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Ultimate W'kar

The Warrior Wizards (the trio's complete Datafile set)

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I have final finished writing the datafiles for Warrior Wizard, Plant Wizard, and Kinetic Warrior this time without anything missing.

Warrior Wizard's http://warriorwizard.tripod.com/id3.html

Plant Wizard's http://warriorwizard.tripod.com/id15.html

And finally...

Kinetic Warrior's http://warriorwizard.tripod.com/id43.html

You all have noticed that Plant wizard and Kinetic warrior's datafile are written in a different format than every thing else, I been having some problems with keeping all the text the same format. I also feel the need to appolagize for the Fact the the Kinetic Warrior Hyperlink isn't where the Actual datafile list are, unforcunately that was the only way I could add a link to Kinetic Warrior's Datafile page. The Web editor is starting to become a pain in the ...., um I mean to work with.Please tell me what you think. After all I had to sit around with my brother to get both of the other datafiles in working order, while going back to the weapons list on his original art for reffernce.

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Interesting datafiles. It seems that all three are based off of some sort of base unit?

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