effect on his future. Trunks resolves to return to his future and see if anything has changed, but before that, they decide to have dinner. They’ll need their strength! 

At dinner, Beerus enjoys some surprisingly tasty soup (it looks like the dragon vomit of Planet Gaspa), and Goku declares that he’ll ride in the time machine again too. This time, he won’t get sick! 

Beerus is still made that nobody believes him, but Goku says they can’t simply take his word for it. Besides, if Zamasu is still there in the future, he wants to fight him again. Vegeta warns that it’s dangerous to go into battle without a strategy; they’ll need more than just Senzu. 

Goku asks if Beerus wants to come, but he says a god like him can’t go breaking the taboo against time travel. Kid Trunks wonders if the future has really changed, then is Future Bulma alive again? But Future Trunks points out that if Black’s attack never happened, he wouldn’t have come to the past in the first place. The fact that he’s here at all seems to indicate his future hasn’t changed.

Future Trunks gives his kid self a long explanation on how the two of them are from two parallel timelines. Kid Trunks has grown up with Vegeta and Goku, but in Future Trunks’ world they both died. Even though Future Trunks saved the Goku in this timeline, the one in his own timeline is still dead. 

Kid Trunks says he now understands why Future Trunks doesn’t believe Beerus’ claims. However, Future Trunks still holds out a faint hope that a god destroying a god in this timeline really will have an effect on his own, since such matters are beyond his imagination.

Trunks entrusts Kid Mai to Kid Trunks (embarrassing them both). Goku asks Vegeta where the Senzu are, but he doesn’t know. Thankfully, Bulma has them, and insists on coming. She figures that if Trunks stays behind in the future, they’ll need someone to pilot the time machine back to the present (she also just wants to see the future).

Bulma presents Trunks with a new denim jacket like his old one, then she, Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta all crowd into the time machine. It’s a tight squeeze, but Bulma won’t be talked out of coming. Beerus wants to go home, but Whis thinks they should stick around to see how things play out. As the time machine vanishes, Kid Trunks wishes his future self good luck.

The time machine flies through the space-time vortex, and despite his earlier boasts, Goku gets sick once again. They arrive in the future and see that it’s still in ruins. Sure enough, nothing seems to have changed. They put the time machine into a capsule, which Bulma takes.

The group meets up with the resistance, and learn that Mai has been injured helping people escape from Black. Trunks gives Mai a Senzu…mouth to mouth, which confuses Goku (he claims never to have kissed, though Vegeta finds this unbelievable of a married man). Trunks is sorry that they now only have four Senzu left, but Goku tells him not to worry about it.

Bulma greets Future Mai (and Future Yajirobe) and presents the resistance with food, water, and other supplies she brought with her. Soon though, Goku and co. sense Black and Zamasu approaching. They warn the resistance to stay indoors, then race off to fight. It seems that ultimately they didn’t manage to think up a strategy after all, but Vegeta has a bit of a plan: defeat Black first!

Black thinks Vegeta must want payback for his embarrassing defeat last time, but Vegeta corrects him: he wants to defeat Black not for his own sake, but for Trunks’ sake, and for this world. Black considers this to not be a very Saiyan-like thing to say.

Goku boasts that they know all about how Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls, and Zamasu is impressed that they figured this out. Goku continues, saying Zamasu used them to become immortal and create a fake Goku…but Black corrects him: he’s not a fake, he has the real Goku’s own body, but with Zamasu’s mind inside!

Black explains how his first wish with the Super Dragon Balls was to exchange bodies with Goku. When Goku wonders what happened to the version of him whose body got stolen, Black says he killed him with his own hands!

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Summery for Dragon Ball Super 61

Black says he is actually the mind of Zamasu inside Goku’s body. But Goku is confused: in that case, who’s the other guy who looks like Zamasu? They explain that this is also Zamasu, from Goku’s perspective the “Future Zamasu” native to Trunks’ alternate timeline. After Past Zamasu was defeated by Goku, he discarded his own body and united his mind with Goku’s body.

Goku objects that he saw the Zamasu in the past destroyed by Beerus, but Black explains that thanks to the Time Ring, nothing that happens in the past can affect him. Only Kaioshins can use the Time Rings, which is why he killed Gowasu, inheriting his role as Kaioshin and taking his Time Ring.

Zamasu and Black briefly interrupt their explanation to attack Goku and co. While Goku counterattacks, Zamasu’s immortal body immediately recovers from the damage. Black continues that in order to bring his idea of justice to fruition he needed someone who shared his ideals…namely, himself! 

In his own timeline, Future Zamasu had likewise grown disgusted with the stupidity of mortals. Black used the Time Ring to come to that timeline, where he killed Gowasu and explained his identity to Future Zamasu. The two teamed up, and used the Super Dragon Balls to make Future Zamasu immortal, then (using the Time Ring to jump forward a year) wishing for the balls to be destroyed beyond repair.

The two then began killing all the gods throughout the universe(s), so that now they stand as the supreme power in this world. This has all been in order to fulfil their “0 Mortals Plan”…a fancy name for their desire to “beautify” the world by killing off all mortals. 

After wiping out many species throughout the universe, they’ve now targeted Earthlings, who with their endless wars and knowledge of time travel are the worst mortals of all. The fight recommences, but Goku and co. are still outmatched. Future Zamasu corners Goku, and asks if he wants to know what happened to his family.

Future Zamasu explains that after Past Zamasu used the Time Ring and gathered the Super Dragon Balls, he switched bodies with Goku, and even began calling himself “Son Goku”. Thus Goku Black was born! At the time, Goku was out farming, and was surprised to see his body suddenly turn into Zamasu’s. While Goku, Goten, and Chi Chi wondered what happened, Black arrived and killed all three.

Hearing this story naturally makes Goku quite upset, and his rage gives him the strength to seemingly turn the tables for a little while. However, this newfound challenge causes Black’s power to likewise swell up even higher, and he beats Goku with a new-and-improved version of his ki blade technique.

Trunks declares that he will take Black on, though Vegeta says he doesn’t stand a chance. But Trunks is still determined, and asks Vegeta to handle Zamasu for him. While Trunks is disgusted with Black for using Goku’s body to kill people, he and Zamasu claim Trunks is guilty of a greater sin: changing the past!

The two accuse Trunks of violating the gods’ taboo against time travel; the new Time Ring created when he changed the past is proof of his guilt. Goku should have died from his heart virus; it was Trunks changing history to save him that enabled Zamasu to steal his body in the first place. Everything is therefore his fault! They will cleanse the world of his sins by eliminating him and all Earthlings!

But Trunks is fed up with their talk. He only wanted to save everyone. If they want to call that a “sin”, then so be it! He snaps and powers up into a strange Super Saiyan form, then declares he will kill Black!

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Dragon Ball Super 64

Vegeta continues to give Black a good pounding, but he knows the imposter won’t die so easily. Getting back up, Black realizes that anger at Trunks’ injuries was what allowed Vegeta to improve so quickly. Though he considers it a dirty mortal technique, he uses his own anger that way, creating a fancy new scythe attack.

Though Vegeta dodges the scythe slash, it cuts open a hole in the sky. Even Black doesn’t know where it goes: perhaps another universe, perhaps the distant past or future. His power even amazes himself! Off on the side, Zamasu is likewise rejoicing at Black’s new power, when suddenly Goku punches him. Goku thinks Zamasu leaves himself open too much, due to being immortal.

Away at Capsule Corporation, Trunks asks Mai to use her binoculars to check on how the battle’s going, but she sees that Zamasu is heading straight for them! In the garage, Bulma says the time machine’s not ready yet. There’s only one way to hold off Zamasu: the Mafuba! Thankfully Trunks has glued the jar back together; now he just needs to master the technique. 

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta both face off against Black. Smoke from around the edges of the sky rift form into clones of Black, and no matter how many Goku and Vegeta defeat, even more constantly form. Black taunts them, saying they’ll never be able to chase after Zamasu like this. He’ll have killed Trunks and co. by now! Goku tries to teleport to Trunks, but all the ki from the clones prevents him from focusing in on Trunks’ ki.

Trunks practices the proper Mafuba pose, but it isn’t going well. Bulma happens to have recorded a video on her phone showing Piccolo demonstrating it. She gives it to Trunks and says she’ll go stall Zamasu. He’d better learn the Mafuba quick! 

Trunks objects, but Bulma tells her to trust his mother. Outside, Bulma approaches Zamasu and begins shamelessly flirting with him…but Zamasu only scowls at her. Trunks runs out in time to see Zamasu attacking Bulma in much the same way Black did to Future Bulma. Zamasu casts her aside, seemingly dead, and Trunks snaps. Powering up, he fires off a perfect Mafuba, sealing the astonished Zamasu inside the jar with Mai’s help. 

Bulma congratulates Trunks on a job well done. It turns out she wasn’t dead after all…though the experience was still scary for her. She tells Trunks to affix the magic talisman onto the jar in order to complete the seal, but it turns out they’ve left it behind with Roshi! 

Zamasu pops back out of the jar once again. Black senses Zamasu’s ki has weakened, and teleports off to see what’s up. His clones and the rift vanish, allowing Goku to likewise teleport to Trunks. Now everyone’s all in one spot.

Zamasu warns Black that mortals aren’t simply bugs after all; they can’t let their guard down! The two decide to show their true divine power. As Goku and co. look on in horror, Zamasu and Black use their Potara earrings to merge together into one being, who declares himself “the supreme god Zamasu”!



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2 hours ago, Forte said:

 The revival of Vegito while in SSJ Blue form! Not sure what's happening to Zamasu but he looks a little like he's letting his anger take over, which is turning him 'sort of' inside out... or something.


Well there been a lot of speculation on what's happening to Zamasu but I think it has something to do with Black being SSR at the time of the fusion.

Old Kai told Goku long ago that you should not be in a transformed state when you uses the Potara Fusion as that transformation will become a permanent part of the resulting fusion and they cannot power down. This in turn puts a heavy strain on the resulting being and can shorten their life. This is whats happening to Zamasu. He's becoming unstable but he cannot die due to his immortality, his body forced to regenerate even when it's own ki energy is destroying it.

As a result Zamasu's cells are constantly being destroyed and regenerated. Which has resulted in this mutation. I image he's also in an unbelievable amount of pain.

Thats my theory anyway.

Spoilers End.

Episode Summary from Kanzenshuu and Next Episode Preview

Zamasu and Goku Black have used the Potara to merge into a single being, who declares himself the immortal and mightiest of gods (but otherwise just sticks with “Zamasu”). A halo of light appears behind his back, and he brags about having an immortal body whose power infinitely rises. It feels good! 

While Goku and Vegeta hold Zamasu off, Bulma places her garage back into its capsule, and Trunks takes her and Mai to safety. Zamasu now attacks Goku and Vegeta with his “Blades of Judgement”, a volley of red energy blasts that rain down from the heavens.

In the underground resistance shelter, the tremors caused by the battle make the survivors flee to the surface, where some get killed by the Blades of Judgement. After things seem to calm down, they get Yajirobe to go out and confirm things are safe.

Once Yajirobe gives the OK, the group emerges and spots Zamasu in the distance. They wonder if this is a god, but Haru (one of the kids Trunks saved) says there’s no way a god would wreck the city like this. One resistance fighter has a crisis of faith, believing all their efforts are in vain, but another one tries to raise his spirits. Meanwhile Yajirobe just hopes Goku can beat this monster, for the children’s sake!

Goku and Vegeta continue to be utterly outmatched by Zamasu. Goku thinks this must be the power of a god, but Vegeta says god or not, he’s never met anyone who emits this sort of ki before. 

Vegeta is mad that Zamasu is merely playing around with them, while even the Kaioshins say he’s gone far beyond anything they can understand. Still, Goku and Vegeta still refuse to give up; they won’t rest until they beat him!

Trunks and co. have fled to the outskirts of the city. Bulma takes her garage out again, and Mai offers to help her finish repairing the time machine. Trunks meanwhile decides to return to the battlefield, so Mai gives him a bag of two Senzu before he goes.

Zamasu goes on about completing his 0 Mortals Plan and creating a new world. He creates a strange bird-like creature out of energy which hovers over him and fires “Absolute Lightning” at Goku and Vegeta, hurting them to the point that they revert from SSB to their base forms.

The survivors flee the crumbling city, and Trunks dives in to save Maki (Haru’s sister) from some falling debris. He tells Yajirobe to take the whole group up to the plateau where Bulma and Mai are, then flies off again to fight Zamasu.

Bruised by not broken, Goku and Vegeta get up and use their combined power to destroy Zamasu’s purple energy bird. However, when they try and attack Zamasu himself, he easily blocks their attacks and knocks them down again.

Trunks arrives, and when he sees Vegeta in such bad shape, he powers back up into his bulky Super Saiyan form. He declares that it will be mortals, not Zamasu, who make a new world. Thinking of Mai and the others, he fires off a Gallick Gun, which Vegeta joins in on. 

Though this father-son Gallick Gun overwhelms Zamasu’s “Holy Wrath” (a fiery energy sphere attack), it fails to harm him. He fires more Blades of Judgement, and Vegeta shields Trunks from the onslaught, which shatters his armor. 

Zamasu prepares another Holy Wrath blast to finish them off, but Goku steps in and counters it with his own Kamehameha. As the two attacks struggle against each other, Goku refuses to give up.



Edited by Supreme God Zamasu

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Sorry foe being so long had a lot going on this week.

Ok for everyone benefit put up episode 66 and 67.


Episode 66

Goku’s Kamehameha continues to struggle against Zamasu’s gigantic energy ball. While he’s pushed back for a while, Goku refuses to give up, and uses his full power to pierce straight through the ball. The resulting explosion scars Zamasu, leaving the right half of his face and right arm swollen and purple.

Goku rushes in to attack Zamasu at close range, but Zamasu grabs him by the leg. Goku counters by using the Kaio-Ken, and manages to destroy the halo around Zamasu’s back. While Goku is too worn out to attack further, Zamasu charges up by calling upon the “Light of Justice”.

On the sidelines, Vegeta wonders why Zamasu’s wounds have not healed. Gowasu explains that while Zamasu himself was immortal, Goku Black was not. The mortal half of Zamasu’s body is affecting his immortal half, leaving his mind and body unbalanced. 

This might give them a shot at victory! But to take advantage of this, they’ll probably need an even more powerful attack than before. Goku suggests that he and Vegeta use Kaioshin’s Potara to merge. Vegeta swore he’d never merge with Goku again, but now there’s no other way!

Goku eats a Senzu, and recalls how last time he was told merging with the Potara had no time limit, yet ultimately they split back up anyway. What gives? Gowasu explains that for those who are not Kaioshins, the effects of the Potara only last one hour. They’ll have to win within that time limit.

Vegeta is relieved that he’ll just have to endure being one with Goku for an hour. They put on the Potara and become Vegetto, who tells Zamasu that two can play this whole “merging” game. Vegetto becomes a Super Saiyan Blue, and accordingly dubs himself “Vegetto Blue”. It’s time to finish this!

As “Vegetto Blue” powers up, Trunks is amazed at the height of his ki. Meanwhile, Zamasu wonders to himself why mortals try and imitate the gods. Is it because gods are so powerful and beautiful? As Zamasu babbles on, Vegetto grows tired of his talk and punches him square in the face.

The two begin fighting, and at first Vegetto seems to have the upper hand. He mocks Zamasu, asking if this is really the power of a god. Then Zamasu seems to come out on top, knocking Vegetto to the ground, where he stays face down.

Zamasu closes in with his ki blade to finish the job, but Vegetto counters with an extra-long ki blade of his own. He says Zamasu is no longer immortal and cannot eliminate mortals either, because part of Goku remains in his body. 

But this is precisely what Zamasu wanted: Goku had obtained power surpassing the gods, despite being mortal. As such, he symbolizes all the failures the gods have made. By incorporating Goku into his own body, Zamasu intends to atone for the sins of mortals and the mistakes of the gods.

Zamasu begins to cry, saying that his tears will purify the world. Not only is his body not regenerating, but now his right side keeps growing larger and more grotesque. Gowasu believes that this ugly form represents Zamasu’s conflicted feelings, caught between the contradictions of gods and mortals.

Bulma arrives in the now repaired time machine, bringing Mai and the kids Haru and Maki with her. Maki returns Trunks’ broken sword to him, and Trunks creates a ki blade to replace the sword’s missing body, then flies off to rejoin the battle.

Back on the battlefield, Vegetto taunts Zamasu for not being able to keep up with his speed, now that his body has grown so bulky. He fires a “Final Kamehameha” to finish the job, but Zamasu survives it…and even worse, Vegetto splits back up into Goku and Vegeta!

U7 Kaioshin wonders why they split (it hasn’t even been an hour yet), but Gowasu thinks it might be that they used up too much power to sustain the fusion. Zamasu closes in to finish the pair off, but Trunks steps in, blocking Zamasu’s ki blade with his own.

Zamasu accuses Trunks of being weak, and mockingly asks where he’ll seek help from next: the past, the future? How long will he continue to defy the gods? But Trunks says he’s just fighting to save everyone; helping one another to survive is what it means to be human.

As Trunks holds out against Zamasu, he begins gathering ki from Yajirobe, Haru, Maki, and the rest of the refugees watching the battle. Goku and Vegeta contribute their ki too, and with everyone’s power channeled into his sword, Trunks slices Zamasu in half.

Episode 67

By channeling ki from everyone around him to create an energy sword, Trunks splits Zamasu in two. Even in this state, Zamasu continues to rant for a short while, before finally dissolving away. Goku congratulates Trunks on a job well done, comparing his sword to the Genki-Dama, and Bulma and Mai arrive with the time machine to thank him too. Trunks says he couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support.

However, suddenly the sky fills with dark clouds showing countless copies of Zamasu’s face. Though he has lost his physical body, he still survives in a strange, gas-like form. Gowasu speculates that Zamasu is now trying to merge with the universe itself. Goku and Vegeta try to become Super Saiyan Blue, but find they no longer have enough energy after using the Final Kamehameha as Vegetto. Regardless, they fire blasts at the Zamasu clouds in their regular states, and Super Saiyan Trunks chips in too.

However, none of their attacks have any effect on the Zamasu clouds, which soon cover the entire Earth and begin raining down blasts of energy on people worldwide. Goku and co. shield Bulma, Mai, and the time machine, but around the world Sea Turtle, Android No.8, and everyone else get wiped out. Back in the present, kid Trunks and the rest at Capsule Corporation see Zamasu’s laughing face in the sky, and Whis and Beerus can tell something’s wrong off on their own world. Zamasu is somehow affecting the present, like when Goku Black attacked with the Time Ring earlier.

When the smoke clears, Trunks can’t sense anyone else’s ki. They’re now the only survivors on Earth! Though their attacks don’t work on Zamasu, Goku refuses to give up, and roots around in his pocket for one more Senzu. There he finds the button the Omni-King gave him! Goku asks Kaioshin if Omni-King would even still be around in this future. Kaioshin thinks so; after all, nobody could ever defeat him! Goku presses the button, and Omni-King instantly appears.

However, this is the Omni-King of Trunks’ alternate timeline, and has never met Goku. He asks who Goku is, where he is, and why the place seems to be such a wreck. Omni-King finds the laughing Zamasu faces in the sky annoying, and when Goku suggests he wipe them out, Omni-King instead decides to destroy the entire world!

Goku tells everyone to escape in the time machine, while Kaioshin and Gowasu use their Time Rings to flee. Everyone safely manages to return to the present, where future Mai meets her past self and kid Trunks. Beerus and Whis come over too, and Beerus tells Gowasu to pick a better pupil next time.

Though Trunks and Mai’s entire future world has been destroyed, Goku has one idea: he and Trunks use the time machine to head back and pick up Omni-King in the future (who’s now floating amid nothingness). Back in the present, Goku next has Kaioshin take them to present Omni-King’s palace. Now Omni-King has his own future self to play with! This idea impresses the Great Priest (who it turns out is Whis’ father), who decides he’ll come visit Universe 7 sometime.

That night at Capsule Corporation, Whis has a plan for how Trunks and Mai can return to (a version of) their timeline. It involves creating yet another alternate timeline, an idea Beerus doesn’t like, but Whis points out that Beerus already created a new Time Ring and timeline when he destroyed Zamasu, so he can hardly complain. 

Whis’ plan now is to travel to Trunks’ timeline before Beerus and Kaioshin died, ask Beerus to beat Zamasu, then seal the defeated Zamasu away, Mafuba-style (Whis reveals that he has something much better for this than the jar Goku was going to use). This way, they’ll create a new timeline where nobody got killed by Zamasu. However, there would already be versions of Trunks and Mai in this world, which could be awkward if the Trunks and Mai here went to live there. But Mai is fine with this, since she’ll be able to live with all the friends she fought alongside with.

Beerus decides to let Trunks off the hook for his time-travelling shenanigans, and departs with Whis. In Universe 10, Gowasu puts the Time Rings away, reflecting that this affair was his sin. The next day, everyone sees Trunks and Mai off as they use the time machine to head for their new home. Bulma jokes that her future self will have grandkids before her, Goku assures Trunks he’ll be more than a match for any new threats that might emerge, and Vegeta briefly spars with his son.

As Trunks and Mai take off, Gohan and Piccolo fly up to wish them farewell, and Trunks gets emotional thinking about his old mentor. Trunks thinks that he’ll meet them all again someday, and the time machine vanishes.

Next time Goku will be trying to bring King Kai back to life after all this time but a lot of other people want their wishs granted to.

Also in the future it seems someone in U6 wants Goku assassinated and has hired a certain hitman to do the job. 

Edited by Necrosan

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Super Episode 77 Summery.

The two Omni-Kings are playing a game where they flick planets into each other on some sort of tiny model of the universe. Each of them has won 101 games and lost 101, and both want to go do something else. But what else is there?...

On Earth, Goku takes vegetables grown in his field and sells them at a farmer’s market. Now that he’s made some money, hopefully Chi Chi will ease up on him so that he can concentrate on his training! As he drives his truck back home, he spots someone on the side of the road whose car has apparently broken down. 

When he gets out to help, this man turns out to be part of a gang of robbers, who hold Goku at gunpoint and demand he turn over the keys to his truck (it’s the latest model from Capsule Corporation, so they should get a good price for it). Goku refuses; he just got that truck from Bulma! Though he easily beats the robbers, he gets grazed by one of their bullets. 

Thinking he’s getting rusty, he tries to call Kuririn up for more training, but Kuririn is in the middle of another gun-battle against criminals. Goku next contacts Whis and asks if he can come to Beerus’ planet to train. Goku first offers to bring over some daifuku (rice cakes) for Whis and Beerus, but they’ve tried that already, so he decides to bring mame-daifuku (bean rice cakes) instead. Whis agrees to come pick Goku up at Bulma’s house in one hour.

At home, Goku changes into his martial arts uniform, and Goten asks to come train with him; he wants to get strong like his dad! Chi Chi refuses to let him go, insisting that he study instead. While she lectures on the importance of studying, Goku and Goten sneak off. 

Goku and Goten get some mame-daifuku at the store, and Goten makes sure that it gets properly gift-wrapped. At Capsule Corporation, Goku and Goten are greeted by Bulma, who’s riding in some sort of fancy wheelchair. It turns out Chi Chi already contacted her and asked her to stop Goten from going off with Goku. 

Bulma wonders if Goku came to check up on her, but Goku’s not quite sure what she means, and is shocked to see how big her stomach is. Did she eat to much? No, it turns out she’s pregnant with her second child, and will be giving birth soon.

Out on the veranda, Goten asks Trunks if he’s getting a little brother or sister, but Trunks says they’re keeping it a surprise until the baby’s born. Goku tries to give Bulma the mame-daifuku as a present, but Goten tells him he needs to save it for Whis, or else Whis won’t train him. Trunks says that if Goten wants to train, then they two of them should spar. With Bulma about to give birth he can’t go too far away, and he’s getting bored without anyone to play with.

Now that Goten’s staying at Capsule Corporation with Trunks, Goku goes to invite Vegeta to come train with him at Whis’. However, Vegeta refuses, since with Bulma about to give birth he can’t leave either. Whis arrives, and Goku explains that Vegeta can’t go because his child is about to be born. Whis thinks this means Vegeta is pregnant, but Vegeta sets him straight.

Goku leaves with Whis, and at Beerus’ planet the three of them eat the mame-daifuku, which Beerus enjoys greatly. Beerus wonders about the scratch on Goku’s arm, and Goku explains that he hasn’t fought anyone strong lately and has gotten rusty. That’s why he’s come, to get back in shape! 

Outside Goku spars with Whis for a bit, before remembering: Omni-King promised to hold a tournament between all the universes!Beerus thinks that Omni-King must have forgotten about that promise by now, so Goku gets out the button he received from Omni-King to go remind him. 

Beerus and Whis both advise against this, since there’s no telling what might happen: Goku must never forget that Omni-King has the power to destroy universes! Goku knows that well enough, since he’s seen it with his own eyes. Even so, he still thinks it will be fine.

Pressing one side of Goku’s button will summon Omni-King to him, while pressing the other one will teleport him over to Omni-King. As Goku thinks over which side to press, Beerus holds up his hand as if to blast Goku, and warns him again not to use the button. Goku seems to throw the button away, but actually keeps hold of it, and presses it now that Beerus’ guard is down.

At Omni-King’s palace, Goku is greeted by the Grand Priest, and is escorted inside where he meets the two Omni-Kings. Goku can’t tell the two of them apart, but explains how the Omni-King of the present once promised to hold a tournament, and he’s still anxiously waiting for it. The present Omni-King had indeed forgotten this promise, but both Omni-Kings think this sounds more fun than their present game and decide to hold the tournament.

The Great Priest says he’ll let each universe’s Kaioshins know the details once they’re worked out, and Goku heads back to train. At Beerus’ planet, Beerus smacks him for disobeying his orders not to go. Goku insists everything’s fine, but Beerus is still suspicious. 

Goku has Whis take him over to Kaioshin’s planet, to wait for word from the Great Priest to arrive. Beerus comes with them, and calms down by drinking some tea Kaioshin prepares. It’s not long before the Great Priest arrives with the Omni-King’s notice. 

Everyone panics and bows before the Great Priest...everyone except Goku and Whis, that is. Elder Kaioshin angrily tells Goku to bow down, but the Great Priest insists it is fine. He unfolds the Omni-King's message and begins reading...

The Omni-King has decreed that at the 157th hour on the 3,135,500,603rd day of the Royal Calendar, a “Tournament of Power” shall be held between teams of ten warriors selected from each universe. Goku is thrilled; a new adventure is beginning!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Summery.

Teams of ten warriors from each universe will compete in the Tournament of Power. The Great Priest explains that the tournament will be held on the “World of Nothing”, a world without time or space. With nothing to get in the way, everyone will be able to fight to their heart’s content. 

What’s more, the winning contestant will be able to make a wish on the Super Dragon Balls, which have already been assembled (in fact, Champa had already collected three on his). And the winning universe will receive…nothing. Everyone presses the Great Priest to explain this, and though he wasn’t supposed to reveal this yet, since Goku is Omni-King’s friend he agrees: the losing universes will be destroyed by Omni-King! 

Everyone has trouble processing this information, but Great Priest continues with a special request for Goku. Before the main event, Goku and the others from Universe 7 will fight against another universe in front of the two Omni-Kings. The Omni-King from the future wasn’t around to watch the U6/U7 tournament and wants to see what Goku and co. can do.

This “Omni-Present Match” (a match attended by the Omni-King), will serve as a preliminary to raise expectations for the main tournament. One hour from now, three U7 warriors will face off against three from U9 at Omni-King’s palace. With that, the Great Priest departs.

Kaioshin wonders why exactly U9 was selected as their opponent, while Beerus chews Goku out for the terrible danger he’s brought upon the universe. Goku thinks they could just ask Omni-King not to destroy the universes, but Whis explains that since Omni-King and the Great Priest have already decided on it, there’s no changing their minds. Even asking them to might be dangerous!

Goku being friends with Omni-King won’t save him either; if he loses, Omni-King will still destroy him and the rest of U7. While Goku’s upset about this unexpected development, he remains upbeat. He’ll just have to win then! Goku goes back to Earth to pick his two teammates for the coming match. Vegeta still won’t budge with Bulma about to give birth. Goten and Trunks are fighting nearby, and Vegeta suggests using them, but Goku isn’t so sure. That gives him the idea to use Gohan though.

At Gohan’s house, Goku tries to persuade the reluctant Gohan to enter the tournament; he’s sure Gohan’s knack for fighting will come right back. He even lets Gohan in on how if they lose this tournament, their universe will be destroyed. Gohan is shocked, but decides it’s best to keep this information a secret from Videl and the others. They don’t want to start a panic!

Videl stops by and hears about the tournament, and thinks it’d be fine for Gohan to help his father out like this. Pan returns from playing with Mister Satan and Buu, and seeing her with Videl inspires Gohan to enter; he’s got something to protect! Meanwhile, Goku goes to recruit Buu. Soon Goku, Gohan, Buu, and Satan all arrive at the Kaioshin Realm (which Satan remembers from his previous visit). 

Beerus wonders what Satan’s doing there, but Satan explains how Buu will only listen to him. He takes Goku aside and asks if the others know about the universes being destroyed, but Goku says only Gohan does. Kaioshin now takes the team to Omni-King’s palace, where Beerus orders Satan not to say or do anything stupid, if he values his life. 

Inside the palace they meet a dwarfish God of Destruction, an old Kaioshin with a nasty grin, an angel with shoulder-length hair, and three dog-like warriors. It’s the group from Universe 9! The two groups bow to each other, and the Great Priest prepares an arena with spectator seats. All the Kaioshins, Gods of Destruction, and angels from the 12 universes are there to watch the match! Seeing Champa, Goku calls out to him, and Satan panics to see him act no friendly with a god. Goku thinks it’s fine since he knows Champa, but even the Great Priest tells him to be quiet.

The Great Priest explains to the assembled gods that this match will serve as a preliminary for the Tournament of Power. The two Omni-Kings arrive with their attendants, and Goku flies up to greet them and thank them for holding this tournament, but Beerus angrily stops him. The Great Priest goes on to say how this tournament was Goku’s idea, and Goku goes up to say a few words: he heard there were lots of strong guys throughout the universes, and wanted to fight them, so he asked the Omni-King to hold this tournament. He promises the Omni-Kings a good match!

The three fighters from each universe will fight one-on-one, in order. There is no time limit, and victory is decided once a fighter admits defeat or is unable to continue fighting. While there is no prize for winning, if the Omni-King finds the match to be boring, he may call the match off and erase them on the spot. First up from U9: Basil! First up from U7: Buu…who’s fallen asleep. Satan wakes Buu up by giving him so chocolate, and promises him more if he “plays” with Basil.

Buu enters the arena, and the Great Priest declares the start of the match. Basil immediately starts kicking Buu around at a breakneck speed; even the two Omni-Kings think he’s fast. Buu is knocked to the ground, but suddenly smiles…

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Episode 79 Summery - sorry this is late, computer trouble. 

Buu seems to be no match for Basil, who mocks him as a weakling. Universe 9’s Kaioshin, Rou, proudly introduces his three fighters as the toughest in his universe: Trio de Dangers! Basil is the youngest brother of the group, and specializes in powerful kicks. There’s no way U7 can match them!

But even though it looks like he’s been beat up, Buu just starts laughing and gets right back up. He thinks Basil’s attacks are fun and wants to play more! Mr. Satan realizes that since he told Buu to “play” with Basil, Buu is treating this as simply a game.

Buu starts counterattacking, but Basil blocks his attacks with kicks. Goku thinks Buu might have a tough time against these opponents, since there’s something strange about them: though they look normal, Goku and co. can’t sense their ki, making it tough to tell just how strong they are.

Still, this just makes Goku excited again at the prospect of facing opponents from other universes, ones who play by different rules than what they’re used to. He shouts for Basil to use his full power, since this current level of “play” won’t be enough to satisfy Buu. 

Basil agrees and powers up with a fiery aura that he concentrates into his right leg. He kicks Buu around some more, than spreads his aura out to both legs and begins kicks energy blasts at Buu as part of his “Shining Blaster” technique. 

Buu seems to be overwhelmed by the attack, and even Mr. Satan gets hurt as collateral damage. Basil laughs and thinks he’s won, but Buu emerges from out of the smoke, still standing but with a large hole in his stomach. Unfazed, he says that last attack was “a bit” fun.

While Basil and the others marvel at Buu being unfazed by a hole in his stomach, Buu notices that Satan has been hurt. He offers to heal Satan, but Satan tells him to not worry about him and concentrate on the fight. Satan passes out, and Buu angrily lets out steam and vows vengeance on Basil.

Though Buu has now healed his stomach injury, Basil promises to blast more holes in him. Buu repels one of Basil’s blasts into the stadium seating of the Universe 11 gods, but thankfully Toppo (the robbed figure standing next to U11’s Kaioshin) safely nullifies it. Toppo chews Buu out for being rude to the gods. Impressed, Champa wonders who this guy is, and Vados explains that Toppo is apparently a U11 warrior.

Still angry, Buu starts beating up on Basil, eventually knocking him out of the arena. Goku declares Buu the winner! Omni-King is puzzled, and Goku explains that in Earth’s Tenkaichi Budokai, a ring-out means a loss. But Great Priest says U7 rules don’t apply here; contestants will keep fighting until the Omni-Kings are satisfied, or until they are unable to continue.

Basil crawls back up into the ring, and asks Rou to give him “that”. Rou throws a strange drug which Basil swallows, immediately powering up into a much buffer form. Beerus objects to this, but the Great Priest overrules his objection on the grounds that “anything goes” here. The Omni-King wants to see more, so he’ll see more!

The beefy Basil now turns the tables back on Buu, with a long chain of attacks culminating in his “Wolfgang Pressure” technique. Basil laughs and declares victory, but Buu once again gets right back up, good as new. “You’re strong. But I’m stronger!”

Buu fires off a Kamehameha-like blast. When the dust clears, Basil is still standing and laughing. Goku and Gohan are amazed he’s still up after taking Buu’s full-power attack, but Elder Kaioshin can tell he has reached his limit. After a few more moments, Basil collapses. The Omni-Kings both say how much fun the fight was, and with them satisfied, the Great Priest declares the match over. Buu wins!

Buu is thrilled. “Satan, I won!” He flies over to Satan and heals him, and Satan is glad to hear that of Buu’s victory. With a snap of his fingers, the Great Priest restores the damaged arena and declares the start of the next round. Over in the U9 seats, Bergamo and Lavenda curse Basil for being pathetic. Lavenda wants to kill his opponent, and Bergamo tells him to go for it. Lavenda’s ecstatic: in that case, he can win for sure! 

Gohan says he’ll be going next; he wants Goku to see how strong he is now. The Great Priest identifies Gohan as Goku’s son, and the curious Omni-Kings wonder if he’s strong too. Lavenda and Gohan enter the ring, and Lavenda can’t stop giggling sinisterly.

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Gohan vs Lavenda!

Episode 80 Plot Synopsis:

Gohan enters the arena to face off against Universe 9’s Lavenda. Reflecting on how it’s been a long time since he was in a tournament, he decides to ease into the fight to get the feel for it again. But Goku advises him to not hesitate and just go all-out. He shouldn’t get hung up on the fact that he can’t sense his opponent’s ki; he’s strong, after all!

The match begins, and while Gohan seems to do well at first, before long Lavenda grabs onto him and sprays a cloud of purple mist in his face. Whis can tell that this cloud is a powerful poison, and Gohan can no longer see! Rou explains that this is Lavenda (the middle brother of Trio de Dangers)’s “Poison Blow” technique. Gohan should throw in the towel before his body gives out!

Kaioshin offers Gohan a Senzu. After all, Basil used some sort of drug during his fight with Buu, so it’s only fair that they do the same. But Gohan refuses, saying he wants to win through his own power alone. Goku holds on to the Senzu bag for the time being. With Gohan unable to see or even read his opponent’s ki, Goku thinks this battle will be good training for him.

Gohan concentrates on sensing Lavenda’s movement and presence through his other senses, and manages to dodge his attacks. At first Lavenda thinks this is just a fluke, but Gohan continue to dodge him, and even starts landing attacks of his own. Watching from the sidelines, Bergamo can tell that losing his eyesight has sharpened Gohan’s other senses. 

To counter this, Lavenda flies up into the air, preventing Gohan from tracking his footsteps, and starts firing blasts of poison at him. Mr. Satan thinks Gohan is really in trouble now, but Goku believes the harder Gohan is pressed, the better he’ll overcome it. Indeed, Gohan declares that he has more power than this, and turns into a Super Saiyan.

The Omni-Kings and others are impressed by this transformation, but Lavenda thinks it won’t make any difference. Gohan still can’t see him, after all! But now Gohan has no trouble deflecting Lavenda’s blasts, and begins counterattacking once again. It seems that he’s locating Lavenda by reflecting his own energy off him, sort of like a radar. But Whis thinks this might backfire…

Indeed, as Gohan flies in to finish off Lavenda, he suddenly collapses and reverts to his regular form. Fighting as a Super Saiyan simply accelerated the spread of the poison throughout his body. Gohan still refuses to give up though, and before long becomes Super Saiyan once again. He and Lavenda trade blows before starting up a Kamehameha/poison blast beam struggle.

As Gohan struggles to maintain his Kamehameha, the poison spreads further through his body, visibly turning his skin purple. Lavenda’s blast soon overwhelms his own, knocking him back, and Lavenda follows up with puffs of poison breath. But rather than fleeing, Gohan dives into the poison mist and grabs onto Lavenda. This way, his lack of eyesight won’t matter! Still holding onto Lavenda, he dives straight down into the arena, creating a huge crater.

Lavenda is down for the count, but Gohan struggles to his feet. He declares that he has won…but then immediately passes out. The Great Priest rules that since both fighters are down, the match ends in a tie. Goku quickly feeds Gohan a Senzu, clearing up the poison. Gohan apologies, but Goku says it was an exciting fight. Still, Gohan feels that he needs to improve.

The Great Priest reads an announcement from the Omni-Kings to all the assembled gods: they are pleased that fighters from the universes with the lowest mortal rank have put on such a splendid fight. The Great Priest goes on to explain how the Omni-Kings have ranked each universe by the average level of their inhabited worlds. Universe 7 comes in second-to-last with a score of 3.18, with Universe 9 at the very bottom with an average level of 1.86.

The Great Priest continues: in the upcoming Tournament of Power, the Omni-Kings will personally obliterate the losings universes (this doesn’t apply to the current Omni-Present Match, though). However, Universes 1, 12, 5, and 8 are exempt from the tournament, because they each have an average mortal level of over 7. The Omni-Kings think that there are too many universes, and so Goku’s idea for a tournament is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the universes with low averages.

Whis realizes that in that case, the universes in the tournament are all ones that were going to be destroyed anyway, and that by winning they have the chance to save themselves. Beerus blames Kaioshin for insisting on always leaving mortals to improve their planets solely through their own efforts, while Kaioshin blames Beerus for sleeping all the time. The Great Priest adds that the gods will be destroyed along with their universes, while their angels (like Whis and Vados) will be spared.

With the announcement out of the way, the Great Priest snaps his fingers and restores the arena to pristine condition once again. Goku enters the ring to face Bergamo in the final match!

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Goku vs Bergamo

Dragon Ball Super 81 Summery.

As the last round of the Omni-Present Match is about to begin, the assembled gods are alarmed at the prospect of their universes being wiped out in the coming Tournament of Power if they lose. Champa wonders if he could escape and save himself if need be, but Vados assures him that would never work. One can’t oppose the Omni-King and get away with it, after all. 

Goku’s opponent introduces himself as “Crusher Bergamo”, the eldest brother of the Trio de Dangers siblings. Though his universe may have the lowest “mortal level” ranking, Bergamo accuses Goku of being far worse, since he’s the one responsible for this deadly tournament. He’s the enemy of all the universes!

Bergamo suggests that if he wins, the rule for destroying losing universes should be abolished. The gods seem to agree with Bergamo and blame Goku, but Goku remains unfazed. Eventually the two Omni-Kings somewhat reluctantly agree to Bergamo’s suggestion. However, Great Priest specifies that Goku must not hold back in his fight. If he does, Omni-King will immediately destroy all the universes! Goku’s more than happy to comply.

On the sidelines, Kai (the Kaioshin of Universe 11) asks the U11 warrior Toppo what he thinks of Goku, and Toppo vows to watch this match closely to size him up. The other gods ask Champa why Goku is so rude around Omni-King, and why Omni-King and the Great Priest let him get away with it. Even for someone of such a low mortal level, this defies comprehension!

The Universe 1 gods taunt Champa: thanks to their universe’s high mortal level, they’re exempt from the tournament. And their universe’s high mortal level is due to them providing good leadership, so the “god level” of their universes must be high too. Champa is quickly fed up with this sort of boasting from the top-ranked universes.

As the match begins, the two fighters at first trade blows evenly, but then Bergamo stops and announces he’ll show Goku why he’s known as “Crusher Bergamo”. He now seems to allow Goku to hit him repeatedly, but after getting hit he starts to grow larger.

Rou explains that Bergamo changes the attacks he receives from his opponent into his own power, countering with twice the power he was hit with. Goku’s impressed, since that sort of ability is fairly rare. As Bergamo grows larger and larger, he begins shooting waves of ki blasts at Goku, who now seems to be forced to keep on dodging.

Bergamo is now gigantic, but Goku hides on his back, then attacks his knees to knock him down. Bergamo has become so big that he has more blind spots. Bergamo doesn’t care though, he’ll just get even stronger! Indeed, Goku seems happy to keep on attacking Bergamo despite the fact that it just keeps powering him up. On the sidelines, Gohan speculates that this is because Goku is always more excited the stronger his opponent is.

Goku now goes Super Saiyan Blue, and Rou is amazed to see that he has power on par with a god’s. Even Sidra is impressed that Universe 7 has someone like this. But Goku’s not done yet: vowing to feed Bergamo even more gigantic power, he uses Kaio-Ken on top of Blue, and fires off a Kamehameha. Bergamo counters with his special “Wolfgang Penetrator” blast, but in the end he’s pushed back and enveloped by Goku’s attack.

As the blast clears, Bergamo has shrunk down to his regular size once more. Goku wants to keep on fighting, but Bergamo collapses, and the Great Priest declares Goku the winner. The Omni-Kings are impressed with Goku’s power; he definitely didn’t hold back! He prevailed by hitting Bergamo with more power than he could take, really cutting it close…just the way he always likes it.

Goku doesn’t think that he really got to see Bergamo’s true power though, since Bergamo only ever used Goku’s own strength against him. So Goku looks forward to seeing Bergamo go all-out in the main tournament. But Bergamo’s not as carefree as Goku: he warns Goku that all the other universes will surely target U7 in the main tournament, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re destroyed. But Goku confidently challenges all strong fighters to take him on.

The Future Omni-King confirms that he is satisfied with the “Omni-Present Match”. It was a big success! Now Great Priest explains the rules for the upcoming main event, and shows off the arena that will be used in the World of Nothing. If you knock your opponent out of the arena, you win. Simple, right? If your opponent is knocked out inside the arena, you’ll still have to throw them out of bounds.

Also, the use of weapons is prohibited (not counting techniques, of course), and it is forbidden to kill your opponent. Bukujutsu and other techniques for flying through the air will not work in the World of Nothing. You must win through simple power alone! Which isn’t to say strategy isn’t important too. 

The match time limit will be 100 takk…in Earth terms, 48 minutes. If each round is that long, how long will the entire tournament take?! But Great Priest explains that there will be only one single round, a battle royale between 80 fighters (ten from each of the eight competing universes). Thankfully, it’s a big arena! 

At the end of the time limit, the universe with the most contestants still in the ring wins. Or alternatively, if only one contestant is left standing within the time limit, then that person’s universe will win. This all means team work will be very important…which was never Goku’s strong suit, but that’s what they have Gohan for!

One single match to decide the fate of eight universes…the gods find this pretty extreme. Great Priest is done talking, but now Toppo jumps into the ring. He wants to talk with Goku! Toppo introduces himself as the leader of the Pride Troopers from U11, and a warrior of freedom. He challenges Goku to battle, warning that if Goku has an evil heart he won’t be a match for him. Goku is happy, since he wasn’t quite satisfied from his fight with Bergamo…and he’s intrigued by Toppo’s insistence that he is evil…

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Sorry for the long gap.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85

As Goku flies off to ask Dende about No.17’s whereabouts, Gohan goes off on his own to meet with Piccolo. Goku is sure Piccolo will readily agree to enter the tournament, since he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to fight warriors from other universes. Goku flies on, and spots a strangely familiar pink monster…

In Universe 11, Kai hosts a meeting between the Kaioshins of each universe. The other Kaioshins all appear on mystical video screens, except for Universe 7’s Kaioshin, who wasn’t invited since the whole tournament was his universe’s idea. Kai has gathered everyone to discuss trying to change Omni-King’s mind about the tournament, but not all the Kaioshins agree. After all, trying to do that might annoy Omni-King, which would get them destroyed right on the spot!

Before any conclusion is reached, the meeting adjourns as the other Kaioshins insist on hurrying off to recruit warriors. Kai is upset, because he only wanted to find a way for the other universes to survive. As-is, it’s clear only U11 will be spared, since they have the strongest warriors…

Back on Earth, Buu is looking trim and muscular now. Mr. Satan explains that since the exhibition match, Buu has been training non-stop. Fighting “those dog guys” from U9 got him hyped up for the main event. Satan suggests Goku and Buu spar, and Goku readily agrees. Satan declares the grounds of his mansion to be the ring; go beyond that, and it’s a ring-out.

The fight begins, and Goku can tell Buu has become both faster and stronger. While Buu vows to “take care of” all their opponents, Satan warns him that the tournament will just be about knocking people out of the ring. Killing will get him disqualified! In that case, Buu knows just what to do: he starts spamming ki blasts at Goku (still in his regular form). Then with Goku’s attention focused on guarding against the blasts, Buu zips in close and knocks him out of bounds. Satan declares Buu the winner!

Goku compliments Buu on his strategy, while Satan asks Goku to not get knocked out of bounds so easily in the actual tournament. Goku vows to win, and fills Satan in on their progress recruiting team members. He thanks Buu for the fight, then flies off again in search of No.17. Buu is sleepy after the fight and all that training, and decides to take a nap.

In Universe 11, Toppo (sporting a snazzy suit) sits down at a fancy restaurant. He meets up with one of his comrades from the Pride Troopers, the cyborg Casserale, who wonders what he looks so upset for. People look up to him as a protector of the peace, so if he goes around looking like that, people might lose faith.

Though Casserale knows that they’re going to go fight at Omni-King’s, he’s still unaware of the full details. Before Toppo can fill him in though, they receive word that a monster is rampaging on Planet Dardon, so they spring into action.

In Universe 6, Champa and Vados contact the other Gods of Destruction. Champa heard about the Kaioshins meeting up, and wonders if there’s some scheme afoot. If they were caught plotting like that, Omni-King would wipe them out at once! Mosco, U3’s God of Destruction, wonders why they didn’t invite Beerus to this meeting, but it seems he got jilted because the tournament was all the idea of Goku from U7.

However, Vados argues that they should all be grateful to Goku. After all, Omni-King was just going to destroy the universes with low mortal levels anyway. Thanks to this tournament, they now at least have some chance to survive. But the Gods of Destruction can’t get over how rude Goku was at the exhibition match, and Vermoud declares that Goku is no match for U11’s Pride Troopers.

Meanwhile, the Pride Troopers arrive on Planet Dardon. Their teammate Dispo is already there battling against the invading alien from Planet Dorakya (and his pet, the giant plant monster Aragne). Though Dispo seems to be on the ropes, Toppo and Casserale come to his rescue, and together the three soon defeat the bad guys. Back on their ship, Toppo fills the others in about the tournament. They’d better go collect the rest of the Pride Troopers, Jiren in particular. But Jiren is off training at the moment.

Back on Earth, Goku meets up with Dende, who he can tell has gotten bigger (meanwhile, Popo insists that Goku address Dende as “God”). Dende already knows all about the tournament, which makes things simple. Dende tells Goku that No.17 is on an island to the south, and agrees to guide Goku there.

In Universe 6, Champa and Vados begin searching for more warriors. They call up Cabba, and Champa demands Cabba bring him an even stronger Saiyan.

Gohan reaches Piccolo. He’s got a favor to ask…but Piccolo already knows, and is prepared. He’s going to whip Gohan back into shape! Only 37 hours to go until the tournament!

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Episode 86 - Android #17 vs Son Goku

Dende speaks some words of Namekian, causing the Nyoibo to retract back up into his floating temple. With the temple now unanchored, it starts to move towards the southern island where No.17 now lives. Goku is suitably impressed, though he’s worried that No.17 might still want to kill him. Dende tells him not to worry: Doctor Gero may have created No.17 for that purpose, but he’s a different man now. He’s got a wife and children, and works as a ranger protecting an entire island of animals all on his own. In addition, he’s kept on training and has grown far stronger than he was back in the day. Goku’s been so focused on all the enemies from off-world that he hadn’t even noticed this new powerhouse developing right here on Earth.

Speaking of strong guys on Earth, Dende asks Goku if he’s aware of the super-strong little kid growing up in a nearby village. This kid is incredibly talented at martial arts, and Dende suggests Goku could teach him how to properly use his power when he gets a little older. At first Goku is puzzled, but then Dende explains the kid is the reincarnation of the evil Majin Buu that Goku defeated. At the time, Goku had wished for Buu to be reincarnated as a good person, and his prayers were answered.

Goku looks forward to meeting this kid some day, but first he’s got to win the tournament and save their universe from destruction. Dende has faith in him to pull it off. The temple arrives at No.17’s island and Goku flies off to look for him, but the island is pretty big and Goku can’t sense No.17’s ki. Thankfully, before too long there’s a big explosion, and Goku follows it to discover No.17 battling a group of heavily armed men.

No.17 easily disposes of the men, and Goku flies in and greets him. Though they’ve never met before, Goku recognizes No.17 because his eyes look just like No.18’s. For his part, No.17 knows Goku’s voice and various other things about him. It turns out the armed men are poachers, and when more show up, No.17 asks Goku to lend a hand if he’s not too busy. 

Before long all the poachers are taken care of, and Goku wonders what they were after. No.17 explains that they want minotaurus horns to sell for a high price. No.17’s main job here is actually to protect the minotaurus, a purple bull-like creature. Originally gentle, the minotaurus has been hunted by humans to the brink of extinction. In fact, the specimen on the island is perhaps the only one left, and understandably it has become rather violent.

No.17 recalls how back in the day, he set out to kill Goku because of Doctor Gero’s orders, but ended up being absorbed by Cell and so never actually met Goku. Now Goku wants to test out No.17’s current strength, since he needs strong allies. Goku powers up into his regular Super Saiyan form and the two start to spar. No.17 holds his own, though he’s momentarily distracted when he almost knocks Goku into the forest. Goku is surprised by how strong No.17 is, and No.17 replies that he hasn’t just been sitting around all these years. 

But Goku hasn’t been sitting around either, and transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. He hadn’t planned on using this transformation against No.17, but No.17’s been holding back some of his power too. The two are now high up in the sky, suitably far away from the forest for No.17 to give it his all, and resume their battle. Goku fires off a Kamehameha, but No.17 blocks it with his energy barrier. The two fly around trading blows, but when they crash into the ocean near the island No.17 abruptly halts their fight so that they won’t damage the island.

No.17 figures that if they had continued he probably would have lost, since Goku still hadn’t been taking the fight serious, but Goku believes No.17 also had power to spare. The two relax by a campfire, and No.17 reflects that if the dragon balls hadn’t brought him back to life, he wouldn’t have his family. It turns out his wife and three children (two of which are adopted) live elsewhere, since he moved to this island as part of his job. He shows Goku a picture, and asks what Goku really came here for. 

Meanwhile at Capsule Corporation, Beerus starts to take a nap after eating. He tells Whis and co. to wake him in an hour so that he can eat some more. This might be his last chance to eat, so he’s going to make the most of it!

Back at the island, Goku has told No.17 about the Tournament of Power, but No.17 refuses. His job pays pretty well, so he’s not interested in any prize money. Besides, poachers could attack the island while he’s gone. Goku offers to have Trunks and Goten guard the island, saying that they’re strong, but No.17 says his job takes more than just strength.

Now desperate, Goku pleads with No.17 that everyone’s fate hangs in the balance. Despite Gohan’s advice, Goku tells No.17 the truth about how if they lose the tournament, their entire universe will be destroyed. Yet even this fails to sway No.17, who stoically figures that if everyone gets wiped out at once, that’s just the way things go. Still, he’ll pray for Goku and co. to do their best.

Out in space, an alien ship approaches Earth. The crew have come for the minotaurus and other rare animals…Only 31 hours and 40 minutes remain until the tournament!

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Episode 87

While No.17 has turned down Goku’s offer to join the Universe 7 team, Goku won’t take “no” for an answer. He tells No.17 that the Super Dragon Balls are the prize for winning the tournament. No.17 seems impressed, but the two are interrupted by the sound of the Minotaurus roaring. Something is approaching the island…and Goku senses an incredible number of ki!

A gigantic spaceship descends from the sky and begins abducting the island’s rare animals. No.17 flies off to stop them, and Goku insists on tagging along. He grabs No.17 and teleports them inside the ship as it takes off back in to space. Inside they find themselves surrounded by cages full of animals poached from various worlds. 

An alarm sounds and guards rush in, but Goku easily subdues them. No.17 warns Goku to be careful not to break the spaceship, or else the animals will die. Back on Earth, Kuririn can sense Goku’s ki getting farther away, and wonders if he’s managed to recruit No.17. No.18 thinks Goku and No.17 are both childish, and hopes that they’re not goofing off together.

On the ship, No.17 leaves Goku to take care of the mooks while he rushes ahead to defeat the boss (much to Goku’s chagrin). The alien poacher’s boss is thrilled to have finally obtained the legendary Minotaurus, but No.17 barges in on him. The boss summons a pair of bodyguards and threatens to have No.17 cut up and served for dinner along with his precious animals, but No.17 wastes no time in defeating them. There’s a reason he’s entrusted to protect an entire island all on his own!

No.17 orders the boss to return all the animals to their home worlds (that way, he’ll spare his life), and Goku catches up with No.17. Like the poachers on Earth, the aliens are after the Minotaurus so that they can sell its horns at a high price. Rumor has it the beast’s horns can be used to make an immortality elixir. The boss doesn’t know if that’s true or not, but who cares so long as he can make money off it?

The boss tries to bribe No.17, but he’s uninterested. It’s not that he’s fighting for justice or anything fancy; he simply hates annoying stuff like this. Cornered, the boss pulls out a control switch: once he pushes this button, the entire spaceship will explode!

In fact, the boss does push the button! And the ship does explode! Or so it seems, but actually this is just part of Beerus’ dream. He wakes up screaming and tells Whis about having a terrible nightmare in which Goku died. Surely this must be a bad omen! Beerus’ scream causes Bra to start crying, and Vegeta wishes that the bothersome god would go sleep somewhere else. His house isn’t a capsule hotel!

Back at the (non-exploded) ship, the boss explains that his body contains a self-destruct device. Once he presses the switch, it’s goodbye spaceship and animals! Will No.17 turn a blind eye to the animals he’s protected and save himself instead? While the boss goes on taunting him, No.17 tells Goku to take care of the animals for him…and to give his regards to his wife, kids, and No.18. With that, he grabs the boss and flies out of the ship, safely away from the animals.

But Goku grabs No.17 and the boss and teleports them to Kaio’s planet. Goku decided to bring the self-destructing baddie here just like with Cell, but Kaio is not pleased: his planet is not a bomb disposal! Goku thinks it will be fine, since the boss probably won’t be able to move under the heavy gravity of Kaio’s planet, and even if he does explode, Kaio is already dead. 

Goku wants to teleport back with No.17, but Kaio is still not happy with this. Fortunately, Dende telepathically contacts Goku to inform him that the boss doesn’t actually have a self-destruct mechanism in his body. It was all a bluff! When the boss finally does push the switch, only confetti pops out. Turns out, he was planning to hold a surprise birthday part later…

Goku and No.17 return to Earth, where Jaco arrives to take the alien poachers into custody. The Galactic Patrols has been chasing after this group for years, so if all goes well, Jaco might even get promoted (naturally, he intends to take all the credit even though Goku and No.17 did the fighting).

Jaco departs, leaving Goku and No.17 alone again. Now No.17 feels that he owes Goku one, and agrees to join his team. He’ll just have to let Goten and Trunks take care of the island after all. If they win, he wants to use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for a big cruise ship, so that he can travel the world with his family. 

No.17 asks Goku what he plans to wish for, but Goku’s not sure. No.17 reflects that this was a silly question to ask a world savior, but Goku doesn’t see himself in that light. He just likes to fight strong guys, and if he ends up saving people along the way (like during this instance), that’s fine too. It must be Grandpa Gohan’s influence on him.

No.17 feels funny about teaming up with Goku after being modified to kill him. Goku assures him that’s normal though: Tenshinhan, Piccolo, and Vegeta all started out as his enemies. No.17 asks if his “brother” (meaning Kuririn, his brother-in-law) will be on the team, and Goku confirms that he will. Not only that, but Buu will be too!...Though not the Buu that Goku defeated with the Spirit Bomb (whom No.17 remembers, somehow).

No.17 is impressed: it sounds like quite a team. Only 23 hours and 20 minutes remain until the Tournament of Power!

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Episode 88

Gohan and Piccolo spar out in the wilderness. It turns out that right after the Omni-King’s exhibition match wrapped up, Goku visited Piccolo and explained the situation to him (including the danger of their universe being destroyed, and how Gohan fared in his match). Though Goku thinks Gohan fought well, he’s still not as strong as he used to be. 

Piccolo readily agrees to enter the tournament, and also vows to train Gohan to get the hang of fighting once again. For this purpose, he takes two Senzu from Goku, to save until the very end of their training. Gohan is determined to get stronger, and is ready for anything Piccolo throws at him. They spar, with Gohan turning Super Saiyan.

Meanwhile at Capsule Corporation, Trunks struggles to change Bra’s diaper, while Bulma brags about her newborn baby to some friend over the phone. Vegeta steps in to help Trunks, impressing both Trunks and Goten with his diaper-changing skills. Off on the side, Beerus can’t stand to see everyone so relaxed when their entire universe risks being destroyed…but if he told them now, Bulma would chew him out. He decides it would be best not to say anything.

Kuririn returns home from work, and starts sparring with No.18 (which confuses their neighbors, who don’t understand why the couple fights all the time). No.18 wins their match, and Kuririn asks her to hold back a little. No.18 promises to use the prize money to buy Marron whatever she wants, though Kuririn had wanted a new training machine (maybe next time).

Piccolo and Gohan continue to train, but despite his enthusiasm, Gohan keeps getting knocked around by Piccolo. At this rate, he’ll never return to his old level of strength, let alone surpass it. 

Gohan can't stand it: he won’t be able to protect Videl and the others others like this! Piccolo notes that while a desire to protect others can be a source of strength, if it’s too strong, it might instead merely hold Gohan back. If Gohan is too focused on winning to think clearly, he might misjudge his opponents’ strength. Still, Piccolo is confident that with Gohan on their team, they can win. So Gohan should be confident!

Off in Universe 6, Cabba pilots his spaceship and reflects on the upcoming tournament. Hit may be strong, but there’s no guarantee he can win against 70 opponents in a battle royale, meaning that the key is selecting the right people to fill out the rest of their team. In which case, there’s only one man for the job!

Cabba lands on a planet and knocks on the door of a small house. Inside is Renso, the former captain of the Planet Sadala Defense Squad. He trained Cabba back in the day, and now hears all about Cabba’s exploits as the Defense Squad’s ace member. Cabba shows off his Super Saiyan form to Renso, who is suitably impressed.

Cabba breaks the news about the tournament, and begs Renso to enter. However, Renso points out he has long since retired from the Defense Squad. He now has a bad leg, and can’t put out the same power as before. 

While Cabba insists that Renso’s battle experience should be useful in a battle royale situation, Renso instead suggests Cabba bring Renso’s younger sister, Cauliflowa. Cabba knows Cauliflowa, though he apparently has trouble dealing with her. Renso gives his assurance that though Cauliflowa may seem like just a thug, her potential is far greater potential than his own.

Back on Earth, Piccolo tells Gohan that they’ve done enough warming up: now they fight for real. Piccolo says that while Gohan is strong, he has a weakness he must overcome if they are to win this tournament. He stretches his arms and wraps them around Gohan, threatening to strangle him to death. Gohan is surprised at Piccolo’s strength, but Piccolo says he hasn’t just been sitting around while Gohan’s been off studying.

Unable to break free from Piccolo’s stranglehold, Gohan reverts from Super Saiyan to his regular form. He’s lost the sparring match. Piccolo explains that despite his strength, Gohan lacks the warrior mentality. For instance, when he fought Buu after Elder Kaioshin powered him up, he got too ****y and was caught off-guard. Gohan needs to fight with his full power, no matter who he’s up against.

Gohan powers up into Super Saiyan once more, but Piccolo knows Super Saiyan isn’t his full power. He tells Gohan to awaken his true self, the power he had when he fought Buu! Gohan continues powering up and reaches his “Ultimate Gohan” form, vowing to no longer hold back. They begin sparring again, with Piccolo producing countless doppelgangers,

Gohan ploughs through the doppelgangers and karate chops Piccolo’s arm off. It looks like he’s won…but another doppelganger blasts him in the back. It’s just like with Buu: once Gohan thinks he’s got the fight in the bag, he drops his guard. It’s a bad habit he probably inherited from his father. He’s got to avoid that at the tournament!

Gohan thanks Piccolo for his training and advice, but Piccolo insists that they continue. He still thinks Gohan has room to improve, and wants to see how much stronger he can get in the time remaining before the tournament. Gohan’s up for it, and even suggests they work on some combo attacks for the tournament.

Only nine and a half hours remain until the Tournament of Power!

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Episode 89

Goku visits Kame House to try and recruit the Turtle Hermit, but Oolong informs him that Muten Roshi’s off visiting Tenshinhan. It turns out that Tenshinhan has a dojo now, with lots of students, and Roshi has been invited over as an honorary teacher. 

Right at that moment, Tenshinhan is instructing his students in how to concentrate their ki, though his students have a hard time with this until Tenshinhan performs an example himself. Off on the side, Roshi is dismayed that all the students are men.

As luck would have it, outside a young woman approaches the dojo. Reading the “Tenshin Dojo” sign (with some difficulty), she’s delighted to have finally found that “three-eyed bald guy”. Chiaotzu escorts her in, and she introduces herself as “Yurin”. Though she claims to have no prior martial arts experience, she wants to start training because she hears it’s good for one’s appearance. 

Tenshinhan tells her to go train somewhere else, since his dojo is only for serious martial artists, but Roshi is more than happy to give her some lessons…He takes her off to another room, though Yurin seems dead-set on Tenshinhan.

Goku arrives at the dojo, and Tenshinhan dismisses his students for the day so that they can chat (they haven’t seen each other since the match against Universe 6). Goku is impressed that Tenshinhan has so many students, though Tenshinhan downplays it. Still, Goku can tell Tenshinhan has kept up his training, and wants to recruit him and Roshi for the Tournament of Power.

Elsewhere, Roshi has gotten Yurin into a martial arts uniform…which just so happens to feature a mini-skirt. Yurin has already got Roshi sized up as just a dirty old man, but suddenly he starts talking about removing her “evil heart” and before long is chasing her around. Yurin pretends not to know what he means, but secretly wonders if he’s somehow found out her “true objective”. Having ditched Roshi for the time being, she pulls out a paper talisman…

Back with Tenshinhan and Goku, Tenshinhan politely declines Goku’s offer. Though entering the tournament might serve as good training, he can’t leave his students behind, and he’s not interested in the prize money. Goku’s upset that now he won’t be able to get 10 fighters, but their conversation is interrupted by one of Tenshinhan’s students banging on the door. Some of the other students are rampaging through town!

Off in Universe 6, Cabba has come to Caulifla’s hideout. There he tries to recruit her for the tournament, surrounded by Caulifla’s various underlings (mostly thuggish men, as well as one meek-looking woman). At first Caulifla flatly refuses, but Cabba persists and shows off his Super Saiyan form. He offers to teach her the transformation if she’s curious, and notes how Caulifla’s older brother Renso thought she had great potential. Though she continues to belittle Cabba, her interest has been piqued.

Back on Earth, Tenshinhan’s students have been taken over by some type of sorcery, signified by the talismans affixed to their foreheads, turning them into mindless rampaging zombies. Though Chiaotzu tries to remove these talismans with his physic powers, it’s no use. Yurin rejoices: all this hubbub will ruin the reputation of Tenshinhan’s dojo!

It turns out Yurin is the mastermind behind all this. She reveals how she with Tenshinhan at the Crane School dojo back in the day, though he would always ignore her. So she vowed to get revenge and has been training ever since, even learning sorcery along the way. Now that she’s found him again, it’s finally time to get even.

Figuring that Tenshinhan isn’t used to handling women, Roshi opts to take Yurin on himself while the others work on removing the talismans from the students (apparently they can be peeled off by hand). While Yurin is no match for Roshi, he gets distracted when she falls over and exposes herself. Yurin uses this opening to stick a talisman on his head, taking control of him.

Tenshinhan takes on the possessed Roshi but has trouble, so he uses his old Shiyo-Ken technique to grow two extra arms. Roshi counters with a blast of lightning (probably his old Bankoku-Bikkuri-Sho technique) and a Kamehameha. Goku steps in to save Tenshinhan, and takes over the fight.

On the sidelines, Yurin is still performing her magic spells and hand gestures to keep Roshi under control. Goku is impressed with Roshi’s ki, and thinks the old man has been hiding his true power. He must have been undergoing incredible training in secret! Though Goku wants to fight more, he doesn’t have much time to waste, so he fires off a Kamehameha while Chiaotzu uses his powers to stop Yurin from performing her magic hand gestures.

The Kamehameha hits Roshi dead-on, and his talisman disintegrates. Though defeated, Yurin vows to continue training and grow even stronger, so Tenshinhan offers to let her train at his dojo. Though her motives aren’t the best, he’s impressed with her determination. 

First though, he has her apologize to the villagers. Tenshinhan now says he will enter the tournament after all. That way, he can use the prize money to repair the damage his students caused to the village. Goku is delighted to finally have all ten team members assembled. 

Only eight hours left until the Tournament of Power!

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Episode 90

Out in the wasteland, Piccolo finishes training Gohan. Now Gohan must test out his power…and Piccolo knows just the person for that. Elsewhere, Goku, Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, and Muten Roshi are eating at a restaurant. Tenshinhan wonders what they’ll do with the remaining time before the tournament, and Roshi offers to teach a few of his techniques. But just then, Piccolo and Gohan walk in, and Gohan requests a sparring match against Goku and Tenshinhan.

Back out in the wasteland again, the group selects a suitable spot to serve as their ring. It will be a 2-on-2 match: Goku and Tenshinhan vs Gohan and Piccolo. Falling out of the ring means a loss, and since this shall be a battle royale, they should focus on teamwork. Tenshinhan warns Goku to remember that this is a practice match: he should be careful not to hurt anyone! But Goku thinks they might be the ones who should worry about getting hurt…

The match begins, and Goku and Gohan (both still in “base” form) rush at each other and trade blows, while Piccolo begins charging up an attack. Tenshinhan aims his Kikoho at Gohan, but Goku tells him to focus instead on Piccolo, who’s still charging. However, Gohan steps in and prevents Tenshinhan from successfully attacking Piccolo, and Piccolo now unleashes a powerful energy wave from out of his entire body (similar to what he used against Goku back at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai). 

Goku manages to tough out the big blast, and while Gohan rushes in for a follow-up attack, Goku blocks this too. He compliments Gohan and Piccolo on their wonderful combination, saying that Gohan has managed to get back his knack for fighting. Tenshinhan notes that the mountain they’ve been using as an arena has been blown to smithereens, so the match is over. However, Gohan insists on fighting another match, this time 1-on-1 against Goku. Though Tenshinhan thinks this would be pointless, Goku readily agrees.

Over in Universe 10, Gowasu is fretting over which warriors he should select to fight in the tournament. What factors should he consider when making his choice? He doesn’t want to mess up and pick someone like Zamasu again! Ramoosh (the U10 God of Destruction) and his angle Kusu stop by. Ramoosh tells Gowasu he’s overthinking things: rather than using his head, he should decide with his body!

To that end, Ramoosh and Kusu have brought along ten warriors Ramoosh has already selected. Their leader, Murichim, introduces himself, but he and his fellow fighters soon need to take a time out to drink their protein drinks. They must do this regularly to build up their beefy bodies! Ramoosh thinks he can depend on this group, but Gowasu doesn’t seem quite so certain.

Back on Earth, Goku and Gohan take Senzu and power up to begin their match. Tenshinhan thinks this is a waste of Senzu, but even he now wants to see how these two Saiyans square off. Gohan says he is now at his full power, though Goku notes he’s not a Super Saiyan. 

Gohan confirms that he is aiming for an “ultimate form” never seen before, and that he is going about it in a different way than Goku. Goku is impressed: he figured fighting warriors from other universes would make for the best training, but he forgot he had Gohan there the whole time! The two begin sparring (with Goku remaining in what looks like his Super Saiyan 2 form): first they trade blows, then a barrage of ki blasts, before at last firing off two Kamehamehas at each other. 

Their battle shakes the ground, and even Vegeta and co. off in West City can tell something’s up. Though Gohan more than holds his own, he remains unsatisfied, and asks Goku to fight with his full power. Goku agrees, and first powers up into his Super Saiyan Blue form, then uses Kaio-Ken to boot.

The two clash and when the dust clears, Gohan collapses, though not before vainly trying to get in one final attack. Goku catches Gohan before he hits the ground, saying that they will go forward together. Later after Gohan regains consciousness, he thanks Goku and apologizes to Tenshinhan for the trouble. Goku announces that he’s selected Gohan to be the U7 team leader.

Only four and a half hours left until the Tournament of Power!

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Episode 91 Summery. 

At the Omni-Kings’ palace, the two Omi-Kings are playing a strange version of rock-paper-scissors where they hit each other with hammers, but they soon grow tired of this. To entertain them, the Great Priest gives them an update on how the various universes are preparing for the tournament. They are happy to hear that in Universe 7 Goku has successfully assembled a team of ten fighters.

At that moment, Goku and most of his team members are holding a strategy meeting with Beerus and the rest of the U7 top gods, while Vegeta has flown off to Dende’s temple to use the Room of Spirit and Time. Popo kindly asks him not to break the room again (as he did last time), but Vegeta is noncommittal. Stepping inside, he vows to defeat Goku and be the last one standing at the tournament.

At the meeting, Elder Kaioshin suggests using his ability to draw out Goku’s potential (as he did with Gohan before), but sadly that ritual takes over 24 hours, so they no longer have enough time. Instead, Goku decides to train with Whis until the tournament. Seeing Goku makes the Omni-Kings want to hold the tournament right away, but the Great Priest insists they stick to the predetermined time. 

After all, the Great Priest explains, not all the universes’ team-gathering efforts are going so well. For instance, U9 is having a tough time: word has gotten out about their universe’s potential destruction, causing hoodlums to run wild and attempt to flee to other universes. Sidra (U9’s God of Destruction) destroys these hoodlums and decides to look for contestants on some other planet. So far they still haven’t managed to gather anyone besides Trio de Dangers…

In U6, Hit tracks down Frost, who’s on the run from the law and slumped over in an alley somewhere. Assuming Hit has come to kill him, Frost at first seems to accept his fate, but this is a bluff to catch Hit off-guard. While Hit blocks the attack, he can tell Frost has improved; being on the run seems to have toughened him up. 

Hit explains that U6’s God of Destruction has sent him to recruit Frost, and tells Frost about the upcoming tournament. If Frost refuses to enter, Hit vows to kill him on the spot. Frost is happy to enter, but is annoyed to hear he won’t be allowed to use his poison needles. If he cheats and gets caught, he’ll be annihilated!

On Earth, Yamcha watches TV at home, bored and waiting for the tournament invitation he’s sure is coming. Muten Roshi and Oolong stop by, but they have business with Puar rather than Yamcha. To prepare for the tournament, Roshi is determined to conquer his one weakness: his dirty-mindedness. To that end, he wants Puar to turn into a hot babe so he can learn to control himself.

Yamcha thinks this plan is hopeless, but gets Puar to cooperate (Oolong himself has already refused, having been traumatized when Roshi puff-puff’d him way back in the day). While Roshi chases the transformed Puar around, Yamcha asks Oolong if he’s ever going to get invited to the tournament. Oolong reassures Yamcha that he will…probably.

While Goku and Whis train in the gravity chamber, in Universe 11 Toppo and Dyspo wait at a fancy restaurant for their comrade Khaseral to arrive. They call him, but he’s preoccupied saving a cat for some kids. Back at the palace, the Great Priest explains to the Omni-Kings how Toppo and his friends are not merely strong, but all good people as well. Still, the Great Priest continues, while U11 has a good chance of winning the tournament, its counterpart U2 is interesting as well... 

Right then, a martial arts tournament is being held in U2 to select the U2 “idol warrior”. A slim, green-haired girl lines up for the tournament, and some other ladies in line harass her: did she think this was merely an idol audition? But the girl, Briandchateau, quickly transforms into a pink, chubby warrior known as Ribrian, who proceeds to blow her opponents up with her “Pretty Cannon” attack.

In U10, Kuru (the U10 angel) has their ten warriors dance together in order to improve their team bonds. Off on the side, Gowasu tapes the event, which he’s sure will get plenty of views (presumably on GodTube). The U10 warriors’ dance has the Omni-Kings excited, but the Great Priest notes that there’s trouble brewing in U7…

Back on Earth, Goku cools off after his training while Gohan and Shin consider strategy. Gohan thinks they should stick to the center of the arena to avoid ring-outs, but Shin figures everyone else will try the same thing, turning the center into a fierce battlefield. Suddenly Bulma comes in with news from Mr. Satan: it seems that Buu has fallen asleep, and won’t wake up again for two months!

Shocked, Goku decides to go try and wake Buu up. Beerus insists on coming along too, to give Buu a good pounding. Beerus is plenty ticked off at Buu, first for failing the written test during Champa’s tournament, and now this (not to mention the infamous “pudding incident”). But while Beerus stews, Goku has already left…

Only four hours and ten minutes remain until the Tournament of Power!

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Episode 92 Summary

Goku arrives at Mr. Satan’s house, where Satan explains that despite all his efforts, he cannot awaken Buu. Normally Buu only needs a second or so of sleep, but when he falls into a deep slumber like this, he’s out for a whole two months. And they’ve only got about three hours to go until the tournament!

Off in Universe 6, Toppo meets up with Kahseral, who has just completed his “urgent mission” saving a cat for some kids (these kids are thrilled to see Toppo in the flesh). Toppo and Kahseral discuss having some of the up-and-coming Troopers defend the universe during the hour in which they will be at the tournament. Toppo has seen via the interplanetary network that the main warriors have all gathered and begun training for the tournament.

Back on Earth, Mr. Satan volunteers to enter the tournament in Buu’s place, but quickly changes his tune once Goku points out the main tournament will have fighters even more incredible than the ones at the exhibition match. Meanwhile, Beerus bemoans Buu falling asleep at such a critical time, though Whis thinks this is like the pot calling the kettle black.

In Universe 3, the gods visit Nigrisshi, their universe’s greatest “restructuring warrior”, to gain his help in winning the tournament. Nigrisshi shows off one of his enhanced warriors, the (seemingly robotic) Narirama, who’s equipped with an iron claw to keep from falling from the arena, a suction cup in case his arm comes off, and other gadgets. Nigrisshi is also working on restructuring other warriors for the tournament; together they’re sure to come out on top!

Kuririn, No.18, and Marron arrive at Capsule Corporation. Kuririn is happy to see Tenshinhan again, but wonders where Muten Roshi is (apparently he’s off finishing his “training” with Puar). Tenshinhan and Piccolo explain to Kuririn about the trouble with Buu, and Kuririn suggests they simply enter with nine warriors. However, Shin warns that since the Omni-King specified ten warriors per team, they’ll have to meet that number.

Beerus demands that Gohan, as team leader, resolve this problem. Gohan is confident his father will awaken Buu, but if not, he’ll take responsibility and find someone else to be the 10th member. Kuririn offers to help too; after all, he wants that 10 million zenny! But once he mentions the prize money, it quickly becomes apparent it was all a lie on Goku’s part. Meanwhile, up at Dende’s temple, Vegeta smashes his way out of the Room of Spirit and Time.

In Universe 6, Cabba and Cauilfla meet out in the wastelands of some planet, while Kale hides nearby and watches them. Cabba shows off his Super Saiyan form again, and Cauilfla is eager for him to teach her how transform like that. But Cabba’s not too confident he can teach the secret, since he only just learned it himself from Vegeta not too long ago.

Cabba tries to get Caulifla angry in order to trigger the Super Sayain transformation (using some very mild insults), but it doesn’t work. Caulifla asks Cabba is he’s always angry when he transforms, but Cabba says no, now that he’s used to it he just transforms by concentrating power in his back (between his shoulder blades). So Caulifla tries that approach, and it works. Cabba is suitably impressed; Caulifla really is gifted!

Cabba teachers her how to revert to normal (by releasing the tingling sensation from her back), and tells her the transformation will be less of a strain once she gets used to it. Caulifla agrees to enter the tournament, but wants to bring Kale along too. Kale comes out of hiding and Caulifla introduces her to Cabba: Kale is another Saiyan, and Cauilfla’s protégé. Though Kale doubts she can become Super Saiyan, Caulifla encourages her to try.

Goku returns to Capsule Corporation from Mr. Satan’s house, saying that waking up Buu proved impossible. But that’s not the only problem: it looks like Kuririn and No.18 might not enter now that Goku’s lie is exposed! Goku offers to pay Kuririn out of his own pocket, since he got all that money from Mr. Satan, but Vegeta points out that Chi-Chi keeps control over that money. Goku next asks Bulma for a loan, but she turns him down.

Ultimately though, Kuririn isn’t really upset about the money. Rather, he’s upset that Goku lied and tried to hide that their universe was in danger of being destroyed. While he understands Goku and Gohan’s motives for wanting to keep that under wraps, he and Goku have been through too much together to keep secrets like that. While Kuririn is now nervous to enter the tournament knowing that their universe hangs in the balance, he still thinks Goku should have told him that from the start. 

Beerus orders Kuririn to enter and use any means necessary to remain in the ring until the very end, and threatens to destroy him on the spot if he refuses. Kuririn quickly agrees to enter, but he thinks No.18 will probably still refuse without prize money. Bulma finally agrees to foot the bill and give prize money to whoever wants it…provided they make sure and win the tournament.

Though that problem has been cleared up, they still lack a 10th member. Beerus chews them out for only selecting warriors from Earth despite the vastness of the universe. It’s all their fault for squashing Freeza’s army! Hearing this, Goku is inspired: Freeza! They can get Freeza for their team!

Only three hours left until the Tournament of Power.

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Episode 93

Everyone is shocked to hear Goku suggest they recruit Freeza as the 10th team member. Goku has heard from Dende that Freeza’s spirit is still in Hell; he still hasn’t reformed and been purified (which is a real hassle for Enma Daio). But Goku doesn’t plan on resurrecting him with the dragon balls. Instead, he can just ask Uranai Baba to bring him back for 24 hours, like she did for him and Vegeta.

Shin protests that Freeza surely won’t be cooperative, but Goku thinks he will, if the alternative is their universe being destroyed. Vegeta is confident that they don’t need Freeza’s help to win the tournament, so Goku asks Whis about their chances. Though Whis isn’t that informed about the other universes, he has heard that there is a universe with a God of Destruction even stronger than Beerus…and a mortal even stronger than that God of Destruction (Beerus retorts that he merely lost to that God of Destruction at arm-wrestling one time). 

Hearing this, Kuririn thinks that perhaps they do need Freeza after all. Besides, Goku is sure that if Freeza tries to backstab them, he and Vegeta can put a stop to it. With that settled, Goku teleports off to Enma Daio’s place so he can go talk to Freeza directly (nearby, a strange man with a hat watches him leave). At Emna Daio’s place in the afterlife, Goku informs him about the upcoming tournament and his desire to recruit Freeza. Enma agrees to let Uranai Baba revive Freeza for 24 hours, but requests that if Freeza goes on a rampage, Goku take care of him someplace other than Earth (that way, Enma won’t have to deal with him).

Over in Universe 6, Caulifla is still having trouble getting Kale to become a Super Saiyan. Though Kale is convinced she doesn’t have it in her, Caulifla tells her to concentrate her power in the middle of her back. Caulifla and Cabba both show off the transformation for Kale, but Kale still can’t manage it. Next Caulifla explains the process in more depth: anger can also trigger the transformation! She tries to insult Kale to set her off, but her heart’s just not in it. After all, Kale is her precious protégé!

Caulifla has Cabba try insulting Kale, but she gets mad at him when he causes Kale to cry. Kale continues to cry, feeling useless and like a burden to Caulifla, and her feelings cause her to transform at last. Except…Kale’s Super Saiyan transformation is a little different. She becomes incredibly big and muscular, and her ki rises so much that Cabba gets worried. The transformation complete, Kale points at Cabba and tells him that she’ll finish him off first.

In Universe 4, the God of Destruction Quitela listens to a report from his spy Ganos (the strange man with the hat from earlier). Quitela is amused to hear that Beerus is apparently so hard up for warriors that he’s forced to recruit from among the dead, but Ganos is worried that this dead warrior might be a threat to their universe, since the people in U7 talked about him like he was quite formidable. Now Quitela wants to hear more about this warrior.

Back in the afterlife, an ogre drives Goku out to Freeza’s personal Hell (the field of flowers previously seen in Resurrection “F”). Goku goes up and greets Freeza, who is still in a cocoon hanging from a tree. While Goku doesn’t think this field looks so bad, Freeza claims that for him this is the worst Hell of all. Goku offers to get Freeza out of there for 24 hours, but Freeza is suspicious.

In Universe 6, Caulifla is amazed at Kale’s unleashed power, but Cabba is having a hard time as Kale rampages around. Cabba speculates that seeing him and Caulifla getting along has caused Kale to lose it, so Caulifla tells Kale to not get the wrong idea: she’s not the sort of woman to “fall” for Cabba so easily. Hearing this, Kale calms down and reverts to her base form. Caulifla catches the unconscious Kale, and is glad to see that they’ve found a great new team member (Cabba seems a bit more nervous).

In Hell, Goku cuts Freeza down from the tree. While Freeza is interested to hear about the Tournament of Power, he at first refuses to enter. Goku calmly accepts this and starts to leave, but Freeza says he was only joking. He promises to enter, but on one condition: if they win the tournament and their universe survives, Goku must use the Dragon Balls to wish Freeza back to life. 

While Goku is reluctant to accept that condition, Freeza assures him that he will grow even stronger, and he wants to spar with Goku again sometime. Surely Goku wants to see his further evolution? Goku is impressed at Freeza’s skill in taking advantage of his weakness (his desire to fight strong opponents). He tells Freeza that the top warrior in the tournament will receive the Super Dragon Balls as a reward, so Freeza can win those and use them to revive himself.

However, Freeza points out that even if their team wins, he might not be the team member to win the Super Dragon Balls. With that in mind, he is content to just use the Earth’s Dragon Balls. Goku agrees, though gathering them might take a while. Freeza is disappointed to hear that the tournament rules forbid killing one’s opponent, but he’ll have to make do.

With that, Goku leaves Hell and goes to see Uranai Baba. She has already heard from Enma Daio about Goku’s idea. While she is not happy about having to bring back someone as bad as Freeza, the circumstances leave her little choice. Goku offers her his button for summoning Omni-King as a reward, but she doesn’t want it; it’s too dangerous! Goku promises to get her something else, and takes off. Meanwhile, in Universe 4, Quitela has come up with a perfect plan for taking down Universe 7…

Only an hour and a half remains until the Tournament of Power.

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Episode 95

Freeza and Goku are surrounded by a gang of assassins sent by the gods of Universe 9. Goku figures they come from another universe (though he doesn’t know which), and the assassins brag about how their universe is tough and hardcore, unlike the softies in Universe 7. Freeza thinks this other universe sounds like a splendid place…

Though Freeza has powered up into his Golden form, Goku wonders if he’ll be alright like that. After all, there’s barely any time left until the tournament, and that form uses up a lot of stamina. Freeza explains that enduring the “tortures” of his Hell (all those stuffed animal parades and whatnot) have honed his mental concentration. Now his energy control skills have greatly improved, making him into the “true Golden Freeza”, combining the ultimate in intensity with the delicacy to avoid even disturbing the surface of water.

With that, Freeza begins mercilessly killing the assassins. Before long, Goku urges him to stop, but Freeza figures that killing them here is no different than defeating them at the tournament, since losing at the tournament will mean their entire universe’s destruction. In a panic, the assassins try and take Uranai Baba hostage, but Goku stops them and tells Baba to hide inside her palace.

As Goku and Freeza butt heads, the doglike boss assassin recalls how Rou (the U9 Kaioshin) instructed him beforehand to maintain the cover story that he was going after Goku and Freeza purely of his will. At the same time, the U9 God of Destruction Sidra entrusted him with a ball of “destruction energy” capable of harming anyone. Those hit by this energy will utterly cease to exist, and not even pass on to the afterlife.

The dog boss now tries to sneak attack Freeza (who is still talking with Goku), but Freeza is already on to him, and arrogantly orders the dog to throw his attack while he leaves himself wide upon. The dog throws the ball, which Freeza easily dodges, then blows up with his own energy when it boomerangs back at him. However, this first energy ball was just a fake, and the dog produces the real ball of destruction energy…which Freeza simply blasts out of his hand, where it seemingly explodes.

However, the dog can still remotely control the energy ball, and he brings it up from under the water directly underneath Freeza, catching him by surprise. As Freeza struggles against the ball, its energy envelops him. It seems like Freeza has had it…but he’s just joking. With great effort, he manages to concentrate the energy around him back into a small ball which he holds safely in hand. The dog can’t believe his eyes, and is quickly shot down by Freeza.

Goku is greatly impressed with Freeza’s feat, and wonders where that energy ball came from. Freeza thinks that such pure energy probably came from some god, so odds are another universe’s God of Creation or Destruction wants them out of the way. Goku warns the remaining assassins that Universe 7 won’t run or hide; they’ll settle things fair and square at the tournament! But while Goku is shouting this, Freeza catches him off-guard and hits him with the ball of destruction energy.

Over in the World of Void, the Great Priest has finally completed the arena for the Tournament of Power. The two Omni-Kings are both very pleased with it, and give the Great Priest a candy as a reward. Back on Earth, Freeza taunts Goku for being naïve enough to let down his guard. Freeza advises Goku to escape from that energy the way he did. But try as he might, Goku can’t manage it, and Freeza wonders if he has grown too strong.

As Goku continues to struggle, Freeza confronts one of the remaining assassins: he wishes to speak with their universe’s gods. At first the assassin refuses to speak, but he changes his tune after Freeza riddles him with energy beams. Still, Freeza wants him to keep quiet a little longer, so that he can enjoy torturing him some more. Desperate, the remaining assassins now all attack Freeza together.

Off in Universe 9, Rou and Sidra wonder what’s taking their assassins so long; it’s almost time to leave for the tournament! They receive a call on their crystal ball, but are surprised to find Freeza on the other end. He’s borrowed a communicator from the assassins, and now knows their whole scheme. However, rather than rat out U9 to the Omni-Kings, Freeza proposes that he join the U9 team. After all, with Goku caught in the destruction energy, U7 has no hope of winning. If U9 will resurrect him, he’ll be sure to serve them well in the tournament.

Sidra and Rou can’t believe Freeza would be so callous as to betray his entire universe. While it seems there’s no explicit rule against recruiting warriors from other universes, Rou thinks even if they recruit Freeza, he’ll be sure to betray them too eventually, and he’s not sure even Sidra could stop him. While Freeza watches the two argue via the communicator, Beerus and Whis arrive. Realizing he’s out of time, Freeza destroys the communicator.

Beerus blows the destruction energy away from Goku, and it explodes harmlessly. He and Whis came since they were wondering what was holding Goku and Freeza up. Recognizing the destruction energy, Beerus wonders what happened. Whis thinks Freeza was perhaps trying to gather intel on another universe, but Freeza remains evasive. Either way, Goku says it was all his fault for forgetting what an evil guy Freeza was.

Thinking to himself, Freeza realizes that this tournament is the perfect opportunity to manipulate even the gods; he’ll eventually gain the upper hand against Beerus and get the last laugh! Meanwhile, Goku asks Whis for just one minute to spar against Freeza. Their match will end once one of them lands a punch. Goku says if he wins, Freeza will have to bury the hatchet and be their teammate in the tournament…but Freeza says if he wins, Goku will have to let him do as he wants.

Freeza has spent his time in Hell endlessly fighting simulated battles against Goku in his mind, and is totally certain of his chances of victory. Whis blows the starting whistle, and Goku and Freeza power up and charge each other (with Goku turning Super Saiyan Blue). They punch each other square in the face at the same time, and fall exhausted down into the water. It’s a tie! 

Goku reflects that Freeza’s not the only one who’s improved; while Freeza’s been in Hell, he’s been fighting strong guys from other universes. Goku vows to stop Freeza from killing any more bystanders, but Freeza won’t take orders from Goku. As Beerus and Whis suspected, this sparring match has by no means settled the score between the two.

With the Tournament of Power about to begin, Goku, Freeza, Beerus, and Whis join the rest of the U7 team at Capsule Corporation…

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Episode 97

With the warriors all assembled, the Great Priest explains the tournament rules once again. The time limit will be 100 tak (about 48 Earth minutes), marked by the gradual descent of the pillar in the center of the tournament arena. Killing and the use of weapons or healing items are prohibited, and contestants are eliminated by being knocked out of the ring. Flying or floating is prohibited unless the contestant has wings.

The explanation over, Gohan advises the U7 fighters to rely on teamwork: they should guard each other’s backs and use superior numbers to take on opponents. However, Vegeta hates this plan, and Freeza seems uninterested. Elsewhere, Kale is intimidated by all the tough-looking fighters around, but Caulifla says she can win easily if she just cuts loose. Beerus shouts to his team about the importance of team work, and gets mocked by Quitela.

Finally, the Great Priest declares the start of the Tournament of Power, and all hell breaks loose as warriors rush at each other and begin fighting. Goku spots Toppo and goes off on his own to fight him, but gets intercepted by U4’s Ganos. Back with the other U7 fighters, Gohan calls out to Goku and again stresses the importance of teamwork, but Vegeta, No.17, No.18, and Freeza all likewise go off to fight on their own. Gohan is disheartened to see his strategy fall apart so soon, but Muten Roshi tells him not to worry about it.

Meanwhile, the robot-like U3 fighter Narirama enters his “Super Survival Mode”, a spin attack that sends U2’s Ribrianne and many others flying. Soon though, Hit and Basil step in and each take out one of Narirama’s arms. Basil goes on to kick U10’s winged fighter Lilibeu out of the arena. Lilibeu screams as she plummets down into the void, but suddenly finds herself sitting in the stadium seating next to the U10 gods (it turns out this is what happens to fighters when they get knocked out of bounds). 

The Omni-Kings pulls out their “godPad” tablets they use to track the tournament’s progress, and mark Lilibeu as eliminated. U10’s God of Destruction Ramoosh yells at Lilibeu for getting knocked out despite having wings, and is ashamed that one of his universe’s fighters was the first to be eliminated, but Gowasu remains optimistic. Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Roshi are surrounded by Lavenda and a horde of other enemy fighters. Though they stick to Gohan’s plan and guard each other’s backs, their special attacks prove ineffective against their opponents. Basil continues to fight against U10’s Napapa, a pig-man sumo wrestler, but Napapa manages to repel Basil’s energy blasts and avoid a ring-out. Ramoosh brags about Napapa’s skills at “Dohyodoru”, a U10 martial art (essentially just sumo wrestling).

Still fighting Ganos, Goku suddenly spots Toppo, but Toppo is attacked by U10’s Murichim. Next Goku sees Jiren, who is just standing there. Regardless, the Omni-Kings can tell Jiren is someone to keep an eye on. As Goku sizes Jiren up, he is caught off guard and grabbed by another fighter, U4’s Nink. As Goku struggles to break free, Nink backs up to the edge of the arena. He plans on going out of bounds and taking Goku with him! Nink is fine being eliminated if it means getting rid of a powerful enemy like Goku. 

As Nink reaches the edge of the arena, Goku suddenly becomes Super Saiyan Blue and breaks free of his hold. Nink falls down into the void, but Goku manages to grab onto the edge of the arena and pulls himself up (reverting from Blue to his base form immediately afterwards). Beerus chews Goku out for not becoming Blue immediately, but Goku explains that he wanted to conserve his power. Though he’s back in the game, Goku is soon surrounded by a group of enemies, including all three members of Trio de Dangers. Regardless, he’s still itching for a fight.

47 minutes remain until the end of the Tournament of Power!



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Episode 98

Goku has narrowly managed to avoid a ring-out, but is now surrounded by Trio de Dangers and other U9 warriors. U9’s Kaioshin Rou taunts him from the stands: it’s time to pay back their grudge from the exhibition match! Goku though is pleased to have a rematch against U9, particularly since during their last fight U9’s warrior Bergamot fought by absorbing Goku’s power, rather than using his own. As Goku battles Bergamot and the others, Shin wonders why he stays in his regular form and doesn’t use Super Saiyan Blue, but Whis explains that Blue uses up a lot of stamina. In this long tournament where healing items are forbidden, Goku has got to properly pace himself to ensure he keeps on fighting to the end.

As Champa cheers on Trio de Dangers (since without Goku, U7 will be in a weakened position), Beerus reminds Goku that all he needs to do to win is knock them out of bounds. Lavenda covers his fists in poison, and all three members of Trio de Dangers charge at Goku, who fights them off and covers himself in a glowing barrier. This barrier protects Goku from Lavenda’s poison, and was something he and Gohan thought up after Gohan’s match with Lavenda. Elsewhere, Freeza beats up on Napapa and sees from afar that Goku is enjoying himself. Freeza decides to enjoy himself too, and goes after U9’s gargoyle-like Roselle.

Goku continues to have a hard time as Trio de Dangers jointly attack him from three different directions, a technique Rou dubs their “Dangers Triangle”. Annoyed, Vegeta jumps in and asks why Goku is screwing around, but Goku protests that fighting them is tricky since he can’t sense their ki. Rou now orders all of U9’s warriors to team up against Goku and Vegeta. Whis is sure this shouldn’t be a challenge for the two of them if they worked together…but he thinks they probably won’t. Indeed, Vegeta quickly takes off on his own to battle Lavenda, while Goku takes on Basil, effectively ending their “Dangerous Triangle” combo. Vegeta likewise shields himself in a barrier from Lavenda’s poison, but is caught off guard by the U9 female warrior Hop’s claws.

Though Goku is concerned for Vegeta, he has his own problems to worry about. The dragon-like Chappil allows Goku a free shot at him, but Goku’s punches doesn’t faze him at all, due to his iron skin. Champa continues to cheer on U9 in the hope that they can eliminate Goku and Vegeta, while Beerus notes that two of U9’s warriors have yet to join the fight. They’re waiting for something, but what?

Vegeta has his hands full guarding against Lavenda’s poison, when suddenly one of the remaining U9 warriors, Hyssop, fires an “absolute zero” freezing attack that freezes Vegeta’s right hand. Hop rushes forward to slash Vegeta, but he dodges out of the way just in time and she slashes Lavenda by accident. With the U9 warriors distracted by this mishap, Goku takes this chance to turn into regular Super Saiyan and knocks Chappil and Comfrey (a green U9 warrior) out of the ring, while Vegeta likewise rings out Hop.

Next, Vegeta’s left hand is wrapped up in web by the red U9 warrior Oregano, but he goes Super Saiyan and knocks Oregano and Hyssop out of the ring. The bunny-like U9 warrior Sorrel has also been beaten (apparently by No.18), and Roselle loses when he flees the arena in an attempt to get away from Freeza. Now only Trio de Dangers remain out of all U9’s team! Rou yells at them not to lose, but the three are having a tough time against the Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta, and find themselves cornered together on the edge of the arena. They charge up a joint beam attack, “Triangle Danger Beam”, but Vegeta and Goku go Super Saiyan Blue and counter with a Final Flash and Kamehameha, sending Trio de Dangers out of bounds.

Now U9’s entire team has been beaten! The Omni-Kings happily check off all the warriors on their godPads, while the Great Priest announces that U9 itself will accordingly be annihilated. As Rou screams in protest, the Omni-Kings join their hands and in a flash all the U9 warriors and gods vanish, except for their angel Mojito (who seems bemused more than anything). Whis uses his staff to confirm that U9 itself is completely gone. The Omni-Kings have destroyed an entire universe!



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Episode 99.

The warriors are shocked into silence by the destruction of Universe 9. Goku notes that this is now the second time he and Vegeta have seen the Omni-King wipe out a universe (the first time being Future Trunks’ world). Goku reiterates that winning this tournament is the only way to ensure the survival of their own universe, and Vegeta vows that he will be the last man standing and obtain the Super Dragon Balls. The U9 angel Mohito regrets that his universe was the first to go, but thinks it was only natural, while the U1 Kaioshin Anato explains that thanks to Goku’s suggestion to have this tournament, the low-ranking universes that would have been erased anyway now have this chance to win their survival. Yet the losing universes will still have to be destroyed as a necessary sacrifice to keep the universes’ levels balanced.

Vados teases Champa that they must soon say farewell, making him irritated that Vados doesn’t have to worry about getting erased. Kuririn tries to calm himself down, and Gohan makes sure the other team members are OK after this big shock. Off on his own, Freeza notes the disparity between the Omni-Kings’ cute looks and their universe-destroying antics, and vows to one day be top dog over both of them. No.17 tells No.18 that their infinite energy means they will never tire out, which gives them the advantage in a fight like this.

The battle starts up again, and Vegeta picks out Hit as his next opponent. He’s got a score to settle! But as Vegeta rushes in to attack, Botamo suddenly blocks him. Botamo and Champa both taunt Vegeta that his attacks will have no effect, and even trying to throw Botamo won’t work this time, but Vegeta calmly ties Botamo’s rubbery body up in knots. As Vegeta goes to throw Botamo out of the arena, Magetta steps in and saves Botamo. Meanwhile, Kuririn, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Muten Roshi are attacked by the U10 bird warrior Jium. Gohan’s strategy is for their group to avoid fighting unnecessarily, but they will still beat anyone who comes after them. They quickly take Jium out with three Kienzans from Kuririn and a Kamehameha from Roshi.

Vegeta tries to weaken Magetta with insults like he did at the last tournament, but this time U6 is prepared: Botamo sits on Magetta’s shoulders and covers his ears, thereby creating the mighty “Bota-Magetta”. As Vegeta struggles against this tricky opponent, 18 easily beats up on the U4 wolfman Shosa. She seemingly goes too far though, apparently killing her opponent. However, Shosa is simply playing possum, and catches 18 off-guard with an attack that sends her flying. Before 18 goes out of the arena, Kuririn jumps in and grabs her, then fires a ki blast to propel them back onto solid ground.

18 vows revenge against Shosa, but Shosa advises her to give up now before he spoils her good looks. Kuririn and 18 decide to team up and use the technique they practiced, a ki ball they pass between them that gets faster and bigger over time. When it finally hits, it knocks Shosa out of bounds. Beerus applauds the couple on their teamwork, but before they can celebrate too much, Kuririn is attacked by another U4 warrior, the vulpine Majora. 18 knocks Majora back, and Kuririn gives her sunglasses (which he stole from Roshi) before launching his Taiyo-Ken x100 technique.

However, Majora is completely unaffected by this light, and kicks both Kuririn and 18. It turns out that he is already blind, and relies on his sense of smell to track his opponents. Though 18 is nervous, now that Kuririn knows Majora’s secret he is confident he can win. He’s got a strategy! Kuririn and Majora start to fight one-on-one, and Kuririn takes off his shoe and hits Majora in the face with it. The shoe’s stench blocks Majora’s sense of smell, distracting him long enough for Kuririn to knock him out of bounds with a Kamehameha. That makes three warriors down for U4! 

18 isn’t happy about this method of winning, and promises to wash Kuririn’s shoes when they get home. Kuririn is in high spirits, but while he’s rejoicing over his victory, Frost steps in and quickly knocks him out of bounds, then runs away before 18 can counterattack. As Kuririn is teleported into the benches with the U7 gods, Beerus berates him for getting carried away, while Shin says he did his best (though his eyes tell a different story). Now all Kuririn can do is cheer on his teammates.

43 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.



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