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{Preview} Clear Cut Choices

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OOC: As we patient await the decision to come down from on high from Almighty Sully I figured I would start working on another/longer story to help introduce the Warrior Guyver Universe to Yuri Boyka. Here's just a sneak peek for you guys. Hope you enjoy.

Clear Cut Choices

“**** that! Marines, WE ARE LEAVING!” the commanded was shouted with the pure authority and willpower that Yuri knew he had over the situation. The Marines heard his command and without another moment of hesitation they released the hold on their weapons and turned to sprint towards the door way. As they filed through one by one as quickly as possible Yuri swung his weapon aside and reached behind him to his rear pack. The last Marine raced through the door way and Yuri turned and followed through. He only moved several feet within before taking the claymore he had removed from his pack and slammed it down as hard as he could into the tile floor of the liquor store. He then armed the explosive and readied the small detonator keyed to the device. Just as he finished he heard a snarl and looked up to see a Ramoth in the door way. He raised his weapon and fired round after round at the creature. As the Ramoth fell more zoanoids where beginning to appear the doorway. He continued to fire until he heard the audible “click” of an empty magazine. The sound of his weapon being out of ammo was like him receiving a green light as he turned and ran. Yuri moved quickly and counted the steps in his head. As he reached the count of ten he gripped the detonator and squeezed the trigger. For the second time in less then an hour an explosion rocked the world behind him. He felt the flash of light and heat behind him as the claymore went off and knocked any intruders backwards. More importantly it caused the doorway and roof of the liquor store to collapse effectively blocking their pursuit for several minutes at least while the zoanoids attempted to either dig through the rubble or go around and find another access point.

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