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Daitarn 3

City Shrouded in Shadow

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How would you act during a Kaiju outbreak?


Chaos descends on Ichi City. During a dark night colossal shadowy beings appear out of nowhere and begin to rampage throughout the city. You play as to a customization character, male or female (place holder names, Ken Misaki and Miharu Matsuhara). You and another survivor, Yuki Kano, must find a way out of the city while avoiding being crushed by the Shadows. But nothing is ever that simple, as the Shadows begin to take on very familiar forms....

This will be an action survival game. You will spend your time running from the monsters while trying to keep you and your companion alive. During the course of the game you will have to make choices which will affect how you companion feels about you and the games out come.

It  will be released fall of this year. It is currently scheduled for a Japan only release but we can hope that it gets released world wide.









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Looks like Pat Labor made the cut.




More Ultraman or maybe even Jet Jaguar!


And Mothra!!!!!


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