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The Next Round

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OOC: I know I promised this story and long time ago but I finally managed to focus enough to finish it. Was originally going to be much longer by I decided to split it up. My desire is to continue this as a series. Hopefully you will enjoy.

Disclaimer: This Fan Fic is based on created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. I did not create Fighter Guyver II, Dreadnought, W’Kar, The Kregen, The Grakken and many others. This fiction has been created solely for fan fiction purposes. The idea for this Fan Fiction was inspired by the creative geniuses of the writers of The Warrior Guyver fan Fiction and The Great War of The Guyver’s Fan Fiction. I thank them for all their efforts.

The Next Round

He was going to die. This wasn’t like those other moments in his life when death seemed like a possible outcome in a fight. This time he knew for a fact and without a doubt that he was about to leave this world and hopefully pass on into the pearly gates of heaven. Chaos ensued all around him as his friends, his family and even some of his old enemies battled against the amassed forces of the Creators. The ruthless dictators of most of the known universe had decided that Earth had become tired of the trouble the tiny blue planet had caused them and made the choice to end all life on Earth.

While the army they had brought was small in comparison to the endless forces they had at their disposal it certainly seemed like enough to achieve the goals. Hundreds of Jy-taki had attacked the forces of Earth and while they had made a valiant effort they would have been destroyed right then and there. Earth’s forces had already suffered loss as Alkanphal had given his life to stop the Creator’s Super Weapon from hitting Earth. Fortunately assistance had come from Zass the Aqua Guyver and a group known as the AAR. With an army of Guyvers they had managed to overwhelm the Jy-taki. For a heartbeat it almost seemed like they had one the battle when suddenly the Jy-taki crystals formed into Orobouras, the strongest warriors of the Creator Army. Within seconds they had tore apart the help from the AAR.

“This day just can’t get any better.” Jarrod Lucas muttered under his breath. He was thankful for the fact that he had a modified version of W’Kar’s unit at this point. He had been fighting for hours already and with the arrival of so many Orobouras it didn’t look like either him or any of the others would have a chance for a reprieve any time soon. Sheathed in the armored form of Fighter Guyver II he managed to dodge aside as an Orobouras fired a handbeam at him.

“Ok ugly,” he said to the giant monster, “let’s do this.” Fighter Guyver II extended his Bio-Swords and moved at top speed towards the beast. It extended its own blades and slashed towards his throat. Fighter Guyver ducked beneath the swipe and tore a line down the Orobouras’s side as he continued to move at high speed. Moving past the Orobouras he turned rapidly and launched a Pressure Cannon into its spine. Taken by surprise the beast flinched and grimaced in pain and Jarrod follow up the attack with a barrage of Pressure Cannons each of them with the strength of Guyver’s Megasmashers and the gravity orbs tore chunk after from the Orobouras’s body. With impressive speed the creature turned and fired a barrage of head and forearm beams as several managed to pierce his armor.

“I don’t have time for this.” Jarrod said through grit teeth and a blastfield erupted around his body and he disappeared into hyperspace. The Orobouras turned this way and that as it tried to scan for him. Suddenly it felt a blastfield behind it and turned to come face to face with Fighter Guyver II’s megasmashers. Before it could react the beam of intense power tore forward and reduced its skull and control crystal into nothing more than free floating atoms. The green colored brushes imaginary dust off his hands when suddenly his headsensors twitch and draw his attention to the newest development. The Science Relic that fired the beam that killed Alkanphal seemed to recover from the its previous attempt to fire the weapon as energy begins to swirl in front of it once again. As he scans around he realizes that everyone else is to entangled with their own battles against the Orobouras to try and prevent the weapon from firing. With no other option Jarrod swallows hard as he realizes he has to stop the massive weapon, if not his planet, his race, everything he cared about in this dimension that wasn’t even his own would be destroyed. Plus The Accolade with its precious cargo had yet to make it to safety. It was all on him and he had no intention of letting all those depending on him down. His blastfield erupted again as he moved through Hyperspace and appeared directly in the path of the beam. Focusing every piece of willpower and determination in his body he raised the most powerful shield his unit had ever produced and began charging his Mega Smashers as the plates opened wide and summoned as much power as they could possibly hold. His spiked shoulders began to glow with intense power as he used his Bio-Energy Doubler to boost his power as much as possible and forced himself to become as strong as he could possibly manage. Before he knew the beam collided with his shields head on. At this moment of the utmost importance he heard his brother’s voice in his ears as his unit broadcasted what would probably be the last words he ever heard.

“YOU ****ING IDIOT! EVEN ALKANPHAL COULDN’T STOP IT, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN?!?!?!” Jarrod managed to let a grin spread across his face even as he gritted his teeth against the tremendous force that slammed into his shields. Despite the immense power he had put into them in his boosted form it felt like using a wall of toilet paper to try and stop a hurricane.

“Eh, who knows?” The final words he says back to his brother. If he had the chance he would have told Greg to have a little faith and laughed at the enraged response he would’ve received for making a comment like that at a time like this. However he didn’t have the luxury of using extra words at the moment. The beam tore through his shields and in that moment he fired his Mega Smashers. White hot power slammed into the beam of intense power. For a moment Fighter Guyver II actually thought he might have a chance at stopping the Creator’s Attack when he senses another power surge and the beam pushes forward and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Beneath his armor Jarrod shut his eyelids and felt the beam strike his armor as his word erupted into pure agony. Nothing else existed but the searing agony as it consumed his body. While the process felt like it was tearing him apart molecule by molecule, piece by piece over the course of hours he knew that it took less than a second. As quickly as he had been consumed by the agony did the intense pain cease.

The first thing Fighter Guyver II realized is that he didn’t feel any different. He had always assumed when someone died a feeling of weightlessness would come over them and they would just “float” up to heaven. Apparently that wasn’t true at all as he still felt the same bag of meat that had woken up that very morning and flew off to save his race. The next thing he realized was that his eyes where closed and he couldn’t see anything. Strange that even in death his eyelids would block his vision. Curious as to what the afterlife looked like Jarrod slowly opened his eyes and certainly wasn’t prepared for what he was about to witness.

Chaos, pure in its simplicity it seemed as if all reality and just torn itself apart and reformed in whatever shape it felt comfortable with for a few milliseconds before it ripped apart again. It felt like he was in space by the background of the landscape changed color every moment so quickly that he didn’t even have a chance to realize what color it currently was. As he turned his head he saw a myriad of orbs floating and swirling in every direction conceivable. Connecting this orbs in an interlocking web so complicated it made his head spin and a wave of vertigo forced bile into his throat as he tried to figure out how they where all connected. One thing was for certain with a landscape like this, he hadn’t died and gone to heaven. No it was painfully obvious that he was trapped in Hell. The entire scene was so overwhelming he felt his sanity start to tear apart and his hands clasped the side of his head in frustration as he screamed in agony. As he screamed he realized that he was still wearing his unit! Focusing the sensation of his armored hands as they clasped his head he felt his own mind slowly settle as it diverted all attention onto that one singular sensation. Jarrod tried to force all his attention on this sensation like the calm in the storm and wasn’t prepared for what happened next. He heard someone speak.

“Greetings Jarrod Lucas.” His hands moved away from his head as he felt the words reach his ears.

“What the hell? Is there actually someone here?” he said as his hand moved back and forth as his headsensors desperately tried to determine the source of the words.

“Indeed there is brother of The W’Kar. We are here as we have always been.”

“And where might that be?”

“Described in terms that you can actually comprehend we are currently at the ‘center’ of the Multiverse. The crossroads of all existence where every reality, every dimension, every possibility, everywhere and every when meets in the tangled web that is existence itself. It is here that we exist, it is here that we have brought you.”

“Exciting,” he said sarcastically even though he knew he really should try and be more respectful and serious about the situation, “and who the hell are you?” he asked the strange voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once.

“We are,” the voice replied, “The Kregen.”

“Kregen?” he said with a voice of disbelief, almost like he’d been introduced to God himself. “ Aren't you the guys that have always been messing with Greg?”

“We have proven to be a useful ally to the True W’Kar and have aided his efforts more then once.” The voice said sounding almost insulted.

“Yeah well he doesn't share the same opinion.” But if the stories Greg had told him where true there wasn't much point in arguing with these strange beings. “So if this place is the ‘Multiverse’ as you claim and you are in fact The Kregen then what the hell are those things?” he said pointing at one of the countless translucent orbs floating in the air. They appeared at random in every direction and floated there like collections of water gathered into a single spot. If he focused on one for a moment Jarrod was almost certain that he could see movement within the orbs themselves.

”As we have said. This is the crossroads or center of the Multiverse. From here you can view a perception of each reality and how they are intertwined together. It is here we sit, we watch and from time to time we try to mend what has been broken.”

As the voices echoed in his head Jarrod looked at the orbs and one of them seemed to shake violently for a moment before crumbling apart into ash and carried off in a wind that Jarrod couldn’t even feel.

“The **** was that?” he asked.

“You have born witness to sight no one of your level of evolution has been given the chance to witness. That was the collapse of an entire reality. This was, at one point, a rarity. We had only witnessed such an occurrence only five times before……..

“Before what?” Even as Jarrod asked the question his head sensor twitched and he turned to watch as another orb crumbled apart.

“Before the perversion, before the birth of the dragon, before the ants of multiverse began to leap across the barriers and began playing with forces they do not truly understand. It is all kept in a very careful and perfect balance Jarrod Lucas, one change, one action that was not meant to take place in a reality can cause it to fall apart. And with the collapse of one the realities supported by it begin to crumble and fall apart with it.

“And with each one billions of lives are lost?” Awe and shock where stuck in his voice.

“If that is the number you require to properly interpret this information then yes. Although the true figures are far more significant.

The whole thing made Fighter Guyver gasp. The concept itself forced bile up from his stomach and vomit escaped from his air vents before it hung in the air a moment until it floated off again.

“Why?” he asked, “Why show me this? Is this the fate of Greg’s reality? Of the world I’ve come to call home? Did you just want to show me what my failure would lead to? You are nothing more then a bunch of sick ****ers just like Greg said!” His control medal flashed as a pressure cannon formed in his hand. He scanned about to find something, anything to fire it at. His head sensors searched futilely and with a scream of anger and rage he fired it off into vast nothingness of the crossroads.

“We understand your anger at this Jarrod Lucas. But it was not our intention to cause you distress.

“Then why?”

“We brought you here because we………………need something from you.

“The hell could I possible have to you would need.”

“Your help.

“You have got to be kidding.”

“There are many things we can do Jarrod Lucas. But one thing we cannot do is affect anything that occurs in the realities themselves. Such actions could lead to a significant enough change to cause a collapse of that realm. We act in secret and of the smallest scale possible to prevent such occurrences.”

“Then wouldn’t saving my life and bringing me here constitute one of those actions?”

“It would. Which is why we did not save your life. When the Creator’s beam struck you it reduced you to pure energy and dispersed you across the Multiverse itself. Even with this fact we could not have brought you here had you not already removed yourself from your own reality. It was a trillion to one chance that such events would align properly but now we have brought you here.”

“So, I’m dead then? And this is my afterlife.”

“In a way. But we where able to reach out and bring your physical form back together.”

“Then I guess I truly owe you one. I still don’t understand how I can help you when I couldn’t even save myself.”

“As we said. There is much that we can do but with our limitations we are forced to utilize agents in various realities. We are reliant upon them and for the most part they have proven to be disappointing at best. Your brother was one such agent.”

“You guys actually asked Greg for help and really thought he’d do it? Guess your not that smart after all. I’m betting you gave him a task and he just blew you off.” Jarrod said with a laugh.

“Your brother has proven to be less then successful in accomplishing the task we set before him.

“Still doesn’t explain what you want from me.”

“We believe that perhaps the true problem with our agents is that they fail to recognize the scope of the tasks we put before them. They have never seen what you see and cannot fathom what is at stake. But you Jarrod are the one person we can actually bring to this place. To show what it at stake, to have an attempt to grasp the ‘Big Picture’ as you would say. Additionally our ability to bring you here has proven that with effort we can move you through the realities without causing harm to the dimensional walls as we do so.”

“So really what your saying is that at this point I’m the only one that can stop this….” he said as he pointed to another orb as it turned to dust, “from happening. To save more lives then my brain can even fathom.”

There was a long pause, a silence that almost seemed to be maddening before a response echoed.


This whole thing was just too much. He was a simple man who had somehow been put into an extraordinary situation time and time again. Not only that he wasn’t very good at handling situations like this. Every time he tried to help he usually ended up getting blasted to pieces and needing Greg or somebody else to step in and save the day. He was always the second string, the runner up and if he was lucky he’d win the Silver Medal, never the gold. The fact that these “beings” for lack of a better turn basically told him they where betting on him.

“You’re not giving me much of a choice. If I say yes then all this weight gets put on my shoulders. If I say no then I get to live out the rest of my time with the guilt that I let realities die off because I didn’t have the courage.”

“You will not have to worry about the guilt Jarrod Lucas.

“What do you mean? You’ll erase my mind?”

“No. If you do not choose to aid us then you will simply exist as a collection of energy without a home, no place to exist, nowhere to go. You will simply disperse, return to being scattered across the multiverse itself, no conscience, no memory, no guilt. This is not a threat but without your aid then we cannot waste the energy required to return you to life as you know it.”

Jarrod inhaled deeply. “Would it hurt.”

“It would happen in a moment, you wouldn’t even realize it had occurred.”

“As much fun as that sounds I guess I’m too much of a coward to accept just punching out. So while you might sit there and say that I have choice really I don’t. What do I need to do?”

“Actions have begun to spread through the realities, changes that will eventually cause them to collapse and rip apart. We require that you set these changes back to normal, to help preserve the realities, to stop them from collapsing.

“And how do I get started?”

“Before you can begin there is one more thing that we must do. You are in possession of a truly powerful unit. A True W’kar Unit upgraded with the current level of technology of the Creators to help boost its ancient technology. Yet even with these you are weak, far less then you should truly be.”

“Yes, I get that I’m not good enough. Thanks for the reminder. My unit isn’t mine. It thinks I’m Greg. Besides it doesn’t even have the W’kar element like his does.”

“Even without the element your unit is still immensely under powered for what it should be. We will correct that.”

“And how do you plan to…” Jarrod started to ask the question but never had a chance to finished it. From seemingly nowhere a beam of light raced forward and struck his Control Medal. Agony erupted from his medal and spread through his body like acid being poured into his blood. His bones cracked, he could feel his skin erupting into fountains of blood beneath his armor. Slowly and painfully, one piece at a time his armor separated from his skin. As it removed itself it took chunks with it until finally he was nothing left but a bloody mess, a pulp of a human being that looked like they impacted the ground after falling from a sky scraper. Agony wracked his form, it was all he knew and there was nothing else but the gore and the pain. His eyes, or what was left of them looked around and saw a Guyver Unit before him. A mangled hand reached out and touched the unit as it exploded outward and wrapped around his form. Armor reappeared across his skin as it hardened and the familiar form of Fighter Guyver reappeared. The pain slowly faded as his unit repaired the damage, although it did seem to happen faster then normal.


“Calm yourself Jarrod. We did much more then that. Your unit never fully bonded with you. As such we where able to remove it from you, although had this occurred anywhere else you would not have survived the process. With your unit now it has fully bonded with you, you are its true host and are just that much closer to reaching your full potential.

“Yeah but…”

“The time for talking is over Jarrod Lucas. A bargain has been made and you will up hold it. You will travel to the reality of the Gigantic Enhanced Warrior Guyver you met previously. A race in this universe known as the Grakken has acquired a Black Unit from your universe. They are at risk of not being able to successfully escape with the unit. You are to make sure they do flee without losing the unit. Now go.”

“Wait! What about…?” before he could finish another beam of light hit him and the world around him twisted and faded away. Moments later it returned as Fighter Guyver found himself floating in outer space. A battle raged around him and for a moment he almost felt he had returned to the point when he died. His head sensors searched and he picked up a multitude of beings. Some of them where similar to the Warrior Kavzar he had faced before, no doubt The Creators used these warriors in this universe. They battled every which way with the monstrous four armed creatures and despite their best efforts these creatures where losing. The four armed monsters had to be the Grakkens, the ones he was suppose to help.

As his sensors continued to scan they came across something that caught his eye. A massive ship teleported above Earth from the surface as it raced as quickly as it could from the planet. It was clearly important as the alien ships he didn’t recognize maneuvered around to form a wall between the Creator Vessels and warriors while the larger ship moved as far and fast away from the conflict as possible. Despite the tremendous effort these Grakken where putting up the Creators where just too powerful. A hole punched through the Grakkens line and raced towards the larger Grakken ship.

Jarrod wasn’t sure how he knew but somehow his brain connected all the dots together. The larger ship had the Black Unit and where trying to escape with it. According to what The Kregen had told him he had to ensure that ship escaped. He didn’t know enough to understand why the larger ship didn’t just teleport away but that wasn’t his concern. His concern was the line of Kavzar that where racing towards the ship to stop its escape. Information and ideas raced through his mind as his armor cloaked itself and he suddenly raced across the open area as fast as his unit could handle.

As he approached the Kavzar from behind he cupped his hands and a orb of blue bio-energy appeared formed. He kept moving closer and closer before unleashing a Bio-Wave at the Kavzar. The wall of blue fire from the attack expanded as it crossed the distance so fast the Kavzar barely had time to react before they where engulfed by the flames. The group he attacked had dozens of smaller warriors and several larger versions. The small ones writhed in pain as Jarrod teleported next to them with a mega-smasher already open. The blast ripped into them and just like that the smaller Kavzar where simply gone.

Two of the larger ones, Kavzar Commanders, rushed towards him with blades extended. Jarrod let a smile cross his face.

he said through his unit, Fighter Guyver’s own Bio-Swords extended with a surge of power as the creator warriors closed the distance. He knew the Kregen had told him that merging fully with his unit would improve his power but it wasn’t for this moment he might not have believed it. His head sensors told him there two warriors where certainly above the strength of most of the guyver’s he had ever come across. Stronger even then the Jy-Taki when they weren’t using their Bio-Energy Doublers. But even with that it appeared to Jarrod like they where moving in slow motion. One chopped its blades at him to strike across his chest. Even as he moved to block he felt the strike but didn’t even make his arm budge as he twisted his right arm to parry a stab from the other. He twisted his wrists and grabbed them both before hurling them away before launching a trio of pressure cannons after them and didn’t even bother to worry about them after that.

Fighter Guyver soared through space after the Grakken Mothership and tried to stay ahead of the swarm of Kavzar chasing after it. The Kavzar turned towards Jarrod as he approached and began firing their weapons at him. A shield surrounded Jarrod as the attacks struck it over and over again but none of the pressure cannons, head beams or hand blasts seemed to have the force to punch through. As each attack struck Fighter Guyver could feel his unit drain a tiny portion of each attack as it struck. He could feel that energy swell into his unit as it seemed to build slowly, like filling a buck of water several drops at a time.

he mused. He dodged from side to side not wanting the attacks to accumulate to a point where they might actually hurt him. Fighter Guyver responded with firing head beams and pressure cannons back at the Kavzar. He didn’t kill many but the attacks weren’t intended for that. His real goal was to simply distract the Creator Warriors. If he could get them to slow down enough to given the Grakken a chance to escape then he would have done as asked. The Kavzar began to turn towards him and scores of them flew forward with blades extended and pressure cannons charged. When they almost reached him a blast field erupted around Fighter Guyver and he disappeared before emerging behind them as he launched another hail of pressure cannons at the Kavzar and their Commanders. He kept the tactic going until a large group teleported around him and unleashed a hail of attacks that actually broke through his shield and scorched his armor.

Fighter Guyver teleported away by the army of warriors simply kept teleporting after him and Fighter Guyver had to use his speed to race away. As more attacks raced at him Jarrod could feel the energy he was draining seem to swell. His armor reached a point where he felt like he had inhaled to the fullest extent he could and his lungs wouldn’t allow to inhale anymore. The energy draining system was still very new to Jarrod but he had to guess it was nearly full. He wasn’t sure how W’kar used the system to generate his immensely powerful attacks but if he had managed to learn how to use it on the fly then so could Fighter Guyver.

Fighter Guyver teleported away again and the Creator warriors teleported around him again and this time he was happy because that was exactly what he wanted them to do. Fighter Guyver reached deep down into his armor and tapped the energy store there before he “exhaled” all that power. His armor responded by releasing his blast field. Unlike the standard blast field his armor generated when he teleported through Hyperspace this one was massive and ripped out of him like the detonation of a small nuke. Not expecting the attack most of the Kavzar where just blown to pieces although the ones the farthest away managed to teleport to freedom.

His head sensors twitched back and forth and Fighter Guyver turned to watch as the Grakken ship with the Black Unit shimmered and teleported away. Jarrod looked down to see that his blast field attack and burned his armor badly but it had been effective none the less. His armor told him that the Kavzar where starting to race at him in force. Jarrod used turned and let his Bio-Energy Doubler flared to life as he turned and flew off at almost the speed of light into the darkness of space. He wasn’t sure what the Kregen would want next but at least for the first time in a long time Jarrod had managed to come up with a win and do something right.

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Could use some spelling and grammar corrections but story wise I like it...

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